Screen icon flashes not getting recorded

Hi folks-
I'm documenting how to use an ESRI ArcMap "computerized map"
application. I'm making a Captivate demo of a few screen actions.
When I go into record mode I do get the pull-downs and data entry
actions in my demo, but one of the things I do makes an icon flash
within the recording window. This "flash" doesn't get recorded -
the end result does get recorded, but not the intermediary
Is there any way to configure Captivate to capture things
that flash on the screen? User input (such as moving a mouse) gets
properly recorded.

Welcome to our community, xiney1
You may wish to force Full Motion recording by tapping the F9
key before you know the flash will occur. Then tap the F10 key to
stop Full Motion recording.
Cheers... Rick

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    Edited by: Abhishek Gupta on Jul 1, 2011 10:41 AM

    Hello Abhishek,
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    Your Screen resolution is more in the system that's why while creating it was fine and while executing it was gone after the next field.
    so you better create a frame and place that inside it or you can change cols size  in the properties about the columns you want

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    My problem is,.. i am performing deleting operation my table for deleting record in that time it is deleted,
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    can any one help me..
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    Actually i create global components insert delete,commit,first,next these all are icons in my template page
    when i am using any master table click on those icons i perform operations
    for bindings
    For inserting and saving i write bean class deleting i am not following any programmatic approach....

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    You're not OCD.  If you were OCD you would be so concerned about order that you would have a proper backup of your library and you could instantly replace anything missing with the exact beautifully organized copy you had before from the tragic and devastating disappearance of the track from your computer.  If you have to re-download from Apple because something went missing on your computer it means sloppy computer habits.
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    - Try here:
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    - If not successful and you can't turn it off let the battery fully drain. After charging for at least an hour try again
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.

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    Hey Stevendals,
    Thanks for the question. It sounds like you may have the accessibility feature called “Zoom” enabled. This feature can also be mapped to a triple click of your home button, which may turn it on throughout the day. To disable this feature navigate to your accessibility settings:
    iOS: Configuring accessibility features
    Matt M.

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