Screen resolution problem - HP computer and LED Cinema Display

I just purchased an HP Envy Phoenix H9-1330 with Windows 8, and I connected it to my 27" Mac LED Cinema Display, but the resolution is horrible. The highest option in the screen resolution menu is 1280 x 720, and I'm getting the error message "Your resolution is lower than 1024 x 768. Some items might not fit and apps might not open". How do I fix this? What kind of issue is this (Windows 8? Graphics card? HP can't support my monitor? etc...)?
I just bought another brand new computer, but not an HP, with Windows 8 and I have no problems with the resolution - it looks absolutely beautiful. I want to use my monitor with my HP desktop though.
Thanks for any help

Still haven't figured it out....
BUT I did notice that, on the back of the computer, there are 2 additional DVI connections that are covered with a black cover and screwed in (and they say 'please do not remove'.... I'm asuming it's because they aren't connected to anything? Or maybe they aren't connected to the graphics card?). Is it possible that just my DVI connection is wrong, and I'll need to connect to one of these covered-up DVI inputs instead? But why are they covered up? Do I need to take it in so they can be connected to the graphics card?? Help! I don't want to return this computer, but I will have to if I can't get the resolution fixed.

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    I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. When I work on my MacBook Pro everything works fine. But when I use through the LED Cinema Display then the machine hangs on several programs, like iTunes, Time Machine, even Finder. Before the upgrade everything worked fine. Anyone having the same problem?

    I've had similar problems when using my cinema display. I am currently using it with my usb backup drive disconnected and , so far, have not had the problems. Here's hoping, although it is not a good permanent solution, it means I do not have Time Machine running or access to my other backup files. I suspect that it may be a problem (as reported by others on this forum) with SL mounting a sleeping drive. Time will tell.

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    When coming out of screen saver, often the color profile on either my LED Cinema Display or the MBP LCD is messed up. The color looks washed out. Simply going to the Color tab in the Displays preference pane fixes this.
    How do I get this to stop?

    My 13" MBP has now started to do the same thing as described. The thing is, it has never done this since I bought it in late July 2009. I have iWork installed, Firefox, Skype, and Pixelmator. I may have a clue, however, for the Apple people: my MBP never did this until last night and this morning. The only thing I changed yesterday was removing the 2 gig of memory and installing 4 gig. I also tried the translation widget for the first time.

  • Macbook pro screen blinks after connecting it to LED Cinema Display

    Hello, just bought a 27 LED Cinema Display to connect my macbook pro 17 (early 2009).
    Everything fine until today. After disconnecting my laptop to the display the screen of laptop blinks.
    Never had this problem.
    I would appreciate any help.

    ...but I need to be sure that my macbook will not stop working if I leave the problem with the screen blinks.
    Of course you do — we all need to be sure our machines will keep working properly. Unfortunately, there's never any certainty about that, even if one's machine is working perfectly right now. But if it's any consolation, I've seen nothing posted in these forums to indicate that the blinks commonly foreshadow anything worse, so I think you can be reasonably confident that your machine isn't at the start of a predictable course of deterioration.

  • New Mac Pro and LED cinema display

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching for it but none of the topics answered my question specifically enough.
    I have a 24" Apple LED Cinema Display purchased less than a year ago. Will it connect to a new Mac Pro and what happens to the power cable that's attached to the LED display?

    I have a 24" Apple LED Cinema Display purchased less than a year ago. Will it connect to a new Mac Pro
    Yes. All the standard cards that come in the Mac Pro have one Mini DisplayPort. The 24"LED display will plug into that.
    and what happens to the power cable that's attached to the LED display?
    It is not used if you don't have a MacBook.

  • Photoshop issues with MBR and LED Cinema Display

    I have my MBR 15" connected to a 24" LED Cinema Display. In Photoshop, when dragging windows to the secondary display (the Cinema Display) they turn immediately black. If I drag them back to the main monitor (the MBR) they will show up normally.
    Now, if I change the main and secondary displays (1st-CD; 2nd-MBR), this will happen again on the secondary.
    I really need to have both displays working with Photoshop. Does anyone know a workaround to this? 
    Thanks in advance,

    Sorry, forgot about that. It's Photoshop CS6, already updated to be Retina capable (version 13.0.2).
    I'm going to check for further updates.

  • Macbook Air, Firewire and LED Cinema display

    I want to connect my Saffire Pro 40 (firewire) to my Macbook Air (thunderbolt), but i am unsure
    what to do.
    I could connect the newly released firewire thunderbolt adapter to the macbook air, but then i
    wouldn't be able to connect my LED Cinema Display as the only is one Mini-display port.
    Anyone has any tips?
    Best regards...Jan

    No cheap solution here. The Thunderbolt Display is what you need.
    The Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt docking station is missing the Firewire Port.

  • Resolution problems with 32" Mac LED Cinema.

    i am using a macbook pro 2yrs and a Cinema 32" when i resize the display to a lower resolution it is not sharp. Can anybody advice me how to get the cinema sharp on a lower resolution?
    It is now only sharp with the standard 2560 X 1440 resolution but i want to use the 1920 X 1080 resolution but then it is not sharp.

    You want to use a lower resolution than the display is capable of?  If it is not one of the native resolutions for the display don't expect it to be as "crisp" as the native resolutions.
    32"?  Not apple of course.  The biggest apple ever made was 30".

  • Problem w/ two 27" LED Cinema Displays on ATI 5770 MacPro

    Attempting to connect a second display to a mid 2010 Mac Pro. There are two mini-ports + a DVI on the 5770 card. Currently I have a single 27" LED connected using one of the mini ports. The computer isn't recognizing the second monitor in the other mini port. I used to have an older 24" LCD Cinema display running successfully, using the DVI port on card with a powered adapter. That configuration isn't doable with a newer 27" given the output from it (not the older style video cabling, but rather the mini display port. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to get the two 27" monitors running together.

    Hey turbostar, finally a chance to get back to you, sorry about the delay.
    I had already tried both ports with no success on the second monitor, but when I moved the primary monitor to the second port and it worked... it it got me to thinking maybe the power outlet was bad if not the monitor itself. Indeed that was the issue. The second monitor was plugged into a power strip in which one of the six outlets on it was not working. Replaced the surge power strip with a new one and all is good.
    Thank you for your time and help.

  • Message says "screen resolution problem" and says to set higher than 1020 x 600. My screen resolution is set higher. Why am I getting this message all the time I use firefox?

    when I go on to Firefox I keep getting the message that there is a screen resolution problem and it says I should set it higher a than 1020 X 600. But my screen resolution is set higher. It is set at 1360 x 768. Why am I getting this message continuously?

    I've had the problem too... for at least a month or more. It would happen when logging into yahoo mail. But it happens only with firefox... not explorer. I contacted yahoo and he had me first disable add ons... no change... and since it didn't happen with explorer, they said to contact firefox. So I followed the advice of cor-el's post (on this page) and made the text on my page smaller... It did fix the issue.... but, I liked the size of the text the way I had it. So, how do I get it back to that size, and not have that annoying message any longer? thanks!!

  • 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers when powering MBP and dimmed down

    The 27'' LED Cinema Display flickers (backlight flickers) in the following situation:
    * The display powers an MacBook Pro (e.g. later 2010).
    * The MacBook Pro is fully charged (i.e. power is not used for charging).
    * The MacBook Pro performs some GPU intense task (moving the mouse over the dock with magnification enabled).
    * The brightness of the display is dimmed down to one of the lower settings (one or two "bars").
    The problem disappears if the MBP is powered by an independent charger.
    We reproduced the problem with two different MBPs (13'' and 15'') and two different displays.

    Same problem here! I bought two brand new 27 inch Cinema Displays, one for work and one for my home office. Both showed the problem. I returned both, go replacement displays and both show the same problem. I am using them with a 13 inch MacBook Air late 2010. I use them with the MacBook's display lid closed and powered by the Cinema Display. The problem only occurs when the display brightness is at 1 to 5 bars. From 6 bars on everything is fine. I also noticed that the flickering is stronger when I USE the computer, i.e. dragging around windows, typing, etc. When I just look at the screen, the flickering occurs more sporadically. The flickering looks like a short switching off of the display light (a few milliseconds).
    I just tried the hint suggested in this thread and indeed, when I open the lid and have the MacBook running on batteries (not powered by the Cinema Display), the flickering is gone! So it really seems to be dependent on that.
    Please fix it, Apple! This is not acceptable for a premium-quality display! We have already done a good job narrowing down the conditions under which the problem occurs. You should easily be able to reproduce the issue like this:
    - use a MacBook (e.g. new MacBook Air) and turn it on
    - plug in all three cables provided by the 27" Cinema Display (power, DisplayPort, USB)
    - close the lid of the MacBook and re-awake it with an external keyboard so the Cinema Display will be the only display in use
    - wait a few hours for the Cinema Display to become warm (not sure if this is a necessary condition but it could be)
    - then, use the computer under low-light conditions and ensure the brightness is at 5 bars or less
    --> You will see the problem.
    By the way, the recent Cinema Display firmware update (to address the audio issue) did NOT solve this problem.

  • Why does my 27" LED Cinema Display only display maximum resolution of 1920x1200, when my Mid 2009 13" MBP says it supports up to 2560x1600?

    When I have my MBP connected to my 27" LED Cinema Display, my display settings only show a maximum resolution of 1920x1200, when the specs on both my MBP and Display say they they support up to 2560x1600?  Am I missing something?

    I finally decided to just take my MBP down to the Apple store and see what would happen if I connected it to one of their new ACDs.  At 1st, the guy at the Genius Bar told me that my MBP only supported 1280x800 as a maximum resolution.  I told him that was for my MBP screen, and not an external monitor.  Finally I convinced him to let me connect my MBP to one of their monitors.  Low and behold, looking at the Display settings pane I saw some addtional resolutions, including 2560x1600!
    So, now I have confirmed that my MBP can drive an external monitor to a resolution of 2560x1600, using just the single mini displayport connection.  I just have to figure out what's wrong with my ACD.  Suspecting that my older ACD might not support this higher resolution, I did finally discover that my model only supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1600.
    Sorry for all the confusion...

  • Trouble with screen resolution when using Parallels and ACT on Macbook Pro (late 2013)

    Hello, I have installed my Sage ACT 2013 software on my Macbook Pro 13" Retina (late 2013) computer that has 16GB of RAM and an i7 core processor using Parallels 9 desktop and Windows 7- 64bit.  The problem is that the screen resolution is very small and condensed to the left side making reading the title boxes and content very difficult.  I reached out to Parallels who was unable to resolve the screen resolution by either  adjusting the display settings or the Windows 7 video settings. Right now they have the Resolution listed as "Scaled" as the "Best for Retina" & "More Space" options did not help the issue.  What is even more strange is that I have Office 2013 installed on the Parallels side so that it can interface with ACT and those screen resolutions read just fine.  Are there any ACT/MAC users out there that might have any insight for me? Thx!

    See -> 10.8.pdf.
    In addition to the Windows disc (or USB flash drive with the Windows installer) you'll need a 8GB+ flash drive.
    The referenced manual - on page 3, I think, gives you a run-down of what you'll need before you begin the installation. You may also want to post any further Boot Camp questions in the Boot Camp forum ->
    Good luck,

  • VNC - Screen Resolution Problem on Wake from Sleep

    My question: When it either wakes from sleep or cold boots (NOT on restart for some reason), Mac OS X seems to be confused on the previous resolution of my screen. On wake or cold boot, my main screen SOMETIMES gets set for 800x600 at 56 Hz, according to the display preference pane. I normally run at 1152x870 at 75 Hz. In the past, I have just used the "Detect Displays" command from the display preference pane. This always fixes the screen resolution and restores it to the correct setting.
    This would not be a problem if I didn't have to run VNC. These screen res changes are crashing my VNC server. Here's what I do. I run a VNC server (OSXvnc is the name). I go away. Machine goes to sleep. From machine 'x' I send a wake-on-wan packet (a pain in the butt to figure out for me, BTW). My VNC Machine wakes up. I know it's awake, because I can login to it from remote, using SSH. But the screen res problem happened, and OSXvnc shuts down and won't reinitialize automatically. It says "Screen Resolution Changed - Server Reinitialized", and the "Start Server" button is waiting to be pressed. Of course, this cripples my ability to use VNC.
    For what it's worth, this problem has happened with two different video cards. Granted, the first card was an ATI Radeon 9000 with 64 MB or VRAM and the second card is the same model with 128 MB VRAM. It's virtually the same card, but still, that's two different cards.
    I have 2 CRT displays connected thru adapters (DVI-VGA and ADC-VGA) to the ATI. I'm running all the latest updates for Panther, according to Software Update. This problem has been with me since 10.2.3. I lived with it until it started really getting in the way (VNC crippling & such).
    Any thoughts? -- iJW
    G4 Dual 1 GHz MDD (no FW 800)   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    One other item I just discovered. It seems that whether or not my monitors are powered on has something to do with it. When my monitors are on, the problem doesn't happen.
    I like turning them off to save electricity. If I'm using the computer remotely, I already have a monitor. I don't need one powering up at my home that no one's looking at anyway. So the question still stands...
    G4 Dual 1 GHz MDD (no FW 800)   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • HT1338 Today when connecting my MB Pro Retina Display to my 27" LED Cinema Display instead of mirroring (which worked fine in the past) both screens are black with a large arrow cursor. I'm unable to resolve this. Anyone have a similar experience?

    Today when connecting my MB Pro Retina Display to my 27" LED Cinema Display instead of mirroring (which worked fine in the past) both screens are black with a large arrow cursor. I'm unable to resolve this. Anyone have a similar experience?

    I think what may be your main issue here is that the 2011
    server has the Intel integrated HD3000 and is is struggling
    to run both a Thuderbolt display and a second monitor.
    When looking at specs for Thunderbolt Display, it is stated
    that the 2011 Mini Server can only support one.  Adding that
    Dell monitor with 1920x1200 display may just be too many
    pixels for the HD3000 to handle.
    You may want to try setting the Dell to a lower resolution
    to test the theory to see what happens.  It is however,
    possible that any additional monitor when using the Thunderbolt
    display may over tax the HD3000 graphics.
    FWIW personally, I have been running a 2011 Mini Server w/ Thunderbolt
    display for almost a year now without any issues.  However, I don't
    use a second monitor.

Maybe you are looking for

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