Save Image ..why is it missing from Firefox when IE has it ?

Such a fundamental thing to have as the ability to save an image is missing from Firefox and as I have gone over to Firefox from IE I am dumbfounded as to why Mozilla fails to feature this. Why is this ? I have the add on but you get 'save images from current tab', when right clicking on an image that has launched on screen after clicking on a thumbnail, and you end up with hundreds of images, every damn bit of the webpage, the big image is indistinguishable from its thumbnail and every image has to be looked at and discarded until one finds the bigger versions. Who in their right mind would want every little bit of a webpage ? The large images look the same as the thumbnails and each one has to be enlarged to see if its the big image or not.
A task that took seconds in IE takes half an hour.
Can we see Firefox catch up with IE6 for image saving ?

Having now tried another website, where images do not have thumbnails, I have 'save image as', though the dropdown window is empty, no options on file type, its those where clicking a thumbnail sees a new window appear, rotating dots then the image occurs. No save image as, only the save image plugin which proceeds to capture everything. Trying IE on this I see also no save image option, so I guess its the website not Firefox. I shall have to use printscreen button I guess.
I dont know why the dropdown combobox gives no options of file type, IE6 didnt have much but jpg or bmp was offered.

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  • Why is help missing from help dropdown menu?

    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?

    bumpkin wrote:
    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?
    ???? I see help being shown in some of Photoshop  preferences pages but both of you questions confuse me.

  • Clicking on Microsoft Update opened Firefox, but couldn't run from Firefox; when I closed Firefox I lost all my tabs and couldn't restore anything but the Microsoft page; how can I restore the tabs from an earlier session?

    Clicking on Microsoft Update opened Firefox, but Microsoft Update couldn't run from Firefox; when I closed Firefox I lost all my tabs and couldn't restore anything but the Microsoft page; how can I restore the tabs from an earlier session?

    Hi Diovizor,
    Make sure that you do not use [ Clear Recent History] to clear the 'Browsing History' when you close Firefox.
    Also please make sure that you not run Firefox in (permanent) Private Browsing mode.
    You enter Private Browsing mode if you select: Preferences > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Never Remember History"
    To see all History and Cookie settings, choose: Preferences > Privacy > History: Firefox will: Use custome settings for history. Uncheck "Always use permanent Private Browsing mode"
    Hope that helps!

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    why cant i download from one computer that has internet and use it on my other pc that has no internet,,, computer (a) has been working fine with our ipod,and we have about 4gigs of our music,,,but now we have a pc (b) that has the web, and we have music that we have paid for and cant download it.. the message pops up and says.. would you like to replace your Ipod libary with the one from this computer , we say no so we dont lose our music... we should be able to use the pcs in our house for our ipod i thought. ????????

    If you use more than one computer, you'll need to use manual updates instead of automatic sync.
    Here's an article from Apple regarding using your iPod on multiple machines:
    Using your iPod on Multiple computers.

  • No option to save files, content/file type missing from Applications list

    I want to be able to click a link to a file and have the option to Open the file with a specified application.
    When clicking on the file I want to Open with a specified application, I only get a Save or Cancel option.
    When I look in Preferences > Applications, the file type is missing from the list.
    This was working. It is not working anymore. It is not a problem with the website. I need to know where in the FF settings I can change this.
    FF 30.0
    Kubuntu 13.10

    ''Tahl [[#answer-693773|said]]''
    OP, did you ever get a solution to this problem? It's driving me nuts having to specify a download destination then go into a program to open the file I just downloaded!! Have tried deleting file types .rdf and no success either!
    I'm not sure of the solution on Windows. But this worked for me on Linux.
    I needed to edit mimeTypes.rdf
    See the links below for details. The first one was someone having a problem with Transmission. I was having a problem with ktorrent, so I just adapted that. If you're having a problem with a different file type, then you'll need to adapt it differently. But the general idea is the same.
    Also, I suspect that FlashGot or some similar download manger plugin was responsible for screwing this up. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I've seen some things that make me suspect it.

  • Adobe reader plugin missing from firefox plugins list on redhat 6.1

    I'm having a problem with putting adobe reader 9 plugin installed on firefox 3.6.17 on redhat 6.1 (64bit)
    (Not recreatable on redhat 5.4 with same versions of reader and firefox)
    Even though appears in the directory /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory with 755 permissions,
    when I start firefox, it is missing from the plugins list.
    How can I ensure it is properly installed or what steps can I take to debug the problem deeper?

    Thank you for your post miditt1.
    1. A: When we run the script, we get a message saying that it failed but it doesn't say why - see below
    2. A: It is not there in the about:plugins page
    This will install the browser plugin for acroread.
    Enter the install directory for Adobe Reader 9.1 [/opt] 
    What do you want to perform ?
    1. Global installation (as root) - this will try to install the plugin for mozilla/firefox, whichever it is able to locate.
    2. Perform user-specific installation - this will install the plugin for current user only.
    3. Exit
    Enter your choice : 1
    Trying to install plugin for browser  -  firefox
    Installing plugin in /usr/bin/firefox
    The plugin seems to be already installed. Are you sure you want to overwrite ? [y/n] y
    Installation successful.
    Trying to install plugin for browser  -  mozilla
    Installation failed
    Installing plugin in /usr/lib/mozilla
    The plugin seems to be already installed. Are you sure you want to overwrite ? [y/n]

  • When clicking "Save image as" how can I get Firefox to auto add a (1) (2) etc at the end of the filename if an image with the same filename already exists?

    How can I get Firefox to automatically rename images when clicking "Save image as" on the menu, when an image with the same file name already exists in the folder??

    That is not a feature that is supported natively within Firefox but there are various add-ons which I think will do the job you need.
    The one I have used is [ Web Slide Show]. This is primarily an add-on for viewing a slideshow of images when they are presented as thumbnails on a web page. However once you are in the slideshow there is a download button which will download all the images in the slideshow. It will automatically rename the images if an image with the same name already exists in the folder.
    If you don't like that add-on then here are some others that may do the same job:
    * [ Image Download II]
    * [ Image Picker]
    I hope that helps. Let me know if not.
    Also I notice that you are using Firefox v23. That is now an outdated version. To get the latest security updates I suggest updating to version 24. See the support article here: [[Update Firefox to the latest version]].

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    In Photoshop CS6, a very important button is missing from the toolbar — the one to show two images side-by-side or above-and-below, and multiple images in other arrangements.  I need this button — it’s an important part of my.  (BTW, the button is still in Illustrator CS6.)

    MikeKPhoto wrote:
    the changes have negatively impacted productivity
    I'm not seeing that, and I can't agree with your assessment.  In using it all day every day since the public beta was made available, Ps CS6 has clearly improved my ability to go from raw file to finished product more quickly and reliably, and with better results at the end.  It's not THAT hard to re-learn where to find the window arrangement functions - give it a week.  Positionally the menu is almost in the same place the button used to be.
    MikeKPhoto wrote:
    By the way, do we not have a Customer Advocate, that is supposed to be on our side, notably absent from many, if not all, of these threads
    What gave you this idea?  I've never heard of such a person.  User forums are just full of other users trying how best to use the software, occasionally trying to help others do the same...

  • After a few downloads, using "Save image as..." causes Firefox to download the image again even though its already on the screen.

    You would think that having downloaded an image and displayed it on the screen, Firefox would be able to save the image to disk (using right-click, "Save image as...") without need of downloading it all over again. But that's exactly what it does after just a few image saves.
    This can be both expensive and time consuming when I happen to be working via a mobile or dial-up connection, which is often.
    Any ideas?

    As an addendum, the 10.6.8 OS has also been sluggish when I log in or out of my computer (my old PowerBook G4 boots faster after being off).  Otherwise, everything else seems normal.

  • Save as Acrobat PDF is missing from snow leopard print options

    I am using CS4 with acrobat pro and upgraded from leopard to snow leopard. I understand the pdf printer doesn't work any more and thats fine but the save as acrobat pdf option doesn't appear in the print>pdf diaologue box. I have cs4 on my mac book pro with snow leopard as its first install and it appears there. Do i similpy reload acrobat or its simpler?

    Thanks for that, i do use that in Indesign etc but in word if you want to make a pdf i used to use the pdf engine, now you go to print and pdf but the save as pdf is missing from the list, where as my laptop has it as it had snow lepoard from the start

  • Why are Albums missing from the Albums "tab" in Photos app?

    I just upgraded to the new version of OS X with the new Photos app.  All of my photos transferred over to the new app correctly, but not all of my Albums are showing up in the new Albums "tab" in the Photos app. 
    For instance, my "Honeymoon" album does not show up on the Albums "tab," but when I search for in the Photos app it will appear. 
    How do I get all of my Albums to show up on this tab?
    Additionally, does anyone know how to change the "timestamp" on photos?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I appreciate the reply, but that did not solve my issue.  Several of my albums are still "missing" from the list, even though I can find them when I search:

  • Print Preview is missing from Firefox 6 on Mac OSX Lion in both File Menu and Print Dialog Box

    The question says it all really. Print Preview option is missing from both the File menu and from the Print dialog box when you select Print. I use Print Preview a lot to avoid wasting paper.
    A relevant issue might be that the Mac OSX app Preview is currently having trouble with various printers including my Xerox and so, temporarily, the default application for all Preview items is now Adobe Reader until Apple get their act together. Perhaps this is affecting things?
    Thanks for any help

    It's moved to the PDF dropdown, "Open PDF in Preview"

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    I'm setting up a test lab with SQL Server 2012 SP1 and SharePoint 2013.
    I successfully setup the integration using PowerShell and Central Administration. I can see the service application and it is related to my web application, however the PowerView/SSRS features are missing from my site collection and so are the content types.
    I even tried creating a new site collection and no dice.
    Any thoughts on this would be great!

    Hi Anthony,
    Based on the current information, I suggest that you make sure the Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint has been installed when installling SQL Server 2012 SP1. Then, please verify the Reporting Services installation referring to the following article:
    Verify a Reporting Services Installation
    If you can create the Reporting Services Service Application and a site collection successfully, please verify the Report Server Integration Feature is active. After that, please active the Power View Integration Feature for the site collection.
    Additionally, I suggest that you refer to the following blog for the SQL Server Reporting Services Integration with SharePoint 2013:
    Installing and configuring SQL Reporting services on SharePoint 2013
    Hope this helps.
    Mike Yin
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Save image to Server in folder from iframe tag

    I am using iframe tag to display image. Also there is a Save Image Button on page. I want that when user rotate the image inside iframe, then this rotated image should save into server in folder by click of a button.
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    Hi Rajnegi,
    In my opinion, this thread is related to ASP.NET forum. So please post thread on that forum for more effective response. Thank you for understanding. Please refer to the following link.
    To save your time, the following way is a popular way to upload images to server. You can put the code in your iframe. Please see the page below:
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