SD document type link to FI document type

I have many document types for credit notes in SD.  When the accounting document is created they have the same doc type DG.   Our requirement is to have different FI document type for each of the SD document type.
Where is the config to link this.
Thanks Ashok

The document type is linked to the billing document type config.

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  • Content type "Link to a Document" to content type Document SET

    Could you please assist.
    I have a customized document sets.
    I added the content type "Link to a Document” to content type Document SET.
    I uploaded several documents to each document set.  There are several identical documents in different document sets.
    How can I arrange for uploading just a link to the documents, but not the additional documents?
    In other words, how to arrange for convenience for users to download a link?
    I mean them not to enter
    http://server/files ,
    but a certain “dropdown” appeared, a kind of menu with a choice of downloaded documents.
    Suppose, I added to each file its own attribute link and this link. I want to present  in form of creation “Link to a Document”
    There are 2 forms of creation. The first one is where we point a link. The second one is where we point the attributes.
    For example:
    I have two document sets: Project 1 and Project 2.
    There are 2 documents “instruction.doc” and “invoice.xls” uploaded to Project 1.  Each document has a field – link (a link to this very document).
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    I want to do it in that way a user could choose a list of links from a dropdown menu.

    Lookup column is the attribute of file. Attribute can not be upload! . Did you try to use the content type of link to document? If yes, you can understand my question. I want to change uploaded.aspx ( link of document) and add lookup column to this form.
    Standart scenario: User create link to docunent. 1. Prees button start. 2. Input text link to upload.aspx form 3. Set attributes new. Aspx I want: 1. Press button. 2. User press dropdawn menu and choise neddeng link. 3. Set attributes Plese read my question
    again. Sorry for my not good english

  • Links in Word Documents to SharePoint documents

    Our SharePoint site contains Word documents with links to other documents stored in SharePoint.
    When the users open a Word document stored in SharePoint, and then create a link, the users select the files in the "Current Folder" which is the SharePoint Network Drive.  In this case the path is
    When users then open the Word document, and select a link, they receive a "Cannot open the specified file" pop up. 
    If users do one of the following though, after being authenticated all the links will start working:
    1. In the document library, select "Open with Explorer"
    2. Map a Network Drive to

    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted to link in Word Documents to SharePoint documents.
    I try to reproduce the issue, however, I can open the Linked Word Document in the SharePoint Network Drive.
    Please make sure you create Network Drive correctly. For more information, you can refer to:
    Using SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive
    If the issues still exist, I recommend to select "Open with Explorer" to open the document.
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to set a default Billing type for a particular Delivery type

    Dear All,
    How to set a default billing type for a particular delivery type.
    My requirement is, we are creating delivery for a Stock Transport Order. Delivery type is NL and the Purchase order type is UB.
    When we are creating Billing, it should take Billing type "ZSTO" by default, which is the customised Billing type.
    Where we have to do this setting?
    In case of normal sales order, this control will be available in the Sales order document types.
    In case STO, how to set a default billing type for a delivery type (NL).

    There is a customization available here no default or hard coded
    Normally in a sales doc type we mention which billing type system has to pick
    If the billing happens from a PO which billing type system will take depends on the controls set in the areas mentioned below
    Go to your delivery type OVLK (say your delivery type is NL)
    In that there is a field called default order qty in the order reference tab (say if you maintained DL there)
    This DL is called PSEUDO order type
    Then in VOV8 for DL based on the billing types mentioned ,system will take the billing doc
    For delivery related billing say if you mention say ZF8 in the details of DL in VOV8(provided you have created ZF8)
    Then while you bill the delivery doc of NL system will take ZF8
    For intercompany delivery you can create ZIV billing type also Pure customization
    PO is linked to delivery type ( MM spro settings)--Del type linked to order (pseudo) type---in order type (pseudo) we mention the billing types. Here the flow is bit different that pure SD flow
    Though the invoice is crated by manually putting customized Biiling Type and A/Cing doc also generated, but in the VF04 still system shows the same deliveries pending with Billing Type (F2).
    This manual is not reqd if the said assignments are done properly
    Hope it can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Edited by: J Prakash on Jun 23, 2010 4:05 PM

  • Issue in creating a add link to a document content type on a doc lib name with , / special characters

    i am having a  requirement to create/use "add link to a document" content type for a item in the document library.
    so i got  the code from below site :
    my issue is, if teh document  library names are single words - like MOM, model, procedures etc this  functionality is working fine and i am able to view the link to a document as an item. 
    but when the doc lib name contains special characters like , or  /  , this link to a  document  content type functionality is NOT working.
    can anyone pls point me whether this is the  actual  issue ? ie, if  the doc lib name contains special chars  like , or /  my
    add link to a document wont work? is there any restrictions/limitations for doc lib names in SharePoint ?
    for eg: my doc lib names are :
    1) Report and analysis, Data
    2) form / template
    3) map/ plot
    help is highly appreciated!

     its talking abt the subsite names and  folders and NOT the document librraies.
     is there any link which gives the naming convention / restricted names for  document libs or  splists , from msdn / blogs.technet.

  • Why do I not get the checkout option for a pdf type document when clicking on the document link in the SharePoint workflow task?

    We are trying to use workflows to review and edit pdf files in sharepoint 2010. We are having a couple of issues and am hoping someone has the answer.....
    1)  When myself and coworkers click on the pdf document in the library, we get the check out option as expected.  However when we click on the document
    link in a workflow task (on the sharepoint site), the pdf opens as a temporary file and we do not get the check out option.  Why does this happen????? 
    2)  The same thing happens when we click on the document link in the workflow task email;   HOWEVER,  one of our co-workers does get the
    check out option when clicking on the link in the email task.  Why would she get the checkout option using the email and not when clicking on the link in the task list on the sharepoint site ????  We have compared our internet settings and adobe
    settings to ours and found no differences.
    We are using Sharepoint 2010, Windows 7, IE8, Adobe Reader X or XI.  Some of us have Adobe Pro X and have the same issues.

    According to your post, my understanding is that you could not get the checkout option for a pdf type document when clicking on the document link in the SharePoint workflow task.
    I try to reproduce the issue, however, no matter when I click the pdf type document in the library or click on the pdf document link in the workflow task email, it download the pdf doucment and then I can open it.
    It will be better if you can descript how you
    get the check out option as expected when you click on the pdf document in the library.
    Then I upload a
    word type document to the library, no matter when I click the word type document in the library or click on the word document link in the workflow task email, I can open the word document directly and get the check out option as expected.
    I recommend to use the other type docuemts to check whether the check out option works.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Problem "Link to a document" content type within document set - Bug?

    I'm having an issue with the "Link to a document" content type in one of my document libraries. The issue is when you create a link to a document inside a document set:
    The result is that the users get redirected to the wrong URL (../docsethomepage.aspx instead of ../docsethomepage.aspx?ID=.......), and instead of seeing the actual document set they started from, with the new link (or any document that is already in the
    document set) the users see a default view of a generic document set - not the one they started from:
    Any suggestions on how to fix this? One library has this faults and one does not. Our SharePoint server is up-to-date.

    I reproduced the issue in different versions of SharePoint, it works in SharePoint Server 2013, and the issue occured to Office 365. I then tried enabling “Launch forms in a dialog”, it worked.
    I will forward the issue to our internal feedback channel. And since the issue occurs to Office 365, please create service request with online engineer for root cause.
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Custom Content type based on "Link to a Document" does not open new folder in a dialog

       We have created a custom Content Type  based on "Link to a Document" (0x01010A) into a document library. When I use the New Document button on the ribbon, the "Link to a document" form appears on the same window, not as a dialog. If we
    use the "link to a document" content type it works fine.
      This issue occurs when creating the content type from the SharePoint UI as well as via XML (provisioning the content type).
       Is it a SharePoint bug or are we missing something?

    Hi S3rgiones,
    I can reproduce your issue, when create a custom content type based on “Link to a Document” content type, create item using the content type, it will open the NewLink.aspx page in the same window not the modal dialog.
    In this situation, you can try to custom the content type and customize the form page for it, specify it in the content type customization, if this doesn’t work, you may need to custom the content type not inherit from the default link to
    a document, but customize it yourself.
    Qiao Wei
    TechNet Community Support

  • Get original URL for Link to a Document content type

    I'm having a SharePoint doc library with ItemAdded event receiver attached to it and "Link to a Document" content type enabled. My general question is:
    How to get URL that the link points to?
    I'll show you how I'm trying to achieve that:
    SPWeb parentWeb = properties.Web;
    if (properties.ListItem.ContentType.Name == LinkContentTypeName)
    object urlFieldValue = properties.AfterProperties["URL"];
    if (urlFieldValue != null && urlFieldValue.ToString() != String.Empty)
    // continue
    But I always get null so I can't even get inside IF statement. I've tried to install ItemAdded event receiver as synchronous, but it didn't make a difference. I'd appreciate any ideas.

    This is not very convenient solution, because ItemUpdated can be executed more than once. However this certainly will work, so I'll accept this as a workaround. Actually I've found another one. I'm parsing link aspx file and I'm getting the URL
    from mso:URL tag:
    <%@ Assembly Name='Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c' %><%@ Register TagPrefix='SharePoint' Namespace='Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls' Assembly='Microsoft.SharePoint' %><%@ Import Namespace='System.IO' %><%@ Import Namespace='Microsoft.SharePoint' %><%@ Import Namespace='Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities' %><%@ Import Namespace='Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls' %><html xmlns:mso="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns:msdt="uuid:C2F41010-65B3-11d1-A29F-00AA00C14882"><Head> <META Name='progid' Content='SharePoint.Link'><!--[if gte mso 9]><SharePoint:CTFieldRefs runat=server Prefix="mso:" FieldList="FileLeafRef,URL,_x0043_C1,KitId,ItemKey,Suffix_x0020_Code"><xml><mso:CustomDocumentProperties><mso:URL msdt:dt="string">http://serverUrl/sites/arrangement1/Shared Drawings/test, test</mso:URL><mso:ContentType msdt:dt="string">Link to a Document</mso:ContentType><mso:File_x0020_Title msdt:dt="string">Winding A Assembled</mso:File_x0020_Title>
    <mso:Revision_x0020_Number msdt:dt="string">-</mso:Revision_x0020_Number>
    <mso:Page_x0020_Size msdt:dt="string">A2</mso:Page_x0020_Size>
    <mso:ContentTypeId msdt:dt="string">0x01010A0082704B66E8B222478AF2E379D8A2FFB9</mso:ContentTypeId>
    <mso:ItemKey msdt:dt="string">1</mso:ItemKey>
    </mso:CustomDocumentProperties></xml></SharePoint:CTFieldRefs><![endif]--></head><body><form id='Form1' runat='server'><SharePoint:UrlRedirector id='Redirector1' runat='server' /></form></body></html>

  • Not appearing task list in object links tab of document type

    Hi guys,
    I had an small issue in document type, which is in doucment type object links tab I am unable to find task list data. Nothing is coming up here when i click this task list.  Could any one can help me to get that data.

    Hi munny
    Whats is ur issue ? explain it clearly
    . pithan

  • Document of type Link are not getting classified

    Hi All,
    Document of type Link are not getting classified.
    1) Is it a bug from SAP?
    2) We are missing/messing something?

    We are having this exact same issue.  We're on EP7 SP14.
    Any ideas from the KM gurus out there? 

  • Linking the UDO of type document to user defined field

    I created the user defined field and i need to link the UDO of type document to that user defined field. How to link the UDO to user defined field.

    do you mean to add a user defined field to an document type UDO? if this  is the case,
    1. create the UDT
    2. go to Tools-> customization tools->User Defined Fields-Management, expand User Tables, add the udf to the UDT
    3. register the UDT as UDO.
    best regards,
    xiaodan an

  • Link material document of 315 and 313 movement types

    Dear all,
    I have a material document '49_123' of movement type 315, want to find out the reference material document of movment type 313.
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for prompt response,
    In MB51 how can we specify/link the material documents of 313 and 315 movement types. We are working with AFS materials, the matl docs can be created against grid sizes.
    We are not passing any reference number in material slip,,, only referring material doc of 313 while posting material doc of 315.
    Help me in providing solution.

  • Excluding condition type for a Purchasing document type

    Dear all,
    I want to excude a particular condition type from pricing in a Purchase order. How to do this and where actually it is assigned to a dcoument type? Please give steps in both spro and easy access?
    thanks and regards,

    In standard SAP as far as I know there is no link to the condition type and the document type used. Condition types are included in Pricing procedures/schemas . This schema is assigned to vendor in purchasing and as per the schema the procedures gets activated during PO creation. We can have multiple pricing schemas customised to our requirement but the procedures ralways refer to vendor and not document types. Domestic vendor and Import vendor will be having separate Pricing schemes and the conditions types will be entirely different. You can include/modify all these condition types as per your requirement. You can take a decision whether to use a particular condition in a pricing condition in a PO or not  there is no problom in this.

  • FI-CA document type when a print document is created

    Hello everybody,
    We have been searching events (e.g. 0061)/user-exit to change the FI-CA document type when a print document (based on our own logic) is created with transaction EASIBI without success. Maybe you have enhanced something in another project. Can you share you experiences?
    Thanks in advance.

    We have enhanced event R999.

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