Selections tools not working properly in Photoshop CC 2014

Just installed Photoshop CC 2014. For some reason I cannot get my quick selection tool and quick mask to work properly. I can make a selection but when I try to make a mask I get all kinds of artifacting going on. I try to use quick select to clean up the artifacting to no avail, in fact I start to get different artifacting in the selection that cannot be removed by the brush tool. HELP. To bad I uninstalled Photoshop CC. Can I reinstall Photoshop CC somehow? Anybody out there with the same problems? The focus area will not work also?

At this moment, I have tried : Reset the "Adobe Photoshop Settings File" (When you open Photoshop, push "option + command + shift" for Apple).
Not ok.
See here.

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  • Selection tools not working properly -- Illustrator CS6

    The two selection tools in CS6 Illustrotor not working properly.  They don't select the object when I click and drag a box around them and the handles on drawing path won't stay highlighted when I use the direct selection tool so I can adjust them -- Worked in Illustrator for about 12 years and never had this problem.

    Have you tried:
    View > Show edges

  • Text select tool not working properly

    When I use the text select tool, it selects columns, not words in a row, which is what I want. It used to work correctly. I am using Acrobat Pro, version 9.0.0.
    I tried adding the ALT key, with no good result.

    Is it with this specific document o any pdf you work on?
    If it was earlier working fine for you, try repairing Acrobat  by going to 'Help' menu > Repair Acrobat.
    Also make sure you have updated it to the latest patch.

  • Quick Select Tool not working properly

    Hi Guys
    I have a large photo merge image and wanted to content aware fill the missing bits. When i try to use the select tool it selects while i hold my mouse button down but as soon as i let go it seems to either disappear or jump to somewhere totally different. This only happens in the checkered part with no image, i can select things fine within the image itself.
    My guess is that it won't work because the image is too large?? 48k x 5k
    Thought i might just try the Spot Healing Brush instead, didn't seem to handle things too well.
    Just to add to this, nothing to do with the size of the image as i can't select on a much small image either. Basically i can only select the actaully photo rather than the checkered part around the outside when i want to content fill.

    After you ctrl click on the layer to load the layers transparency:
    (click on the below screenshots for larger views)
    Select>Modify>Expand and use a value of about 10 pixels
    (varies depending on how big your pano is)
    then Edit>Fill>Content Aware
    You still might have to touch up some areas as the one above still needs.

  • Selection tool not working properly

    As I am dragging the tool it is selecting as it should but as soon as I stop dragging the area I was trying to select has a bunch of random sections which are no longer selected.  When I then try to add to the selection, it simply changes which sections are selected and not selected.  I cannot get it to just select as I want it to. 
    Therefor, when I select via layer I end up with this.
    Please help.

    Your using the quick selection tool in add mode with a large brush size and who knows what other brush settings.  Try reducing the brush size and play with the other brush setting too. Look at the black dash outline your selection compared to the one on her forehead made using a smaller brush. However even with a 25% space 96 px brush I have no problem selecting the background. Try resetting your preferences.

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12: dropdown boxes for tools not working properly in Win 8.1

    Elements 12 system requirements are indicated up to Windows 8.  Does that mean it should also work on any Windows 8 upgrades, more specifically 8.1?  The drop-down boxes for the tools are not working properly in the program.  I've installed it, uninstalled it, and installed it again with the same results.  It worked fine on my old computer with Vista.

    Yes PSE12 will work on 8.1
    If problems persist try re-setting the prefs.
    Go to: Edit >> Preferences >> General (Photoshop Elements menu on Mac)
    Click the button Reset Preferences on next Launch

  • HELP!!!! Path selection tool not working.

    Earlier today my path selection tool was working fine. I was able to add vectors and move them around. Now all it is doing is moving the
    whole shape instead of the selected vector. I tried restarting the program, opening different projects and I even tried rebooting the PC all together. Still works the same. I dont know what happened or how to fix it. I really wanted to push out a project before 5pm CST I would be ever so grateful if someone knew how to fix this.

    Hi, LarissaPryor. I'm afraid you've made a wrong turn somewhere, since Photoshop Elements has no Path Selection tool, so you must have full Photoshop. Better to ask in the appropriate Photoshop forum. For windows:
    for mac:
    Good luck!

  • Can no longer access iPhoto from the iMovie camera browser..not working. Also the Inspector tool not working properly. Cannot change clip duration.

    How can I fix the INSPECTOR Tool?   Clip duration is not working properly, it is very erratic.  You type a number and a different one comes up on the clip.
    Suddenly the iPhoto Camera browser in iMovie is not working properly either.  Can not access my iPhotos to include them in iMovie project.

    Have you tried this?
    From the "HOME" screen, go to "SETTINGS > PRIVACY > PHOTOS" and see if iMovie is listed in the "PHOTOS" page. If it is, then tap the iMovie switch to "ON"
    Now your Videos & Photos should be accessible in the iMovie App.

  • Why is my selection tool not working when trying to rotate or scale?

    I cant get my selection tool to work when I'm trying to scale or rotate an image. It only works to select and move.

    Maybe View>Show Bounding Box.

  • Eyedropper Tool Not Working Properly: Photoshop CC 2014

    I have the very latest version of Photoshop CC 2014. But, even before updating, all of a sudden, my eyedropper tool isn't working properly. It used to be that I could pick up a color from any place on the image, no matter what layer I was on. Now, it seems that layer MUST be the active one for the eyedropper tool to pick up the color. So, what's going on?
    If it means anything, I recently updated from OS X 10.8.5 to 10.9.5.

    So, what's going on?
    Possibly you paid no attention to the Tool’s settings in the Options Bar.

  • Magic Quick Selection Tool NOT working right. Help please?

    We've used the magic quick selection tool lots and most of the time it works well.
    It's very slow.............. v  e r y slow and I'm wondering if there's a patch to download from Adobe or
    what to do to fix this.  We have pictures to edit and it's making the editing torture.  Please help?
    Thank you so much. tkccvalentine

    It's the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements 9 and I'm trying to get the background and make it another layer so I can even out the color of the background then bring down the transparency.  Not sure if that makes sense.  I'm new to this....  Sometimes the area it will grab can go ...not fast.. but not slow.  Sometimes it's like it's just messed up and literally takes 30 seconds to process each move.  I rebooted my computer and re opened it and it helped a little.  It's not clear what causes it when it messes up and when it doesn't.  Just frustrating.  It's probably user error because I'm so new at Photoshop.   Thanks for your input.   I really appreciate it.

  • Quick selection tool not working correctly

    I am trying to extract a portion of a photo...i tried using the selection tool to extract the portion on another picture, and it worked GREAT!
    Now i'm trying to use it in another photo and the refine image tool isn't extracting it into a new layer like it did with the other one!
    is there something that i may have clicked or turned off that is preventing me from making this extraction??

      Could you be more specifc as to what you are doing here?
      You mention using selections tools, including the Quick Selection tool, but these tools only create selections, they do not extract the material you have selected. A selection is like highlighting text in a word processor, after you have highlighted the text you can copy/paste it or modify it, but simply highlighting it doesn't do anything. Same with selections, once you have created a selection with a tool like Quick Selection you can how copy/paste it to a new image or perform adjustments to just that area.
      I'm not sure what you mean by the "refine image tool", we don't have anything by that name. However, we do have a Refine Edge option that helps to make cleaner edges to your selection.

  • Perspective Selection Tool not working

    I can't figure out why the selection tool won't work.  When active, I can't grab an object to move it and the icon next to the selection arrow is a line with an arrow pointing to the left, like this
    Any suggestions?

    That is normal and the correct icon, showing you are on the left plane. Is your item locked or on a locked layer, or in a mask? Watch the appearance paeltte to tell you what type of selection you have.
    Try drawing a new rectangle as a test to see what is working and what is not.
    With the Perspective Selection tool, the active planes in the perspective grid are indicated by the following pointers.
    Left Grid Plane
    Right Grid Plane
    Horizontal Grid Plane
    The keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, 3 switch you between planes

  • The selection tool not working

    The selection tool in Illustrator is not functioning as normal. It won't allow me to automatically click on a path or group of objects and show the rectangular marquee that automatically gives me a corner to grab and scale the selected items. How can I get this function to work again?

    Sounds like you are missing the bounding box. Got to View>Show Bounding Box.

  • Selection tool not working and cannot select layers

    Just loaded up cs5 w/ indesign and tried to start using indesign. To my dismay the selection tool and the layers will not high light when pointed to or work when clicked upon. these are the only tool i've found not to be working so far. 

    Are you using Windows 7, if so, see InDesign tools and panels don't respond to mouse clicks (Windows 7/Vista)
    If not, what is the OS, and what language is the installation of ID?

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