Second window loses focus

Hi all,
I set up a navigation between two wd applications within the portal. The navigation will open a new window once the user clicks a button in the first application. The navigation itself works well, however, the new window is always shown behind the portal page, in other words, it loses focus after it is opened.
Does anyone know a way to bring the new window to the front?

hello thomas!
is this problem with the losing focus when you open a second window fixed now?
can i set the focus in a new opening window manually?
thanks for your help...

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  • Using web.show_document the first time makes new browser window lose focus

    In our application we use show_document(url, '_blank') to open our reports (as pdf) in a new window.
    Our environment is Application Server 10g Release 2 with Forms 10g Release 2 and jinitiator
    The first time I call a report, the new browser window containing the pdf is shown but loses focus after about 1 second. The focus is then returned to the applet window. When calling a report again it always keeps the focus.
    After closing the applet window and restarting the application, the same thing happens: first report called loses focus, all others keep the focus.
    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? We want the focus to stay on the new browser window every time...

    Hi Jeroen,
    I m also facing a problem something similar to yours. If you got any solution please let me know.
    Currently my application is running on Forms and my form calls another third party which displays the image in image viewer in new browser. When user clicks on the button to display image, then I m using the following Code -
    -- Method: displayDocuments ([Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;
    FUNCTION displayDocuments(
    args := JNI.CREATE_ARG_LIST(1);
    JNI.ADD_OBJECT_ARG(args, a0, '[Ljava/lang/String;');
    RETURN JNI.CALL_STRING_METHOD(FALSE, obj, 'com/hli/imaging/adapter/LK_FormsImagingAdapter', 'displayDocuments', '([Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;', args);
    Image is displaying fine but the focus is staying on the newly opened browser. I want it to get back the focus to the forms window.Is this possible ???
    Thanks in advance

  • PP CC & AE CC: Windows lose focus, AE stops playing RAM preview

    I'm experiencing very odd behavior when I have Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC open at the same time. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to troubleshoot this issue.
    I'm working in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC and am noticing some very odd behavior where I'll be working in an application (any Windows application) and the Window will lose focus. For example, as I'm typing this question, the window will periodically lose focus, and I'll have to wait a second to start typing again.
    Another Symptom is that I'll be in After Effects CC, I'll press 0 to do a RAM Preview, but AE will stop looping for some unknown reason. It's never at the same time and it's always intermittent.
    This only happens when I have both After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC open at the same time
    With Sysinternals Process Explorer Open, I notice that CEPServiceManager.exe (Adobe CEP Service Manager) opens as a child process of Adobe Premiere Pro.exe. When this process is open, I experience the symptoms described above. When this process stops, the symptoms stop.
    I think there's only an issue when the PP CC project has a linked AE comp in it.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    Windows 7 Utlimate x64 SP1.
    Open Premiere Pro CC and Create a new Project
    Open After Effects CC and create a new comp.
    Save the Project in AE CC.
    Add a solid to the comp.
    Save the comp.
    Drag the AE Comp to the PP CC project.
    Make a change to the AE Comp.
    Windows behaves normally. After Effects behaves normally.
    Symptoms occur as described above.

    harcnowhear wrote:
    - Even when video is rendered to a .Mov Lossless file the video is still juddery and appears to be dropping frames when played in Quick Time - VLC is better slightly.
    That is to be expected (unless you have a RAID setup for your computer's hard drives). An uncompressed HD file has a data rate that is much too high for your hard drive to handle. If you take that high data rate file into the Adobe Media Encoder and render it into a deliverable format such as H.264, it should play back without issue. If this is the case (and I'm pretty sure it is), this is unrelated to your RAM preview issue.
    What version of AE are you running? You say CC, but is it 12.2.0 or 12.1.0? If you haven't yet, update to the latest version; it fixes a lot of bugs.
    Also, when you say you've been using AE version 5 and 5.5, do you mean CS5 (actually version 10) and CS5.5 (actually version 10.5) or do you really mean you're using the really old versions?
    harcnowhear wrote:
    We have an older mac here which has an older card with more ram (1024 MB)  on the  card, which takes longer to render the preview (is that due to less system RAM?)
    Rendering speed usually has less to do with RAM and much more to do with the processor's clock speed. This is likely the difference.
    Is this older Mac running CC or is this the older version you mentioned in the "Extra notes" section?
    Have you tried updating the driver for the graphics card? The GPU has very little to do with rendering in AE (except for the Ray-Traced renderer, but that doesn't matter as you don't have an NVIDIA card), but it does have to do with AE's display of its playback.

  • Firefox 3.6.8 does not recognize subsequent mouseclicks - window loses focus

    After updating to firefox 3.6.8 on my macbook pro (OS X 10.4.11) Firefox fails to recognize subsequent mouse clicks. You can access the page initially, but then it seems to lose focus and become unresponsive to mouse clicks until you do something to break the cycle (clicking on desktop, minimizing and resizing window, etc). I reinstalled Adobe Flash update using full installer, since others have suggested that as a possible cause, but no joy. The browser window still does not recognize mouseclicks after an initially successful page load. You can tab to the next window (for example, if you want to enter something in search) but you cannot CLICK to enter the search window, nor can you click on links on the page, etc. It is totally unresponsive.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == I updated Firefox to the version just before 3.6.8 -- then I updated to 3.6.8 to see if that fixed it -- it's still broken

    This started happening to me yesterday. All plugins are disabled, didn't help. All plugins uninstalled, didn't help. Downgraded to SP3, didn't help. I've also noticed this happen in Thunderbird, though it seems OK now.
    Sadly I've had to start using IE8 :(

  • When does a selection in a text field in a Finder window lose focus?

    this problem has emerged on account of an Applescript file that needs to access a text selection (portion of a filename highlighted) in an open Finder window.
    The bare minimum code to demonstrate the problem is this:
    *tell application "System Events"*
    * *tell process "Finder"*
    * *set selText to value of attribute "AXSelectedText" of text field 1*
    * *end tell*
    *end tell*
    other variants also exist, using "keystroke" but that does not work either. I am not asking help with Applescript here, it is here only to give a sense of the problem.
    My conclusion thus far is that the selection lose focus before the script process can access it. In the best case I get the full filename by using "attribute" and copy of the alias onto the clipboard by using "keystroke".
    So my problem is this:
    It seems that the focus stays alive when one clicks on a menubar item, any click on any other item on the desktop, including windows of irrelevant applications, changes the focus from the selection within the text field corresponding to a filename, to the filename itself.
    And my question is this:
    Is there a changeable setting within the OS that has to do with how long the focus stays alive on a selection within a text field corresponding to a filename? If yes, how do I change it?

    baltwo wrote:
    Thanks for clarifying. Never heard it called a text field, just a label. So, exactly what are you trying to accomplish? Is it that you want AS to select the file, highlight its label so you can edit/change it with some other text? If so, have you checked out the Finder scripts installed on the machine, especially the Finder script *Add to Finder Names*?
    UI Element Inspector calls the activated/editable filename a text field.
    Actually I want to modify one of the stock Finder scripts. I want to be able to select part of the file name in the active text field of the Finder window, then activate the script, *have the script pick up the selection* as a text string then use it internally.
    The bolded step is the one in question.
    Every attempt fails on the fact that the focus is lost from the "text field" and it reverts to the label for the filename, if I may use this distinction, (or to "FinderItem" in the parlance of UIEI) as soon as another process begins, it seems. So when the script becomes active, but before any of the commands is executed, the selection disappears.
    My guess is that it is not some absolute necessity but a setting that perhaps can be changed somehow.

  • Making JFrame Window Lose Focus to a Native Window

    How can i from within the same JFrame code or another class with the JFrame reference make JFrame lose focus to another native window on the desktop.
    Any tips

    In the core java API you can not make a native window take focus, you would have to use native code (JNI).
    The best you could do would be minimize the JFrame.

  • Frontmost app's Main window loses focus randomly

    Sep  1 12:04:52 retina.local WindowServer[91]: CGXSetWindowListAlpha: Invalid window 0
    Sep  1 12:04:53 retina.local Dock[35334]: CGSReleaseWindowList: called with 12 invalid window(s)
    I keep seeing these in the logs when it happens. It is obnoxious to be in an app and then hear the error noise because the app I am currently working in loses focus for the window I was working with. For example in Mail, I can be working and the window will lose focus so keyboard shortcuts stop working.

    I am having the same problem, and here is what I have figured out so far;
    I installed a stopwatch application so I can time it, and it is happening exactly every 5 minutes. Moving the mouse, changing the foremost app, activating the screensaver, or anything else I have tried doesn't interrupt the timer. It will still happen exactly every 5 minutes.
    I am currently looking in the console logs trying to find anything that is going off every 5 minutes.
    It happens even while typing suddenly I will get beeping because the top window I am typing on loses focus. The application name in the menu bar does remain the same as the current application, so another application doesn't seem to be coming forward, just the top window goes inactive.
    If anyone else is working on this issue and wants to see if their problem is exactly 5 minutes also, you can install the stopwatch application here;
    I will update here is I figure out which application is causing this problem.
    The answer shouldn't be "reinstall your OS" for every little problem as Apple always says.
    Hopefully we can figure this out without having to resort to such a drastic measure.

  • Second window loses funtionality in 4.01. Very frustrating.

    When I first open Firefox 4.01, everything is fine. Since I have two monitors, I like to keep two windows open. When I open the second window, URLs do not show up in the location field, I can't refresh a page, there's an orange Firefox menu in the upper corner and a double window, the bookmarks don't show unless I do options/uncheck Bookmaks toolbar, then check it again.
    I tried disabling all plugins, rebooted my computer -- nothing changed.

    I see this same problem with Firefox 5.0.1. Also, my bookmarks are empty in the new window. This second instance of Firefox seems to not be connected to my profile.
    Ideas anyone?

  • Window Loses Focus After Modal Dialog is Dismissed

    I need a JDialog to be opened when i click on a button in JFrame.and it should be modal so that user must not get control to its parent window and rest of the windows can be accessed.
    So, i tried setting property like setModalityType(Dialog.ModalityType.DOCUMENT_MODAL), but still unable to access all the windows not only its parent until the dialog gets closed.
    Another issue i was facing is when i close out the dialog i need to get the parent to Front of other windows in application. But in my case it was not happening.After closing the dialog, i am getting the last focussed window to front but not its parent. I tried calling getParent().toFront() in windowClosing() Listener of that dialog, But still not able to solve the problem.
    Hope someone understands my problems and give me solution.
    Hoping for quick response and thanks in advance.

    shrikanthhyd wrote:
    I need a JDialog to be opened when i click on a button in JFrame.and it should be modal so that user must not get control to its parent window and rest of the windows can be accessed.
    So, i tried setting property like setModalityType(Dialog.ModalityType.DOCUMENT_MODAL), but still unable to access all the windows not only its parent until the dialog gets closed.Perhaps you can fix this by calling the first dialog either without a parent or not as a JDialog but rather as a JFrame. Then the second dialog's modality will not impinge on the visibility of the original parent window. For instance:
    import java.awt.Dimension;
    import java.awt.Window;
    import java.awt.Dialog.ModalityType;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
    import javax.swing.JButton;
    import javax.swing.JDialog;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JPanel;
    import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;
    class SwingFu2
        private JPanel mainPanel = new JPanel();
        public SwingFu2()
            mainPanel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(400, 400));
            JButton showDlg1Btn = new JButton("Show Dialog 1");
            showDlg1Btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
                public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
        private void showDlg1Action(ActionEvent e)
            Window frame = SwingUtilities.getWindowAncestor((JButton)e.getSource());
            JPanel dlg1Panel = new JPanel();
            dlg1Panel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(300, 300));
            JButton showDlg2Btn = new JButton("Show Dialog 2");
            showDlg2Btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
                public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
            //JDialog dialog1 = new JDialog(null, "Dialog 1", ModalityType.MODELESS); // either of these will work
            JFrame dialog1 = new JFrame("Dialog 1");  // either of these will work
        private void showDlg2Action(ActionEvent e)
            Window window = SwingUtilities.getWindowAncestor((JButton)e.getSource());
            JPanel dlg2Panel = new JPanel();
            dlg2Panel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(200, 200));
            JButton showDlg2Btn = new JButton("Show Dialog 2");
            showDlg2Btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener()
                public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
            JDialog dialog2 = new JDialog(window, "Dialog 2", ModalityType.DOCUMENT_MODAL);
        public JPanel getMainPanel()
            return mainPanel;
        private static void createAndShowUI()
            JFrame frame = new JFrame("SwingFu2");
            frame.getContentPane().add(new SwingFu2().getMainPanel());
        public static void main(String[] args)
            java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable()
                public void run()
    Another issue i was facing I don't know on this one. Good luck.

  • [SOLVED] stay fullscreen in flash videos when window loses focus

    I am using the awesome window manager, and am trying to view web videos (youtube, vimeo, various other flash players) in full screen on one monitor while doing something else on another monitor. I have seen people post issues with flash and other web-embedded videos and awesome, but those tend to relate to the videos getting tiled or being full screen behind the browser window or something like that. I am able to get fullscreen to work just fine, except when i transfer focus to another window, it pops out of full screen. Anyone have any ideas for keeping full screen even while the window doesnt have focus? Thanks!
    Last edited by youngmit (2014-06-17 19:19:22)

    Figured it out. I tried doing the same in Gnome, which had the same problem. Searching for linux more in general lead me to … itor-linux where they suggested going into and manually changing _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW to something like __ET_ACTIVE_WINDOW, which did the trick.

  • Playback pauses when the window loses focus.  Can I fix that?

    When going through footage, I might be multitasking -- talking on chat, looking at to do lists, etc.  Whenever I tab away to some other application, playback pauses in Adobe Premiere Elements 13.  This is really annoying -- any way to turn that off?

    Your type of situation has been written about before and remains the same up to and including the current version 13.
    What you describe is what it is. There is no way to change that behavior. The Premiere Elements playback in progress stops when you
    switch to another application. No user turn off switch to prevent this from happening.

  • Problems with titler window losing focus

    I'm using PP2.0, running on windows XP x64. It's been running since it was last re-installed in December 2007 (after a problem with codecs that broke PP2), and I've made no changes to it or to any of the support processes it uses, nor any changes to the OS (apart from service packs). There have been NO driver changes, window layout changes, workspace changes, or any other changes (apart from entropy). The mouse I'm using is a [oxymoron]Kensington Expert Mouse Pro[/oxymoron], with their latest (i.e. 2007) drivers, and XMouse ver (i.e. their latest x64 driver), but this happens regardless of the mouse or keyboard I use.
    To set the scene... I use a "standard" title template for all my video work, with predefined text fields and colours and so on. There's nothing bizarre or extraordinary about these templates, they're actually super simplistic in terms of what most users here use their titlers for! The entire title is completely static - there are no scrolling or moving anythings, the title is overlaid on black video, there are just a dozen simple text boxes and one standard logo (bmp format), that's it. I use only Arial fonts, with no special settings or kerning or spacing or anything more complex than colour. I haven't touched or modified the original titler template since I set it up in December 2008. The problem I'm seeing happens to any titles, not just the known working template, so it's definitely a PP2 problem, not a titler problem.
    The problem is that recently (in the past 3-4 months, over maybe 5 projects in that time) the titler window loses focus while I'm using it, and the PP2 main application becomes active.
    When I bring the titler window up (using any method) and start editing, that window loses focus (window frame reverts to the background windowframe colour) and I can't type or do anything else in the titler window.The PP2 app window suddenly become the active window, and remains active until I shut down the titler.
    My workaround is to click and hold in the titler window, on or around the text I want to edit. So by pressing and holding the left mouse button, I can insert text just fine in any existing text frame. And by selecting text with the left button and then holding it (like I'm starting a drag operation), I can _replace_ the selected text - but as soon as I release the mouse button, the focus leaves the titler and I can't do anything again.
    I've reset the workspace, changed mouse and keyboards, but the problem isn't a hardware or driver issue. PP2 is the only application that behaves like this, and it's the only Adobe application that behaves like this - Photoshop (5.5 and CS8) and Audition (1.5 and 3.0) all work perfectly normally.
    This behaviour occurs with titles I've used and saved in previous working projects, it happens with new blank titles, and so on.
    What I've noticed most recently while trying to fix the problem, is that sometimes I can actually type a couple of letters or hit an editing key or two in the titler window normally, but then the titler loses focus and keeps it lost permanently after that. That doesn't always happen, and it doesn't appear to be related to process flow. So restarting PP2, or closing and reloading a project, don't affect the arbitrary nature of the "sometimes starts to work" behaviour. I can sometimes re-edit a title in the same project after editing the title with the focus lost, and suddenly the first few keystrokes are normal, but then the focus reverts to the main app.
    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to try (apart from reinstalling the application again or upgrading), I'd be most grateful.

    I think you're right, it's starting to look like another problem within the "new" PP2 installation. It's such a complex app, it's not surprising it gets lost.
    Since this is the only app that has this problem (and because of the nature of the problem), I know it's not a graphics card or driver issue.
    This appears to be a high-level windows function problem, to do with the way the PP2 app is handling the modal form. It's probably not the mouse driver, since I don't move the mouse outside of the child window, but that doesn't leave much else. I don't have popups or any other asynchronous applications (like email warning windows or balloon-type reminders or notifications) either.
    I really don't want to go through the horror of yet another reinstall of an Adobe product if I can possibly avoid it, but pending no other useful ideas, that is an absolute last resort.

  • JS CS3: ScriptUI - window and panel loses focus on Mac

    Have made a script to export selected textframes as text files.
    When the script runs on a PC the script window stays in front of the document as intended.
    Much to my surprise this is not the case on Mac, On Mac the script loses focus and goes behind the document.
    Is this a bug or is there a workaround?
    Using the folowing to create/start the UI.
    var win = new Window( "window", "Text Exporter" );
    win.myPanel = win.add("panel");
        win.Pnl = add('panel', undefined, 'Textframes for export');
        win.Pnl.orientation = 'column';

    Something is wrong.
    That's not the behavior that I see using palettes.
    The only way I can get a palette to become inactive is by switching to 
    a different document window. Even when it becomes inactive (greyed 
    out), it does not require extra clicks...
    If you want to activate it programatically, it's = true.

  • After recent update to ff 10 my ff loses focus when opening non-active window. ALready tried everything. Any sugestions?

    After update to ff10 widnows lose focus when migrating to a different window. tried all possible options and still the same even after recent update to 11. Any suggestions?

    After update to ff10 widnows lose focus when migrating to a different window. tried all possible options and still the same even after recent update to 11. Any suggestions?

  • Bug? InDesign CC/CC2014 loses focus when closing ScriptUI dialog window

    When closing a "dialog" type window, created using ScriptUI from Extendscript, InDesign will lose focus as "active application" in Windows (7/8) and instead switch to another application in Windows altogether. This behavior does not occur on previous versions of InDesign (CS6 and earlier). I can easily reproduce the problem at my company on various machines (both on Windows 7 and Windows 8). The Mac OS version of InDesign does not seem to have this problem. Also, the problem does not seem to occur when using "palette" or "window" type ScriptUI windows.

    That's in itself an interesting observation, but I have the focus problem 
    also with scripts that don't use ScriptUI at all.
    On Mon, 13 Oct 2014 08:38:27 +0100, DirkEBM <[email protected]>

Maybe you are looking for

  • View activity by clicking hotspot on ALV report

    Hi, I have a report with a ALV grid as output. This output cells represent different activities in CRM. By clicking on one cell, the hotspot gets activated and the selected activity should be opened. How can I implement to go into the selected activi

  • Report on payments

    frnds i need to generate a report on payments with following details. Vendor no and name, Invoice no and amount, check#, and clerk name and PO # I tried to use table PAYR but i didnt get the information about invoice no and Clerk with PO#... is there

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    HI We have a requirement to enable the services for object to attach documents to Asset master. We have made configuration in Trx OAC2,OAC3 for object type BUS1022. The ICON is appearing for AS02 & AS03 but not for AS01. We are 6.0 version How can I

  • Missing emails in Mail

    After I remove Yahoo account from Mail in OS X 10.7.2, all the yahoo emails no longer display inside Mail. How to find them back/ They do not exist in the Yahoo Server anymore as Mail 'sucked' them out when I added Yahoo to Mail initially.

  • Macbook/Epson projector set up

    Does anyone know how to set up an Epson Projector to a Macbook Pro? I have a mini display to VGA adapter. We are running Bootcamp and Windows XP Pro. You can make the 2nd screen in the display properties in a continuous page. So you can see on the pr