Satellite P25-S520 - DVD drive is not working properly

Fix DVD Drive or buy external drive
My DVD drive is not working properly, in fact it may never have been working proper. Recently I tried to back up my PC to a DVD using Norton 360. Norton did not recognize the DVD was present. I then tried writing a text file to a DVD and was unsuccessful. Both DVD+R and DVD-R media were tried (Maxwell 16X).
I could have probably lived with this however, I got a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10 on a CD and my Toshiba would not recognize it. I tried the CD in my neighbors laptop and it was recognized.
An attempt at updating the driver was also unsuccessful.
I was able to rip a music CD last night so that at least is working correctly.
Does anybody know how I can fix this? The important part is being able to load my new program.
Searching some forums I've found that other people have had problems with the Pioneer drive. If the drive cannot be fixed I am not adverse to buying an external DVD drive. Unfortunately where I live there are no brick-and-mortar stores which sell external drives and I would prefer to avoid the hassle of getting a drive online and discovering that it does not work with my Toshiba. Can anyone suggest an external USB drive which will read and write CDs and DVDs and which is certain to be compatible with my Toshiba?
Thank you for any help,
Satellite P25-S520
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 7/1/2001
Driver Version: 5.1.2535.0
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Publisher

Any external USB CD/DVD drive will be compatible with your laptop.
However you wont be able to boot of CD's (Run Recovery for example) if you use an external drive.
So your best option would be to replace the internal drive with a Toshiba drive designed for the laptop. Call an ASP and ask for a quotation.

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    Solution here:
    *Uninstall the Toshiba programs:*
    • TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
    • TOSHIBA Disc Creator
    Then restart your PC using the Power-->Restart option in Windows 8.
    Your CD/DVD should be accessible now.
    For help with uninstalling these programs follow the instructions below
    *To Uninstall a program or application:*
    1. At the START screen type Control Panel
    2. Select Programs --> Uninstall a program
    3. Find the two programs listed above and uninstall these applications
    4. After the application programs are uninstalled restart your computer using the Power-->Restart option in Windows 8
    5. When the computer power back on the CD/DVD drive should be available
    If the CD/DVD drive still does not appear follow the instructions below to uninstall a device driver
    *To uninstall a device driver:*
    1. At the START screen type Device Manager
    2. Select Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives > right click on the device displayed > select Uninstall.
    3. After the driver uninstalls, power down you computer using the restart method. The driver will install automatically when the computer restarts.
    4. The CD/DVD drive should now be shown.

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         OS X Mavericks- System Requirements
           Macs that can be upgraded to OS X Mavericks
             1. iMac (Mid 2007 or newer) — Model Identifier 7,1 or later
             2. MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) —
                 Model Identifier 5,1 or later
             3. MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) — Model Identifier 3,1 or later
             4. MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer) — Model Identifier 2,1 or later
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    Are my applications compatible?
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    Upgrading to Lion
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    You can purchase Lion by contacting Customer Service: Contacting Apple for support and service - this includes international calling numbers. The cost is $19.99 (as it was before) plus tax.  It's a download. You will get an email containing a redemption code that you then use at the Mac App Store to download Lion. Save a copy of that installer to your Downloads folder because the installer deletes itself at the end of the installation.
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    I have an older IMac 5. I installed snow Leopard on. Now my DVD drive is not working. Discs go in but it dosn't boot up or show in finder. Then disc won't eject unless i shut down and restart. HELP !

    Snow Leopard cannot run on a PPC G5 Mac as it requires an Intel processor. Please confirm what Mac you have.

  • CD/DVD drive does not work after Win 8 intsallation

    from a month i've updated my windows into windows 8, everything is working great but the DVD-RW .
    When i put empty cd and try to open it, it gives me error while opening saying:
    "windows was unable to complete the format"
    So is that a software or a hardware problem?!
    waiting for the help !

    Does this mean that your CD/DVD drive does not work anymore and is not recognized by system?
    If yes, then I would recommend checking this Toshiba document which I found on the knowledge base portal webpage:
    +Why does my CD/DVD Drive not work after upgrading to Windows 8?+
    You will need to uninstall the Toshiba programs:
    TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
    TOSHIBA Disc Creator

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    I have a Hp Pavilion dv-7013cl Entertainment PC and everything was working perfectly. I updated to Windows 8 about a month ago and had some problems. I then did a clean install of Windows 8 and now all the bugs are fixed except my DVD drive will not work. 
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    Also, I tried to go to device manager and reinstall the driver but that didn't help. 

    Hi Crosby,
    Take a look at this document and try the troubleshooting steps.  Please let me know if it helps to resolve your issues.
    Good luck!
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    Are there any discs that it can read?
    Try looking at this article.
    What can I do if my CD or DVD drive doesn't work properly?
    - Peter

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    QuestionWhat can I do when if my laptop CD or DVD drive doesn't work properly in Windows 8?
    AnswerNote: For help with this issue in Windows 7, please see this article.
    To get your CD or DVD drive working correctly, try these suggestions in the order listed.
    Reinstall the Driver
    Hold the Windows key and press the 'x' key to open a menu in the lower-left. In this menu, select "Device Manager." Expand "DVD/CD-ROM drives." Right-click the entry for the CD/DVD drive nested under "DVD/CD-ROM drives," then select "Uninstall." Finally, restart the computer. The computer will reinstall the drivers for the drive.
    Power Cycle
    Even when your laptop is off and unplugged, residual power can still be held in some components. While this is normal, clearing it can help with some hardware problems. Perform these steps to complete what’s called a power cycle.
    Ensure the laptop is turned off.
    Unplug the laptop's AC power cable.
    Unplug all wires and peripherals. This includes CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, mice, printers, and any other accessories.
    Remove the battery (if the model has a removable battery). If the model does not have a removable battery, check your user's guide to determine if you have a pinhole reset on the bottom. If you do, press this.
    Hold down the power button for thirty seconds.
    Reattach the battery if removed.
    Connect the AC adaptor to the power socket that was confirmed to be working in the first step.
    Connect the other end of the AC adaptor to your computer.
    Start the computer and test the drive
    Microsoft Fix-it
    Your computer may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:
    Your CD or DVD drive no longer appears in Windows
    Your CD or DVD drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled
    The media in your CD or DVD drive cannot be read
    The media cannot be written to a CD or DVD inserted into the drive
    You receive an error message about your CD or DVD drive
    If any of these symptoms apply to your computer, use Microsoft Fix-it troubleshooter available here.
    System Restore
    Try using System Restore to restore to the most restore point from before the problem arose.
    How To: Understanding System Restore, Refresh, Reset, and, Recovery options in Windows 8 + Video
    System Recovery
    If the System Restore doesn't solve the issue, you could try a System Reset. Resetting your laptop to its original, out-of-the-box state is a great way to eliminate software as a possible cause of the problem. Note that doing a system reset will return the laptop to its default conditions, completely wiping your data. Information on how to perform a system recovery can be found in your user's guide.
    For more information on performing a recovery, see the following article:
    How To: Understanding System Restore, Refresh, Reset, and, Recovery options in Windows 8 + Video
    Contact Customer Support
    If the drive doesn't work after performing a recovery, it may be due to hardware failure. Please call customer support or seek servicing.

    See this Microsoft article -  For ways to fix manually
    and/or use the proper microsoft fixit 8.1 and 8 or the other one for Windows 7, Vista, and XP listed below.
    (these are from the Microsoft article)
    Resolution 2: Use the CD/DVD Fix it troubleshooter
    To automatically fix common issues with CD or DVD drives, click Run now, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8   
    The Automatically diagnose and fix common problems with CD or DVD drives troubleshooter may automatically fix the problem described in this article.
                                    This troubleshooter fixes many problems. learn more
    Run now
    Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
    The Automatically diagnose and fix common problems with CD or DVD drives troubleshooter may automatically fix the problem described in this article.
                                    This troubleshooter fixes many problems. learn more
    Run now
    If your problem is not solved, try the next
    S70-ABT2N22 Windows 7 Pro & 8.1Pro, C55-A5180 Windows 8.1****Click on White “Kudos” STAR to say thanks!****

  • Satellite A45-S250 : How to use Recovery CD if DVD Drive is not working

    Hi all ,
    First , appologize for my english , i'm a french guy :)
    So my problem is that i would like to re-install everything on a A45-S250 by using the recovery CD.
    But the main problem is that the internal DVD drive is not running anymore.
    I've try by plugging an external DVD drive, but the laptop don't want to boot on it.
    I've seen that it can boot through a floppy drive, lan, or SD card. But with theses possibilities , how to be able to reinstall everything include in the recovery CD ?
    I may have a usb floppy drive, so i'll be able to boot on a disk boot. but then how to start the recovery CD procedure ?
    I'll prefer to use the recovery CD as a WinXP home standart, cause i know that the OEM serial won't work to a Original version of WinXP ...
    Thanks for your help !

    If you want to use the Recovery CD then you would need a bootable CD/DVD drive.
    Fact is that you would be not able to boot from a USB CD/DVD drive or its not possible to copy the whole stuff on the SD card and then to boot
    You need an internal CD/DVD drive or external CD/DVD drive which could be connected to the PCMCIA port
    For me only these two possibilities could work!

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    I started following someone else advice when you delete the
    drive and then reboot notebook but i don't know how
    to reboot notebook because I don't know what it is!
    Can someone please help me I need to use the DVD drive!
    I have already deleted the drive so what do I do now!
    Please help?!
    Thank You

    this is my 1st post i really have no idea whether or not my problem has been discussed and I am not sure either whether I am having the same problem as the author
    lately but when I am trying to burn aD DVD, I keep getting error message in the middle of the process.
    The burning process was terminated immediately and I was asked to insert a new dvd to retry.
    But then, I received the same error. The weird thing is occasionaly that I was able to complete the process.
    I am pretty sure that the problem is not because of the dvd I used because as I said, sometimes I was a able to finish it.
    Unfortunately, I cannot recall what is the exact error message..but i hope this details help.

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