Scene selection problems in idvd 06

The scene selection menu works fine in the dvd preview, but during playback on the burned dvd, I'm not able to access alternate scenes from that menu. The dvd starts at the beginning of the project no matter which scene I've selected.

First thing to do is run some basic maintenance on your system. See here for what to do and free downloadable apps to do it...
Next, after you clean up the system, load in your iDVD project and use the "Delete Encoded Assetts" menu command. Then try re-encoding/burning your project again. Although this time you might want to do it to a disk image first, check to make sure the disk image plays correctly, and if so then put that disk image on an actual blank.

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  • Scene Selection problem

    Ok.. Everytime I try to export my video out of final cut pro with markers... and trust me I have done many ways... I try importing my video into idvd and it just inports the video... No scene selection.... I have done this before just the same as I'm doing now with the same computer and everything but nothing.... Anybody have any ideas of whats going on????

    Open the exported QuickTime movie in QT Player, do you see the chapter markers (a pop-up menu below the viewer)? If it is, then the export from FCP is fine. If not,then something is missing.
    Check the iDVD's Preferences, is the "automatically create scene selection menus" enabled?
    Final Cut Express & Final Cut Pro: How to export a movie with chapter markers for iDVD

  • Lose sound exporting movie to camera.Scene selection problem

    Dear friends, thank you for your time!
    I have 2 painful questions!
    1-I have Macintosh G5. New! I can't export my edited movie back to camera with sound of music that I add to my movie. Sound of shooting is there but not an additional track of music from CD
    2-I tried to burn a DVD, but I can't split my movie into parts. It is a wedding, and I want separate parts of the wedding-ceremony, reception, blessing... I used chapters markers in iMovie program, but in DVD project it is going like that: Ceremony and everything after that, next scene is reception and everything after that,next scene is interview and everything after that. Something small is missing, that I do not understand.How do I end each chapter so it does not run on?
    Thank you!

    Hi Vera
    My main guess.
    There is a factor if the sound is recorded with 12 bit or 16 bit in the Camera.
    Many Cameras are factory preset to 12 bit sound (to make it possibly to
    add sound directly in the Camera - for those without a Mac)
    Change this with the menu on Your Camera and try again.
    This is of Course if the sound is OK in iMovie. Play to the end of Your project
    and be very observant on the sound at the end part of it.
    Yours Bengt W

  • IDVD 08 - problem with scene selection tabs not working after "burn"

    I have a movie that is about an hour long (made in iMovie08 using mostly still photos). I wanted to have "chapters" -- but with that option gone, I used the Scene Selection option in iDVD08. This created menus with 15 scene selection buttons (I chose every 4 minutes). The menus were automatically created by iDVD and I did nothing to change them, except to type in scene info (two-three words).
    The buttons all worked fine on the computer, and I burned a DVD. The DVD worked great in my VCR player. I'd select Play Movie and it would go. I'd select Scene Selection and I'd get the menus for that. But when I'd highlight one of the scene selections and "enter" (select) -- it wouldn't go to that scene. I could go back and forth between menus, and could move around and highlight the scene buttons, but selecting would not start the scene to play. The movie played fine from start to finish, and the other remote features worked (stop, pause, menu, etc.).
    I went back to iDVD and chose a different theme (thinking maybe I'd inadvertently done something to mess things up. The only thing I did differently in addition to the new theme, was to add two small movie clips - and I rearranged the buttons on the menu (dragging) to get them positioned where I wanted them. So my first menu says "Play Movie". The second menu has: Play Movie, Scene Selections, Little Movie 1, Little Movie 2. Everything worked greated in iDVD. Then I created a disk image to view using DVD Player (rather than waste another DVD). Same problem -- only worse. This time I couldn't even highlight Scene Selection to get to the scenes' menus.
    Any thoughts on why I'm not able to get the "Scene Selection" buttons to work after a burn? Am I missing a step somewhere in iDVD?

    I am not sure, but does your post concerning the problem, that all Remote Control function will work properly within iDVD'08 but after burning the DVD absolutely not with the RC of your set top DVD player connected to your TV?
    If this is it:
    Meanwhile I could figure out - after many nights of not been very productive and only working out on all the iDVD'08 problems - that **ALL** of the *7.0 Themes* have a major problem in generally.
    The following points are concerning iDVD'08 using any of the 7.0 Themes:
    - Complete deep freeze of your Mac under Leopard when rendering/coding/burning a movie which has chapters and you use movies instead of still images in drop zones. (LeopardiDVD087.0Themes)
    - Functions on remote control of your set top DVD player are not working correctly when making a movie with chapters. This is generally on Tiger and Leopard the same problem using iDVD08 with any of the 7.0 Themes.
    Quick and dirty workaround:
    You may avoid this if you simply use a 6.0 Theme or lower version of the Themes.
    But this is of course not the clue...
    It is VERY DISAPPOINTING, having software at such a low quality level deliverd by Apple. And somehow it looks like they DO NOTHING against it. No statement, no excuse, they really remain silent.
    This may also be a thread you could be interested in:

  • Problem with iDVD Chapter selection

    Hi everyone,
    I've a problem when burning a DVD. In the preview mode of iDVD, I can select the chapter I want using the scene selection menu, but once the DVD is burnt, every scene selection on my DVD player relaunches the DVD main menu (splash screen, then main menu...)
    Does anyone already experienced this problem ? Is it possible to solve it ?
    (I am using the latest iDVD version)
    Thanks for help
    iBook 1.33 Ghz 14" SuperDrive Mac OS X (10.4.7)

    I know I have seen that problem in these groups before but forget what the solution is. But something you can try is to delete the encoded assets in the project then re-encode/burn the project. Not sure if the menus are the same, but in iDVD4, you go to the Advance menu then select delete encoded assets. This forces iDVD to re-encode everything like it is supposed to. Sometimes if there are assets left over iDVD might see those, thing that part is done and move on. This can result in weird problems like you describe, wrong audio in the DVD, and other issues.

  • IDVD chapters......?????(scene selection)

    My problem is that every time i burn a dvd no scene selection works!!?? even if in the idvd preview everything seems perfect???? I'm getting pretty ...... Dose some one knows what 2 do ? plz help thanks in advance .
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    but it still took me 2 weeks and 10 DL dvds
    In the future, create a disk image to view your project on the DVD player on your computer. There are some advantages to following this procedure. Item #2 addresses the above situation.
    1. Burning from a disk image allows you to set your burn speed to at least 4x. Lower burn speeds tend to have less disk errors when burning and are easier on your computer to burn. When using iDVD to burn, you cannot adjust your burn speed.
    2. A disk image allows you to review, before burning, your movie exactly how it will appear on the DVD disk that you will burn. You will avoid burning disks that either have errors or are unusable.

  • IDVD Scene Selection Buttons Dont Work Properly

    Trying to burn a DVD with multiple scene selections. This project has 19 scenes. No matter which button I click on, they all go to 1 chapter. Even the Play Movie button on the main menu goes to the same scene. I looked at the map & can't see if anything is wrong. This happens periodically but can't figure out why this happens.
    Thanks for your help.

    (BTW, iDVD 7.0.3 IS iDVD 08 that came with iLife 8....There was no iLife 7).
    1. I would first trash iDVD's Preference file: With iDVD closed, go to your Home folder(YourUserName)/Library/Preferences/
    Drag this plist file to the trash. Don't worry...iDVD will create a new fresh one when you relaunch it.
    2. I also recommend that you do a 'repair permissions' on your computer's drive.
    Open Disk Utility and locate your computer's named icon in the left panel.
    Select it, and then choose to 'repair permissions' You will see this option if the First Aid tab is selected.
    Be make take some time.
    If anything needs to be corrected, let DU do it.
    When it says that everything is now ok, you are done.
    After doing both of the above, reopen your iDVD project. You can try to burn a disk or create a disk image file again, but if that still does not work right, I would create a new iDVD project and make a disk image file from that one. If the first project is not working, something must be corrupted with the chapters, so I recommend a new iDVD project.
    3. Be sure you have followed the chapter marker 'rules':
    Don't put a marker at the beginning of your iMovie...iDVD will do that automatically.
    Don't put a marker within two seconds of the beginning or the end of your movie.
    And, don't put a marker on or within two seconds of any transition.
    That last one is not so crucial as it used to be, but if you put most of your markers on transitions, you may run into problems.
    I use iMovie 6, and I make use of its ability to be exported as a quicktime movie. I then open a new iMovie project and drag in the quicktime version of my original iMovie, make chapter markers and use this one to put into iDVD. Because the iMovie is one long clip now, I can put chapter markers anywhere (except the beginning) and they always work.
    I think it is a bit more complicated to do this with iMovie 9; you will need to search in that discussion.
    4. Also be sure you have not used non-alphanumeric characters for your scene titles. iDVD apparently does not like things like ampersands--& and other such characters.
    Post back if you are still having problems.

  • Scene Selection JPEGs Problem

    I've made an iDVD and used garage band to set up the chapter markers. I then shared the movie with iDVD. The scene selection menu is set up nicely. I have put different images on each scene selection page. The DVD intro page has a different picture too in the back ground. The whole thing looks great when we check it all out on the computer. We burn a DVD and then when we play it on our DVD player/tv an image (jpeg) file that is on a scene selection page shows up on the introduction page of DVD, on top of the image we selected, why? Also, at times when using the "pass through" theme on the scene selection page instead of it having the moving text on the bottom of the page that says "scene selections 1-6" is says "Pass Through Chapters", but not on each page.

    Nope, that wasn't the problem. I have even started with a fresh iDVD project, deleting the original. I am using iDVD '08, but chose the pass through theme from the 7.0. For some reason when the DVD burns it changes the ending photo on the menu page. It changes to one of the images I chose for one of the scene selection menus. I've tried different things and still have the same problem. Is it just a bug or a problem I am having using a 7.0 theme in iDVD '08? I have made quite a few coasters of dvd's that are not how I intended them to look. Also, after importing (sharing) from garage band, the first of three scene selection menus has "pass through chapters" moving across the screen instead of "scenes 1-6" as it should.
    Frustrated here.

  • In scene selection mode, can you make iDVD return to the scene selection menu after playing that scene without continuing to play all the other scenes?

    After selecting one scene from the scene selection menu, the following scenes play automatically, as if it were in "play movie" mode. Is there a way to stop that behavior and have the DVD return to the scene selection menu after playing just the selected scene?

    So what You want is a "Play All" button resp. a "Play one Chapter at a time" one.
    BAD News - There are Non ! in iDVD
    GOOD News - it can in part be faked.
    read on
    Play all resp. one chapter at a time
    Play All Button 
    1. There are NO - Play All - button in any version of iDVD
    2. It can be faked in several ways
    • Easiest and most fault proof way is to make a doublet movie containing All and with
    Chapters set to match. It will take up x2 space but is easy to understand and produce.
    Cons: Tried this in iMovie’11 by Exporting out each part as a full Quality then Importing back into new events and putting these into a new project (Play All project). Resulting DVD had Audio that was OK (as parts) - BUT the picture was very bad and standing photo were cut of in height. So the Play All movie has to be created from same material and exactly in the same way as the individual parts + then Chapters has to be set to match.
    • It's said that one can put all movies into a Photo/SlideShow and this will also
    give the function of a Play All button - Tested - and ONE HAS TO un-cheque - Scale pictures to TV-Safe area else it will be a black frame all around and a small picture !
    Mike Evangelist1
    You might be able to get close to what you want by using a slideshow in iDVD. (It's not widely known, but you can put videos in a slideshow.) If you set the slide duration to manual, playback will pause after each movie/slide, and you can continue with the 'next' button.
    3. Using another program to do this e.g.. Roxio Toast™ where there is a Play All button option.
    a. Making a Play All movie with same care as the individual Part movies - gives a very Good Result
    b. Using Roxio Toast™ - also an usable way to go
    Yours Bengt W

  • Chapters and Scene Selections in iDVD?

    How do you create chapters/Scene Selections in iDVD '08? I created a movie in iMovie and now want to create chapters within the movie - so if you put the DVD into a DVD player, you can click on "Susie's 1st birthday party" or "Susie's first trip to the zoo" or "Susie's first Snow Day" which would all be part of the movie, "Susie Turns One". Help.

    How do you ensure that in the automatically generated scene menus the drop zones are in the right order?
    I have exported the chaptered movie from GarageBand directly to iDVD. I have also tried exporting the movie to hard disk first and then importing into iDVD. the scene menus are automatically created as expected and they also contain the correct chapter titles. The drop zones do appear in the correct order. However, when you click on one of the drop zones to highlight it and then use the arrow keys to switch to the next drop zone the ordering appears completely random. Unfortunately, this is also the same ordering that one sees on a DVD player.
    Is there a way to change the order?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • IDVD 08 Change text in scene selection sub menu

    Created a project in iMovie08 (prolly for the last time, switching to HD), exported to quicktime, imported to garage band, chaptered and added audio in garage band, shared to iDVD, iDVD created Scene Selection sub menu (phew.....thats intuative). When you go to the sub menu, it says "Revolution". How do you change that text to something that relates to the project instead of the style of the tool???

    I seem to be the guru for this issue.
    While you're on that menu, expand the theme and click on the different menu types. Then try to change the text.
    Maybe it's time for a bug report:

  • IDVD Won't Create Scene Selections

    Hi - I'm just starting to learn iMovie 09 and iDVD 7.0.4. I made an iMovie with chapter markers, tried to create a DVD of it in iDVD and it would not create the chapter markers. So I tried making a "Magic DVD" and lo and behold, it recognized my chapter markers and make scene selections out of them. Perfect. I burned it to a dvd. Then I created another movie in iMovie with chapter markers. I did the same exact thing, but when I created it as an Magic DVD, this time it won't recognize the chapter markers and create scene selections. I am totally stuck.
    Does anyone have any ideas I might try? What could I possibly be doing with the second movie that I did not do with the first?? I just won't create scene selections.

    Hi PainterLady
    And welcome to apple discussions. Drag and drop the plist for iDvd to the trash if you haven't already tried this, fallowed by a complete restart of your mac. See if it helps. The Plist for iDvd is located within your preferences folder and looks like this:
    iDvd will create a new factory default set of preferences.
    Once you've done this, then repair permissions from apple's disc utility (Applications > Utilities > Disc Utility).
    Hope this helps but if not just come on back.
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  • "Scene Selection" Button Thumbnail Problem

    I've created a project using the "Bands/Chapters" theme and now I can't set the thumbnail for the "Scene Selection" button to the image that I want. I keep getting some default image. I've uploaded a couple of screenshots to show what happens. You'll notice in the "after" screenshot that the inspector is showing the thumbnail of the image that I want but the button is set to some default image.
    Here's the two screenshots:

    I guess sometimes you simply have to figure it out for yourself. If anyone else is interested in the answer, apparently size does matter.
    That's the way things work around here. We certainly have NEVER claimed to have all the answers. Sharing solutions helps everybody.
    apparently size does matter
    I get several spam email messages every week telling me that same thing

  • Chapter name not showing up in Scene Selection

    I have an iMovie 9 project that has three chapters.   I've used the Chapter Markers to delineate where they begin and what their names are.
    I've sent the finished project to Media Browser and then I go to iDVD to burn the project successfully and all seems well. 
    The trouble is, the first chapter's name is not showing up in the Scene Selection.   It's just listed as "The Beginning" instead of the name I've given it.  I checked it in the preview function before I burn the DVD, and it's not there, either.  The other two chapters' names show up successfully. 
    Can anyone help me here?  Thanks. 

    I just made sure that the Chapter Marker was at the very beginning of the clip, and that seemed to have solved the problem.

  • Highlight buttons in scene selection

    Hi guys-
    I'm fairly new to DVDSP and had a question about highlighting. For a scene selection I'm using, I selected a template and chose to use that. When I went to simulate, I found that there were no highlights on each scene and I couldn't see where I was navigating to. When I select a shape to use, it erases the thumbnail. Any thoughts on how to easily create a highlight around the thumbnail and/or the text on the button? Thanks!

    I totally agree with everyone here about the sound problem! I called yesterday and was told "no one else has said there is a problem!" I should check the forums! I paid for the policy on this machine and I expect to be helped. Is Apple going to become another Windows? The reason I use their products is because they use Americans to respond to our problems and they fix things quickly!
    I have been making DVDs for 2 years and not until IDVD 6 have I had a problem. I too have burned the projects several times and NO SOUND!
    The "person" at the "support" line was condesending and acted like I had the problem! Asked stupid questions like "are you using the right disk to burn it, duh! How do I unistall and go back to IDVD 5?
    Wake up Apple and fix this problem NOW!
    imac G5 Mac OS X (10.4.5)
    imac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

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