Saving created image without background?

Hi I have PSE 8 and am new to this, I am trying to create a small 11x11 pixel orange circle but when i created it even using the transparency option, the image still gets saved with a white square background. Is it possible to save the created circle alone WITHOUT the white square background? If so, how please? 

Open the editor and change the color swatch (usually black & white) to orange.
Click on the arrows symbol so that orange becomes the background color.
Select File > New > Blank File
Set background contents to Background color and click OK
Drag your elliptical marquee tool to form a circle and press ctrl+J
You will see in the layers pallet a background layer and a transparent layer on top with your orange circle.
Click in the layers pallet on the layer marked background and hit the trash can to delete.
Resize your image to the dimensions you want.
Then on the top menu select File > Save for Web
Change from jpeg or gif to PNG-24 and check transparency.
Click OK
Choose a new file name and click OK.

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  • Saving rotated image without background

    Ok I need help....I have rotated an image 20 degrees and would like to save it as a rotated image but whenever I do there is a white background around the image. Look at the image below, I rotated it 20 degrees but when I saved it, it saved with the white background. How can I save the rotated image but without the white background????
    (I changed the color so you could see the background)

    If your working with one layer (locked background layer), double click
    on the layer thumbnail in the layers panel to make it a new unlocked layer.
    Then when you rotate the photo, the background should be transparent.
    Also to maintain transparency, save in another format other than jpeg, such
    as psd, tif, png-24.

  • Saving a image without a background

    I did the tutorial on Removing Image Backgrounds with
    Fireworks. That works great, but I don't know how to save a image
    without a background. I am trying to save it for a website. I have
    Fireworks 8.0. I tried to save it as a Alpha Transparency GIF file
    , but the image is poor. I don't know the correct way of saving
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    On Tue, 16 May 2006 20:48:12 +0400, Tony024
    <[email protected]>
    > Ilya Razmanov,
    > I did have that problem viewing under IE 6 on one of my
    pc. My other
    > pc is
    > running IE 7 and it is fine. I am trying to save the
    image without any
    > bacakground so I can upload it to dreamweaver 8.0 so
    that it can be
    > viewed in
    > any IE. I am trying to use a GIF or a JPEG file.
    Official JPEG specs does not allow any transparency at all,
    so save your
    time and quit trying it. GIF only support limited colors (up
    to 256), one
    of that can be assigned as "transparent". So when FW exports
    GIF from a
    source file that have any partial transparency, it "premixes"
    any partial
    transparent color of source with "matte" color. In case the
    correspond to average color of your page background, and your
    background is not too wild and colorful, and you are not
    using too wide
    partially transparent stuff, it normally work well.
    Among the image formats common on the Web, only PNG provides
    true partial
    transparency. Alas, IE still does not correctly understand
    that part of
    PNG specs that was set years ago. So if you definitely
    positevely can't
    live without transparency things that are available in GIFs,
    PNG plus
    specific CSS and\or Javascript trics is the only way to go.
    However, I'd
    personally make sure I can't live with old limited GIFs
    before going that
    Ilya Razmanov -
    Photoshop plug-in filters

  • Create image without seeing it

    Hi, i have an applet to draw something on, i have a button when you click on it that create an image and its ok... but the only way i know to create an image is to open the applet, draw what i want onto the Graphics object and display it at the screen, cause if i dont display it on the screen the image will be empty.. so my question is, can i create a image with a text program, if i already have the modification and the background and can load it, i dont want to see it, cause i dont want to load the applet each time i wanna create an image, i would like to create many images with data in my database without having to paint all the image on Graphics object and make it visible to create my image
    sorry for the bad explication
    thx a lot

    to create a image i used this code
                Rectangle rect = dessin.getBounds();
                Image im = createImage(rect.width, rect.height);
                Graphics g = im.getGraphics();
                //write to the image
                //dispose of the graphics content
                g.dispose();where dessin is a JPanel, to be able to create an image i need the JPanel to be visible, so the user see the image before i create it, all is paint on dessin JPanel
    but now i want to create an image without make the JPanel visible to the users, but with my method i need too cause it give me a empty image
    more understandable? sorry i have problem sometimes explain my problems in english

  • How to see all image types when saving an image without selecting "all files"every time

    <blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br>
    Please continue here: [[/questions/951766]]</blockquote>
    Hallo, and thank you for reading this.
    I am a person who saves a lot of images online and renames them in different folders in different names like B - 34 or G - 56. I have been working with firefox 10 for quite some time and it had a pretty handy bug (I guess) where I could save an image and firefox would just save the image in it's original type (JPEG,PNG etc) while "save as type" was empty.
    It also always has shown all the image types in the folder where I save the images (except for GIF) and that helpes me quite a lot by saving me the trouble of selecting "all files" every time I save or going to the folder to rename every image.
    Now this seems to be lacking in the newest firefox versions and my question is if I can set firefox to always show me all the image file types when saving an image, instead of only showing JPEG's when I try to save a JPEG.
    Thank you for your time.

    I suspect this is a Windows problem. I am surmising the FilePicker uses the Operating System or Desktop facilities. Does Windows 7 offer any other file categories like ''images'' ?
    I do not normally use Windows 7, but may the option depend upon the directory being an indexed one, I ask after finding this thread ''Bring File types tab back'' []
    This question is a duplicate of [/questions/951764]
    Normally I would lock the duplicate question, but in this instance I will leave it open as it is unanswered and someone may give a better reply.

  • Create image in background

    I'm trying to create an Image (of a material) but I cant use GUI_UPLOAD in the background even if i use C13Z_FILE_UPLOAD_BINARY to place the file from c:\drive to the app server.
    However, I can use OPEN DATASET to open the file and READ it into an internal table within my program (looks to be in hex format) my question is then what do I do with data in the internal table to create the image - is there some FM that I can pass the internal table to for image creation - needs to be done in background - I can do this in foreground.  The end result is that image will be printed on a SAPscript.

    My apologies Christian, I didnt explain proberly
    (1) I can use GUI_UPLOAD to upload the image but this can not be used in background, it is only for foreground processing
    (2) I have already upload the image using and .tif file type, so no need to convert
    (3) I have already printed the image (as a graphic) via SAPscript
    and all of this can be done dynamically (in foreground) but if I want to do the same (i.e. create an image in SAP from a file on the app server and print it, but from a job that runs in background)  I can only use OPEN DATASET
    So my question was what do I do with the data when I have it in an internal table with in my Z program so that it create's the image in SAP and I can proceed with my SAPscript to print it.
    Sorry for the confusion,

  • Saving intensity image without border

    I am trying to save an intensity graph to an image file, so what I've done is used the "Invoke Node" -> "Get Image" to capture the control display.  The image is then wired into "Write BMP File" to save the image.  The problem is that the indicator's border still shows up.  After I hid the X, Y, Z, label, etc from the intensity graph, it still does not capture the graph data by itself.  The border shows up, so when I made the indicator transparent, the background of the vi shows up.  Is there a way to get JUST the image out of the intensity graph?
    My prior solution was to use the "Flatten Pixmap" function to save the image, but the color scale settings weren't preserved so my intensity images were very dark.  Maybe an alternative solution is to find a way to preserve the color table scale when saving?  Is there an easy way to do this?

    Hi AntLee29,
    I am not quite sure of what you would like to extract from the intensity graph. Could you please post some screen shots of what you would like to see and what you would like to not see, I think that these would help me to better understand the question. Thank you and have a great day!
    Best regards,

  • Saving an image turns background black

    I have a graph that I am saving as an image. once i open the image for loading the graph has a black background .
    I tried changing the background before saving but that doesn't help.
    Does someone know what might be causing this?

    You where given working code for this way back in April:

  • Unable to COPY image without background

    An object is selected in Photoshop CS4 against a transparency background. In other words, it is isolated.
    Then the COPY command is used.
    Then it is PASTED into Illustrator CS4 but the white background appears
    (Creating a New User account in Windows did not change anything.)
    Also, selecting the object using the Rectangular Marquee tool had the same result of inserting a white background
    Operating System: Windows Vista

    Yes its works, at least on cs3 (had few days ago same problem). Another way is convert selection to path, then export it to illustrator. Then open it in Ilustrator, copy path to where its needed. Select copied image from PS (one with white background), use align palete to align both at same position and make cliping mask. Done Not fastest and easiest way, but when path needed not just transparency then it works.Of course converted path almoust always isn't ideal but you can use handmade path.

  • Saving overlayed images without shift

    I am trying to programmatically save overlayed images of controls: a mixture of transparent XY graph applied on a vectorized picture. Grouping those controls in the front panel, copy  them and recover them from clipboard works fine. I would already have been glad to do that programmatically. Is there any way to use this group feature programmatically?
    But as soon as I try to produce a picture combining both of them; I get into problems because they get shifted owing to their different origin on the front panel.
    See attached small vi.
    Thnaks for any simple solution.
    test_save_superimposed_polar_diag_4_décalé.vi ‏70 KB

    Simulate a key press: Print Screen
    Then read the clipboard.
    George Zou

  • In WP8, BitmapCreateOptions include value Background Creation, this help create image in Background. I working with contacts, a lot of avatar, so it is necessary to increase performance. But, in Windows-runtime/ WP8.1, there is no Background Creation. Ple

    bitmap.CreateOptions = BitmapCreateOptions.BackgroundCreation;
    <Ellipse Width="70" Height="70">
    <ImageBrush ImageSource="{Binding bitmap}" />
    Devi Prasad.P

    You need not worry about that :

  • Creating images with J2EE

    Hello everbody!
    I use the Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 and I am interested in creating images with Servlets. Because the J2EE specification prohibits the use of the AWT (and the Sun Application Server enforces this restriction by installing a security manager), I want to know which possibilities exist to create images without the AWT.
    Any comments are appreciated in advance!

    Hi ava,
    I am sorry for being unprecise. By creating images I mean drawing my own images from scratch. I wanna start by something like
    BufferedImage image = new BufferedImage( ... );and then draw into that image, using the usual drawLine etc. methods from java.awt.Graphics or java.awt.Graphics2D.
    But this is not possible, because the Application Server forbids using these methods.
    I am sure someone encountered this problem before me. There must be a solution without AWT. Maybe there exists a library.
    Any ideas?

  • How can I create a single background image for a BorderLayout?

    I can create a background with an image file for the individual panel (North, West, Center, East and South) in a BorderLayout, but I've been spinning my wheel for a long while now trying to figure out how to create just one background with a single image file for all of these panels?
    In my application, a panel may contain various buttons, a listbox, a group of checkboxes, a combo box, or a canvas. Even if I used the same image file, when the panels are finally put together, one can clearly see that the end product is the result of a lot of patch works.
    Hope someone has an answer for this. BTW, I'm using AWT because it works with existing browsers without the need for a separate Java plug-in.

    Look at this :
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
    public class PanI extends Frame
         Image map;
         Panel pan;
         myPan p8,p4,p6,p2,p5;
         BufferedImage I;
    public PanI() 
         addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()
        {     public void windowClosing(WindowEvent ev)
              {     dispose();
         map = getToolkit().getImage("map2.gif");
         MediaTracker tracker = new MediaTracker(this);
         try   {tracker.waitForID(0);}
         catch (InterruptedException e){}
         I = new BufferedImage(1,1,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
         setLayout(new BorderLayout());
         pan = new Panel();
         pan.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
         p5 = new myPan(5);
         p8 = new myPan(8);
         p4 = new myPan(4);
         p6 = new myPan(6);
         p2 = new myPan(2);
    public class myPan extends Panel
         int where;
    public myPan(int i)
         where = i;
    public void paint(Graphics g)
         if (I.getWidth(null) != pan.getWidth() || I.getHeight(null) != pan.getHeight())
              I = new BufferedImage(pan.getWidth(),pan.getHeight(),BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
              Graphics      G = I.getGraphics();
         int x1=0;
         int x2=getWidth();
         int y1=0;
         int y2=getHeight();
         if (where == 8)
         if (where == 2)
              y1 =  p8.getHeight()+p5.getHeight();
              y2 =  getHeight()+y1;
         if (where == 4)
              y1 =  p8.getHeight();
              y2 =  y1+getHeight();
         if (where == 5)
              x1 =  p4.getWidth();
              x2 =  x1+getWidth();
              y1 =  p8.getHeight();
              y2 =  y1+getHeight();
         if (where == 6)
              x1 =  p4.getWidth()+p5.getWidth();;
              x2 =  x1+getWidth();
              y1 =  p8.getHeight();
              y2 =  y1+getHeight();
    public void update(Graphics g)
    public static void main (String[] args) 
         new PanI();

  • Create PDF without image compression?

    How do i create a pdf from multiple images without any compression?
    Seems like even if i do optimize pdf and select png(edit the settings to do max res and no downscaling), when it saves the pdf, at 100% zoom, it's obviously bigger than my original png and compressed(or maybe it looks blurry because it's being upscaled when i never requested).
    In short, if my png is 500x500, i want it to be exactly that size at 100% maginification once the pdf is saved out. I don't want any compression, i don't want any scaling...why is it so hard to do this???
    Any help is much appreciated!

    However... the conversion can be lossless.  If you make a PDF file from a SINGLE image (different option) and select the image format in Files of Type you can click Settings and choose the format for compression. Choose ZIP and compression equivalent to PNG is used.
    You also have fine control when printing to PDF.
    It's just the Combine Files function, which is fast and simple, that lacks choices.

  • Saving a picture without the white background i just removed

    Hi there, can you please help me with saving a picture without the white background?
    i have removed the white background, that was a struggle in itself, and now when i save it, it just adds a white back ground again. i dont want the background.
    i just the want the logo that i have taken from the white. can you please tell me how this is done. thank you

    You're welcome.   We've all been there done that.

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