Selecting data from Multiple Partitions in a single select stmt.

Hi all,
My Database is very large & my tables are partitioned.
My question is:
1) If my data is spread across multiple partitions, is there any way to select data from multiple partitions in a single query?
If we dont mention partition name also it works fine, but perofmance wise it will be very slow. (Using EXPLAIN PLAN)
(Note:I dont want to make use of Union concept, i want to do it in a single select statement)
For ex:
select empno from emp_trans partition (P012000)
This above query(qry1.sql) will work fine.
select empno from emp_trans partition (P012000,P022000)
The above query(qry2.sql) will return will return the following error:
ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
If anybody has any solution for this, pls mail me immediately.
Thanks in advance

All my queries are dynamically generated. All my tables are also indexed partition wise based on date field. My question is, if i want to mention multiple partition names at the time of generating my query(select), then with parformance will be good. I have refered some books, inthat what they say is to use UNION concept, i dont want to use that, instead i want in a single select statement.
Thaks for ur reply

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  • Move data from multiple Tables to a Single Table & Convert the list to ALV.

    My aim is to get the list of Materials with their descriptions, with MRP Controller, with Unrestriced Qty. & the Reorder Qty. So, I have to fetch the data from different tables. But finally I am not able to copy or move the fetched data from multiple tables into the single final table.
    Also tell me how to convert this list into ALV.
    Below is the program code.
    *& Report  Y_REORDER_REPORT
    tables : marc,makt, mard.
    DATA: Begin of i_final occurs 0,
            matnr type marc-matnr,
            maktx type makt-maktx,
            DISPO type marc-DISPO,
            MINBE type marc-MINBE,
            LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_final.
    DATA: Begin of i_marc occurs 0,
           matnr type marc-matnr,
           DISPO type marc-DISPO,
           MINBE type marc-MINBE,
          end of i_marc.
    DATA: Begin of i_makt occurs 0,
           matnr type makt-matnr,
           maktx type makt-maktx,
          end of i_makt.
    DATA: Begin of i_mard occurs 0,
           matnr type mard-matnr,
           LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_mard.
    SELECT  matnr
            minbe from marc
            into corresponding fields of table i_marc
            where dispo EQ 'STR'.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.'.
    LOOP at i_marc.
    Write: /10  i_marc-matnr,
            75  i_marc-dispo,
            80  i_marc-minbe.
    write: /.
    SELECT  matnr
            MAKTX from makt
            into corresponding fields of table i_makt
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_makt.
    Write: /10 i_makt-matnr,
            30 i_makt-maktx.
    SELECT  matnr
            LABST from mard
            into corresponding fields of table i_mard
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_mard.
    Write: /10 i_mard-matnr,
            30 I_MARD-LGORT,
            40 i_mard-labst.
    move  i_mard-matnr to i_final-matnr.
    move  i_marc-dispo to i_final-dispo.
    move  i_marc-minbe to i_final-minbe.
    move  i_makt-maktx to i_final-maktx.
    move  i_mard-labst to i_final-labst.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            30  'Material Desc.',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.',
            105 'Current Stock'.
    LOOP at i_final.
    Write: /10  i_final-matnr,
            30  i_final-maktx,
            75  i_final-dispo,
            80  i_final-minbe,
            105 i_final-labst.
    *LOOP at i_mard.
    *Write: /10  i_mard-matnr,
           30  i_makt-maktx,
           75  i_marc-dispo,
           80  i_marc-minbe,
           105 i_mard-labst.

    Change like this,
    SELECT matnr
    labst FROM mard
    WHERE matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP AT i_mard.
       WRITE: /10 i_mard-matnr,
       30 i_mard-lgort,
       40 i_mard-labst.
    LOOP AT i_marc.
       READ TABLE i_mard WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       READ TABLE i_makt WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       MOVE i_mard-matnr TO i_final-matnr.
       MOVE i_marc-dispo TO i_final-dispo.
       MOVE i_marc-minbe TO i_final-minbe.
       MOVE i_makt-maktx TO i_final-maktx.
       MOVE i_mard-labst TO i_final-labst.
       APPEND i_final.
    WRITE: /10 'Material',
    30 'Material Desc.',
    75 'MRP',
    80 'Reorder Qty.',
    105 'Current Stock'.

  • Displaying data from multiple columns into a single line graph

    Post Author: hollowmatrix
    CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting
    Hey,I have an issue with the WEBI reporting.I have a data source that has multiple columns say ( month1, month2, month3, month4,.....month 12, month 13, ....month24) with the sales data for each month.Now say I call the month 1 to month 12 as "current year", and call month 13 - month 24 as "previous year".I want to put a prompt in the report which allows  me to select between "current year" and "previous year".Based on the prompt value we get a graph of the sales vs month in if we select  "current year", then we get a graph of the sales Vs time( remember that the sales data for each month is in a different column.)and if we select  "previous year" then we get a graph of the sales Vs time for previous year..( sales vs time for Month 13, month 14, month 15....month 24).I am not able to pull data from multiple columns into a single object that I can use to populate the graphs.Any help on the same will be appreciated .   

    please click
    here (asktom) and look for the words "how about the other way round"

  • Select or deselect multiple rows with one single selection  event

    Does anyone know how to create a JTable which can select or deselect multiple rows with one single selection event in JTable. Fore example, if the table has
    What I need is when user select row1 or row2, both row1 and row2 should be set to be selected. Then if user press CTRL and click one of row3 or row4, both of them should be selected including the previouse selected row1 and row2.
    For deselection, if row1 and row2 are selected, when users deselect one of row1 or row2, both of them should be deselected.
    Hopefully someone can give me a hint.

    Here is a partial solution using a JList. Only one line gets highlighted when the user makes a selection in the list. But, two lines are returned. There is a blank line between every two lines.
         private void addLineToList() {
              String a = f_one.getText();
              String b = f_two.getText();
              if (a.length() == 0) {
                   Utils.showInformationMessage("Item field is empty.");
              if (b.length() == 0) {
                   Utils.showInformationMessage("Match field is empty.");
              model.addElement("item: " + a);
              model.addElement("match: " + b);
              model.addElement(" ");
              int size = model.getSize();
              pairList.setSelectedIndex(size - 3);
         private void editList() {
              if (pairList.getSelectedValue().toString().equalsIgnoreCase(" ")) {
              if (!f_one.getText().equals("")) {
                   int result = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(this,
                   "The Item field contains text. Replace the text?",
                   "Flash Card Activity", JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION,
                   if (result == JOptionPane.NO_OPTION) return;
              if (!f_two.getText().equals("")) {
                   int result = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(this,
                   "The Match field contains text. Replace the text?",
                   "Flash Card Activity", JOptionPane.YES_NO_OPTION,
                   if (result == JOptionPane.NO_OPTION) return;
              String item = "";
              String match = "";
              int index = pairList.getSelectedIndex();
              String choice = model.getElementAt(index).toString();
              if (choice.startsWith("item")) {
                   item = choice;
                   match = model.getElementAt(index + 1).toString();
              else {
                   item = model.getElementAt(index - 1).toString();
                   match = choice;
                   model.remove(index + 1);
                   model.remove(index - 1);
              int size = model.getSize();
              if (size > 2) {
                   pairList.setSelectedIndex(size - 2);

  • How to submit data from multiple Input Ports in single SUBMIT button  click

    I am in SPS8.
    What exactly steps I need to perform to submit data from multiple Input Ports.
    I couldn't able to submit One input Form and one Input Table to BAPI data service in single SUBMIT button click.
    I debugged the VC application in SPS8.
    While debugging, I found that when I click the SUBMIT button in the Input Form, Only data in that Input
    form are being passed to the BAPI, But not the Table Form data.
    If I click on the SUBMIT button in another Input Table, Only data from that table is being passed to the BAPI, but not the Input form data.
    Essentially I need to submit both of them in one SUBMIT button.

    From the word document that you sent to me the steps you are missing to map the appropriate information into the BAPI is first you are not mapping all data rows into the table input port. To do this double click on the input table view and change your selection mode from single to multiple. Then when you click on your link between the BAPI and your input table you will see a new option appears under data mapping "Mapping Scope" select All Data Rows.
    That's the first part of the problem to get the BAPI to recognize both the inputs coming from the form and the table eliminate the submit button from the form. Drag and drop a link from the output port of the table view to the Input port of the BAPI. Double click on the link between the BAPI and the table view and open the expressions editor for the two fields:
    1/ Automatic Source
    On the hierarchical folder structure on the right expand expand the Data Fields node to find the fields from the form and map them accordingly.
    Now when you hit the submit button on your table it should pass the BAPI all the parameters from both the form and the table.
    Hope this helps,

  • How do you receive data from multiple people on a single port?

    I am trying to make a server where it receives the data from multiple users and then send it back to them all- multicasting audio to be exact. I tried setting it up but when i open the RTP session i get "can't open local data port" if i have more than one used connected to me. Does anyone have a solution? I didnt find much on the samples page and the multicast example from
    didnt help either- i used the same ipaddress for the initialize and addtarget but i get "Local Data AddressDoes not belong to any of this hosts local interfaces". I am really in a pickle... If anyone can help me out that would be great!
    EX: If A,B,C want to multicast they will all send to Server S using port 3000. Server S will create listeners for each of them using port 3000 and when received data it will send back to all of them at 4000. This is what i am trying to do... should i make multiple threads? would that help? thanks and please help!

    To send to everyone, you can send to a multicast address (choose one from to, on a given port (2000). I don't have any code example here but it should very similar to unicast. As you said, you just have to register the Session and add a target with this same address.
    I don't have any example myself, but you should find code example of both server and client around. It is a very common usage of jmf rtp.
    I don't know how to mix several audio streams together (never had to do this), so I'm afraid I can't answer your other questions, sorry... The only way to know if it will slow down the transmission is to try. :)

  • Select data from multiple servers(instances)

    Hi All,
    Is possible that we can login to SQLPLUS of one server and be able
    to select data from other servers. For MSSQL server we can use
    opendatasource but I don't know if in ORACLE we can
    get the data from other servers by login to SQLPLUS of one server.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Please try this ...
    SELECT *
    SELECT *
    SELECT *
    To download to PC or application server, please check this sample codes.
    Ferry Lianto
    Please reward points if helpful.

  • How to select data from multiple dropdowns(HTMLDB)

    How to get the data from multiple dropdowns in the same report. Both the dropdowns are gerring data from the same table.
    abc-1st dropdown
    pqr-2nd dropdown.
    when abc and pqr are blank, it should display all records by default. If abc="some value" and pqr is empty then it should display all values corresponding to abc.

    I think this might be something you are looking for:
    There are some examples on how to modify your SQL to get it working the way you want.
    Denes Kubicek

  • Extracting specific data from multiple text files to single CSV

    Unfortunately my background is not scripting so I am struggling to piece together a powershell script to achieve the below. Hoping an experienced powershell scripter can provide the answer. Thanks in advance.
    I have a folder containing approx. 2000 label type files that I need to extract certain information from to index a product catalog. Steps to be performed within the script as I see are:
    1. Search folder for *.job file types
    2. Search the files for certain criteria and where matched return into single CSV file
    3. End result should be a single CSV with column headings:
    b) MODEL
    c) BARCODE                                                                                                                   

    # Script to extract data from .job files and report it in CSV
    # Sam Boutros - 8/24/2014
    $CSV = ".\myfile.csv" # Change this filename\path as needed
    $Folders = "d:\sandbox" # You can add multiple search folders as "c:\folder1","\\server\share\folder2"
    # End Data entry section
    if (-not (Test-Path -Path $CSV)) {
    Write-Output """Description"",""Model"",""Barcode""" | Out-File -FilePath $CSV -Encoding ascii
    $Files = Get-ChildItem -Path $Folders -Include *.job -Force -Recurse
    foreach ($File in $Files) {
    $FileContent = Get-Content -Path $File
    $Keyword = "viewkind4"
    if ($FileContent -match $Keyword) {
    for ($i=0; $i -lt $FileContent.Count; $i++) {
    if ($FileContent[$i] -match $Keyword) {
    $Description = $FileContent[$i].Split("\")[$FileContent[$i].Split("\").Count-1]
    } else {
    Write-Host "Keyword $Keyword not found in file $File" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    $Keyword = "Code:"
    if ($FileContent -match $Keyword) {
    for ($i=0; $i -lt $FileContent.Count; $i++) {
    if ($FileContent[$i]-match $Keyword) {
    $Parts = $FileContent[$i].Split(" ")
    for ($j=0; $j -lt $Parts.Count; $j++) {
    if ($Parts[$j] -match $Keyword) {
    $Model = $Parts[$j+1].Trim()
    $Model = $Model.Split("\")[$Model.Split("\").Count-1]
    } else {
    Write-Host "Keyword $Keyword not found in file $File" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    $Keyword = "9313"
    if ($FileContent -match $Keyword) {
    for ($i=0; $i -lt $FileContent.Count; $i++) {
    if ($FileContent[$i] -match "9313") {
    $Index = $FileContent[$i].IndexOf("9313")
    $Barcode = $null
    for ($j=0; $j -lt 12; $j++) {
    $Barcode += $FileContent[$i][($Index+$j)]
    } else {
    Write-Host "Keyword $Keyword not found in file $File" -ForegroundColor Yellow
    Write-Output "File: '$File', Description: '$Description', Model: '$Model', Barcode: '$Barcode'"
    Write-Output """$Description"",""$Model"",""$Barcode""" | Out-File -FilePath $CSV -Append -Encoding ascii
    Sam Boutros, Senior Consultant, Software Logic, KOP, PA (Please take a moment to Vote as Helpful and/or Mark as Answer, where applicable)

  • Create a view to shows data from multiple rows in a single column

    Hi all - this is probably posted in the wrong forum but I couldn't find which was the correct one.
    I am almost a complete novice at sql but I have a need to create a view which can be developed at 10g (which runs efficiently as the volumes are likely to be high) which will do the following.
    Original table with columns Parent_code, Child_code
    Parent_Code Child_Code
    1000 2000
    1000 3000
    1000 4000
    2000 3000
    2000 5000
    (note Parents can have multiple children and a child can have multiple parents!)
    What I need to end up with in my view is the following
    Child_Code Parent_List
    2000 '1000 (3)'
    3000 '1000 (3), 2000 (2)'
    4000 '1000 (3)'
    5000 '2000 (2)'
    Note the number in parantheses is the number of children that the parent has - ie in the original table parent 1000 has 3 rows (one for each child)
    This view is then to be used as a look up (on child code) for a business objects report.
    Is there anyone who could PLEASE, PLEASE help me fairly quickly on this as I have very little time to find a solution?

    You can test these ones :
    select child_code
         , ltrim(sys_connect_by_path(parent_info,', '), ', ') as parent_list
    from (
      select child_code
           , to_char(parent_code) ||
             ' (' ||
             count(*) over(partition by parent_code) ||
             ')' as parent_info
           , row_number() over(partition by child_code order by parent_code) rn
      from your_table
    where connect_by_isleaf = 1
    connect by prior rn = rn-1
           and prior child_code = child_code
    start with rn = 1
    select child_code,
               xmlagg(xmlelement("e",parent_info||', ') order by parent_info)
             , '//text()'
           ) as parent_list
    from (
      select child_code,
             to_char(parent_code) ||
             ' (' ||
             count(*) over(partition by parent_code) ||
             ')' as parent_info
      from your_table
    group by child_code
    ;What you need is called "string aggregation".
    See here for various techniques, including the two above :

  • SELECT data from two databases

    I have two databases that I need to select data from in a
    single SELECT. Using DWs Advanced window for creating the select I
    don't see any way to select more than 1 Connection. Both databases
    have unique user and passwords but reside on the same server. Any
    idea how I can write a single SELECT to get data from both dbs. I
    assumed it would be similar to selecting data from multiple tables
    within the same db but the connection part is stumping me. Any
    ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    TouchstonePress wrote:
    > Page 48, Developing a Web Database Application . . .
    speaks about making a
    > database with two related TABLES each with the same
    PRIMARY KEY column with
    > which to identify a customer using their unique number.
    That's the basic technique for joining two tables in the same
    The original poster has tables in different databases that
    different user accounts and passwords.
    Although it's possible to join two databases, you cannot do
    it unless
    you have one user account with the same privileges on both
    David Powers, Adobe Community Expert
    Author, "The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3" (friends of
    Author, "PHP Solutions" (friends of ED)

  • How to select data from structure

    how to select data from structure

    Hi Laxman,
    Structure holds single record of data. You can acess data by using the syntax <b>Structure-field</b>
    Please see sample.
    data: wa_mara  type mara.
    select *
              from  mara
              into wa_mara
              up to 1 rows.
    write:/ wa_mara-mandt,
    if helps plz reward points.
    Bhupal Reddy

  • ** Is it possible to give select command from multiple tables in JDBC

    Hi Friends,
    Is it possible to give the select command to select data from multiple tables directly in the 'Query SQL statement' in JDBC sender communication channel ? (Instead of Stored Procedure)
    Thanking you.
    Kind Regards,
    Jeg P.

    here is a sample:
    Table #1
    Name EmpId Status
    Jai 5601 0
    Karthik 5579 0
    Table #2
    Name Contactnumber
    Jai 9894268913
    Jai 04312432431
    Karthik 98984110335
    Karthik 04222643993
    select Header.Name, Header.EmpId, Item.Contactnumber from Header,Item where Header.Name = (select min(Header.Name) from Header where Header.Status = 0) and Header.Name = Item.Name
    Regards Mario

  • Parsing of select query "select col1 from temp PARTITION(P01)" is failing.

    Hi there,
    create table temp (col1 varchar(255)) parallel partition by hash(col1) (partition p01, partition p02 ,partition p03)
    "select col1 from temp PARTITION(P01)"
    The above select query is failing while parsing in antlr-2.7.5.jar.
    Caused by: com.database.sqlparser.InvalidSQLException:
         at com.database.sqlparser.SQLParserHelper.doParseSelectQuery(
         at com.database.sqlparser.SQLParserHelper.parseSelectQuery(
         at com.database.jdbc.JDBCQuery.executeQuery(
         at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Unknown Source)
         at Source)
         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source)
         at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
         ... 1 more
    Caused by: line 1:70: unexpected token: (
         at com.database.sqlparser.ANSISQLParser.select_query(
         at com.database.sqlparser.SQLParserHelper.doParseSelectQuery(
         ... 9 more
    Edited by: user1945932 on Apr 5, 2010 7:33 AM

    It would appear that the java backtrace here came from either client or middle tier java rather than java running in the database server. If so, this isn't the appropriate forum for this question. The JVM forum is for questions related to the Oracle proprietary Java VM that runs in the database server. Unfortunately I can't suggest a more appropriate forum as I don't recognize the code that appears to be in use.

  • Can I use Visual Basic to covert form user data from multiple .pdf files to a single .csv file?

    Can I use Visual Basic to covert form user data from multiple .pdf files to a single .csv file?  If so, how?

    You can automate Acrobat using IAC (InterApplication Communications), as documented in the Acrobat SDK. Your program could loop through a collection of PDFs, load them in Acrobat, extract the form data from each, and generate a CSV file that contains the data.
    Acrobat can also do this with its "Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet" function, but this is a manual process.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I have class (say A) which has an inner class (say B). There is a method(say m1) in A which has a return type as a Vector (say v1). The skeletal of the code is as :- public class A { public A (String mesg) { System.out.println(mesg); //inner clas

  • HP Printer (scan function) not compatible with Time Capsule

    I bought a HP Deskjet 4580 and it is recognized by OSX 10.6.6 as 4500 series. I have downloaded latest drivers via Software Update (today - Jan 20th 2011) and the scanner works fine when plugged in to USB. I can see it in the Airport Utility and inst