Saving a PDF with attached docs

I used Lifecycle Designer to create three buttons ("Add File", "Open File" and "Remove File").
The Add File button has the following code:
var myDoc =;
var sFile = "myFile";
myDoc.importDataObject ({cName: sFile});
var mydataObject = myDoc.getDataObject (sFile);
var sFileName = myDataObject.path;
Next, the Open File button has the following code:
var myDoc =;
var sFile = ProgramCodeLB1.rawValue;
myDoc.exportDataObject({ cName: sFile, nLaunch: 2 });
app.alert("There are no files to open");
Finally, the Remove File button has the following code:
var myDoc =;
var sFile = ProgramCodeLB1.rawValue;
app.alert("You have just removed your Program Code file!");
I am wondering if anyone has been able to save a pdf after you have attached a file to it. The reason I ask is because when I save my file and close and reopen it again the files are no longer available for viewing....?
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Are they not attached to the form or is it just the open button that's not working?

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  • [JS] [CS3] Saving to PDF with restricted printing "PRINT128LOWRESOLUTION"

    Hi All,
    This is my first JavaScript. Trying to create a script which will save the active illustrator document to PDF with the following:
    a) sets permission password
    b) restricts printing to "Low resolution" only.
    I was able to get the script to do everything, except restricting printing to "Low resolution". Though i have set it to low resolution (PDFPrintAllowedEnum.PRINT128LOWRESOLUTION), it seems, illustrator ignores this statement, and set it to "high resolution" (PRINT128HIGHRESOLUTION).
    See my code below:
    var curDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var destName = "~/Desktop/Testpassword1.pdf";
    function saveFileToPDF (dest) {
    var doc = app.activeDocument;
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {
    var saveName = new File ( dest );
    saveOpts = new PDFSaveOptions();
    saveOpts.requirePermissionPassword = true;
    saveOpts.permissionPassword = "test1";
    saveOpts.pDFAllowPrinting = PDFPrintAllowedEnum.PRINT128LOWRESOLUTION;
    doc.saveAs( saveName, saveOpts );
    Any advise will be much appreciated.

    I see the same thing with Reader, seems they've chosen to restrict it in that fashion.
    Preview works ok, but sure, doesn't open some pdf's.

  • Illustrator CC 2014- Unknown error when saving as PDF with Printer's Marks

    I've been getting an error message (bellow) when I save a ANY of my AI file as PDF with Printer Marls (Trim Marks etc).
    All fail attempts were files with: No transparencies - No effects - Simple Type (tried outlined and live) - Simple shapes.
    I tried:
    - Trash the Adobe Illustrator Settings folder
    - Reboot the application
    - Reboot computer
    - Rebuild file
    - Replace fonts
    Please help. I'm a print designer and that's vital for my line of work.

    Without system information and details like what PDF preset you use nobody can even begin to guess.

  • Saving a pdf with the latest version?

    According to what I have read online, versions of adobe acrobat 8 and higher will save the latest pdf version out to version 1.6. I am using adobe acrobat pro 9 and when I create or save a pdf it is saving version 1.5. Can anyone let me know if there is a dropdown or something that chooses the latest version.

    What you have read is misleading at best.
    The latest PDF version is PDF 1.7, which Acrobat 8 is capable of making and reading.
    However, recent versions of Acrobat will look at the PDF to see whether it needs to be marked with the latest version, and if not they will mark it as older. This allows more old software to work seamlessly. You cannot stop this.

  • Saving to PDF with hyperlink sections

    I've saved a 200 page PDF document from Word. The Word document contains hyperlinks on the contents page to jump to the relevant section in the document.
    Is there a way to do with for the PDF I've created? I've received large PDFs in the past which allow me to jump to certain sections, often using the drawer or hyperlinks on the first page.
    Can anyone help?

    You can use Tools > Protect Document in Word. The first choice (protect for Track Changes) just locks in the Track Changes mode and prevents accepting them; however, edits can be made and hidden if Markup view is turned off.
    What you need to do is select protect for Comments and enter a password (twice). This locks the document so it cannot be edited without the password. Only comments can be entered. Attempting to type in the document does nothing (except display a "This command is not available because the document is locked" message at the very bottom of the window). If it matters to you, the locking carries over to Word in Windows too. Hyperlinks still work from inside the protected document.
    To remove the tracked changes from an existing document before sending it out, you can copy and paste the entire contents of the document into a new document. That eliminates the tracked changes.

  • Saving as pdf with pages in correct order.

    my magazine is 40 pages, i want to perfect bound this . so obviously i will be only printing 36 pages as a magazine, Then the other 4 pages will be the front/back cover to be attached afterwards.
    when i print in indeisgn for perfect bound to my printer, indesign re-arranges the pages in the correct oder so when i fold them they match up.
    e.g (4,1 / 2,3 / 8,5 / 6,7 ect) and when its folded up it reads ( 1 / 2,3/ 4,5 / 6,7 / 8 ect)
    but since im not using my printer i need the magazine to be printed from a PDF file.
    when i save as a pdf it just saves in order (1-36) so when it goes to print its not in the correct order that my magazine needs to be.
    could anyone tell me how i can save this in the correct order for perfect bound as a pdf.
    if i cant do it so simply could anyone tell me the easiest way to get these pages in the correct order.

    When you send out for commercial printing, that's what you want -- an unimposed PDF consisting of the individual pages. It's the Printer's job to impose them for his equipment, especially for perfect binding which requires a grind-off at the spine.
    Most likely the cover (which will need a spine panel) is going to be printed separately on differnt stock, and should probably be prepared as a separate file, but check with the printer.

  • Trouble saving certain pdfs with Adobe x

    I have just upgraded to Adobe x and am now unable to save certain pdfs (eg journal articles). They are not protected files and I was able to do this with the previous version. Same issue as previously asked and also running Windows 7:
    "I am unable to save copies ofcertain pdfs in Reader X (10.1.1). The pdf (from an academic journal) opens without problem but when I click on the Save a copy icon in the tool bar nothing happens.  I'm told to click Shift+Ctrl+S and then get a "Bad Parameter " message.  If I click on the Print icon there is no problem.  I'm running Windows 7"
    Help would be great - needing to get study done!!

    After installing Reader 10 (aka Reader X), I had exact same problem --trying to save multiple documents via Firefox browser (up-to-date version 3.6.13), only first document can be saved -- attempts to save 2nd document results in nothing happening.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Reader 10, problem same.  After closing browser, waiting a couple of minutes, could then save 2nd file -- but then could not save 3rd file right away, etc.   Gave up -- uninstalled Reader 10 and went back to Reader 9.4 -- no problems with old version.  Based on other comments on this forum, it seems like Reader 10 is not ready for prime time.

  • Saving as PDF with crop marks.

    I'm trying to create a Printready PDF from my Structured FM file. I recently upgraded to FM9.
    With earlier versions of FM we've had issues with colours not exporting correctly from FM, and I've had to print .ps files, run a colour correction script and then open the files as .pdf. Due to a limitation of my colour correction script I could only print 5-10pgs at a time. Which made the process very time consuming.
    I pitched the upgrade to FM9 to my boss because when I initially tested the trial version and used the 'save as PDF' function, the colours came up correct without having to use the colour correction script.
    HOWEVER, now that I'm trying to create printready PDF's of my document, via the save as PDF function, I'm not getting crop marks/registration marks on my files.
    On the PDF Setup Dialog box I have 'Western' choosen under Registration Marks. (Screen Shot attached)
    Initally I thought it could be because I had the page size set to the exact page size I wanted, but I've tried making the page size bigger and they still don't seem to appear.
    Hopefully this is an easy question and I've just missed something simple!

    Caveat CMYK!
    Unfortunately, it's still not completely reliable. There are issues with quite a number of OTF Pro fonts not rendering correctly, and with spot colour tints and table fills that use spot colours.
    The upgrade to from COlourChameleon to PubliPDF may be still worth considering...
    Also, with your crop mark issue, how big is the page size compared to the output size that you specifed in the PDF Setup? You have to add at least 1cm to the page size to give it room to place the crop marks.

  • Problem with assembling flattened PDFs with XFA docs

    I have a flattened PDF (legacy) doc that I am sending into a livecycle process to merge with an XFA doc that I am creating on the server. Assembler will not allow me to assemble the docs in the following order:
    1. flattened PDF
    2. XFA doc
    I CAN do the reverse order just fine. Problem is order DOES matter and I need the XFA last.
    Any thoughts on how I can reach that end result? I was thinking of doing the merge in the wrong order and then maybe reordering the pages, but don't know how to do that either.
    Any help would be VERY appreciated!

    Try specifying the xfa doc as the base document, i.e.:
    <PDF result="out">
    <PDF source="flatPDF"/>
    <PDF source="xfa" baseDocument="true"/>

  • Linked PDF with Open Doc password- false, Edit Permissions- true, requires password to open AI doc

    I would like to password protect editing of a placed PDF. I have set the PDF Open Doc password to false and the Edit permissions to true. Illustrator still requires the permissions password to OPEN the Illustrator document. This would defeat the purpose, no?

    Well, it does seem to work, sort of. The Illustrator document with a placed, protected PDF asks for the password when opening. The password is also required when attempting to embed (edit) the linked PDF, as expected.
    I would think the correct behavior should be  for the Open Document password protection (or lack of) to control opening the Illustrator document and the Edit Permissions password to be applied when embedding or flattening the linked PDF, making it accessable to editing. Acrobat seems to be able to make this distinction.
    This would be a significant feature for users who need to restrict editing of sensitive portions of their layouts while allowing necessary prepress work downstream.

  • Saving a pdf with seperate colors

    Hello guys,
    I'm new in here, so i hope my thread is on the right place. If not, please correct it.
    I need to know, if it is possible to save a .pdf file (with some printing documents on it: with CMYK colors and PANTONE colors) with seperate colors.
    I tried my best but i didn't find something. Google and other websites didn't help me.
    I have the Adobe Acrobat Vers. 8
    It's no problem to have a look at the seperat colors, but i don't know how to safe it, that the costumer can have a look at those seperat colors too.
    So i need a .pdf file with x-sites (for every color a site)
    Maybe you can help me.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

    What program are you using to create the original file? You should have options from there when you make it a pdf to print to plates (as .ps for distilling, or as .pdf), or change the color mode to "separations" instead of "composite"  under the color options, or something similar. The details depend on what program you're using to create the file.

  • After saving a PDF with a Spot UV layer, all of the highlights and detail under the spot color are flattened in Overprint Preview. What am I missing here?

    I'm attempting to print some business cards with a Spot UV coating. I have a layer above the artwork with a spot color (set to green per the printer's request). Underneath is a logo, essentially a red circle with some highlights and depth. My issue is that, after exporting a PDF, all of the highlights and detail on the red circle disappear in Overprint Preview (it's there when I hide the Spot UV layer, but missing when I hide the Spot Color). What can I do to retain that information?

    Let me know if you need different screen grabs. Thanks in advance.

  • Saving to pdf with distiller when some documents have different dimensions

    I use distiller 9 at work to convert books, made with Framemaker 11, to a pdf. The problem is that some pages are an 11x17 fold out. We go back and replace these manually in the final pdf. Is there a way that distiller can handle these files during the convert to pdf process? We are thinking of adding more pages this way, and this would be a huge time saver.
    Our software- Framemaker 11, Acrobat 9 Pro, Acrobat Distiller 9, PS and AI CS5.

    If you use the SaveAsPDF option, specify the maximum page size required (e.g. 11x17) in the FM PDF setup. Then FM will automatically crop all pages that are smaller than the maximum. You shouldn't need to manually insert the over-sized pages anymore.

  • Email with PDF As attachment

    Hello SDN,
                   I am working on a process, which has visual composer UI as iview, The input from the Visual composer Screen should go as a pdf with attachment to the receipient (Email should be send dynamically from the "mail id " field of the ui).
    I did:-
    1)Create a process.
    2)Assign a Sequential Block.
    3)Inside Block i have two action as action1(For callable object for VC Iview) and action2(Callable object for Interactive form by adobe).
    But in the callable object for Interactive forms in the "Configuration Tab" i see the GP Option to send mail, But it only can send email with attachment to the Process initiator, how to send an email to another user or mail id dynamically?

    >>>>>>>>>>But it only can send email with attachment to the Process initiator<<<<<<<<<<<
    GP will mail the form to the user who is responsible for that action (defined in the roles at process level).
    If you want to send the form to the mail id from the VC user interface, then you need to create and insert a java background callable object between your VC action and IF action. This background callable object will retrieve the userid based on users email. You have to dynamically assign this user id as role to the IF action.

  • PDF Initial Browser doesn't open PDF with Bookmarks as initial view - Problem (Help)

    I've saved a PDF with Initial view of Bookmarks panel and
    page opn my client and it opens with the bookmarks. I publish the
    file from my PC via Contribute and open it with my browser and it
    opens in the pages view. NOTE: when i open the PDF in Contribute,
    it opens with no special view.....

    Hey Jacksoup --
    I don't believe this is a "Contribute" issue at all.  I'm having the same problem with a .PDF of my own that I've published to the Web and I'm not using that software. 
    I had one original .pdf file that had no bookmarks.  Bookmarks were then added to the doc and resaved.  On the new version I have the document's file properties set to open bookmarks on initial view.  The document opens fine locally on my computer, but when I publish to the web (not using contribute), and then try to open the .pdf via hyperlink it opens in MSIE and the bookmarks do not appear on initial view.  It's driving me crazy.
    I'm wondering if this is some sort of adobe cache issue?  Where it's opening the document like the original?  Or if it's something to do with MSIE?  I have already cleared my browser cache and I also updated my adobe acrobat preferences to NOT restore last view settings when opening documents. 
    I have tried adding #pagemode=Bookmarks to the end of the URL to the doc...
    Everything I've read and researched on line tells me I have done all I can do.  Are we just $#!+ out of luck here or what's the deal Adobe?
    Thank you for your time! 

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