Searching for a good relational database design tool

I am designing an oracle database for our plant, and I want to use a entity-relationship diagram tool to create it.
I want to design the data diagram with it, and generate creation code and run it to create the DB on our oracle server.
I would appreciate that someone suggest good quality tools that can be used to do entity-relationship diagrams and implement the db not only on oracle, but to SQL server as well, as future designs for other projects may be implemented in SQL server.
A small list of quality tools with their noteworthy features would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes to all!

For Oracle database, Oracle Designer is the best.
If you want to be able to use it for various databases you might think of:
- ERwin
- Embarcadero ER Studio
- Sybase power designer

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  • New Oracle database design tool...

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert data modeler, ModelRight for Oracle is the database design tool of choice for Oracle. Here are some of the things that make ModelRight for Oracle unique:
    • Extensive support for Oracle – support and advanced features - OR types, object tables, object views, materialized views, index-organized tables, clusters, partitions, function-based indexes, etc...
    • full Forward, Reverse and Compare capabilities
    • Unique User Interface and Diagrammatic elements: with our mode-less and hyperlinked user-interface, navigating and editing your model is intuitive and easy.
    • Extensive use of Domains: you can create Domains for just about every type of object to propagate patterns, reusability & classification.
    • Unprecedented level of programmatic control: you can control the smallest details of the FE and Alter Script generation process.
    Please check out our website at and download the free trial version.
    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.
    Thank you,
    Tim Guinther
    Founder, ModelRight, Inc.
    [email protected]
    (215) 534 5282

    Jens I found a few good links in there...I was trying to
    find if there was a certification track offered in
    DB Design? I see a lot of instructor led classes most
    of them only 2-3 days long.

  • ModelRight database design tool

    Just wanted to let everyone know that ModelRight 2 was recently released. ModelRight 2 is a database design tool that has advanced support for Oracle. It has support for many advanced Oracle features, like materialized views, function-based indexes, Object Relational types, tables and views, index-organized tables, lobs, all the physical properties, etc. Check it out at

    Thanks...? $395 :-)

  • JDeveloper as A Database Design Tool

    Would anyone recommend it? I'm looking into usage of a few tools at the moment and I'm suprisingly impressed with JDeveloper. I find it to be a hell of a lot easier to use then Oracle Designer which i Just don't like.
    If anyone has used it in a project before would they recommend it. One feature I'm looking for which I can't find (possibly cause I don;t know where to look is, is there an option to export the diagram to imagery formats like jpeg? Apart from that looks good so far

    Hi Paul,
    Without having any experience in Oracle Designer, I would definitely recommend JDeveloper as a database design tool. I've used it in every project I've done so far.
    Regarding your question about exporting a database diagram to a format like JPG: that's perfectly possible: on your diagram, right click and choose 'Publish Diagram'.
    Koen Verhulst

  • Searching for a good file manager

    I'm searching for a good file manager. Konqueror 3.5 is quite good, dolphin 4.1 and konqueror 4.1 are not. Since konqueror 3.5 is going to die due to lack of support in the future, I kind of need to find a new good file manager...
    Do there exist file managers with the following features?
    Many of these features are things I thought were quite logical to be in a file manager, but seem to be missing in most "modern" ones...
    -independent of any desktop (gnome or KDE), just a standalone program
    -preferably not being both a web browser and file manager in once, at least not in an annoying way. Konqueror 3.5 shows that being that combination is possible without being annoying.
    -ability to have a tree view of the folders on one side and list view showing the files and subfolders of the folder currently selected in the tree on the other side
    -detailed list view showing at least filename, type, date and size, and the ability to sort according to any of these properties
    -a non-detailed view showing image contents would also be nice, to browse folders of photos or other images
    -ability to open files in certain programs if you doubleclick the file, NOT open it by singleclicking, singleclicking may only select it
    -ability to select multiple files by dragging box around files or using keys like "ctrl" and "shift"
    -ability to do "open terminal here" or type terminal commands in the current open directory
    -must have ability to drag files from one folder to another, from list view to tree view and vica versa, to move or copy them
    -and must have ability to use "ctrl+c" and "ctrl+v" to copy files and foldes from here to there
    -multiple tabs is a huge plus
    -favorites (to local folder paths) is also a huge plus
    -preview of files when hovering the mouse over them is nice
    -must have ability to zip and unzip (or other compression formats) folders by just right clicking them and choosing a zip/unzip command there
    -in addition to that, must also have ability to browse through a zip file as you would through a normal directory, and drag files from the insides of the zip file to the tree view to automatically unzip those files there, and of course "ctrl+c"/"ctrl+v" should also work to copy a file from the inside of the zip file, to some other folder on your disk
    -no horizontal autoscrolling in the tree view, that is an invention straight from the abyss...

    I know exactly how you feel about KDE 4 vs. 3 -- Konqueror was the best part of KDE for me (pretty much the only part I ever used, actually; my window manager is a slightly modified version of WMII and I generally loathe "desktop environments"). KDE 4 ruined it, completely and utterly.
    I submitted about 20 different bug reports about Konqeuror 4, mostly features that they'd deleted or mangled; some of them are starting to be addressed now. I don't think they'll ever fix the speed issues though, because those are dependent on the underlying KDE 4 libraries as far as I can tell -- it's as if KDE 4 were purposely and deliberately designed to be slower than KDE 3. Even if they fix all of its deficiencies, that'll probably keep me from using it...
    Right now there's KDEmod, which will hopefully maintain its KDE 3 branch for a while longer. It's starting to show some problems, though; I haven't been able to get kdemod konqueror 3 to work fully out of the box (the settings pages are all blank). On my main machine, I somehow managed to hack together some of the KDEmod3 packages so that I have a functional konqueror 3 running alongside the Arch repository's version of KDE4. I'm afraid to pacman -Syu now, though, because it will probably break horribly :P
    I don't remember exactly how I got konqueror 3 going like that, as I did it in my initial fit of rage after I did the pacman -Syu that got me KDE4 (a decision I have regretted ever since), but it was something like this:
    1. move /opt to /opt.kde4
    2. make a new /opt
    3. download several KDE 3 packages from the KDEmod3 repositories manually
    4. extract those packages into the new /opt with tar -xzf (NOT pacman!)
    5. try /opt/kde/bin/konqueror
    6. read reams of error messages about missing libraries, segfaults, etc.
    7. try to supply the missing libraries by downloading other kdemod3 packages and manually extracting them
    8. goto 5
    Then, when everything worked (sort of), I renamed some stuff so that 'konqueror' is konqueror 4 (I think having it konqueror 3 broke something else, but I don't remember what), and konqueror 3 is called 'k3nqueror'.
    If KDEmod3 ever goes away and there's no other good replacement file manager by then, I'll probably take the source code of KDE3 and try to make a standalone version of konqueror out of it. (Which will probably be quite a project because of how interdependent all the KDE components are.)
    Some features I "need" in a file manager, besides the ones you mentioned:
    - Konqueror's tree view (where you can expand folder branches in the file list)
    - Infinite view splitting -- I frequently have my konqueror windows split into 4, sometimes as many as 6 or 7 view panes. Very useful for sorting out files.
    - Selection rectangles are sensitive only over files -- I find full-row-select really annoying, because there are no guaranteed "blank" areas that you can click on to clear a selection. I also use this behaviour to grab long-named files that are interspersed with short ones, because they hilight first when the rectangle touches them (you wouldn't think this very useful, but surprisingly often you do want to do something to all the long-named files...)
    - Right-clicking on a folder and clicking "Paste" pastes into that folder, not the current one -- you'd be amazed at how many file managers get this wrong. I shouldn't have to cd into a folder just to paste some files there.

  • Which database design tool

    I know JDeveloper also can design database model(but i don't use it) ,so I want to know which database design tool to use includinglogical data model?

    You can use sql datamodeler
    Regards Erik

  • Relational database design

    i apologise in advance for the banality of this question, i
    have been designing basic sites for my business for years and am
    comfortable with html, and have recently designed a complex site
    havig susssed .css and coldfusion code written though dw.
    DATABASES and want to integrate some dynamic application forms
    (which i can code in CF).
    Can anyone point me towards a resource that will walk me
    though how to build a simple (then a complex) relational database
    that wont send me to sleep or make my eyes glaze over.
    Its a brain block that is now causing me stress, but i just
    dont get it...

    no worries. i can sympathize with trying to grasp new
    concepts. problem is that double posting just makes it more
    difficult for people to follow the thread(s).

  • Search for data within a database table

    Hi everyone :)
    I'm trying to make it so that the user can search for a record by id #. So, i made an input dialogue thing so the user can enter a record #. Basically, i want the data to appear in their textboxes based on the record # inputted by the user. My attempt is shown below, and when I run it, I get this:
    java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Data type mismatch in criteria expression.
    Here's my code:
    public JButton getSearch()
              if (search==null)
                   search = new JButton("Search Database");
                        new ActionListener()
                             public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
                                       String str_rec =
                                                 getFrame(),"Enter Record No");
                                       int recNo = 0;
                                            recNo =
                                       catch (NumberFormatException nfe)
                                       String select = "SELECT studId,studFirstName,studLastName " +
                                       "FROM Students " +
                                       "WHERE studId = '" + recNo + "' ";
                                       Statement statement = getConnector().getConnection().createStatement();
                                       ResultSet result = statement.executeQuery(select);
                                  catch (Exception e)
              return search;
         }I hope I explained everything properly. If you could please help me, I'd very much appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance! :)
    - spidey

    "WHERE studId = '" + recNo + "' ";Why are you putting quote marks around a number? What type of database column is studId? Probably a numeric type (not character), right? Quotes go around string/character stuff, not numeric stuff.

  • Help-ColdFusion - enabling a user to search for records in a database by entering a startand end date - (CREATEODBCDATE)

    I want to enable a user to enter a start and end date to
    define the period they want to search for records of members who
    joined on certain dates. Funny thing is...I've got it to work half
    of the time. For e.g. I have 4 records between 26/10/2005 and
    1/08/2006. When I enter 01/01/2005 as startDate and 31/08/2006 as
    endDate, I get the 4 records. However, if I alter the endDate to
    01/09/2006 I get every record in the database!!!??? Why's this? I
    can't get my head around it!
    Here's my code:
    First the code for the form the user input the search
    criteria on:
    <FORM action="memberJDateSearch.cfm" method="post">
    <p>Start Date: <input type="text"
    <br>End Date: <input type="text" name="endDate">
    <input type="reset" value="Clear">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit">
    Simple enough. Now the code for the process and display page:
    <cfquery name="memberJDateSearch"
    SELECT *
    From members
    WHERE ((joinDate BETWEEN #CreateODBCDate(startDate)# AND
    <table border=1 bgcolor="beige" cellpadding="3"
    <th>Member ID</th>
    <th>Date of Birth</th>
    <th>Date Joined</th>
    <CFOUTPUT Query="memberJDateSearch">
    <td width="15%">#forename# #initial#
    <td width="10%">#disp('#dob#')#</td>
    <td>#address#, #town#, #county#, #postCode#</td>
    <td width="10%">#disp('#joinDate#')#</td>
    <hr><p>End of members list.</p>
    any ideas? please help me.

    Try formatting your dates first (before the CreateODBCDate
    call). I just tried this on my test page and it worked properly. I
    removed the DateFormat calls, keeping the dates in your format and
    it didn't work. See if something like the following will help:
    <cfset startDate =
    <cfset endDate =
    <cfquery name="memberJDateSearch"
    SELECT *
    From members
    WHERE ((joinDate BETWEEN #CreateODBCDate(startDate)# AND

  • Need help searching for a good IDE...

    I've been looking for a good Java IDE that is somewhat comparable to Visual Studio 2003 regarding parameter info helpers and syntax highlighting, with an thought of visual design too. Does Sun have an IDE similar to VS? Seems like I came across one of their products a few weeks ago. If not, do you know any free IDEs that have these features?

    I think NetBeans (see is thebest:
    - code completion
    - sintax highlighting
    But not spell checking. If you refer to Java spell checking, or typos, it does. If you refer to a language like Italian, English... it doesn't.
    - internal support for Web/J2EE applications
    development and testing
    - automatic JUnit tests creationIt writes the tests for you?Yes, it writes tests skeletons (the test bodies must be written...)

  • Searching for a good programming text editor

    Does there exist a text editor for Linux that has got these features?
    -can open multiple documents
    -can easily switch to any open document, e.g. by just clicking the document in a list or tree on the left (tabs alone won't do because there's not enough space to slow 20+ documents if there are only tabs)
    -has a built in command prompt to type compile and debugging commands, which is by default in the folder where your documents are, if all documents are in the same folder at least, otherwise it doesn't really matter to me
    -can save sessions, projects, ..., which basically is a way to quickly open your multiple documents belonging to a certain project
    -has a super cool search function with options like "whole word" and "case sensitive" clearly visible in the search dialog, and remembering these settings for any open document you search in
    -can easily search through all open documents (e.g. like visual studio can)
    -has the type of text editing GUI where you can use the mouse to select text, use ctrl+a to select all, use ctrl+c/ctrl+v to copy paste, home/end to navigate the cursor to begin/end of line, F3 to search for next match, etc... (so no vi derivates I'm afraid)
    -has modern interface, menus, file save/open dialogs, etc..., not something that appears to come from 1995 (so I think emacs is out of the question)
    What I'm looking for is similar to Kate 3.5 or parts of MS Visual Studio. However Kate 4.1 isn't suitable anymore because they destroyed the search function of it. And preferably something that is independent of a desktop, because it's sad that Kate's features can get ruined by people who develop a desktop.
    Does anyone have ideas if there exists such a program?
    Last edited by aardwolf (2009-04-25 09:15:07)

    Wra!th wrote:You described SciTE
    Look good, but ONE thing: I found that F8 "Output" opens a screen that has some properties of a linux terminal except some weird "Exit code:1" messages. However, if I press the "up" arrow, it doesn't scroll through the console history but instead moves a cursor up. I need it to work like a linux terminal with history because I don't want to retype long commands all the time. It also doesn't show the correct type and color of my user prompt. Is there any way to get a more conventional console in the Scite window somewhere?
    Also, scite's interface also looks a bit 1995
    EDIT: oh hmmm and it appears to not be able to open more than 10 files. That's too limited I'm afraid
    Shame, it almost looked like what I needed.
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  • Search for tablenames in the database using native sql query script

    How do i search for the names of the tables in the database using select statement? I do not know the names of the tables but I know the name of the database and i do not have the sys priviliges.

    SELECT owner, table_name
    FROM all_tables;

  • Spatial Database Design tool

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to Design Spatial Database. can any one tell me which tool supports the spatial objects.
    plz give me immediate reply

    Most CASE tools allow for UDTs to be entered but don't do anything with
    them - bit like "pass through" queries in Access!
    The only 2 I know of that try and model Spatial data and topological
    relationships between tables are Blueprint (free download from and Perceptory (requires Visio) from ULaval in Canada.
    The Blueprint tool is very flexible but does not model the data type directly
    (you are effectively limited to one spatial type per table). The product is
    no longer under active development (because of the lack of people who
    feel they need such a thing). I have asked the owners to make it open source
    but they have only moved to a free download of the unsupported product.
    However, Blueprint's power is in its scripting language. I have a bunch of scripts that will generate oracle spatial DDL, Trimble Data Dictionaries and other spatial
    products from the model that I am willing to share.

  • From iMac to Mac Pro for the good of my Pro Tools 10...

    hey guys,
    here's the deal : it seems I'm at a turning point with my iMac (27", 3.1 Ghz i5, 4GB memory, 1TB hard drive, lion, PT10) and I'm thinking of buying a mac pro. Problem is, I'm not sure which model is best for my needs. I do postproduction work for television and I often have to work with pretty heavy projects.
    My pro tools 10 keeps giving me the same 2 errors --
    1- DAE can't get audio from the drive(s) fast enough. Your drive may be too slow, or fragmented, or a firewire drive could be having trouble due to the extra firewire bandwidth or cpu load. (-9073)
    2- A CPU overload error occurred. If this happens often, try increasing the "H/W Buffer Size" in the Playback Engine Dialog, or removing some plug-ins. (-6101)
    I might add, my Playback Engine's maxed out and I'm barely running any plugins (some 5 or 6 EQ3s, maybe 1 or 2 L2 and a Dorrough).
    I have a MOTU Audio Express which is plugged in firewire and I'm running an external drive with my SFX on it, which is also plugged in firewire. The iMac having only one firewire plug (downsizing from the earlier iMac, for some obscure reason), I have a firewire hub.
    I get the first error whenever I get too deep into a project and I start having a lot of SFX and I'm looking to add more and I get the second error whenever I try to run Dolby Media Meter.
    I'm pretty aware I'm overrunning my iMac, so I'm willing to pay big bucks to get a computer that's best fitted to my needs and which I'll be able to upgrade every once in a while. Now, I'm just wondering what I actually need in a computer.
    It's either the 3.2 GHz quad-core intel xeon, 6GB memory, 1TB HD or the two 2.4GHz 6-core intel zeon, 12GB memory, 1TB HD. I gotta say the second one seems kind of a lot... but I don't want to spend so much money and get a tiny upgrade from where I'm at right now.
    So please! All of you mac wizards and other knowledgeable folks, HELP! 

    An i7 3.9GHz would do if you had 32GB RAM, an SSD boot drive, and 2TB hdd.
    The sweet spot today on Mac Pro is $1800 4-core special and DIY to W3690 or W3680 6-core 3.33 or higher with 32-48GB RAM. And lots of SSDs and disk drives.
    Refurbished 27-inch iMac 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
    The Mac Pro line is at a - not ready to ship the new 2013 6,1 model / not ready with 10.9 that it will need / and current configuration is really 2010 3 yrs old (but also how well they hold up and mature).
    You do not want to give up GHz for more cores. MHz still rules. Only reason would be if you planned to replace the processors for the fastest expensive (use to be, though changing) 4 or 6-core 3.4GHz for total of 8 or 12-cores, but never the 2.4GHz, no way.
    The 2009 4,1 used is cheaper and can be found for $1000 and upgraded to 6-core and everything else (dual core upgrades are harder and not good to plan for.
    And has done some tests on iMac and Mac Pro.
    Graphics on Mac Pro, RAM and PCIe and SSD, hdd are easy upgrades.
    This site has some great tips

  • Searching for a good book about [Arch Linux]

    Hello friends,
    I'm here stuck with Windows 8, making a couple of tests about installing Arch Linux in VMware Workstation, if it succeeds, I'll move to Arch completely. My question is: Is there a good book about Arch (installation, maintenance, best practices, security, and so on)? I tried "Arch Linux Environment set-up How-To", but unfortunately, it wasn't what I expected.
    I'm a little confused about UEFI + GRUB2 + GPT/MBR but I think I'll dominate it soon...
    My system:
    [PROCESSOR] >> Intel® Core™ i7-3840QM (8M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz)
    [GRAPHICS] >> Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M GPU With 4GB GDDR5 Video Memory (SLi)
    [RAM] >> 16GB DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz
    [SSD] >> OCZ Vertex 4 (256GB)
    [HDD] >> Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid (750GB)
    I wonder in how many seconds the system will boot up...

    @op  As others have mentioned, do not seek out knowledge from a book.  There has been quite a few shifts in Archlinux, specifically to uefi and systemd.  There are a few starters for your concern. … _Interface'_Guide/Installation
    Other then that, there is the forums and a quick search will land you on a goldmine of knowledge.  Great idea to start it up in a vmware, although it will not require the uefi boot, but it will still get you a bit more familiar with the install process and iron out some basic questions.  Good luck!

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  • I need help getting Mini Bridge to work in PS CS6

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  • Albums in PSE 12

    How do I delete Local Albums in Elements 12 - and how do I rename them ?

  • Logs or stats in iWeb site?

    Anyone know if there's a way to do easy referrer logs and stats for iWeb sites? I've found StatCounter, but that requires embedding an HTML code into every page, which is tough since you have to go in and re-edit it every time you modify something in

  • Drag and drop Captivate 6.0

    The Drag and Drop feature on my Captivate 6.0 is no longer active. I think this is because Windows was recently reloaded onto my computer. How do I get it back?

  • Function Keys are not working on my Satelite C50-A-1DV

    Hi, I just installed a bios update (1.30) and right after I noticed I was unable to adjust the brightness of my screen via the special keys (F2 and F3). Also, I am unable to use the Synaptic pointing device toggle (F4), monitor selection (F5), Mute (