Scrolling multiple clips simultaneously when selected

Does cs6 allow you scroll multiple clips simultaneously when selected.  It seems I can only scroll one clip even the other clips are selected as well.
I also can't seem to select all clips in just two tracks  (not select all).  3.0 allowed for both of these functions which I use often.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Scroll multiple clips simultaneously"  Do you mean you want to click-and-drag multiple clips around the timeline?  Make sure none of the selected clips are Locked in Time (right-click menu on a clip, or you'll see a small lock icon in the lower-left corner.)
There is a menu command to select all clips in a selected track, but currently, this only functions on one track at a time.  If the full timeline is visible, the selection tools should allow you to click-and-drag to select all the clips in consecutive tracks.  We have been enhacing these MT selection tools internally for a future release, but I'll verify that the functionality you've requested is present.

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  • How to apply Time Remap to multiple clips simultaneously

    Quite often after trimming many different clips for a wedding video I will then want the majority of them slowed down to a 50% speed. I know how to apply the Time Remap Speed % change in the Motion Tab, but have yet to figure out how to make the change to multiple clips simultaneously.
    Thanks for your help!

    You can apply a speed change from one clip to multiple clips by copying the first one, then pasting attributes (option + V, then select speed from the list) onto as many clips as you have selected.
    Just be aware that this will ripple your timeline by extending all of your clips. FCP keeps the original out point of the source clip, not the out point of each cut on the T/L.

  • Is there a way to apply Time Remapping to multiple clips simultaneously?

    Is there a way to apply Time Remapping to multiple clips simultaneously? I'd like to uniformly speed up and slow down two different clips that are playing in a picture-in-picture setup. I’m hoping there’s a more elegant way to sync them up than just editing their Time Remapping functions individually (I already tried using an Adjustment Layer. It didn’t work).

    you can try nesting the two clips together, then control the time remapping of the nest.

  • Moving multiple clips simultaneously..?

    How do you move multiple clips at the same time? I don't mean on the timeline, but in the viewer? ie, firstly selecting multiple clips stacked vertically in the timeline then moving their position or scale in the viewer? How can you do this to all the clips you've selected simultaneously?

    Let Adobe know.

  • Scrolling multiple clips... Hand do or is there a plug in?

    I have a 3:30 min video that i am doing and for alot of it i have clips i want to scroll across the bottom of the screen. (like a ticker tape ot even have a film look?) I know how to size and create motion for a clip, but i was wondering if i have to do it to every clip or is there a easier way to do?
    Any and every hint is much appreciated.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.0.x)  

    animate one clip travelling accross the bottom of the screen, from not visible at one side to not visible at the other.
    select that clip in the timeline and press cmd-c to copy it
    now layer all the other clips that you want to scroll on ascending video tracks.
    select all those clips and press opt-v to paste attributes, uncheck the "scale attribute times" property, check the "basic motion" property
    now offset the start time for each clip so that they appear and scroll sequentially

  • Moving multiple clips simultaneously on timeline

    Is it possible to move multiple clips - lying side by side - simultaneously to a new location on timeline. I know how to move one clip at a time.

    Drag a lasso around all the clips you want, that will highlight them all. Then move to where you want.

  • Keyframing multiple clips simultaneously.

    Hi there.
    Ok - I'm convinced this is possible, since I remember reading a tutorial on it a long long time ago. I just can't remember for the life of me how to do it! Here's what I'd like to know:
    I have two clips stacked on top of each other (V1+V2) and would like to fade them both out simultaneously, using keyframes (pen tool) instead of just adding fade effects. At the moment I'm having to add the keyframes to one clip and then match their position on the other clip, but I'm sure there's a clever technique which would allow me to add, and edit, the keyframes to both clips simultaneously, (as if adding a pair of keyframes to a stereo pair.) Personally, I'm dealing with opacity in just two clips, but in theory it could be any parameter in the motion tab, and any number of clips.
    Can someone put me out of my misery please?!

    Set up one clip how you want it. Copy the clip. Highlight the other clip and right click.
    Choose "Paste Attributes" from the pop up. Select "Basic Motion" from the list.

  • How can you set Thunderbird to accept multiple attachments, particularly when selecting "email" in Windows Gallery with T'bird selected as default email

    Using Windows Gallery to send email photos - wioth each selection T'Bird opens a new email form. How can I set T'Bird to accept multiple attachments (similar to Gmail ).
    Using W'Gallery has the benefit of rteducing size of emailed pic to a few hundre kb.

    You best ask the windows gallery people. Thunderbird opening more than one window is based on yhow the request is made, not on Thunderbird,
    Selecting multiple files in explorer simply adds them to a mail, therefore the Windows gallery is the problem.

  • Adobe Premiere CC Crashes When Selecting Multiple Clips

    This project was already derailed by multicam, now that I've got my assembly edit ready to go, I've discovered a new show-stopper:  Premiere Pro CC crashes when I select multiple clips on the timeline.  I can't select more than 3 clips at a time, or the entire program comes crashing to it's knees.  Anyone else experiencing something like this?  Can anyone else reproduce this behavior? 
    Here's a video of the experience:
    Any word on an update?
    ASUS G75VX
    Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit
    GTX 670MX, 3GB GDDR5
    16GB RAM

    Progress.  I've been able to isolate the problem.  On my timeline I have some "regular" clips and some "merged" clips.  Regular clips are from either source: a Canon 7D (MP4 / MOV) or a Canon VIXIA HF G20 (AVCHD).  The Merged clips are only from the Canon 7D only (for video) and an audio recorder (MP3 at 320kbps).  The 7D footage is 1080/24p.  The VIXIA also shoots in 24p.
    Since "Merge Clips" sync on audio is not working for me, I've employed my former CS6 workflow:
    1. Sync all of the video and audio clips through PluralEyes 3 resulting in a preliminary sequence, "Clips_to_be_merged_sequence".
    2. I work my way through each of the clips, adjusting the audio track(s) for variances in drift between the on camera sound and the audio recorder.  I do this enabling "Audio Time Units", rather than video frames, so I can get extremely acurate.
    3. When I have a timeline full of nicely syncronized audio/video pairs, I merge clips, one painstaking clip at a time (of course I set up a keyboard shortcut for this).  For the merge, I "sync on In points".
    4. The merged clip is added to my project panel.
    5. Now, when it comes time to choose my sound bite selects, I load the merged clip into the Source panel and mark my Ins and Outs. 
    6. Time to create a subclip, of course with the new SOFT handles. (I'VE BEEN WANTING SOFT HANDLES FOR A LONG TIME!!!)
    7. The subclip appears to be properly created and placed into the Project panel.  It even shows the correct duration (i.e. 14 seconds)
    8.  When I drag that subclip onto the timeline it drags the entire length of the parent clip, without in or out points (not just the 14 second subclip).
    9.  I undo and decide to go back through the original clips again; mark ins and outs and simply drop to the timeline (either Insert or Overwrite).
    So in the end, I'm using sections of the Merged clip, but I'm not using Subclips of the Merged clips (because that doesn't work).
    Now, what's happening, though I didn't know it when I recorded the video above, is that Premiere is crashing any time I select both "regular" footage and "merged" footage.
    So, two bugs here:
    1. Can't use Subclips that are derived from Merged clips in ANY timeline.  Once dragged to the timeline it expands to the full duration of the original clip.
    2. Can't select both "regular" and "merged" clips at the same time on the timeline.
    JStrawn (staff) was kind enough to offer to take a look at some small sample files.  But my interview clips are very long, and I'm concerned that if I export them, to make them shorter, they may not actually exibit the problems I'm having on the original clips.
    Anyone else using this type of "Merge Clip" workflow that could reproduce either the subclip-from-merged-clip bug or the mixed-selection crash given the steps above?

  • Selecting multiple clips in Imovie for Iphone for plus Ipad 2?

    hi guys first post on these forums i hope you can help.
    I recently downloaded imovie from the app store for my iphone 4 and so far have been really impressed with it. However there is one problem i'm having. I would like to select multiple clips from my camera roll without having to keep going back into the media section and having to scroll down to find the clips for everyone i want to add. Is there a way of selecting multiple clips? any help appreciated!

    There is a way to load multiple video clips at once on iMovie's timeline on the iPad.
    I have been able to load multiple video clips into my iPad's iMovie's timeline at the same time, but this process requires the combined use of iMovie and iPhoto and won't work if you have iOS 8 running on your iPad.
    This is the way I do it.  You create an iMovie project (Movie) on your iPad.  iMovie will show the video clips that you can load to the timeline, but, as you have probably already found out, you can't load more than one clip at a time in iMovie's timeline.  My videos have sometimes 100-200 clips, so loading them into the timeline one-by-one is a very long and tedious process. I do this instead:
    (1)  I go to iMovie and load the first clip on the timeline using iMovie. (This needs to be done to avoid iPhoto importing its background music to your video clips in iMovie.)
    (2) Then I get out of iMovie and go into iPhoto.  iPhoto shows you all the photos, but more importantly also all the videos in your Camera Roll.
    (3) In iPhoto, I select the next video in the Camera Roll (the one right after the clip that I already placed on iMovie's timeline).
    (4) Next, I hit the icon at the top of iPhoto that takes you to the "Share" section (the icon is a square box with an arrow pointing to the top).  This will open a dialogue box that has a section there for "Apps" and you will see the iMovie icon.
    (5) Select the iMovie icon, it will open a dialoge box that reads at the bottom: "Choose Photos...".
    (6) Select "Choose Photos..."
    (7) Now you can select up to 15 video clips in iPhoto to load into iMovie's timeline.  You select each video by tapping it, it becomes encased in a white square and will show a check mark.
    (8) After selecting up to 15 video clips, hit "Next" in the top right corner, you will be taken to iMovie.
    (9) In iMovie, you will be asked to select the project into which the clips are to be placed.  Select the project and the clips will all be loaded at once into iMovie's timeline.
    Repeat the process again each time to load more clips; the process will place each new group of clips on iMovie's timeline right after the previously loaded clips.  When you return to iPhoto, the clips that appear encased with a heavy white border are the ones that have already been placed in the timeline for iMovie; select the next uncased clip and 14 more and load them into iMovie in the same way as described before.
    One word of caution:  This process only works using iMovie and iPhoto together.  iPhoto does not work with iOS 8!  (Thank you, Apple!)  That's why I don't have iOS 8 on my iPad, so, the process works fine.  I hope this helps.

  • How to select multiple clips? "Help" is wrong.

    Hi. I've got iMovie 11 v 9.0.9.  "Help" is wrong in this version -  it says, to select multiple clips in the Events browser, hold down the command key while selecting - the normal thing, right?  - but it does nothing.  The first selection disappears, just as it would if you didn't hold the Command key down.  I've tried every combination of keys and click I can think of, and still no success.  Usually, when I can't get something to work and get frustrated with it, I find out it's my own fault and invariably what I've done is overthink the thing...with Mac it's always KISS.
    But I'm stuck.  Could someone please tell me how to do this?
    I'd really appreciate any help, thanks.

    No. In finder hold down the option key and in the GO menu select Library. In the window that appears Open the  Preferences folder then scroll down and find and LSSharedFileList.plist and drag them to the trash. Do this with iMovie closed. Thenreboot and relaunch iMovie.

  • Selecting and Dragging multiple clips - CS6 Sniper mode

    With the introduction of ability to select Edit Points, now it's inconvenient to drag multiple selected clips or add clips to selection because in some cases - depending on timeline zoom state and/or clip duration. The edit points are altered instead of the clips, that behaviour drives me nuts. It leads to a necessity to do one of the following actions before selecting and/or dragging multiple clips with comfort:
    sniper mode - put the cursor over a place in the selection where the cursor will not indicate Edit Point trimming mode.
    to avoid loosing selection when using sniper mode - Group the clips after adding every clip to selection and/or after a dragging operation
    dynamically change zoom state so that you will not have to use sniper mode
    use copy/cut/paste - may involve a necessity to do additional pre-pasting steps
    IMHO, this behaviour should be rethinked.
    How fast it was in CS5.5 and older versions:
    Please, Premiere Pro Programming Team, especially Tim Gogolin, Steve Hoeg, Peter Lee, Gerry Miller, James Mork, Vivek Neelamegam, Axel Schildan, Jerry Scoggins, Sven Skwirblies, Tod Snook, Jesse Zibble, rethink the behaviour of selecting and dragging clips. Start giving links to beta-versions to other editors too, not only to editors like Philip Bloom.
    Selecting edit points is sometimes helpful and sometimes distracting.
    To get the best of two worlds (CS6 edit points vs. CS5.5 and older) - a switch could be added to Keyboard Shortcuts list, like the "hidden" Add Clip Marker shortcut.
    Let's name it "Application > Sequence > Select Edit Points".
    When Shift- or Shift+Alt- key is pressed and some Clip is selected, clicking on an edit point of another clip should add a clip to selection in the same way as previous versions of Premiere Pro did:
    To drag clips in legacy sniper-free mode only a switch can help. Let's name it "Application > Sequence > Select Edit Points when Multiple Clips are Selected".
    To add comfort to the editing process - selecting/dragging multiple clips - additional switches cannot be avoided. Additionally you may add an option to the Preferences > Trim:
    Allow Selection tool to choose Roll and Ripple trims without modifier key
    Allow Selection tool to select Edit Points while multiple Clips are selected
    Feature Request/Bug Report Form
    Concise problem statement:Inconveniences when selecting and dragging multiple clips
    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1.Create a Selection of multiple clips with Shift+Click
    2.Try to drag the clips
    Results:With the introduction of ability to select Edit Points, in some cases (depends on timeline zoom state and/or clip duration) now it's inconvenient to select and drag multiple selected clips because the edit points are selected instead of the clips
    Expected results:Clips should be selected/dragged like in CS5.5 and older

    With all due respect Kevin, nobody at Adobe has the right to change a program SO drastically.  I am also a mouse person, and am MUCH faster using the mouse, vs the keyboard. 
    When people have invested YEARS into a program like Adobe, they get used to things, how things work, the feel of a program.  I really don't see how you all can just change it on a whim.  IF you are going to do this, BOTH methods should still work.  You cannot just stop the way people are used to editing.  You can't just decide to change a program so drastically, that it doesn't feel like a program we have grown to love over many long years.  If Adobe on a whole is changing things, just because a few people in your company voice opinions like I've quoted below, it's not the way to go.  Adobe should be really putting feelers out there, and seeing how people are really using the program.  Things should be getting easier, more powerful, sure that's natural, but you can't just decide to remove things that mouse users do every day. :-(
    Upgrading a program, and changing it to this degree, are two different things in my book.  I have not yet upgraded, but it is very scary - the things I'm seeing.  For one, way way too many bugs.  The amount of bugs on so many boards being reported are just beyond comprehension. 
    And a final note, I for one, am very glad Steven is posting these videos ( I'd like to hear him go through steps though - just watching the video with no audio of what he is doing is not so great, however after watching some of his posts, he's knows what he's doing, and has a good head to think with )
    I mostly read posts, but I thought I would voice my opinion, if none of us speak up, nothing will get changed.  I'm really hoping that Adobe implements some change in the next revision .5 or whatever it will be called.  Reading posts like this one are really depressing.  Did you watch Steven's video on a simple task as moving multiple clips around on a timeline ?  Doing this with a mouse just isn't going to work for many, removing simple tasks by way of using a mouse would stop me from upgrading.
    Please address this in upcoming updates.
    Kevin Monahan wrote:
    I went to NLE school in Hollywood in the 90's. Their mantra was, "never touch the mouse." I rather like the fact that I need to touch the mouse much less in CS6, but this is my personal opinion and the way I was trained.

  • How to select multiple clips???

    I am a very avid iMovie user and now this new version has me so confused. I have the basics down, but I can't figure out how to select all clips and dump them into the "timeline" area. I can select them one at a time and place them in the assembly area but that takes forever on a one hour soccer game. Anyone figure out how to select multiple clips or all clips at once?
    Thanks ahead of time.

    Weird seeing this question today after I dealt with this yesterday. I did a movie yesterday that was multiple clips. I was able to select all clips at once and drag the entire thing up to the top window. I just tried to do the same thing again after reading this question and for the life of me, it will no longer allow me to click and drag to select them all. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that all 10 or so clips I was able to highlight before, were all parts of the same clip when filmed (they were split into individual segments when imported). When I try to combine two clips that are not filmed sequentially, it will no longer allow it. The help menu says nothing about this. All it says is you need to click on the first clip and hold the mouse down and drag it to the end and it will select all. That is not working.

  • Premiere CC 2014 "Match Source" bug when exporting multiple clips

    Getting a strange bug when trying to batch export.
    The source clips are 4K MP4s. When exporting individually I use the Match Source button in the export dialogue and it correctly matches to the 4K frame size when sending to queue in Media Encoder.
    If I select multiple clips and batch export them, selecting "Match Source" they come out as NTSC DV 29fps 720 x 480. The only way to work around this is to manually enter the frame values in Media Encoder after queuing.
    Anyone come across this? Anyone at Adobe aware?
    System Specs:
    Mid 2010 Mac Pro 2 x 2.9GHz 6 Core Xeon
    32GB RAM
    nVidia GTX 680
    240GB SSD boot drive
    2TB internal cache drive
    Adobe Premiere 8.1.0 (81) Build
    OS 10.8.5

    Do you have a utility to check your computer temperatures?
    You MAY have a hardware problem, since video editing puts a LOT of stress on all components... below is not exactly the same, but worth reading
    BSOD shutdowns ter-effects/

  • Ram Preview won't start when Render multiple frames simultaneously enabled

    Hello everyone,
    I have an issue with rendering AE CC , with my new PC computer in Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit
    As the title says , my issue is Ram Preview won't start when Render multiple frames simultaneously enabled. Actually it starts after 8 -30 seconds depending of project complexity and the rendering is slower and skipping frames !
    12 cores with 2 GB ram each.
    When I disable the option of multiple frames simultaneously render starts ok.
    but it's really very sad that I can't use this beast of CPU in full potential. its an new intel i7 5930K , 32 Ram DDR4 2.4 Ghz
    Any advice and options would be much appreciated.
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
    CPU : Intel Core i7 5930K 3.5 GHz Six Core Socket 2011-3 140W Box
    GPU : nVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB DDR5 PCI-E
    RAM : 32GB DDR4 Non ECC CL16 2400MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport
    Mother board : Asrock x99 extreme 6

    If you have any render or preview problems just turn off MP because, first, it only works with certain specific effects and codecs, and 2, it causes more problems that it solves most of the time. I only turn on MP rendering when I know for sure that it will speed up my workflow.
    You should have a multiple of 4 GB assigned to AE and Other apps and an even number of cores. If you are using MP rendering make sure that the number of actual cores used makes sense and that there are an even number of cores assigned to other applications. Most important of all, don't spend hours trying to tweak MP rendering to save a few seconds in a render. Follow these general guidelines and then run a short test to see if it works. If you project involves any temporal effects at all turn it off.
    Here is an example of the MP settings for a 4 year old Mac Mini that actually work for some projects, but most of the time it is turned off.
    I should say that I can allocate 3 GB of ram per background CPU and still see 2 as the actual CPU's that will be used but this little Mac Mini works better with 2 selected. Setting the RAM allocation to 4 GB drops Actual CPU's to 0
    BTW, I use the mac mini to record most of my tutorials because I figure that if I do a tutorial that will run OK on a Mac Mini, then anyone with an adequate system should be able to follow along without any problems.

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