Save last path from webutil file dialog

Is it possible, or how is it possible to save every client's "last path" from choosing files with webutil?
When we used forms 6, the standard Windows file dialog appeared and it's saving the last path where a file was choosen. With the "new" webutil filedialog this behavior changed and it always opens at the "initial" directory.
Is there any solution to this?
Thanks in advance for help

If you are using the WebUtil_File.File_Open_Dialog() function, you can specify the directory_name as a parameter. When you open a file for the first time in your form, just capture the directory location to a variable and pass this in subsequent calls. Unfortunately, since your form is now Web Deployed, Forms uses Java to display a File Open Dialog so it doesn't retail the last location opened.
Craig B-)
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    Thanks! This one actually worked for me. Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Anderson,
    if you're using flash.filesystem.FileReference - then it is run in black box - except of filename, size and creation data (and few other properties available after some operation succeeded). This is part of security features in Flash runtime (described in header section): .html
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    kind regards,

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    i found it
    patch 6127521

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    Hi thanks
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    Points will be rewarded.

    Can you please share the piece of code ?
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    Ashwani Kr Sharma

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    or use:
    data delimiter value '\'.
    split file at delimiter into table sptab.
    1) file = last entry
    loop at sptab.
    2) dir
    delete sptab.    "del file
    loop at sptab.
    concatenate string sptab delimiter into string.
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            Andreas Mann

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    Here's a method you can use:
    $name = (Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem).Name
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    EDIT: Show on the draw, see Tommy's response above.
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    The character encoding could, indeed, be an issue especially with UTF-8. I think what I'd do is to create a byte array with the encoded, expected end of line sequence in it and work on the file in bytes. For example, seek to the last 100 bytes of the file, read those bytes and look for an EOL sequence backwards. If not found read the previous 100, 200, 400 bytes etc. until you do find an end of line. Then seek to after the EOL and read normally. Remember an EOL sequence might cross a boundary.
    UTF-8 would be a problem, especially with a unix format file because you might mistake part of a multi-byte sequence for '\n'. To be reliable on UTF-8 you'd need to go back three characters looking for sequence start markers (has the previous character got the top bit set, or the one before that the first two bits set, or the one before that the top three bits). Or you could just react to an encoding exception and try another position.

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    1. Read the file using OPEN DATASET and read and fill up the segment info and fill the EDIDC header data
    and then call function
          IDOC_CONTROL       =  i_edidc
          IDOC_DATA          =  i_edid4.

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    However, When I open this file in Photoshop CC,
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    Thank you

    thank you response. It is touched, I think its not gap.
    Please check this image.

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    Is there a way to get a file path from a file without having to select it through client_get_file_name?
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    I cannot hard code the path as each day the txt name will change eg. 'test_02'.
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    Sorry francois ill be a more clear
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    Yvan Koenig has written an AppleScript that removes the files. You can find it on his iDisk in For_iWork > iWork '09 > uninstall iWork '

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