Selecting Graphics Behind Text

I’m using Pages ’08 and working with a neat, layered, grouped graphic. There are three layers: a dark background graphic, a lighter middle graphic, and white text in a text box on top. All three use the exact same dimensions and are stacked one on top of the other for a total of three layers, grouped. None of the layers cause wrap.
I’d like to select one of the graphics to edit the color and find that I cannot do it without ungrouping the items, moving the text layer out of the way, applying the new color, putting the text layer back in place, and then regrouping everything. It seems like unnecessary steps. It seems as if I should be able to use a modifier key and do a series of clicks to activate the layer that I want, much like when I used QuarkXPress and InDesign. Is there a similar key stroke in Pages?
The user’s manual says “To select a floating object that’s behind text, place the pointer outside the text area, press the Command key, and then drag across the page until the object’s selection handles appear.” That doesn’t solve my concern, though.
I've attached a sample of what my graphic looks like. It would be great if there were key strokes to use. If not I'll have to go back to each instance of the graphic and make changes to each one.
Please let me know if you have an idea of how to make this work.

Pages does not have any modifier keys to click down through layers like other DTP software.
Unlocking and staggering the layers is the only way. There is an averaging command that does however let you centre them back on top of each other.
Greetings from sunny Broome.

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    and export it correctly for Dreamweaver import.I have text that
    sits on artwork. Instead of having it output as just an image with
    image maps, I want the background behind the text to be an image
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    Use the image as a background in your Dreamweaver. You can
    then do what
    you want.
    escargo wrote:
    > This may be the most obvious question, but I need help
    understanding how I can
    > output a finished page design in Fireworks and export it
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    > Dreamweaver import.I have text that sits on artwork.
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    > Thanks!

  • Anchoring Object to a Paragraph Style? Objects behind text

    I am trying to anchor an graphic object to a paragraph style that is a numbered paragraph.  I have set up my numbering and I want a single graphic to be anchored to the number so it appears behind the number each time I choose that paragrah style.
    Is this possible to do?
    Or perhaps I should ask how other people put graphics behind bullets or numbers and have them anchor to the text...
    I sure could use soem help with this; it seems like it should be easy...

    I found this intriguing, so I thought I'd see what I could come up with.
    I made a numbered paragraph style, to start. Then I made a Cyan filled ellipse, which I anchored in front of the first word in one of the paragraphs, and changed the positioning to custom and made sure it was relative to the anchor, and turned off keep within frame boundaries, to allow me to position it "behind" the number. As emmanuel points out, anchored objects are actually in front of the text, so so far it's not working.
    I selected the ellipse and changed it's blend mode to multiply. This will not change it's color where it is over white, but it will darken wherever it is on top of another color, creating a rich black number, for example, if you used black text. Looks pretty good now.
    Select the ellipse and create a new object style based on it. This will by default include the blend mode and anchored object parameters, and be sure the style is applied to the selected ellipse. Now cut the ellipse and paste it on the pastboard out of the way so you don't lose it.
    As long as the object is on the clipboard you can use it for a find/change operation, so you can do that now, or later, just by copying it again when it's convenient. The find/change needs to be a GREP search for ^(.) which means find any character at the beginning of a paragraph, and replace with ~c$1 which means replace with the formatted contents of the clipboard and the found character. Be sure to set the find formatting options to the numbered paragraph style.
    Because you gave the object an object style that includes the blend mode and positioning, and you pasted it as a formatted object, those attributes are preserved and the graphic will be positioned correctly for each paragraph.

  • Copy and paste graphics and text in Acrobat 9 Pro

    I'm a new user of Acrobat Pro and am trying to copy a combination of text and graphics from the top half of a page to the blank bottom half of the page. I've not had much success with what I thought would be a simple thing to do and would welcome suggestions. Here's a summary of the options I've tried so far for graphics, text, and both text and graphics.
    A. Graphic Alone:
    1. When I use the Select Object Tool, I can highlight the graphic but when I unclick the left mouse button, the highlighting disappears, so I can't copy the graphic.
    2. When I use theTouchup Object Tool, only an oblong portion of the graphic is highlighted when I click on the object. The only way to highlight all of the graphic is to hold down the shift key and click on successive portions of the graphic until I have highlighted all of it. When I then right-click the mouse, I can copy the graphic. However, when I then place the mouse cursor in the bottom half of the page and do a righ-click paste, the graphic appears to be pasted on top of the original graphic. I can then drag the graphic to the bottom half of the page. I can also paste the object on to a blank page from Create PDF>Blank Page. Overall, this is not elegant nor intuitive, but it does work.
    B. Text Alone:
    1. I can copy the text but when it is pasted, it is not formatted like the orginal, nor can I place it where I want on the bottom half of the page. This is true whenther I use the basic copy function or the Touchup Text Tool.
    2. When I use the Touchup Object Tool and click on the text, Acrobat places similarly-formatted text in a box that I can then right-click and copy. I can then paste the text on a blank page with the text formatted identical to the way it was on the original page. With several blocks of text formatted differently, this procedure could work but would require a lot of work to create a format with placement identical to the original.
    C. Text and Graphics Together
    1. When I use the Touchup Object Tool and attempt to highlight the top half of the page, the Tool insists on including the blank bottom half of the page in its selection. I can copy everything on the page but I haven't found a way to select just the objects in the top half of the page -- I can copy some, but the selected objects aren't highlighted and so this isn't a satisfactory route. It seems obvious to me that Touchup Object should be able to select just the objects I want. But then, even the Select Object Tool doesn't do that, either -- it Selects an object but then you can't do anything with the object.
    2. Using the snapshot tool, I can highlight both graphics and text and copy them -- I can even export them them to another program via the clipboard and create an external file. However -- regardless of whether I just copy and paste, or do a  Touchup Object file import, or whether the file is bitmap or jpg -- when I paste the resulting object or file onto a page in Acrobat, the image always comes out at 200% of its orginal size. I looked for a Resize option, but couldn't find one.
    This is all very time-consuming and frustrating since what I am trying to do is not rocket science. Surely there is a simple way to do this.
    By the way, there are no security restrictions on the file.

    In response to both " that normal?" — Yes.
    PDF is not a file format meant to support editing of layout/format/etc or text content creation.
    You'd master content in an authoring application (FrameMaker, InDesign, MS Word, etc.).
    The PDF file is the output of this mastered content.
    Some minor touchups are possible with Acrobat (think whiteout/correction tape on a printed piece of paper -- PDF page content is the electronic "finished paper").
    With that said, you might play with File > Create PDF > From Blank Page and use the Typewriter tool to enter text.
    To output MS Word content to PDF use the Adobe PDFMaker.
    Prior to Word 2007, you'd use "Adobe PDF" on the menu line.
    With Word 2007, you'd use the Acrobat Ribbon features.
    Be well...

  • HT3705 how i can solve format behind text troubleshoot?

    when im goin to move a picture, i go to format objects, and then select layout, then i select behind text and press ok... and this message is pop up:
    "the serve application,souce file, or item cannot be found. make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or removed"
    what i may do?

    Where do you go to format objects? In the menu? Where do you select layout? Nor can I find "behind text". Could you describe what you do with the wording that is in Pages?

  • Acrobat reader 9 problem selecting graphics

    I have a pdf file that contains both text and graphics. When I open it into Reader I can usually use the Select Tool to copy graphics out of the document. On one of my computers, though, I can't select any of the graphics. Is there an option that got accidentally switched or something?Why would I be able to select graphics on all but one of my computers?

    Reader forum:

  • SAPScript: Positioning a Window (Graphic) behind the main window

    I want to print a graphic behind the main window. But I am not able positioning a window or graphic-window behind the main window. The result is that my graphic always shows up in front of the printed text of the main window and not behind the text of the main window, as I wish. I thought that the order of the windows determines which windows is on top? But I am not able of putting a window before the 'MAIN' design window.
    Regards, Lars.

    Hi Lars
    Please check the following thread:
    ABAP Development
    I think, trick must be in 'TYPE'.
    Try to explore what options you can have (here it is BMON). I will also try.
    Ashish Jain

  • Images Behind Text in RTF Template

    While creating a few rtf templates, I noticed that if an image is to be shown behind text then the image will not render to back to .rtf by bi pub.
    If I put the image inline with text, it renders just fine.
    Am I missing a step that would allow me to render the image behind text or is it just working as intended?
    Oracle BI Publisher
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Crawler409 on Dec 17, 2010 2:49 PM
    Edited by: Crawler409 on Dec 17, 2010 2:50 PM

    Can you pl. send me the RTF template and sample XML. I will try to fix the template.
    chundi ([email protected])

  • Move graphics with text--but not inline--in PM...??

    Hello, is there a way in PageMaker to move graphics with text but not inline? I ask because right now I see two options for graphics:
    --inline, so you cannot place the graphic exactly where you want AND the text only flows way above or below--but not next to--the graphic
    --independent so you can place the graphic exactly where you want and the text DOES flow right next to the graphic, but then the graphic doesn't move with the text
    I'd like to be able to place graphics exactly where I want AND have them move with the text, like the "Move object with text" option in Word.
    thank you!

    well it has been a while since i used PageMaker so i didn't realize it was "dead."
    though i'm not surprised and am kind of glad. i was hired into a new job recently
    to work on a department newsletter, and i'm trying to find a good authoring program
    within our budget. right now the newsletter is in Word but we've had a lot of problems
    with Word so i'm seeking an alternate solution. i'd like Frame but again there isn't
    enough money in the budget. i need a good option that is $500 or less...i'm trying Publisher
    now too but not enough functionality...

  • Selecting type with text tool - grabbing lines

    This is has happened in the past but much more so with my current version of illustrator (I have CS2). When I use the text tool to revise text, it seems to want to select whatever lines are closest to the text rather than the text. This is very frustrating - I want my text tool to select whatever TEXT it is closest too, not lines. Is this a fault of the program or is there a setting somewhere I can change to make this happen less, or preferably, not at all?

    Pressing Alt is
    supposed to force-toggle the infuriating text tool between the TypeTool and the TypeOnAPathTool.
    So if the path that you don't want to turn into a PathType object is an open unfilled path (like a manually-drawn underline, and it is in front of the text object you want to edit, this seems to work, when the TypeTool is selected:
    1. Press Ctrl to momentarily invoke the most recently-used pointer. Select the underlying text object.
    2. Release Ctrl. The TypeTool cursor returns. Note that when the cursor is in proximity to the path, it changes to the TypeOnAPathTool cursor (the one with the wavy line).
    3. Press Alt. Note that the cursor changes to the TypeTool, and has a circle around it. Click and you should enter the text, not create a PathType object.
    However, as far as I can figure out (actually, as far as I can bear to muck with this awful interface), this does not work correctly if the unwanted path is filled. Try this:
    1. Create a text object with some text in it.
    2. Draw a filled rectangle that overlays just part of the text.
    3. TypeTool: Press Alt to momentarily invoke a pointer. Click the text object to select it.
    4. Release Alt. TypeTool comes back.
    5. Hover within proximity to the filled rectangle. The cursor becomes the normal TypeTool cursor enclosed in a circle.
    This suggests that a click will enter the text, not create a PathType. Alas, it creates a PathType anyway. Try it again, this time pressing Alt. Pressing Alt makes the cursor change to the TypeOnAPath cursor, with no circle around it. Clicking creates a PathType.
    Worst text-handling interface I have ever seen.

  • How to get the value from select list to text box

    I have a select list i want to retrieve the value from select list to text box.
    How can i do that???

    Hi Sakthi,
    Yo can use the Java script for that..
    Dynamically the value will come into text box.
    Use the below script.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function disFormItems()
    var lReturn = $v(here your select list name)
    document.getElementById(here your text box name).value =lReturn; }

  • How do I select the entire text when the focus is moved to one TextBox?

    How do I select the entire text when the focus is moved to one TextBox?
    There are three TextBoxes.  I use <TextBox TabIndex="1"/> to set the order they are selected.  When I enter one specific TextBox, I would like to have the entire text selected ... one key stroke removes all of the text in that TextBox.

    I do it the following way:
    1.  Override the OnStartup for the application.  Use the following code: (VB.NET)
    EventManager.RegisterClassHandler(GetType(TextBox), TextBox.GotFocusEvent, New RoutedEventHandler(AddressOf TextBox_GotFocus))
    2.  In the event handler use this code (again VB.NET)
    Private Sub TextBox_GotFocus(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)
    _theTextBox = CType(sender, TextBox)
    If setFocusTimer IsNot Nothing Then
    RemoveHandler setFocusTimer.Tick, AddressOf setFocusTimer_Tick
    End If
    setFocusTimer = New DispatcherTimer
    setFocusTimer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(10)
    AddHandler setFocusTimer.Tick, AddressOf setFocusTimer_Tick
    End Sub
    Private Sub setFocusTimer_Tick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
    End Sub
    What this does is register a handler for every textbox in your application.  This will execute when the GotFocus event is raised and will allow you to do whatever (in this case select all) you want.  A great way of handling things at the application
    Lloyd Sheen

  • Is there a way for a form user to load graphics and text in same field?

    I am aware that you can load text into a text field and graphics into an image field.  However, I would like to load a document containing text and graphics (e.g., MS Word or RTF) into a single field on a PDF form.  Is there any way to do this?

    I believe that the example of attaching a file that you have provided will solve the problem.  I am using LiveCycle Designer, so using the code that is in your example should be no problem.  The end-user will use Adobe Reader, so as you mentioned, I will use Acrobat to extend the features so that the form can be used by Reader.
    Thanks so much for your help,
    From: pguerett <[email protected]>
    To: Daniel Beinart <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 3:03 PM
    Subject: Re: Is there a way for a form user to load graphics and text in same field?
    It is part of the PDF AcroForm side of things .....Are you using Reader or Acrobat to fill the form. If Reader then you will have to Reader Extend to make this work ....if Acrobat then you simply need to add some code. I have attached a sample that shows you how to do it if you want it.

  • Anchored objects behind text

    Is there a way to make an anchored box sit behind text? I have a section title with section numbers. I would like to place a piece of art behind all the section numbers. The box always comes out on top. I can create a new paragraph style with autonumbering for the section into it, place it over the art, group it, and then anchor it. The only problem is, now the section numbers won't show up in the running head. Any ideas? I'm using CS3. I used to be able to do this in FrameMaker. Thanks.

    Can't be done with anchored objects - sorry.
    But you can convert your text to a table - and that can put a background in there.
    Use Paragraph Rules to highlight a line of text or a pargraph of text

  • Select and edit text Adobe Reader 8.1.2 & Mac OS10.5

    How does one select and edit text in a PDF Adobe Read document with Mac OS 10.5? Step by step directions would be appreciated.

    Wasn't sure since this isn't the Reader forum.
    No. Can't do that then.

Maybe you are looking for

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    am using orace forms 6i and i want to connect to sql database to use the tables there i can seem to do that with odbc cos it is asking for 'oracle open client adaptor', please can somebody tell me how and where i can get this adaptor driver.

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    Hello Experts, We are working on SAP IP implementation project in which we are using STS (Status tracking system). STS is dependent on hierarchy and setup of STS involves manual efforts for each node. In our system there are close to 5000 cost center

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  • Alv field with f4 help without using class

    Hi, Can any one give me a program of "Alv field with f4 help without using class". Thanking you in advance.