Save as gif file

Hi all,
I wanted to capture the mouse movements,and diplay it and save to gif file...
what i did is ,i captured the X and Y co-ordinates...drawn it in a can i save it to GIF file...
please help me...
thanks in advance...

the only way i know is jai (java advanced imaging).
are there any people who know how to implement saving to gif in jai ?

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  • ImageIO.write to save as GIF file

    I have been use ImageIO.write and BufferedImage to save current Panel's paint(). with transparency.
    BufferedImage image = new BufferedImage(panel.getWidth(), panel.getHeight(), BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
    Graphics2D g2 = image.createGraphics();
    final File file = new File(save_File, "tt.png");
    ImageIO.write(image, "png", file);success at PNG with transparency.
    but now I want to save as GIF file,not png.
    but I change png -> gif
    final File file = new File(save_File, "tt.gif");
    ImageIO.write(image, "gif", file);it will be all black color picture.
    And how can I success to do this.

    GIF doen't do well for transparent images. For transparent images, you can find total solutions from this theread, including the reasons why gif doen't work;

  • How can one edit a .gif file graphics background and change the fonts in Photoshop Elements 13?

    I am trying to change the color and fonts of some of my web sites .gif files. Can I change the color to another hexadecimal color and change the fonts of the letters in Photoshop 13? I am using Windows 7 and heard that you could save the .gif file to another format, edit it, then change the file back to a .gif file. Is this true? If so, how do you do it? The file just has a solid color with the letters "Firm " on it. No animation.

    You can edit a gif without changing the format, but once you save the file as a gif the text becomes part of the image, not text anymore, so you would need to clone or heal away the existing text and then create a new text layer and use save for web to create a new gif.
    For access to the most editing tools, while the file is open in the editor go to image>mode and change it from index color to RGB. Saving as a gif will change it back to index mode.

  • How to capture a .gif file from a spectrum analyzer and save the file in PC

    I want to capture a .gif file from a spectrum analyzer and save the file in PC, but I've got a problem when read data from the instrument. I'm not sure how to format the string got from the instrument , When I use "%s" or "%t" as the read string format the data got from the instrument is truncated.
    my code are as follows, could anyone tell me where i am wrong?
    char resultsArray[5000];
    viPrintf(hSpectrumInstr, ":MMEMTORCR 'CICTURE.GIF'\n");
     viQueryf(hSpectrumInstr, ":MMEMATA? 'CICTURE.GIF'\n", "%t", resultsArray);
     printf("%s", resultsArray);
    Go to Solution.
    readResult.docx ‏50 KB

    char resultsArray[5000];
    viPrintf(hSpectrumInstr, ":MMEMTORCR 'CICTURE.GIF'\n");
    viQueryf(hSpectrumInstr, ":MMEMATA? 'CICTURE.GIF'\n", "%b", resultsArray);

  • How can I save a Image to a GIF file??

    Class Image ---------> GIF file
    How can I do it??

    Who can help me??
    Image my_image=Tookit.getDefaultToolkit.getImage("cc.gif");
    Now,I want to save my_image to a .GIF or .JPG file.
    Who can tell me what I am able to do next or what class I need.

  • I'm using OSX 10.7.4 how do I convert gif files to jpeg? Preview does not have a "save as" choice.

    I'm using OSX 10.7.4 how do I convert gif files to jpeg? Preview does not have a "save as" choice.

    GraphicConverter (the best shareware ever devised for the Mac) will do this for you:

  • Can't save TGA and GIF files with layers

    I'm using Photoshop CS5 for Mac, and when I try to save files as TGA or GIF, the Layers option is not available and the result is a flattened, single layer.
    • Files I am working with are 8bit RGB.
    • Photoshop is set to 32bit, not 64bit.
    • There are no extra channels other than RGB.
    • Switching files to indexed color doesn't help because it asks to merge all layers.
    • I can open Gif files containing layers, but I can't then Save or Save As with layers.
    All help appreciated, and thanks in advance.
    Below is the save dialog box as it appears when i try to save a Gif or TGA.

    GIF does not support layers.
    Animated GIF files may open as layers into Photoshop. You need to save them again as an animated GIF file after manipulating them in the animation panel. The 'Save for Web' function would be most ideal.

  • Can not save .gif files & My Virus protection software found a virus in your program

    When ever I try to Save a .gif image, the upper bar populates with the image imformation, but the lower bar is completely empty, and offers no options. I am able to save all other types of images: .jpeg, .png, etc. Also, my virus protection software found a virus in your program files. Here is the result findings: Object: file Name: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9ifwxa87.default\Cache\2\B6\B7827d01 Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus Action: unable to clean Also, Firefox loads & runs really slow and sometimes fails to load at all. I have plenty of memory and hard disk space. Can you help me with these problems? I am expecially worried about the virus issue as I have a really good anti virus program & this is the 1st virus it has been unable to block or clean!

    Jim there have been other postings about the new Adobe applications being misidentified as possible viruses.  Please contact your virus protection company so they can update the definitions appropriately.

  • HT204379 Anybody know if I can use a gif file as a screen saver on an iMac8,1 with10.6.8?

    I have a gif file, equivalent to 56 slides, shown as
    (450 × 451 pixels, file size: 2.46 MB, MIME type: image/gif, looped, 56 frames, 5.6s)
    is there a way to use it as screensaver ?

    google knows all

  • Animated .gif files

    I have been using an older version of Photoshop Elements for a long time but just got a new MacPro and decided it's time to upgrade my PSE.  But maybe not....I downloaded the Photoshop Elements Trial version to check out if it's really worth upgrading or not and I think I'm in trouble. I have a ton of animated .gif files and they do not appear to open in the familiar "layers".  i read through some of these discussion threads and I think you're saying that if I use the current version of Photoshop Elements I will not be able to edit my old .gif files.  I did try making new layered files and save them for the web with animation and that seemed to work.  But if I'm going to lose the ability to edit my old .gif files I'm not sure I want to upgrade.
    Can someone clarify this for me please.  Maybe it's just a matter of switching from Elements to CS4, but I thought from the descriptions of the programs as provided in the Products section that I fit more with the Elements program.....maybe not???? 
    And this does not even consider that I haven't tried to load my older version on the new intel machine yet, it may not even run if I try that.
    I do, for about 20% of my computing time use "that other" platform, but I don't like it, I much prefer my wonderful Mac machines.
    thanks for your help

    Thank you for your offer, I do appreciae it.  But I think the better question to ask at this point is :  What is the last version of Photoshop Elements that supports editing animated gif files.  This is too important to me to lose this ability and after checking further I see CS4 is out of my price and needed features range. I would rather hang on to my old laptop to manipulate photos than lose the ability to edit my .gif files.
    Can anybody help with this question?

  • Animated Gif files in Captivate

    I have created an animated GIF file in Photoshop that i want to use in my captivate file.
    The file wont preview in any of the preview modes other than the HTML5 output preview. All other previews just show the first frame of the GIF file.
    If i chose to SWAP the animation with another GIF from the library the preview shows the animation playing.. see attached
    Is there something im doing wrong here.
    I guess i could upload my final file to the LMS with HTML5 output as this preview shows the animation but i also read there are limitations with this output as some transitions / effects dont work.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Darren,
    Yes, you can verify whether your GIF would fucntion correctly on HTML5 platform by Window--HTML5 Tracker Pod.
    I am not an expert on Photoshop, but still would like to make a recommendation.
    Set the 'delay' value for each of your Frame to 0.01 or some value if it shows as 0, this can be done using the animation frame Window. Save it as GIF again for Web Devices and import in Captivate, see, if you are abale to preview this time.

  • Editing an animated gif file

    Hi experts,
    I have an animated gif file that works in my Dreamweaver website.  However, I edited the gif file in Photoshop, changing the image and canvas sizes.  When I save it (as a gif), only the top layer is retained, and it's no longer an animation.  How can I save the edited file and keep it as an animation that will work on my web page?
    Many thanks for hints

    What version of PS are you running? In CS4, 5 and 5.5 (not sure on the others) you simply just open the .gif. It should be in layers - one layer for each frame. You will then need to open the animation panel before making any modifications. If you don't, it will change each frame to the current.
    You can't use save as. You need to use save as web or devices then make sure it's a gif and ensure the frames indicator says more than 1. You can then use the play/forward buttons to make sure it looks as you expect.

  • How do I add animated .gif files to a JFrame?

    Hi, I'm making an underwater scene in java for my degree assignment. I have a JFrame with an underwater background and a bunch of .gif fish moving around inside, but they should be animated and they're not. They animate outside of java. How can I make the .gif files animate?

    Hi, I'm making an underwater scene in java for my
    degree assignment. I have a JFrame with an underwater
    background and a bunch of .gif fish moving around
    inside, but they should be animated and they're not.
    They animate outside of java. How can I make the .gif
    files animate?A simple example:
    /* save as */
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.util.*;
    class AnimGifPanel extends JPanel{
      Image[] imgs;
      int w, h;
      Random rand;
      public AnimGifPanel(Image[] ims, int wid, int hei){
        imgs = ims;
        w = wid;
        h = hei;
        setPreferredSize(new Dimension(w, h));
        rand = new Random();
      public void paintComponent(Graphics g){
        for (int i = 0; i < imgs.length; ++i){
          g.drawImage(imgs, rand.nextInt(w), rand.nextInt(h), this);
    public class AnimeGif{
    public static void main(String[] args){
    String filename = "fish.gif"; // an animated gif
    JFrame frame = new JFrame();
    Container con = frame.getContentPane();
    Image[] ia = new Image[5];
    for (int i = 0; i < ia.length; ++i){
    ImageIcon ic = new ImageIcon(filename);
    ia[i] = ic.getImage();
    AnimGifPanel agp = new AnimGifPanel(ia, 500, 400);
    con.add(agp, BorderLayout.CENTER);

  • Getting Animated Gif files to animate

    Anyhad had any success at having animated gif files animating in Keynote 2? Mine doesn't seem to want to animate. Thx!

    Another thing, did you get your animated GIF from online or from a collection on CD/DVD? If you just drag and drop an animated GIF from Safari, it will usually only save the starting image. You have to control-click (or right-click) and Save File As… to save all parts of an animated GIF you download from the web. Off of a CD/DVD, there shouldn't be any such problem, though.

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