Saving smallest pdf file out of Illustrator

how do i save the smallest possible pdf file out of Illustrator?

Does your Illie file contain placed images?
Are you working in RGB or CMYK?
How do you intend to use the pdf?
A lot of questions need answering.

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  • Vector elements are randomly disappearing when saving a PDF file

    I wondered if anyone could help us with this.
    We make PDF files from Illustrator all the time to send to our clients for approval. We've found that occasionally random elements of the document will not be embedded within the PDF file.
    There seems to be no consistency with this, an outlined word on one side of the artwork will vanish one time, it'll be fine for the next 10 iterations, but then a totally different element will drop off on a different part of the document the 11th time I PDF it.
    All seems to be fine within the Illustrator document, layer/item visibilty is ok, overprint settings are correct etc.
    I have imported an affected PDF file back into illustrator to see if the element was gone or just not appearing, and they're completely absent from the file.
    This seems to be particularly happening with items that are coloured with spot colours or white elements sitting on top of spot colours, but this is not certain.
    This problem is very concerning for us as we deal with quite large packaging files and it comes that we can't trust the files that we're sending to our clients to be accurately representational of the actual documents. We can't be spending the time to be having to check every individual element on a PDF file every time we make the slightest amend to a file.
    Thanks in advance for any help you guys and girls can give.

    What pdf preset are you using (eg: smallest file size). Are you mac or PC, the pc works pretty good printing to the pdf writer. During your 10 iterations, are you making any changes to the files, or are you saving the same file over and over and the result is different each time. What happens if you go to another computer and try to make a pdf form the same file?
    You large sized files, scale a troublesome one down to fit on smaller paper size (eg: letter or tabloid) and make a pdf. Are your PDFs taking a long time to make? Try cleaning up nonused spot colors, and making them global.
    I make lots of PDfs and can remember 2 cases where things were acting funny, but resolved this
    Embedding a placed 1 bit tiff that was being colorized to a spot color - the pdf span forever and never made itself prior to embedding
    Creating outlines on a complex appearance stacked logo, where the corners were missing triangles.

  • Print to PDF - using Snow Leopard (Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose

    i have a PDF form that i created that is used as a custom proposal that my company sends out to potential clients. the form in its editable state is only used internally. we recently upgraded to snow leopard, but prior to the upgrade, we were able to fill the custom proposal form out using adobe reader, and, as you well know, we weren't able to save that edited document as a PDF with the custom form fields filled out. our work around using adobe reader was to print to a pdf using the adobe pdf printer in the printer dialog. with the addition of snow leopard, however, instead of choosing the adobe pdf printer, we were to choose PDF from the bottom left corner, then Save As PDF, and it would spit out an uneditable pdf that then allowed us to email it to the potential client without them being able to edit it as well as have an internal, digital copy for our records instead of having lots of paper floating around (i know this is also doable using security that disallows the client certain editing privileges, but printing to a pdf is much quicker and more efficient, and the pdf security isn't really that secure at its best).
    in any case, i came across this gem of a post here on the support forums that installs another option from the PDF drop down on the bottom left of the print dialog menu that reads Save As Adobe PDF and is supposed to do exactly what i am trying to get it to do...print to a pdf file from adobe reader.    
    once i updated to acrobat 9.2 (as the link above suggests 9.1), however, the Save As Adobe PDF does appear in the print dialog menu, but it still gives me the same error that acrobat 8 - 9 gave me while using Snow Leopard — Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save — and as i've already explained, you can't save an edited pdf form in reader (as i am the only one in the office with acrobat) and still keep the fields as you've entered them in. the only work around is to print to a pdf but is apparently having some recent problems.
    using acrobat, however, i know that i can save the editable pdf as a new file with the fields customized as i have left them, but it still saves it as an editable pdf and the print to a pdf option still remains the best option...that way we have digital copies internally that are uneditable that can be printed at any time or emailed to the client.
    how can i do print to a pdf, based on what i've written above, using snow leopard and acrobat and reader?

    A simple way is to flatten the form fields, which converts the field appearances to regular page contents. You can do this with JavaScript or PDF Optimizer (Advanced > PDF Optimizer > Discard Objects > Flatten form fields). A very nice script that adds a custom menu item can be found here:

  • Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported.

    Hi Guys,
    I upgrade from leopard to snow and now I don't have the possibility anymore to to print PDF as a PDF.
    Before I was going to print and then choose save as a pdf and everything ok.
    Now after the upgrade to snow every time that I am going to print a pdf from a pdf (acrobat 9 and X) I received this msg "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save "
    Why that happened ? how can I fix it?
    The thing is that I have a pdf form (contract) that I have to fill up and print it as a pdf.
    Now I can't do that I can save only the form with the fields unlock.
    thanks you in advance for your help.

    Ah.. this is so annoying filled in a long form.. which doesn't allow saving.. I assumed as normal with this type of form I could print to PDF and at least get a electronic copy.. but no, I made the mistake of installing Adobe Reader.. and it has screwed up the print options.. when I try to save as PDF from the print menu I get the helpful suggestion
    "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."
    When I do as suggested.. it helpfully tells me that it will only save a "blank form"..
    Adobe has badly messed up their reader.. I now need to print out and then scan this document to get the electronic copy I need.. I will be uninstalling promptly after this fiasco..

  • Message error: "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File Save."

    I have 2 problems creating a .ps file.
    As i know, there are 2 ways of creating a Postcript file from a PDF.
    The first is from the Print monitor. I go through menu File/Page Setup i give the exact dimensions from my spreaded pages and after that i go to Print and when this window opens,
    i go down and left and i open the pop-up menu on"PDF" and i choose "Save PDF as Postscript"
    There is where i get the above error message :
    "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."
    And the second scenario, i get an equal problem.
    If i go to Page setup and give the right dimensions of my spreaded document, after that i go to the File/Save as command, there is choose from the bottom pop-up menu, the option at Format: Postscript
    If i do that i get the following message:
    "The document could not be saved. An internal error occured."
    What is wrong with all this?
    Can anyone help me out?
    System preferences.
    Mac OS X 10.4.11
    Acrobat professional 8.1.2
    Thank you

    Jon Bessant asked:
    "Does this occur on every PDF file? The internal error message that is ..."
    Yes, it happens on every PDF

  • How to use sdk to get the image in the pdf file created by illustrator?

    I have some pdf files create by illustrator and saved as pdf documents,
    now I want to use the sdk to get the image in pdf files.
    how to?

    Thank you first!
    Yes,you are right,since I am new to illustrator,and I want to try to write a plugin,
    I have read the sdk doc and API and opened the sample in vs2010,but no idea about how to operate the pdf doc in illustrator with api.
    Hope more advise or any examples,thank a lot.

  • How do you change the default save as directory when saving a PDF file to your hard drive?

    This is the on-line help instructions on this site:
    Downloading a PDF file to your hard drive
    You can download a PDF file to the hard drive from a web page's link. Downloading PDF files doesn't require the ActiveX plug-in file to be installed. (If you want to open and view the PDF file after downloading it, you must have Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or Acrobat Reader installed.)
    To download a PDF file from a link:
    1. Right-click the link to a PDF file, and then choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.
    2. In the Save As dialog box, select a location on your hard drive, and then click Save.
    My issue:  I want to save several pdf files (from the Adobe Reader in my browser) one at a time and each time it defaults the save as directory to the desktop and I have to go looking for the directory I last saved a pdf file in.  I got lots of directories and I wish I could change the default setting for the save as directory.  Just a minor thing but irritating as other programs usually will allow you to switch the default save as directory to one of your choosing.

    There is not a way to set the default location from all the forums i searched in the last couple days.

  • Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File Save.

    I am using Mountain Lion (10.8.2) and I was using Adobe Reader version 9. In the past, I've always been able to print to file using the File -> Print dialogue but all of a sudden it stopped working. I read somewhere that installing the latest version of Adobe Reader (version 11) would remove the old printer, so I did so. It took me about an hour on version 11 to even find the pdf print to file option, but I am getting the same message. For what it's worth, when I try print to file from Microsoft Word, I have no problem. I have no idea why things changed all of a sudden, but does anyone have any idea how I can get this working again?

    I checked with Adobe.  No luck. 
    Allow me to clarify my problem: 
    I have Adobe Reader XI. I also use a Mac--imac and a MacBook Pro.   My adobe was updated on 12/24.  Prior to that point, I could open my print dialogue box and there was a PDF tab on the bottom left.  In the drop down menu there were many choices, including but not limited to Open in PDF Preview, Print PDF, Save PDF, email PDF.  If I selected one page of 30 pages from a document saved in Adobe, I could extract just that one page and save it or email it, without having to send the entire document.   After the update, when I open a PDF file using ADOBE READER XI, and then open the print dialogue box, and follow those same steps, I get the message "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported. Instead, choose File > Save."   My question is why is this feature now unavailable and is there a way to fix it? 
    The answer I got from Adobe was that Adobe never had this function, so it must have been via my print or preview programs..which are apple.  Does anyone have any thoughts?
    Thank you. 

  • Problem with saving a pdf file to computer. Continually get an error message " This document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21).

    Need advice on a saving file issue. I'm having problem with saving a .pdf file to computer. Continually get an error message " This document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21). This is new as this error message just recently started to pop-up.

    More information about this issue can be found here:
    A "quick" fix that worked for me was to uninstall Adobe... then download the base install for Adobe Reader 11.0.
    Then download each of the individual updates and run them sequentially. 
    I've installed back up to the last security update which is version 08 and have been able to do normal Save As operations.
    You will have to disable automatic updates in order to stay at version 08 until Adobe resolves this issue in a later release.
    Adobe Reader 11.0 - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std
    Adobe Reader 11.0.01 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdrUpd11001_MUI.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.02 update - All languages    AdbeRdrSecUpd11002.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.03 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.04 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdrUpd11004_MUI.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.05 security update - All languages    AdbeRdrSecUpd11005.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.06 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdrUpd11006_MUI.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.07 update - Multilingual (MUI) installer    AdbeRdrUpd11007_MUI.msp
    Adobe Reader 11.0.08 security update - All languages    AdbeRdrSecUpd11008.msp

  • AcroPro9, snow leopard, "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported"

    I have AcroPro9.1.3 (and 8 and 7 and Dreamweaver CS3, and probably other stuff too) on Snow Leopard (10.6.1).
    I've read about de-installing the Acrobat printer and using "save as Adobe PDF" from the PDF button on the print menu.  However, when I try this, I'm told "Saving a PDF file when printing is not supported".  Note that this is AcroPro9, not AcroReader.  I get the same message when I try any of the other options under the PDF menu on the printer menu in Acrobat.  In other applications, tho, (eg powerpoint), the PDF button works fine.
    Before the upgrade, the PDF button on the print menu didn't work either (same message), so I used the Adobe printer, but now I can't.  I had always assumed that AcroPro was stopping me from using Apple's PDF generator in favour of the Adobe one.  But maybe some of my settings are wrong.
    I now cannot print to PDF from Acrobat.  Help.  There are 120 fourth year software engineering students who will appreciate any help I get, as I can then post my recent lecture notes for them.
    (What I really want to do is to take my powerpoint slides and print 4-up versions directly.  But the PPT idea of 4up wastes a lot of space, so I generate 1up PDF, and the 4up PDF from that using Acrobat.  At least, I used to.  It was so much easier in the old days with Latex and psnup ...)
    -- Mike G.

    My current solution is to print from Preview instead (which will let me use the Adobe print facility, unlike Acrobat itself).
    In fact, I pretty much have no need for Acrobat at the moment.
    Adobe and Apple between them seem to have some real problems with Snow Leopard.  I can't get Dreamweaver to run anymore without immediately crashing (yes I looked through the help forums, deleted settings, etc etc).  So I'm now looking for a replacement tool for Dreamweaver and will likely use that from now on.
    Adobe is not looking very good to me at the moment.  YMMV.
    -- Mike

  • Problem saving a pdf file (adobe X) on a DFS (Distributed File System)

    Following the installation of the X version of adobe reader, saving a pdf file over the network handled by DFS (distributed system files) is not possible.
    the following message appears: The file may be read-only or opened by another user. Save the document under a different name or in a separate folder.

    Please refer to the thread
    Reader X has known compatibility issues with DFS .
    This should most probability be fixed in the nxt update of Reader X

  • Adobe X pro 10.0.0 stop responding while saving the pdf file as word

    Adobe X pro 10.0.0 stop responding while saving the pdf file as word, i chose file>save as>microsoft word>Word Document.
    I tried to install on the X pro on another machine and tried to convert also the same issue.
    Any help? please advice

    I suggest you bring Acrobat up to 10.1.2 by appltying the most recent maintenance.
    Ken Friedman

  • How do I move PDF files out of iBooks and into Goodreader?

    Question. How do I move my PDF files out of iBook and into Goodreader. ??

    I may havE found why the files disappear in the first place.
    In iTunes, after connecting your iPad, check on the sync list. Click the "books" tab and be sure that "Books and PDF files" is selected. Then go thru the list and be sure all the PDF files you want to save are checked.
    Perhaps this wasn't done causing the PDF files to not be synced and thus restored during the conversion to iOS5.
    Thanks for your help. I will stop worrying about it and in any case, I  now have several ways to recover those PDF files.

  • Need to edit text in pdf file created in Illustrator CS6

    I need for someone else to be able to edit text in a pdf I created from Illustrator. They have full acrobat and should be able to edit it. I have tried it myself to test before sending it but it's not working. The original file was created in Illustrator CS6 and saved as a pdf (text has not been created outlines). I opened the file in acrobat and saved it out as an extended file to be able to edit the text but no luck. Need to be able to highlight existing text and change it. I have tried edit text tool but instead of a selection box around each line of text, it puts a selection box around all of the text. I can highlight the text and delete it but am unable to change it. Each individual text line needs to be editable. Is there something I need to do differently in Illustrator to get it to work correctly in Acrobat?
    If it helps- the file is a calendar and they need to be able to change the dates and events that are already there.

    This really isn't a suitable use of Acrobat. You should all be using the same editing tool (i.e. Illustrator).
    Extending files reduces the amount of editing Acrobat can do, it does not increase it.
    The tool to edit text from Illustrator would be Edit Document Text. There is no guarantee it will break up nicely into lines, it's trying to help by making paragraph text.
    Conceivably you could use a form for this (fill in the blank for dates) but really, you should be using the same tool. Not necessarily Illustrator, more Excel or specialist Calendar software.

  • Could someone help me with a Runtime Error while saving a PDF file?

    While saving a 28 page PDF file in Illustrator today, I got a window saying, "This application has requested the "Runtime" to terminate it in a unusual way." It said to contact the applications support team for more information. I keep getting the same thing each time I try it. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or how I contact the applications support team ?
    Thank you for any insight.

    It is a 13.5x11 inch calendar. There are 14 pages with images on them and
    some text. The other pages have text, a grid and a colored background with a
    gaussian blur. I saved each page as an "outline".
    The printer I am using requested I save all pages in a pdf file. I was
    successful in saving all but about six pages, now I can't even open the
    What happens is... I open Illustrator
                                   I open the pdf file
                                   A window appears that says... Runtime Error,
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
    way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.
                                   I select ok
                                   then a window appears that says... Adobe
    Illustrator CS5 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop
    working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a
    solution is available.
                                   Then the program closes.
    So far I have not been notified of anything.
    Please let me know if you need more details.
    Thank you so much for helping me with this.

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