SAP standard sales report not shown data

We have following standard reports for sales. We have authorisation for these reports. But when we execute these report for 3P00 sales org., these reports will not shown any data saying that no data exist.
Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A
Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E
Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC
Sales org analysis - MCTE
Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2
Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q
Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E
Shipping point Analysis - MC(U
Request you to kindly provide the solution.

Have u configured Logistic information system proper - mean to say r u maintained same settings for this sales organization
IMG >>> Logistic genral >>> LIS >>> Logistics data warehouse >>> Updating.
R u maintained statastical group in material & customer master, check that.

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    I have one issue that we want to start our project system but some SAP Standard Transactions are not available when i check that Transaction its showing "DOES NOT EXIST". I have then Checked Program name of that same SAP Transaction code in SE38.. But there also it gives "program does not exist" .
    Path is :SAP Menu ->Information Systems ->Project system ->Financials -> Costs ->Plan-based ->By Cost Element ->---Few Tcodes in this
    I want to find out all Inactive Reports in Project System from Project Information system and then i want to make usefull that reports for client.
    but i dont know the reason why this is not available..?and How can be made these all available.

    analyse table t800

  • Report not displaying data from one of the infoproviders

    Hi Experts,
    Issue: Report not displaying data from one of the infoproviders
    I have a report 'ReportA' which has multiprovider MP1 as the source.
    MP1 has two Infocubes IC1, IC2 in its design.
    Now, when i execute the report, data from IC1 is displayed. But no data from IC2 is displayed.
    Is there a setting i need to enable in MP1 ? or is there anything else that needs to be enabled ?
    Please reply.
    Suraj S Nair

    Hi All,
    When i display data directly from the multi provider, without any restrictions, i cannot view the data from infocube IC2.
    I feel its not an issue with the Query. It must be a problem with the setting in the Multiprovider MP1.
    Infocube IC2 is a copy of Infocube IC1. Multiprovider MP1 first only had IC1 in its design. It was recently IC2 was also included.
    I checked the Characteristics, all of them are assigned corectly.
    Now, this issue sure has something to do wiht the setting of Multiprovider or please correct me if wrong.
    Suraj S Nair

  • Is there any SAP standard HUM report

    Hi Guys
    Is there any SAP standard HUM report
    which can have the fields like Contents of HU field and HU identification2 field
    Please help
    Thanks in advance

    Run T code HUMO

  • SAP standard  AP reporting

    Dear All,
    We would like to have some information on AP reporting.Our requirement are as follows.
    1.Ageing analysis not readily available, in one report.Due date analysis is available in the SAP standard report  S_ALR_87012078 but we are in need of list of vendors with due amount on a particular due date.
    2.  We do not have due date payment report, which can be useful to discharge liabilities on due dates. Presently TB is manually tracked and payments made.
    3.  If we give vendor, statement of accounts in standard form then the vendor does not understand this and finds difficulty in reconciling the accounts from his books. Only open items appear, no opening balance etc get reflected in statement.
    Standard Report S_ALR_87012083 gives the open items but as same as FBL1N, so it is difficult to understand by vendor.
    4.   In statement the net of deduction (i.e. net of TDS etc) gets posted and this make difficulty in reconciliation for the vendor.
    5 .Balance confirmation letter not directly getting ready to post from system with profit center option.
    Thanks for your time and suggestion.
    Do revert

    Find the replies to your queries:
    1. You can run the report S_ALR_87012083. Here run the report for items for open items on a due date and then filter the data for due items status.
    2.same as step1
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Standard Sales report :: Urgent!!

    Hi all,
    Is there any standard report that can display Product sold in different sales disctricts??

    Hi UNP,
    You have to delevop the Reports based on the Requirements.
    Reports: Reports consist of data, which is expected to be reveiwed or checked the transaction taken in said period. Reports are useful for analysis of decision taking for future activities.
    Some of the standard reports for SD & its configuration guide is as under:
    Standard SAP SD Reports:=
    Statistic Group:
    Purpose – To capture data for Standard Reports, we require to activate Statistic Group as under:
    --> Item category (Configuration)
    --> Sales document type (Configuration)
    --> Customer (Maintain in Master data)
    --> Material (Maintain in Master data)
    When you generate statistics in the logistics information system, the system uses the combination of specified statistics groups to determine the appropriate update sequence. The update sequence in turn determines for exactly which fields the statistics are generated.
    IMG --> Logistics Information System (LIS) --> Logistics Data Warehouse --> Updating --> Updating Control --> Settings: Sales --> Statistics Groups -->
    1. Maintain Statistics Groups for Customers
    2. Maintain Statistics Groups for Material
    3. Maintain Statistics Groups for Sales Documents
    4. Assign Statistics Groups for Each Sales Document Type
    5. Assign Statistics Groups for each Sales Document Item Type.....
    All Standard Reports which are available are as under:
    SAP Easy Access: Information Systems -> Logistics -> Sales and distribution ->
    1. Customer -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Sales activities / Customer master / Conditions / Credit Master Sheet
    2. Material -> Incoming orders / Returns / Sales / Credit memos / Material master / ...
    3. Sales organization -> Sales organization / Sales office / Sales employee
    4. Shipping point -> Deliveries / Returns
    5. SD documents -> Orders / Deliveries / Billing documents ...
    & so on.
    Some of the Standard reports in SD are:
    Sales summary - VC/2
    Display Customer Hierarchy - VDH2
    Display Condition record report - V/I6
    Pricing Report - V/LD
    Create Net Price List - V_NL
    List customer material info - VD59
    List of sales order - VA05
    List of Billing documents - VF05
    Inquiries list - VA15
    Quotation List - VA25
    Incomplete Sales orders - V.02
    Backorders - V.15
    Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o
    Incomplete delivery - V_UC
    Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A
    Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E
    Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I
    Deliveries-Due list - VL04
    Billing due list - VF04
    Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9
    Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA
    Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC
    Sales org analysis - MCTE
    Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2
    Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E
    General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f
    Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M
    Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q
    Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B
    Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I
    Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y
    Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E
    Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A
    Shipping point Analysis - MC(U
    Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O
    Blocked orders - V.14
    Order Within time period - SD01
    Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1
    Display Delivery Changes - VL22
    Please Reward If Really Helpful,
    Thanks and Regards,

  • T-code or SAP Table Sales report based on Document Pricing Procedure

    Hi Experts,
    Please suggest me some SAP Standard T-code or Sales Report based on Document Pricing Procedure and Sales Area.
    Or suggest me SAP Table for the above mentioned combination. Thanks in advance.
    With Best Regards,
    Bharat B

    There is no standard t code available. You have to go for Zee using the below tables
    first you need to get the VBAK-KALSM(Pricing procedure)or VBRK-KALSM  next you have to pass the VBAK-KALSM to table T683V-KALSM(field) now you will get all the Document Pricing Procedures (KALVG) assigned to these pricing procedures along with sales area.
    So using these tables you can get the required data.
    Edited by: [email protected] on Jan 18, 2011 7:58 AM

  • Purchase Analysis Report not shown.

        Iam using SAP B1-2005B,PL-40.but it do not show Purchase Analysis report(System report) so tell me what are the possible reasons for not showing report.please help me out.
    Edited by: Philip Eller on Jun 27, 2008 9:49 AM

           I had already done Form settings for Purchasing A/P>Purchase Report.still the purchase analysis report not showing in Supplier- A/P Invoice,Purchase order,GRPO of any period and the fact is it shows reports of Purchase Analysis>Items or Sales please help me.
    Sudhir Pawar.

  • Creating sales report from AR Data

    I'm Willie Owens. The company that I work for is currently in the process of implementing Oracle 11i applications. However, I have recently learned that when we first go-live with our system, we won't have the business intelligence system up. Therefore, I am going to have to create most of the views used for our sales reports from "scratch". Has anyone every used the RA_Customer_TRX_All and RA_Customer_TRX_Lines_All tables under the AR schema to accurately reflect sales information? If so, I could appreciate any input or suggestions that are offered.

    Hello Mark,
    Perhaps I should begin by describing some of the reports. One of the reports shows the sales by salesrep. These are the fields that are going to be used:sales amount, percent of sales, cost of sales, profit, percent of profit, and margin percent.
    I have some ideas but I'm just not certain. For the For example, to compute the sales amount would I use the UNIT_SELLING_PRICE * QUANTITY_INVOICED or UNIT_SELLING_PRICE * QUANTITY_ORDERED?
    Also, to calculate the cost of sales, do I use the UNIT_STANDARD_PRICE * QUANTITY_INVOICED(or QUANTITY_ORDERED)?
    I understand that my profit would be the difference between these two previously calculated amounts. I also need the user to be able to enter a period ending date value. The Discoverer report should then capture all of the sales up to this entered date.
    Then to further complicate things, I have to be able to calculate all of these values for the Period To Date(which means that it will capture all of the sales info from the 1ST day of the current month up until the Period Ending Date);a Year To Date Line will also show these values from January 1st of the current year up until the Period Ending Date.

  • Scheduling siebel BI report not pulling data

    Hi Gurus,
    i have created report in Siebel with BI publisher, My report is working fine when i am running report from the icon. But when the same report running with scheduling option not pulling data in to my report. Is any other properties to set like viewmode something or user properties under integration object? If anyone have tried please provide me the steps.
    Thanks in advacne,

    Hi ,
    Please check the following :-
    Is an appropriate summarization level defined?
    Are fixed values stored in the definition of the summarization level?
    Is the use of a summarization level necessary?
    Was test mode activated in summarization level maintenance ?
    Are the summarization levels in status "active" ?
    Please have a detailed look into the SAP OSS Note :  67342 - CO-PA: No summarization level found which contains detials explanations and solutions for the issue ..
    Kindly revert back for any further clarifications

  • SSRS report not displaying data in correct order

    I have a SSRS 2012 report not displaying returned records from SQL in the correct order.  Running the stored procedure in SSMS and supplying the parameter values returns the data correctly and running Query Designer in SSRS using the stored procedure
    on the dataset in question, likewise returns the data correctly.  Only when I run the actual report does the data display incorrectly(always last name order).  I've done similar reporting using very similar stored procedures and I've never had this
    problem.  Below is the stored procedure.  "@SortBy" is the parameter with the sorting value. 1=Due Date; 2=Denial Amt and 3=Last name and is passed by SSRS to SQL.  Wish I could supply screen shots.  
    Thanks for any help,
    @Level as int,
    @SortBy as int,
    @PTLName as varchar(30) = NULL,
    @User as varchar(10) = NULL
    SELECT pat.headerID,
    pat.PT_LName + ', ' + pat.PT_FName AS PTName,
    CONVERT(varchar(12),let.LET_DEN_DueDate) as DueDate,
    FROM Master_PT_List pat
    INNER JOIN Master_RCO_Work rco on RCO.PT_headerID = pat.headerID
    INNER JOIN Master_Letters let on LET.PT_headerID = pat.headerID
    WHERE (@PTLName IS NULL OR(pat.PT_LName LIKE + '%' + @PTLName + '%'))
    AND (rco.RCO_LevelNo = @Level)
    AND (let.userID = @User)
    --AND (rco.RCO_AuditorStatus <> 'Closed' and rco.RCO_AdminStatus <> 'Closed')
    CASE WHEN @SortBy = '1' THEN LET_DEN_DueDate
    CASE WHEN @SortBy = '2' THEN let.LET_DEN_Dollars
    CASE WHEN @SortBy = '3' THEN pat.PT_LName

    Hi DaveMac1960,
    According to your description, when you render data in report, you find it always shows the data with unexpected order. Right?
    In Reporting Services, if we don't set any sorting in tablix, it will order the data as your query in SSMS or Query Builder. In some scenario, for example, we add parent group for data rows, it will have the rows sort by the group on data field by default,
    and the "order by" in your query will be ignored. So please check the Sorting tab in Tablix Properties, in this scenario, we suggest you delete any sorting in the Sorting tab so that the "Order By" clause can work.
    Sort Data in a Data Region (Report Builder and SSRS)
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • Crystal report not shown after application idle time

    i have a web page which uses around 10 session variables to store values on a button click.and after assign session values Response.Redirect("~/url",false); to a a page which contains crystal report viewer.and report should show those session values.after keeping the application idle for 45 mins i click on the button which assign session values.then it's redirecting to the report page but the report is not shows a empty page and no errors shown(only happens application is idle for nearly 45 mins other wise works fine)
    i'm using iis 7
    in the web.config i have set sessionState timeout="60" and application pool idle time out to 60 mins.
    any idea why this happens

    Make sure you are on SP 8
    Make sure you are using .Close and .Dispose on your report objects as you get done with them.
    What OS? (2003, 2008, 2012)
    Provide more info on the following:
    The problem is that the Crystal Report Viewer does not load after a few hours.
    What does that mean? Errors? Warnings? Behavior? Symptoms?
    - Ludek
    Senior Support Engineer AGS Product Support, Global Support Center Canada
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  • BI Projects Report Not showing data

    I am a new to BI.I am trying to configure BI for Oracle Projects.So the problem here is couple of reports are not loading data on dashboard.
    The issue is with Most of report that use data from Organization table
    1.My BI is integrated with EBS.(I am wondering id HR security has anything to do with same)
    2.Is there any step that should taken care while configuration?
    3.Currently my log level is 3,But I am not able to see the query in Manage session.Show that I can get more information on specific table which is causing the query to return no data
    Thanks in advance.

    The query is having some restrictions in the filter area. And also there are 2 conditions in the query.
    I am checking the Multiprovider data with the tcode LISTCUBE. I am giving all the selections and the restrictions in the Multiprovider , some data is there in the multiprovider.
    But in report its not showing any data.
    Where shall I check, whetehr I need to check the MultiProvider assignment characterstics?

  • Sales report not out yet?

    Is it me or are the sales from yesterday still not in, they are usually in by now.

    This is normal. e.g. I didn't get my Dec 18th daily sales report until Dec 20 morning. X'mas time the AppStores guys must be overwhelmed. Just be patient.
    I'm missing Oct royalty payments from Apple and I'm trying to be patient as well.

  • Usage Report not showing data

    When I am opening usage reports under Site Settings > Site Administraton > Popularity Trends, i cannot see any data after 9th May 2014. It stopped working and all the numbers coming to zero after 9th may. 
    I tried many solutions that are given on internet for this issue like restarting timer job, enabling usage on usage service application, permission on log files, etc.. but none of them worked for me.
    Please help me out. Is usage report depend on any service? search is working fine, usage service application is working fine.

    Hi  chirag,
    For troubleshooting your issue, please take steps as below:
    Make sure the Web Analytics Data Processing Service and Web Analytics Web Service are started on each server.
    Make sure web analytics service application is started
    Deactivate and Activate the site collection Features on Reporting.
    Check the detail error message of ULS log  to determine the exact cause of the error.
    Also you can have a look at the article:
    Best Regards,
    Eric Tao
    TechNet Community Support

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