Seeking Labview Developer in Nothern Illinois

LabVIEW Developer
Company: Tecnova
Tecnova is a National Instruments Alliance Member with a growing LabVIEW Department.
Come join our expert team!
We are looking for a self motivated LabVIEW Developer who will own their projects, complete tasks on schedule and on budget while building a relationship with the customer.
Must have broad experience in the following areas:
* Program and document robust LabVIEW applications which include user Interface, database, test sequencing, instrument communication, data acquisition and PID control
* Design and execute software test plans
* Prepare end user documentation and help file content
* Develop automated test, data acquisition, and control systems
* Contribute to multiple projects, and help develop pushing-the-envelope technology
* National Instruments hardware (PXI, cRIO, Field Point, etc.) experience desired
* Contribute to system design and specifications
* Involves extensive customer contact and moderate travel within Chicagoland area
* Must be intelligent, creative, and self-motivated
* BS in Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences or Engineering
* 3 years of practical experience in LabVIEW programming
* High comfort level with scientific and technical terminology and the willingness to learn
* Test and measurement experience
* Must be self directed and able to meet objectives as directed
* The ability to effectively work independently in a fast paced environment, with experience adapting to changing requirements and to rapidly absorb new concepts and apply them effectively is essential.
* You must also have good communications skills. Presentation and communication skills, as well as being able to work in a team, are crucial.
Preference will be given to applicants with the following skills:
* Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (or better)
* National Instruments hardware (PXI, cRIO, Field Point, etc.)
* Communication protocol (RS-232, GPIB, TCP I/P, USB, Bluetooth, etc.)
* Motion control
* Vision control
* PLC (Allen-Bradley, Honeywell, Modicon, Siemens, etc.)
* Schematic capture (OrCAD, AutoCAD, etc.)
* Database connectivity
* Application and instrument driver layers
* Experience with National Instruments PC based DAQ devices
* Experience with various sensors and transducer signal conditioning (microphones, accelerometers, temperature sensors, etc.)
* Actively involved in the LabVIEW community
Additional Requirements:
* Local Candidates Only
* Location: Gurnee, Illinois (Northern Chicago Suburb)
* No 3rd party resumes accepted. Principals only, no agencies or contractors
* Must be a Citizen or Permanent US resident, authorized to work in this country for any employer
* Because of the immediacy of this position, we are unable to sponsor people at this time.
About Tecnova:
Tecnova is a leading electronic product development and engineering firm that provides custom electronic hardware, mechanical, and software solutions. We offer exciting professional challenges, variety, and plenty of opportunity to roll up your sleeves and make a difference. Located far north of Chicago in Gurnee, Illinois, we offer excellent salary/benefit package with 401K. We are looking for innovative, creative, results-oriented people that desire a wide variety of projects in a challenging, fast-paced environment.
For more information about Tecnova see our website at
Contacting Tecnova:
For immediate consideration, please send resumes to [email protected]

I am writing to put myself forward. As you can see from my CV, I have many skills pertinent to this role gained for less than 1 year as a successful Research Assistant. I am having very good knowledge in mathematics.I wish to move into this sector because it is a fast-moving environment and I am also interested in new technology.  The skills that I have and believe to be highly relevant to this job and your company which include: Analytical thinking, Self motivated, Fast learner and staying calm under pressure. Additionally, I have undertaken CLAD course and qualified with 80% and believe my unique blend of skills can offer a great deal.I am confident that I possess the attributes you’re looking for and that my experiences gained in Research Assistant would provide invaluable insight and capability to your organization. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application in person.
Resume.doc ‏44 KB

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  • LabVIEW developer seeks short/medi​um term contract work in UK/EU

    Hello All,
    I am an ambitious and hardworking LabVIEW developer who is available for short/medium term contract work in the UK/EU. My formal qualifications consist of a bachelors and masters degree in electronic engineering. I am permitted to work without restriction in the UK/EU, and am available from Monday 2008/01/14 onwards.
    My previous experience includes two years as a Research and Development Engineer, where I was responsible for the design and implementation of a host of LabVIEW software suites for a flexible DSP based telecommunications test platform.
    Following that I experienced two exciting seasons working at the pinnacle of motorsport as a Test and Calibration engineer for a Formula 1 team. My duties included improvement and design of new automated test systems (LabVIEW based) for the on car sensors.
    Currently I am in the last week of a contract that is involved in the design and implementation of an automated test system for the semiconductor industry (NDA prevents me from divulging any more information).
    My four years of LabVIEW experience, coupled with my strong traditional programming skills and natural logical analysis, and the desire and willingness to put in 110% sets me in good stead to tackle any engineering challenge that I am presented with.
    If there are any roles that may prove suitable, I would be very interested in hearing about them. My CV is available on request.
    Best regards

    Hi Neil,
    Hope you are doing well! Is it possible for you to contact me? My email is in my profile.
    Adnan Zafar
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    Coleman Technologies

  • NI Certified LabVIEW Developer, NI Week Winner, Author of LabHSM, a Toolkit for Complex Event-Driv​en Developmen​t in LabVIEW

    Thank you for your interest. If you need a LabVIEW developer, you will find that my resume which is attached, outlines why I am an excellent fit for a position with your company.
    In addition to my broad educational background including two Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, numerous Computer Science courses taken, and twelve years of diverse experience in programming, system administration, and support, I am a National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developer. As you can see on the National Instruments website, there are only about 400 people worldwide who were granted this title. I have a history of numerous successful projects in the areas of industrial automation, control and data acquisition. In particular, I have implemented several LabVIEW test systems projects including the following:
    - Real-Time Natural Gas Mixtures Characterization System, based on near infrared absorption spectroscopic data for Gas Technology Institute;
    - Real-Time Electron Beam Doses Monitoring, Beam Parameters Measurement, and Ion Charge Measurement Systems for Steris Corporation (NI WEEK 2003 BEST APPLICATION CONTEST WINNER in R&D/Lab Automation Category);
    - Control and Data Acquisition Program for an Electron Spectrometer System in the Western Michigan University Accelerator Laboratory;
    - LIMS II (Temperature Test), Surge Test Automation, Locked Rotor Test, Variable Ambient Chamber Control and Data Acquisition systems for Underwriters Laboratories (UL);
    - Abrasion Wear Test for Caterpillar;
    - Distributed Data Acquisition and Reporting System for Hydraulic Spray Nozzles Testing for Spraying Systems Co.
    Descriptions and code examples of projects I have done are available upon request.
    It was me who created LabHSM (, a toolkit for advanced event-driven development in LabVIEW. It allows creating complex applications as a collection of active object type components that have uniform structure, but different purposes. Each component runs independently providing services to other components and exchanging data via standardized queued messages. The resulting code has the same structure and looks similar regardless of specific functionality. It is easily readable and modifiable by developers other than the author. LabHSM implements the powerful paradigm of hierarchical state machines (Harel/UML statecharts) and has a separate specialized editor for defining component behavior on a higher level of abstraction.
    I also have done several projects involving HMI, digital I/O, motion control, communication between a PC and PLC's, using Visual Basic, Think & Do, Steeplechase and other software tools.
    My experience and background enable me to master any software development tool quickly, making me a perfect candidate who can always keep up with the ever-changing world of computer technologies.
    I am looking forward to discussing this opportunity with you.
    Stanislav Rumega
    The web version of my resume is available at:
    Stanislav Rumega Resume ‏26 KB

    Symtx is currently hiring the following position. Please contact me if interested.
    Amy Cable
    Symtx, HR
    [email protected]
    Symtx, the leading supplier of functional test equipment, hires the brightest & most talented engineering professionals to design & manufacture complex custom electronic systems for advanced technology leaders in the defense, aerospace, communications, medical, transportation & semiconductor industries. Symtx’ challenging & dynamic work environment seeks to fill openings with highly qualified electronic engineering design professionals.The ideal candidate will be responsible for defining the requirements, software design and code development, and integration of test control software for custom functional test systems. Candidate should be familiar with data acquisition concepts, instrument control, complex test, measurement and calibration algorithm development and definition and implementation of control interfaces to hardware. Prefer familiarity with instrument control via GPIB, VXI, MXI, RS-232 desirable. Requires BS/MSEE and 3 -7+ yrs of experience in one or several of the following test applications in a Windows NT/2000/XP environment using Labwindows CVI, TestStand, Labview, Visual Basic, C++ and knowledge of RF systems is a plus. Job responsibilities will include software design, development, integration, team leadership, and interfacing with customers( includes PDR’s & CDR’s).

  • Senior LabVIEW Developer Looking for Moonlight Freelance Opportunities

    I am looking to assist a company and/or team requiring assistance with National Instruments software development. I have been working in this industry for eight years as a developer and have been managing development team for the past three. I am not looking to change my place of business. I am simply looking to moonlight and make some money on the side (I am trying to follow the Dave Ramsey plan).
    Requirements / Specification Documents
    Requirements Tracibility
    Large-Scale Application Development
    RT / FPGA
    Industrial Sensor Control
    Source Code Control and Documentation
    Project Management
    Please reply to me here if you are interested in my services.
    - Resume Available upon Request

    I am currently seeking a Certified LabVIEW Developer for a Contract Senior LabVIEW Test Developer role with a UK based client we work very closely with.
    If you are currently seeking new opportunities and would like to discuss this role further, please send your C.V and a suitable time I could call you to [email protected]
    Kind Regards,
    Emily Foord

  • LabVIEW Developer Opportunity in San Jose

    CTG has been asked to assist our client in staffing a LabVIEW Developer opportunity. This is a 200 hour, short term project on-site in San Jose, CA. This quick job will entail very little new development and will consist primarily of enhancements and modifications to existing code. If you are interested, please forward a copy of your resume (.doc or .txt) to the e-mail address listed below. I will contact you directly upon receipt of that information.
    Please note that we can only consider W-2 applicants at this time; no third party, independent or corp-to-corp vendors, please.
    Thanks for your consideration!
    Jessica Owens, Sr. Recruiter
    ctg Computer Task Group, Inc
    phone: 800-992-5350
    [email protected]
    Backed by 39 years' experience, CTG provides IT staffing, application management, and consulting solutions to help Global 2000 clients focus on their core businesses and use IT as a competitive advantage to excel in their markets. CTG combines in-depth understanding of our clients' businesses with a full range of integrated services, proprietary service methodologies, and a proven track record of delivering solutions that work. More information about CTG is available on the Web at

    Thank you for your interest in CTG; this position is now closed. If you would like to forward a copy of your resume, it will be entered into our database and you will be contacted as appropriate opportunities become available. In the meantime, thanks again and have a great day!
    Jessica Owens, Sr. Recruiter
    ctg Computer Task Group, Inc
    phone: 800-992-5350
    [email protected]
    Backed by 39 years' experience, CTG provides IT staffing, application management, and consulting solutions to help Global 2000 clients focus on their core businesses and use IT as a competitive advantage to excel in their markets. CTG combines in-depth understanding of our clients' businesses with a full range of integrated services, proprietary service methodologies, and a proven track record of delivering solutions that work. More information about CTG is available on the Web at

  • Error -17600 when switching from LabVIEW Development System to LabVIEW Run-Time Engine in Adapter Configuration

    I receive an error message (code -17600) while loading my test sequence after switching from LabVIEW Development System (2009 f3) to LabVIEW Run-TIme Engine using the Adapter Configuration.
    ErrorCode: -17600,
    Failed to load a required step's associated module.
    LabVIEW Run-Time Engine version 9.0.1f3.
    When I switch back to the LV development system, everything is OK, and the sequence loads and runs perfectly.
    My TestStand Engine Version is 2012 f1 (
    I'd appreciate any help on this issue.

    Hi Roman,
    There are a couple of things you can try:
    1) Determine if the LabVIEW RunTime Engine is corrupted in some way. Create a new simple VI with no sub-VIs, using the same LabVIEW Development system you used for mass-compiling the VIs. Create a TestStand step that calls this VI and ensure it runs correctly. Now switch your LabVIEW adapter to use the RuntimeEngine and choose the "Auto detect using VI version" option.
    Check if the simple VI is loadable and runs without errors in TestStand.
    If the step generates the same error, you should try a re-install of the LabVIEW development system.
    If not, its most likely that there is some VI you are using that is not loadable in the LabVIEW Runtime Engine because:
    1) Some sub-VI is still not saved in the right version or bitness. Open the VI heirarchy of the top-level VI that you are calling from TestStand and examine the paths of all the sub-VIs to check if they were in the folder you masscompiled and re-save any that are outside this directory.
    Also, when you try to close the top level VI, do you get a prompt to save any unsaved files? If so, they could be the sub-VIs that are not saved in the right version. Save all of them.
    Check if you are loading any VIs programatically and if these are compiled and saved in the right version as well.
    2) There is some feature you are using in your LabVIEW code that is not supported in the LabVIEW RunTime Engine. To check this, add your top-level VI to a LabVIEW project and create a new build specification and create a new executable from this VI.
        Right-click "Build Specifications" and choose "New->Application(EXE)".
        In the Application Properties window, select Source Files and choose the top level VI as the start-up VI.
        Save the properties.
        Right-click on the newly created build specification and choose Build.
    Run this executable (it will be run using the LabVIEW RunTime) and check if the VI has a broken arrow indicating that it cannot be loaded and run in the LabVIEW Runtime Engine.
    You might need to examine your code and find the feature which is not supported in the LabVIEW RunTime and find an alternative.
    Another thing i forgot to mention the last time around is if you are using 64-bit LabVIEW with 32-bit TestStand, then executing code using LabVIEW RTE from TestStand will not work since the 64-bit LabVIEW RTE dll cannot be loaded by the 32-bit TestStand process.
    If none of the above steps resolve the issue, consider sharing your LabVIEW code so i can take a look.

  • How do I determine if a VI is running in the runtime engine or LabView Development Environment?

    Is there a function or VI that I can call that will tell me if the program is running in the LabVIEW Runtime Engine or if it is running in the LabVIEW developement Environment?  I am using LabView 8.5.
    I have a menu item, File/Exit,  and I would like to call the Exit LabVIEW vi if running in the runtime engine when that item is selected.  However, in development, I don't want to shut down LabVIEW when I select that menu item.
    Maybe there is a more appropriate way to exit the program.  However, I am looking for something elegant.  I'm sure I could find some other way to accomplish the same thing, but I'm looking for a clean way to do it.

    Here is a small VI with this exact function.
    Is ‏9 KB

  • Labview developer-search for remote work

    I have 3 year experience as Labview developer. I have good skils in controling devices using different interfaces and automated tests.
    I'm searching for some small projects which can be resolved using remote work. If necessary I can travel several time (in Europe).
    Also I can aproach any specific project if initial data & rquirement are very clear defined and is no time presure.
    If interresed e-mail to [email protected] .
    Thank you! 

    Hi there,
    Sorry but I have already taken on a new contract. If you send me your email address I can pass your request to some people who could help you.
    Best regards

  • Technical competition team needs Labview Developer

    The KC Space Pirates are a team in NASAs Beamed power competition.
    We are looking into using Labview to automate aiming a high power laser.
    I am looking for an experienced Labview developer to help with the project.
    There is no pay if we don't win. If we do win the pay will be generous.
    So if you are something of a gambler and want some aerospace experience we should talk.

    Mr. Turner,
    You have my curiosity.  I used to work for United Space Alliance on KSC.  My wife and I still live near Cocoa, so I'm not far away.  She still works on Cape Canaveral.  I have had a good bit of experience with version 7.1 and I have the CLAD certification.  I was very close to being ready to test for the CLD certification, but unfortunately, I changed jobs to where I am now and I don't use LabVIEW at work any more.  I'm still going to study for and get the CLD since I really like LabVIEW and have a few ideas for a few of my own projects.  I have a couple NI PCI DAQ cards I can play around with at home.
    Anyway, I'm very curious about your project and am willing to consider joining you.

  • Looking for a LabVIEW developer / Test Engineer in Atlanta

    Averna at a glance
    Averna delivers industry-leading test solutions and services for communications and electronics device makers worldwide, accelerating product development, quality and innovation:
    Dynamic: The Averna team thrives on challenges and change, consistently making the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list and winning Best in Test and other awards.
    Young: The majority of our 300 employees are under 35 years old, and our high-achieving CEO was named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.
    International: We have offices in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan and Hungary, with headquarters in Montreal.
    Innovative: We were recently recognized as a Canadian Innovation Leader by the National Research Council Canada (NRC).
    Instrumental: Our technology, expertise and drive help our global customers produce market-leading high-tech products in the telecom, transportation, electronics and multimedia sectors.
    The challenge of the LabVIEW developer / Test Engineer
    As part of the Engineering team, you will be involved in the development and integration of various software programs for validation systems. These systems are renowned for providing fast data throughput and extreme data integrity, while accelerating design cycles and reducing prototyping costs. The Engineering team develops a range of custom data acquisition systems to help our customers obtain accurate measurements and results.
    Bachelors degree or college diploma in electrical engineering, software engineering or physics, Masters degree (asset);
    3 to 5 years experience in software development with LabVIEW (preferably CLD);
    Knowledge of NI TestStand is an asset (Preferably CTD);
    Knowledge of video or RF test engineering
    Knowledge of FPGA design (either VHDL or LabVIEW FPGA)
    Available to travel regularly;
    Professionalism, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills;
    Team-player, autonomous, self-starter;
    Please send your resume to [email protected] and mention the title of the position. 

    Is this position still opened?

  • LabVIEW Developer, Full Time, ISRAEL

    QualiSystems ( is looking for great people who love LabVIEW. We take pride in our code and by taking LabVIEW to its limits we have a need for only the best in the field. Here are the details:
    LabVIEW Developer - Position #4038
    4 years (or more) of experience in LabVIEW
    Experience in Hardware QA.
    Experience in the following fields: Communication, RF, Power, Digital
    Experience with C/C++/C#
    Experience with Scripting Languages
    Experience with Communication Protocols
    Experience with Databases
    LabVIEW certification
    A little bit about the company:
    QualiSystems is a pioneer in the field of Functional Test Automation (FTA).
    The FTA world is evolving from a collection of various tools to an enterprise quality management platform. QualiSystems' mission is to be the leading software company in the new FTA era.
    QualiSystems' TestShell™ unique solutions consist of a suite of integrated applications that enables our customers to test, manage and optimize quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. These solutions enable the creation of complex high quality products, shorten time-to-market and significantly reduce costs. TestShell applications turn the functional testing process into a complete quality optimization solution.
    QualiSystems' TestShell is used by leaders in industries ranging from telecommunications, cellular, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, medical devices and semiconductors.
    The company headquarters and expert R&D team are located in Israel. QualiSystems growing global presence includes representatives in Northern and Central Europe and North America.
    Please visit our website ( for more information.
    Please send your resumes to: careers (at) qualisystems (dot) com

    Hello Amiram,
    if the position is not yet filled, pm me at coldchemist(at)
    ... And here's where I keep assorted lengths of wires...

  • Looking for LabVIEW Developer with 2-3 years of experience for Mumbai based Company

    Software Plantation, Mumbai is currently looking for LabVIEW Developer who can contribute to the development of automated test, data acquisition, and control systems using National Instruments LabVIEW.
    This position is located at Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai.
    Applicant must meet the following criteria:
    2+ years of LabVIEW experience.
    Should be from Engineering background.
    Knowledge of various communication protocols like RS-232, Modbus, USB, etc.
    Knowledge of NI DAQ hardware boards.
    Automated test, measurement, data acquisition, and/or control experience.
    Good at documentation.
    Knowledge of Software Development Cycle
    Must be able to meet objectives as directed.
    Ability to effectively work independently.
    Ability to contribute and work in a team environment.
    Ability to adapt to changing requirements, rapidly absorb new concepts, and apply them effectively.
    Good communication skills.
    CLAD certified developer will be preferred. Knowledge of C/C++, Linux is an added advantage.
    If your background and qualifications match this position, please send your resume via email with subject line as: 'LabVIEW Developer Application'.
    E-Mail: [email protected] 
    Note: Please do not post your resume on the job forum. Mail it to the above mentioned email ID.

    Kindly send me your resumes on [email protected]

  • LabVIEW developer in UK

    My company a large multinational with more than 10000 employees worldwide, is currently looking for an "entry level" LabVIEW developer in the North East of England, although all levels of experience could be considered.
    If anyone is interested, please email your CV and Covering letter to [email protected]
    This is the Job description:
    1.    General information
    The Engineer will work as part of a team developing software and hardware applications that support the needs of manufacturing.  These will include in-house developed solutions for automated assembly, functional test and production monitoring. The Engineer will develop expert knowledge of the company's products and systems in order to best support these developments.
    2.    Job Objectives
    Efficiently design, program, document and maintain robust, user friendly, software and hardware solutions that reliably provide the required functionality and performance levels to support manufacturing processes. 
    3.    Opportunities
    Work with a wide range of technologies (software, hardware and product). 
    Develop personal skill levels with support towards achieving recognized LabVIEW qualifications.
    Participate in both site wide software initiatives and stand alone test or application solutions. 
    Work alongside experienced LabVIEW developers.
    4.    Place in the organisation
    Direct Manager: Manufacturing Engineering Manager            (via Senior Engineer)
    Reportee(s):            0
    5.    Description of duties
    Contribute to generation of software requirements and specification documentation
    Generate appropriate documentation and records during software creation, amendment and testing, utilizing standard revision control and review procedure.
    Propose and implement new/best practice software development techniques
    Contribute to creation of future strategic targets
    Assist with the training and guidance of apprentices, operators or others where appropriate
    Undertake training and development activities where appropriate
    Occasional travel off-site to conduct inspection of new equipment, attend training courses and provide support to remote sites
    6.    Required competencies
    Degree level qualification or similar experience
    Degree in Science, Engineering or relevant Technical Subject
    Previous experience creating software to interface with hardware using LabVIEW
    Experience of an industrial work environment
    Skills & knowledge:
    Experience of LabVIEW programming, CORE 2 level
    Experience with automation hardware
    Knowledge of developing test software for automatic execution
    Experience with other programming languages (C, Assembler, Java etc)
    Object oriented programming knowledge
    Knowledge of SQL database implementation

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    May I know what is the company? I would like to know its name in order to be aware of future similar opportunities.
    Kind regards.
    Presentación Julio 2011.ppt ‏2943 KB

  • Labview Developer Position in Northern New Jersey

     Aavalar Consulting has been engaged to provide a Labview Software Engineer.
    A job description follows:
    Title:   Labview Developer (Test Applications)
    Work Location:       Northern NJ Area
    Is Telecommuting possible?    No
    Work environment:   Cube in a suburban office building with a nice atmosphere and great parking. 
    Who does this position will report to?:   Vice President Software
    What is the start date of the contract?:   ASAP
    What is the size of department?:     <40
    What projects will the engineer be involved with?:
    Automated Instrument Control and Automated test of new hardware components
    Software development in Labview and Test Stand to automate a Burn-In station.
    Responsible for the creation of software to enable test instrumentation to command and receive data from systems to be tested. Will assume overall responsibility for the software on assigned projects for various Optical, Telecom, Automotive, Wireless and Aerospace products. Individual will develop and present software presentations to customers.
    Role with the group: Developer - Individual Contributor - No management
    Required Skills:
    Bachelors degree in EE, CE, or CS or equivalent education with 2-5 years experience in related field.  Experience in development of test system software using Labview, Lab Windows/CVI or Visual Basic required.
    Desired Skills:
    Instrumentation automation
    System Integration
    >     Experience developing instrument control routines with Labview
    >     Experience with Test Stand
    >     Software Documentation experience
    Selling point of the job:
    State of the art technology and a good group of people.
    Work Hours and Schedule:
    Standard business hours with flexibility after a level of trust is established
    Is overtime paid, and is it at straight time?  Straight Time or Salary Position
    Dress Code:   Casual to Business Casual
    Who is involved in the interview process?     Vice President of Software, and the President
    Target Salary: Open
    Please submit a word version of your resume to [email protected]   Thank you.
    Sean Handforth
    Email: [email protected]
    Aavalar Consulting, Inc.
    Swedesford Corporate Center
    649 Swedesford Road
    Malvern, PA 19355
    Phone: 610.889.9990 x12
    Toll Free: 877-4-AAVALAR
    Fax: 610.889.9995
    Cell: 267.278.2698
    Aavalar provides contract software developers,
    hardware engineers, systems administrators,
    database administrators/architects, etc.
    for Engineering as well as IT environments.
    Retained and contingency search, as well
    as recruitment process consulting is
    also provided for clients who are building
    in-house technical staff.

    I was just wondering if the call for an experienced LabVIEW developer with a background in Scanning Probe Microscopy is still open.
    Best regards
    Dr. Zoran Ristic

  • Test System Engineer / LabVIEW Developer

    As a member of the Nexjen Systems team, the Test System Engineer / LabVIEW Developer performs engineering design, software development and hardware specification for custom test & measurement systems.
    Nexjen Systems offers a challenging environment where you can:
    Develop your Engineering, Design and Software Development skills.
    Refine your communication skills through direct client interaction.
    Take responsibility for highly technical projects, with mentoring from experienced engineers.
    Add significant value to clients’ product development and engineering efforts.
    Nexjen Systems is a premier integrator of LabVIEW-based, automated test & measurement systems. We pride ourselves on providing a very high level of technical value to our clients through a range of services focused on test system engineering, construction and deployment. Nexjen Systems is located in Charlotte, our clients are located around the world. Learn more at .
    Position Requirements
    Engineering Degree (Electrical, Computer or Mechanical preferably).
    3-5 Years LabVIEW and/or TestStand Development Experience.
    3-5 Years Automated Test Equipment Design or Test Engineering Experience.
    Desire to grow as an Engineer/Developer in a challenging technical environment.
    PLEASE EMAIL RESUME' TO [email protected]

    It would appear at their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
    Certified LabVIEW Developer
    Senior Test Engineer
    Currently using LV 6.1-LabVIEW 2012, RT8.5
    LabVIEW Champion

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