Screen just froze up in middle of netflix show...has the image on screen.  Don't know how to get rid of it,start over.

screen just froze up in middle of netflix show...has the image on screen.  Don't know how to get rid of it,start over.

I was able to reboot...thank goodness..because this morning the screen was still frozen on the Netflix movie...full screen and no options to do anything.  So the first option was not going to work for me.
By the time I got to work the dead battery was showing...even though it had been plugged in all night...
So then I looked at the Apple website to make sure I knew which was the Sleep key...and then did the reset and it worked.  It's at 2% right now and I assume it's charging....I cleared out the Safari cache and closed it up.
Option 2, the reboot with Sleep and Home buttons worked...once I held them long enough!
Many, many thanks.

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