Sapscript and Standard Text - Polish Characters not printing

I have created an English Sapscript and translated it to Polish via transaction SE76.
Changing my PC Region and Language settings to Polish allowed me to enter Polish Characters into Hardcoded text in the Sapscript and Standard Text via s010.
I have two problems:
1) With my PC Region and Language settings set to Polish, when I create my sapscript output some of the polish characters that I have entered via SE76 and SO10 do not appear and are replaced by others e.g.
ę is dispalyed as ê
ć is displayed as æ
ń is displazed as #
2) I have a business requirement to be in England Logged with PC Region and Language set to English but to print a sapscript output in Polish. Is this possible.
We are currently on non unicode SAP system.
Please can anyone advise.

SAP discourages mixed code page or MDMP systems and with good reason. If there is any possibility of you upgrading to a Unicode system in the near future you should try to wait for it. Supporting multiple languages in Unicode is easy, in MDMP it can be quite tricky. And MDMP makes the move to Unicode more difficult.
That said, your BASIS team can enable Polish and you can print in Polish while your PC is set for English. The SAPScript/Form must be in Polish or using an INCLUDE that is LANGUAGE 'PL' to let SAP know which code page to use when printing.
Seriously, look at moving to Unicode, you need to do it eventually anyways.

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    Hi Tejaswi,
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    Perhaps you could build a copy to clipboard link that strings
    together all of the pieces and pastes the text to the clipboard?
    There is an example on the Flex Style Explorer
    Export All CSS (lower left of the screen)

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    Hi Richa,
    Check this document from SAP: [help doc|]
    It indicates that you have to be sure to select "Unicode" fonts for your SAPScript form to ensure the proper printing of "Unicode" characters.  If a character does not display then that means it does not exist in the font that you are using.
    Ryan Crosby

  • Difference jb/w text symblosin script and standard text in scripts

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    Default paragraph Paragraph set to * in <b>standard text</b> maintenance
    If no form has been assigned to a text, the system automatically assigns the form SYSTEM, which contains minimal definitions for text formatting. There are two ways of formatting texts using forms: • Use the <b>standard text</b> maintenance to enter and print the text.
    Any kind of text can be included in a form. If no object is specified, then TEXT will be used (<b>standard texts</b>).
    Text Symbols</b>
    Text symbols acquire their values as a result of explicit assignment. To interactively assign text symbols, in the text editor choose Include &#61614; Symbols &#61614; Text. This method is available for all text symbols belonging to a text module as well as those of the associated form. Values defined in this way are lost when the transaction is left. If you want to print the text module again, then you must enter the symbol values again. The purpose of the DEFINE command is to provide a means of making this value assignment a permanent part of the text, so that the values are available again when the text module is called again. This command can also be used to re-assign a new value to a text symbol half-way through the text. Syntax: /: DEFINE &symbol_name& = 'value'
    /: DEFINE &subject& = 'Your letter of 7/3/95' The value assigned can have a maximal length of 60 characters. It may itself contain other symbols. A symbol contained within the value assigned to another symbol is not replaced with its own value at the point at which the DEFINE command is executed. Rather, this replacement is made when the symbol defined in the DEFINE command is called in the text.
    /: DEFINE &symbol1& = 'mail' /: DEFINE &symbol2& = 'SAP&symbol1&' /: DEFINE &symbol1& = 'script' &symbol2& -> SAPscript If, however, the DEFINE command is written using the ':=' character rather than the '=' character, then any symbol contained within the value being assigned is replaced immediately with its current value. The assignment to the target symbol is made only after all symbols in the value string are replaced with their values. The total length of the value string may not exceed 80 characters. The target symbol must be a text symbol, as before.
    /: DEFINE &symbol1& = 'mail' /: DEFINE &symbol2& := 'SAP&symbol1&' /: DEFINE &symbol1& = 'script' &symbol2& -> SAPmail
    Inserting <b>Text Symbols</b>
    Inserting a Text Symbol
    1. Choose Insert &#8594; Symbols &#8594; Text.
    2. Place the cursor on the desired text symbol.
    3. Choose Choose.
    4. The system inserts the text symbol.
    Editing the Value of a Text Symbol
    1. Choose Insert &#8594; Symbols &#8594; Text.
    2. Choose Edit value bearbeiten. The dialog window Value definition for symbol <text symbol> appears.
    3. Enter the appropriate value definition.
    4. Choose Continue. In the dialog window Text symbols the specified value appears after the name of the text symbol.
    5. Choose Continue.
    Deleting all Text Symbol Values
    1. Choose Insert &#8594; Symbols &#8594; Text.
    2. Choose Delete all values. The system deletes all defined values.
    3. Choose Continue.
    Using Formatting Options for Text Symbols
    1. Choose Insert &#8594; Symbols &#8594; Text.
    2. Choose Options. The dialog window Formatting options for <text symbol> appears.
    3. Fill in the fields.
    4. Choose Continue.
    5. Choose Continue. The system executes the selected formatting option.
    <b>plz reward points if helpful</b>

  • Smart form Text module translation and Standard text

    Hi i have a requirement in smartforms in which i need to create text modules and transtale into diffrent languages.
    I have created text modules they are in my transport,
    when i am translating through SE63 into target language it is not asking for any transport request , Can any one help me regarding how i can assign Transaltion thing to my transport.
    Another thing is i require to use standard text, i am not much aware of it also as per my understanding i need to create it through SO10 Transaction , and i can use it in include text please correct me if i am wrong, i need this standart text also in two language but while creating standard text it is not asking transport request, and how i would convert standard text in diff lang and how can i assign to my transport.
    Surely i would provide points for the valid reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Gudia San,
                 To transport Standard text, use the standard Report Program <b>RSTXTRAN</b>, execute it, on the selection screen, enter your standard text name as
    <b>Text key - name</b>, press F8, it will display a ouput list. Now press F5 key and it will ask for transport request number.
    P.S: Rewards points, if useful!

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  • How to make a 2-column text in sapscript via standard text?

    Hello ABAP Gurus! I'm having a hard time thinking on how I'm going to display a two-column text in the MAIN window of the form Using Form Painter(se71) and Standard Text (SO10). Let's put it this way, the scenario is like you are formatting a paragraph on MS word in to two columns by Format > Columns > Two. What am I going to do  with this similar situation in SAP? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    This is nothing with standard text.
    Call READ_TEXT FM and here use two variables ,read first line and move to first variable ,again read second line and move to second variable.

  • Polish characters on print preview are not correct, printing works well

    Hi gurus,
    i've got a problem with smartform print preview. Our programmer developed form, which is used in polish and english version. In polish version everything works fine - print and print preview has polish characters (ąłćźń etc). In english version, print preview has no polish characters in address paragraph, but when I print it, everything is on his place.
    Unfortunetly, system is non-unicode. I tried changing font to other (but in polish version with the same font, print preview is correct), changing size, even charset of printer. Works badly on I2SWIN, HP-PCL, and any other printer type.
    What should I do now? Removing polish letters or changing them into "normal" is not acceptable solution, especially that printing works fine (on I2SWIN and HP PCL type also).
    Polish is of course installed on the system.
    Thank you for your help.
    SAP ECC 6.0
    SAP_AP 700 013

    Hi Martin,
    another thought to solve the issue is to translate the form to pl in your system. I got a similar issue some time ago.
    I developed the form in DE and translated it just to English, because we wanted to set always English.
    Problem was, that french characters didn't show up in a proper way in print-preview. We solved the issue by translating the form also in FR and IT.
    It seemed, that the formlanguage passed just the native charactersets for this language.
    Maybe you are having the same issue. Otherwise would be nice, if you can share your solution if there is another one here

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    I can obviously use ^2 instead but this looks unprofessional and a mess.
    I tried to log this problem to Apple, but they wanted $20 just for the privledge
    Thanks inadvance

    Just tried again in the new Numbers 3.5 with Yosemite and this seems to have been finally fixed.
    Printed to a pdf and superscript text was printed correctly.
    I'll do some more testing but I hope I can finally say goodbye to Numbers 2.3.
    My guess is this will be fixed in Pages too...

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    As a test, I downgraded Firefox from version 5.0 to 4.0.1 on the Pentium 4 laptop and encountered the same problem. So, since I do not print much from either laptop, I had not before seen this problem. The desktop has never seen it.
    I figure it may be an about:config problem, but I do not know what the parameter may be that is causing the problem.

    See this: <br />

  • Music -Polish characters not supported

    I have found an issue where Polish characters are not supported in Music section - I mean titles of songs and albums do not contain Polish characters but random weird symbols instead.
    Can I do somethign with it? I had similar prolem with N8 before.

    > I'd also like these HTML entities to be in decimal
    format ie: &#8217;
    DW will not do this conversion for you.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
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    "berrr" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:edssg2$peu$[email protected]..
    > i'm having problems with special characters. i'd like to
    use the
    > curly quotes, em dashes, en dashes, ellipses and all the
    rest but
    > dreamweaver
    > is not converting them.
    > I'd also like these HTML entities to be in decimal
    format ie: &#8217;

  • Added text & signatures do not print correctly

    I am using Acrobat Reader v10.4.4 on my iPad Mini with IOS 6.1.2 and am having issues printing. I can open any PDF and have it displayed correctly. I can add text and signatures and the document is saved correctly because it can be opened after the changes are made and they are still there. When I try to print the document where I have added text and signatures to, the document does not print correctly. All of the text and the signature are shrunk to a very small size and appear in the lower left hand of the page.
    I depend on my apps to work they way they should and having this issue makes my work very hard. I have to be very creative and perform unnecessary steps to get my PDF's to print the way they should. Does anyone have some insight in to this bug?

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We would like to investigate this issue at our end and if you could share one such pdf file in which you are facing the issue at [email protected], that would greatly help us.

  • SAPScript - moving standard texts inside a window

    I have a standard text (logo image) in Header window and I would like to move it right, how to do it? Should I create a separate window just for logo or it is ok to move it inside Header window?
    Seems so that by default it is aligned left.
    Will reward,

    If the window is only having the LOGO,
    Then the best approach will be to move the window iteself..
    Goto the page where the window is used..
    Double click on window name and it will be hilighted..
    Now, see at the down you will be able to see Left Margin and Right margin..
    Make changes to Left Margin, save, activate and and goto-->utilities->test print..
    Adjust the window accordingly by changing the margin value and test print..
    No need to change anything in the window elements.
    It should only have
    /: INCLUDE .....
    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Vikas Bittera.

  • Standard text  -chinese characters!

    hi all ,
    I am trying to set up chinese standard texts in cic9,copying chinese script from excel file . When i copy the text looks fine , but when i save and open the text, it display only boxes or funny characters. Can any one help on this .. I tried giving both EN and ZH as Langs.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hello Madan,
    Does your Adobe Reader where you open the PDF file have the Chonese language pack installed? This is necessary.

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