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Hi Experts,
In Sapscript i have created a box to display the details of itab in main window and a new window.
My requirement is if the itab values is inital it has to dispaly the details in the new window.
For Example :  In itab i have mtrl no, item no, description etc. If the item differs for the same material no it has to display all the details in seperate window. Here what problem i am facing is its displaying all the details in same window.
thanks in advance...

Instead of using a seperate window you can use uline. If it does not suit your reqirement please elaborate your Qn on how exactly you need the output
Reward points if useful.

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  • How can i print all the contect of the code in sapscript window ? ?

    how can i print all the contect of the code in sapscript window ? ?

    Do you mean that you want to print the ABAP code to SAPscrip form ?

  • Uploading signature in to sapscript window

    To upload signature I used Import Graphics in sapscript window. It's working fine in dev system. But when I moved to Production the signature is not coming. I had only one transport created for sapscript change.
       Can you please let me know why it's not moved to production.
    Thanks a lot everybody.

    Hi ,
    if you imported from se71 ..check the path you importes
    see below example..
    the higlighted one is the image name ..
    check in PRD where the highlited one is exit in SE78..
    else you need to upload through Se78 and transport again..

  • Using the function WRITE_FORM in a SAPScript window

    hi everyone.
    I need to print the texts of the SO10 transaction, in a SAPSCRIPT page, but i've not able to do so.
    i have a SapScript with 2 pages: FIRST and SECOND,  in the window "POINT2" of the page "FIRST",  I put a  "NEW-PAGE" , between an if condition,  for to call the next page "SECOND". 
    i'm using WRITE_FORM function, in the control program, to send texts from the SO10 to the window "POINT2-1"  in page "SECONDt".
    now, if  I make debbug to sapscript, i can see when: NEW-PAGE it's called and when the ITAB gets all the text, but in the end it doesn't print the text in the sapscript.
    and if I search in the SP02 transaction, for the spool number, it only appears 1 page.
    not 2  like it supose to be.
    can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong ?
    this is the code that i'm using.
    page: FIRST
    window: POINT2
    /:       POSITION WINDOW
    /:       POSITION XORIGIN '+0' CH YORIGIN '+0' LN
    /:       SIZE WIDTH '+0' CH HEIGHT '+0' LN
    /:       BOX FRAME 10 TW
    /:       IF V_CONT > 5
    /:       NEW-PAGE
    /:       ENDIF
    PH     2º Descripción de error : <N>&IT_PRINT-QMTXT&<><><><></>  ,,&VIQMEL-QMTXT&
    page: SECOND
    window: POINT2-1
    /E       ELEMENT
    /:       &IT_TEXTO-TDLINE&
    control program
    FORM print_form .
           ELEMENT                        = 'ELEMENT'
           WINDOW                        = 'POINT2-1'
           ELEMENT                        = 1
           FUNCTION                       = 2
           TYPE                           = 3
           UNOPENED                       = 4
           UNSTARTED                      = 5
           WINDOW                         = 6
           BAD_PAGEFORMAT_FOR_PRINT       = 7
           SPOOL_ERROR              = 8
           CODEPAGE                    = 9
           OTHERS                         = 10
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 20, 2010 7:38 AM

    Change the command line /: to some paragraph format PH or line feed /.
    /E       ELEMENT
    PH       &IT_TEXTO-TDLINE&
    /         &IT_TEXTO-TDLINE&
    Also why are you passing the text elemnt to internal table first using READ_TEXT. It can be directly done with INCLUDE Command.

  • Sapscript Window Skipped Over Intermittently

    I've got a problem that I haven't seen anywhere on this forum.  The Main window of our custom payment advice form is being called from driver program RFFOUS_T.  We are occasionally seeing that the line item element is being called by the program and is being skipped over.  I have watched in the sapscript debugger and can see that flow control goes to the first line, /E 625, and then immediately returns to the calling program without stepping into the element logic.  What's supremely baffling, it sometimes will step into the logic, and I can see no indication of why it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.  In the test data I was given, the first line steps into the element and works fine and the second one does not.  I've check the return code from the driver program's call to function 'WRITE_FORM', and it is 0 in both cases.
    Here is the code in the driver:
                    element  = '625'
                    function = 'APPEND'
                    window   = 1
                    element  = 2.
    Here is the line item element in the main window:
    /E 625
    Line items -
    /: PROTECT
    =  ,,&REGUD-WRBTR(13)&
    =  ,,&REGUD-WABZG(12)&,,&REGUD-WNETT(13)&
    /* Change description based on first character of vendor field
    /: IF &REGUH-LIFNR(1)& = '9'
    ZE ,,<I>&REGUP-SGTXT&</>
    /: ELSE
    /: USING     &REGUP-BUKRS&
    /: USING     &REGUP-BELNR&
    /: USING     &REGUP-GJAHR&
    /: USING     &REGUP-BUZEI&
    ZE ,,<I>&V_SGTXT&</>
    Is there any reason any of you can think of why this would happen?  I will explore all ideas.
    Nathan Beeler

    It could be because of the PROTECT command.
    It is able to go into the text element for the first item because the system is able to protect the element from a page break.
    For the second item maybe there is not enough space to protect it.
    Please check that.
    Hope it solves the problem.

  • Copy SapScript Window to another Form?

    is it possible to copy a window from an existing SapScript form to another form (on the same client)?
    If so, how can this be managed?
    Thanks in advance,
      Arne Schultz

    Hi Frnds,
    We can accomplish this task by following below steps:
    1: Go to source window in Script. Click on change editor and make it to New editor then copy    the whole/ ur wish .
    2. Come to Target window (In Some other script) do as like above and paste here.
    Yuva Thulasi

  • SAPScript Window Order

    Morning All
    Hopefully a quick one for you.
    Is there a way of calling a window before the MAIN window.  It seems this is always called first and then the subsequent windows (which can be called explicitly via the CALL FUNCTION 'WRITE_FORM'.)

    Hi and thanks for your replies
    We do not get an error, the situation is that we using the SAPSCript Raw Data Interface to pass the data to HP.  We want to declare a window that will act as a placeholder for global data that will get processed first.  However, in the RDI spool output, MAIN is always the first window to get processed when it is on the page, otherwise, the windows are processed implicitly in alphabetical order.
    A rather complicated scenario but any help would really be appreciated!!

  • SAPSCRIPT Windows

    Dear experts,
    I have a standard copied Z program having an issue with output.
    I want to change the layout of various Windows but change option is not allowing me to drag and move windows.
    How do we do in sapscript ?

    All the changes you want to do with layout should be carried on with the script in Language 'DE' (not the login language but the language asked in SE71). The changes made will then be reflected in all languages  including the one in which you were trying to change the layout. in any other language than DE it will not be editable in terms of window positions and length, height etc.

  • Sapscript window position

    Hello all.
    How can i determine the current X,Y window position so i can draw a BOX in the current line?
    Thank you
    Nuno Silva

    Additionally, determining the current key position of the window, usually trial and error method. You can use the 'Test Output' option to see the place where it draws the box.   Another thing, you don't need current line position as in the box command, you have to provide X and Y axis within the window. So it doesn't matter where you are, it will generate the box based on your X,Y inputs with the box command.
    Hope, it helps.

  • Copying from Sapscript to Smart form with d same windows

    I hav created my sapsccript till now i want to copy my sapscript windows n text elements n other attributes of that sapscript to smart forms.So please help me to copy sapscript to smart form,Please help me out.
    Thanks & regards
    santhosh kumar.

    check the link below it provides steps to convert sap scripts to smartforms
    Check these threads.
    Smartforms -> sapscript
    Re: Convert SapScript to Smartforms ?

  • IF statement in SAPscript

    I'm probably making a really simple mistake, but I've got the following code in a SAPscript window:
    /: IF &REGUD-WRBTR& GT 0
    HE <S>DR></>
    /: ELSE
    HE <S>CR></>
    /: ENDIF
    I've debugged through the print program and REGUD-WRBTR is 1175.00 but it still prints CR.
    Any ideas?

    without &

  • Box in SAPscript-Help Needed.

    Hi ,
        I want to make a box in script which it shud not hav any columns or rows. The box shud hav 4 lines of contents withan font of 10. Also i want to split the box in the centre. Kindly give some piece of code for it. It shud be helpful to me.
        Also is ther any way to assign the SAPscript windows only on last page  or windows only on first page option (i.e) option like in smartforms.
    Thanks and regards,

    It is very easy to create any BOX in script, Below is the command for same,
    Create Boxes in the SAPscript using the BOX command specifying
    the x,y co-ordinates and the width and the height
    /: BOX XPOS '0' CM YPOS '0.5' CM WIDTH '9.2' CM HEIGHT '3.5' CM FRAME 8 TW
    Try with this I know handle a BOX is difficult.
    2. You can create a Static Window and can call it on Last Page.. I will work..
    Edited by: Lokesh Tarey on Jul 30, 2010 8:23 AM

  • F110 - Pmnt adv - can specify bespoke SAPscript but not bespoke print prog

    As developer I have a requirement to develop bespoke SAPscript to print off payment advices via F110.
    I have taken a copy of standard sapscript F110_IN_AVIS to create the Z version, and know how to specify this bespoke form via transaction FBZP>Paying company codes>Forms.
    I can also see where you can specify your own form via config of variant against program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM within F110.
    But nowhere can I find how to change the print program from RFFOAVIS_FPAYM.  I need to change the print program, as the new bespoke SAPscript will incorporate additional windows for company logos and extra texts.
    Does anyone know how/where I can specifiy my own print program, is it possible?
    Much appreciated and many thanks in advance.

    Im told by the functional consultant they wish to remain with the "Use payment medium workbench" option rather than changing to "Use classic payment medium programs RFFO*", within config.
    I raised the following OSS message but got the expected response by SAP that this is a consulting issue - which makes me wonder whether it is possible so set the print control program but of course they want consultancy fees for passing on the info.  Anyone got any further ideas on setting print control program for bespoke payment advice sapscript whilst keeping the "Use payment medium workbench" config set?
    ""Via transaction FBZP>Pmnt methods in country>Country BE>Payment method T "OUT_Virement loc/Loc overschr" we have specified the payment medium to "use payment medium workbench" with format ZSEPA_CT.  We are obliged to use the SEPA (single european payment area) format.
    We have also configured, via FBZP>Paying company codes>company code 2020>Forms our own bespoke SAPscript form for printing of the payment advice ZBM1_F110_IN_AVI, which is based upon standard form F110_IN_AVIS.  Our Z form has been enhanced to include company logos and other texts, in additional windows.
    There doesnt appear to be anywhere within SPRO, or setting of the variant against the printing/DME program within F110, to define a bespoke print program that controls the output of the bespoke sapscript, in order that the additional and new SAPscript windows containing logos and texts are actually output.
    The only option appears to be to change the config to use "classic payment medium programs RFFO*" to specify a bespoke payment advice print program to control the bespoke payment advice SAPscript, but we cannot do this as we wish to use the payment medium workbench method.
    There are also no suitable implicit enhancement spots within payment program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM that allow us to execute "WRITE_FORMS" against our bespoke SAPscript so that we can write our own windows containing addtional logos and texts.
    The only alternatives I can see for full control of output within payment advice form is to use Adobe forms instead, or make a repair to RFFOAVIS_FPAYM. 
    Please can you clarify the point of being able to specify a customer SAPscript when you cannot control additional windows to be printed.  Note additional windows to be printed contain bitmap logos, hence the other option to set within FBZP "Sender details for SAPscript forms" boxes - Text id, Letter head, footer, signature text and sender, is not sufficient either."
    Thanks very much in advance,

  • Dynamically choosing tray with sapscript

    i want to set the paper tray for a sapscript form dynamically with the PRINT-CONTROL command in sapscript window, since the user shall have the possibility to choose the tray.
    I suppose that i have to trigger form processing of the window containing
    the command once, before any further windows are processed with WRITE_FORM.
    Has anyone already have experience with this approach? Are there any limitations or further aspects to consider (for example that the sapscript driver surely does tell the printer which tray to use already, so the tray i'm setting could be overwritten)?

    PRINT-CONTROL is the best option.

  • SAPSCRIPT appears with blank fields

    Hello Guys,
    I am finding a problem with a SAPscript.
    Running directly my program Z(SE38) , it select the P.O.tables(EKKO, EKPO,...) correctly, calls my ZSAPSCRIPT correctly and I can preview, It's OK.
    It Has made the parameterization and calling via printing preview in ME22N. The sapscript windows appears entirely but no field or variable are displayed. I put a break on my Zprogram and the program is called correctly, all the selections are loaded normally, but it does not show any content, only the fixed ones in the SAPSCRIPT.

    How exactly did you code your Z print program?
    The PO print process will provide the output request record in table work area NAST. Based on that, the output program will retrieve the relevant PO data and process the output.
    Not knowing how your program is coded makes it hard to comment on your problem, but I suspect there is a disconnect between processing the output request record and your print program. If your program (and starting subroutine) expects the PO number in a different way than using NAST, this won't work.
    The best you can do is take a look at the standard print program SAPFM06P, subroutine ENTRY_NEU and model your data retrieval after that.

Maybe you are looking for

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