Save for Web and Device Grayed menu grayed out

Using Photoshop 11.0.1 (CS4) and Mac OSX 10.5.6), I have an action that saves a retouched file first as a high quality jpg and then as a optimized jpg for the web. It has worked fine in the past, but today when running the action I received a warning that the Export command was not available. I tried manually exporting the using the Save for Web and Devices menu item, but it is grayed out and not available. The file is sized to 1024 pixels on the longest side, no layers and in 8 bit mode.
So far I have done the following:
Trashed the Save for Web preference file
Repaired permissions
Scanned for viruses
Rebooted the system
Any other ideas short of a reinstall?

mcohran wrote:
Any other ideas short of a reinstall?
Trash Photoshop preferences.
Repair Permissions.
Check on available disk space.

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  • Save for web and devices - grayed out. Why?

    Hi. I just bought a new computer, new hard drives, etc.
    So, I had to reinstall Windows XP pro and all my software applications, which includes Adobe Creative Suite Design (standard edition). All loaded well and my computer is up and running nicely.
    only one problem.... in Photoshop the "Save for web and devices..." function is grayed out and unavailable. :-(
    This is a feature I use quite a lot. Before I try uninstalling and re-installing, which, as you probably know is a lengthy process with these Adobe products, I'd like to first verify if this is a known problem and/or something I can deal with without re-installing Photoshop. I did a quick Google search, but couldn't find anything useful. Did find one post in some different forum by someone who described a problem similar to this one, but didn't receive an answer.
    If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

    You would get this if your files were 16bit or multichannel.

  • "Save for web and devices" missing in File menu

    In Illustrator CS5, Win 7, "Save for Web and devices" is missing, ever since recently installed. A reinstall with all defaults does not fix it. Nor does deleting the Adobe "Illustrator CS5.1 Settings" folder. The File menu entry is not grayed out. It is missing. The applicaiton is up to date.
    (A) A clue is when opening Illustrator this error dialog appears: "Error loading plugins. DxfDwg.aip PNGFileFormat.aip". However, both files exist in the "Plug-ins\Illustrator Formats" folder.
    (B) Closing Illustrator and restarting gives a different error message: "Some plug-ins have been updated. You will need to relauch Illustrator for the changes to take effect."
    (C) Closing and restarting takes me back to (A).
    Web searches reveal this to be a perennial problem. There is, however, nothing in Adobe support about it I could find. This is a showstopper.
    Puzzled in Atlanta

    No. I did a support call this morning. Reinstalls from a DVD and a
    download both failed to solve the problem. He did not suggest the
    cleaner step.
    I did check to see that Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator
    CS5.1 was empty after uninstalling AI 5. Then I deleted it.
    So what I've done is uninstalled AI CS5 again. Then I downloaded the
    cleaner. Here's what it says:
        "List of products installed on this machine:
        1. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Family
        2. Adobe Photoshop CS5
        3. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
        4. Clean All."
    It thus appears there is no way to clean just AI. So I quit the cleaner.
    I will report to the forum on how Adobe support fixes this problem. I'm
    now awaiting their reply on the case.
    Thanks so much. Wish I could help you!

  • Exporting animation using Save for Web and Devices problem

    The animation plays as it should when the "Play" button is pressed at the bottom of the "Save for Web and Devices" Menu , but when I Preview it the individual frames don't disappear once they've shown , so you can see them all at the end of the animation . This is also how they save as a .gif ( although using the "Save as html" option reverts to looking as it should , each frame appearing and disappearing in turn) How do I save as gif without this happening?Many thanks for any help

    Thanks!  It was under the object - slice.  You've saved my sanity

  • Possible bug in Illustrator CS4 text anti-aliasing in Save for Web and Devices

    Hello all,
    This could be a bug... if so, I'd be happy to add it to Wade's bug list a few messages down the stream.
    Here's what's happening: when I create small text using a very thin font (in this case, Helvetica Neue Light), the Pixel Preview gives a noticeably different anti-aliasing solution to the actual output from Save for Web & Devices. I'm attaching an original .AI file as well as a screenshots of what I'm getting in both situations.
    I'd really prefer the Save for Web and Devices output to look exactly like the Pixel Preview. The font looks great in Illustrator but loses a lot of its punch when I Save for Web.

    In the Svae for Web and Device  under the image tab where it says art Optimize that is a drop down menu select Type Optimize as such
    htis is what it lloks like in AI and a browser when you choose Type Optimize
    This the difference between Art Optimized and Type Optimize
    That is what is happening to you you are selcting Art Optimize and that is the reason when you choose art optimize aqnd you rraster the image it looks right to you.

  • Save for web and devices preferences settings - where are they?

    where are the preferences for "save for web and devices" to be found? I am using CS4, PC Windows Professional XP

    The actual save for web preferences file for photoshop cs4 should be in
    C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Adobe\Save for Web\11.0
    You should also in photoshop cs4 be able to reset the save for web preferences by holding down the Alt+Ctrl keys while selecting Save for Web & Devices from the File menu in photoshop cs4.

  • Photoshop CC closes or freezes when saving in save for web and devices

    Since I have a new laptop with Windows 8, I couldn't get Photoshop CS6 anymore, so I downloaded PS CC.
    It's working great the last days, but since yesterday PS freezes or closes everytime I try to save a .gif in save for web and devices.
    It drives me insane...
    I hope someone can help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Trash the Save for Web prefs in the respective folder (C:\Progrom Files\Common Files\Adobe or your user home directory).

  • Saving Sliced files in Illustrator CS6 like it was in CS5 "Save for web and devices" gone?

    I used to save all my slices in CS5 and it would give me the option to save for web and devices, then when I was in there it would let me choose the option at the bottom Other... then I could go in and save it as a html and images and then it would automatically make div's for me when I brought it in to dreamweaver.  Where did this option go in CS6?  Can someone help I am on a big deadline, and I lost all my work transfering it back into cs5 to try it there like I used to.  Attached is a .png to show what I mean.
    Thank you,
    These options are not here in CS6 and I cant find it.  I would really appreciate the help.
    Thanks again.

    There have been some other changes too - here is the link to the article that describes the changes:

  • When I save for web and device in Illustrator, I see all the pixels... What is wrong?

    I have created a vector image. When I save for web and device in Illustrator, the image does not come out clear even if I'm saving the image the same size as the artboard. I can see the coutours (pixels)... I've opened the file on another computer and everything is perfect. What is wrong on my computer?
    I have reinstalled the program and did all the updates. What else can I try?
    Thank you!

    So that you know next time that option is no longer available so to speack it is now under a dropdown wiht the default none then Type Optimized or Art Optimized in CS 5 and operhaps CS 4 as well

  • Save for Web and Devices (Illustrator style?)

    Ive used the slice tool to mark out the images for exporting
    from my Fireworks document.
    Does Fireworks have a 'Save for Web and Devices' feature like
    Illustrator does? I want to have the 4-up display where you can see
    the original image and file size in one section and use the others
    to vary the JEPG/ GIF settings to get the best combination of file
    size and image quality. I want to be able to save different
    settings for each slice (as you can do in Illustrator).
    I cant find this feature but it seems weird that a web image
    optimization program wouldn't have it. I tired opening my file with
    Illustrator and Photoshop but the slices wernt imported aswell.
    Ive got CS3, is this option in CS4?

    jdldn wrote:
    > Ive used the slice tool to mark out the images for
    exporting from my Fireworks
    > document.
    > Does Fireworks have a 'Save for Web and Devices' feature
    like Illustrator
    > does? I want to have the 4-up display where you can see
    the original image and
    > file size in one section and use the others to vary the
    JEPG/ GIF settings to
    > get the best combination of file size and image quality.
    I want to be able to
    > save different settings for each slice (as you can do in
    > I cant find this feature but it seems weird that a web
    image optimization
    > program wouldn't have it. I tired opening my file with
    Illustrator and
    > Photoshop but the slices wernt imported aswell.
    > Ive got CS3, is this option in CS4?
    > thanks
    FW bypasses the extra step used by PS and AI. In the main FW
    choose 4-Up. Select the slice you want to optimize and set
    optimization settings via the Optimize panel. Everything bu
    the selected
    sliced will be screened back a bit, so you focus on the
    active slice. It
    will change on screen as you alter the optimize settings.
    If you want to optimize several slices using the same
    shift+click to select them.
    When you're done, choose File > Export. Make sure to set
    Images Only as
    your Export option and in the Slices field choose Export
    Slices. If you
    want all slices exported, make sure that Export Selected
    Slices is NOT
    If you don't want unsliced areas also exported, also make
    sure Include
    areas without slices is not checked.
    Jim Babbage - .:Community MX:. & .:Adobe Community
    CommunityMX - Free Resources:
    .:Adobe Community Expert for Fireworks:.
    Adobe Community Expert
    .:Author:. -
    Peachpit Press -
    Layers Magazine -

  • Photoshop stalls on Measuring memory & save for web and devices

    Mac OS X 10.6.4
    MacBook Pro
    CS4 Photoshop Extended
    Hey there,
    I would be grateful if anyone can shed any light this problem which has occured out of nowhere.
    I'm a web designer so this problem is causing chaos at the moment. When I try to save an image for 'web and devices' - I will get to the 'save for web and devices' window but then Photoshop 'freezes'. It doesn't seem to make a difference on file size big or small - Photoshop just freezes up. Sometimes Photoshop wont do it instantly, I will be able to save about 3 - 4 files and then it will freeze up. The only way to re-start the process is to force quit the application and start again.
    However sometimes when I re-start Photoshop, the application will hang on 'measuring memory' instruction on the start up panel - where I then have to force quit and sometimes re-start my machine. This whole process is obviously very time consuming and a right pain.
    Just for info I have played around in the Preferences - just to see if changing the 'memory usage' would have any effect - this doesn't seem to of made a difference. I currently have the setting at 2211mb (71%) which is within the ideal range (1689-2211mb).
    Any guidance or help would be most grateful.

    Definitely – it may or may not help but it’s easily done (command-alt-
    shift on starting the program).
    Though it is somewhat annoying having to recreate the Preferenes-
    settings one has changed and getting the Tools back to the preferred 
    If you should trash your prefs just don’t forget to save your custom 
    Presets (Brushes, Patterns etc.) before.

  • Save for web and devices for slices

    I am using CS 5.5.  I have an image that I used the slice tool with.   Sliced about 15 slices.  In my action script, I do all the steps including the slicing and then I go to save for web and devices, choose png format, click save and in the save distination I just put it on the desktop. Close the file and hit stop.  I see that that image created the images folder with all the slices in it.   So I then I run a batch script on the folder that contains about 300 images and I want to  use those slices.  I run the script and nothing appears in the output folder.  It shows that it does all the steps but nothing is showing in the folder.  Is there a step i'm doing wrong?  Please help!

    Window >> Layer comps
    Set this up, and with one click you will be able to toggel whci layers are on or off.
    Out of curiosity, are you programming pages with CSS, dynamic layers or other? You cannot layer slices with transparency on top of each other in standard html. I find it so time consuming and impossible to get things registering correctly for all browsers, so try to minimize any layering technologies.

  • Error when trying to "Save for Web and Devices"

    Hello All,
    I have a little issue with Photoshop CS3 on the XP Pro platform.  I get the error when I try and "Save for Web and Devices".  This is the actual error.  "the exception unknown software exception"  uhh... lol
    I currently work for a school district.  I'm the Tech/Network Admin for the entire district.  We have a lab setup with some new PC's (As of last June)  They all have 2 gig of ram Core 2 Duo 2.4 ( I think).  Pretty good machines.  We currently have an image built for them so essentially they are all the same builds.  We recently just updated the image as of a month ago.  In talking with the teacher who does the tech classes in this lab, he recently ran into this problem as of a week ago.
    We are a Novell based campus.  Zen 7 support pack 7 I think as well.  We do however lock down the machines.  Dynamic Local users.  Everything gets pulled off the machine when the user logs out.  Now I do sort of think that this issue is related to some type of policy we're pushing down because when we use our "Tech" account which does have local admin rights to the PC we don't get an error.  We haven't modified the policies here in quite a while.  School is almost over and we'd like to relax for a bit and not cause any problems.  LoL
    And in fact all the PC's in our High School have this issue.  And currently we have about 3 different models not including the one I listed above.  Any advice is much appreciated.  Cause I'm pretty stuck on this issue.

    Save for web and devices saves its own prefs to retain the last active settings. When it can't do that, it will fail. You may wish to grant write permissions to the Documents and Settings\App Data\Adobe\ Save for Web folder. The same applies to Device Central...

  • "save for web and devices" problem

    I am running photoshop cs4 on windows vista
    When I click on file>save for web and devices, a message appears saying "the operation cold not be completed"
    This happens for small files and large files
    Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem please?

    Hi again, rego.
    I did a bit of searching and someone had a similar problem as you where simply deleting the pref file via key command didn't work. A user suggested to first zip the Save for Web preferences and then delete the preferences. I am not sure what zipping the file does but basically they are suggesting delete the preferences manually.
    So try zipping the save for web preferences file and then delete it. After this is done, restart Photoshop and see if it helps. To find where the Save for Web preferences are, refer to this page:
    EDIT: I am not sure if I was clear about the process suggested in the other post. For clarification, the suggestion is to zip the Save for Web preferences file and then delete the zipped file of the Save for Web preferences.

  • Adobe Save for Web and Devices Error

    I had a problem with Save for Web and Devices in Photoshop CS4 - and am posting the solution for anyone else that might encounter this (posted previously for Mac but not Windows). This problem suddenly occurred - and I'm not sure why. I had the most updated Photoshop CS4 version: 11.0.2.
    Issue: When I tried to overwrite an existing image using Save for Web and Devices, I received an "Adobe Save for Web & Devices Error": "Could not write the file. A file system error has occurred"
    This error prevented any file (originally created using Save for Web &Devices) from being saved again with the same name. I figured out the solution by finding the resolution for Mac Photoshop and adapting it for the PC version. The solution for me was to delete the following files:  "Default Settings.iros" and "Recently Used Optimizations.irs" (the only two files present) in the following directory:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user profile name]\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings\en_US\Save for Web Settings\
    Note that there were other sub-directories of the "Save for Web Settings" folder - I didn't touch any of those. The problem is now resolved and Photoshop seems to function normally.

    Honestly, I haven't had problems with reading/writing files to/from network drives, but I have read on this forum that there are times when it causes problems for people.
    And yes, if you used the command line NET USE (or the Explorer Map Network Drive) function to create the drive, it is actually using Windows Networking behind the scenes.

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