Send a ring tone via blue tooth

hi!! im again!!,i want to know how i can send a ring tone or data via bluetooth to another device??

I have just answered this for you in your other post. Go into your media icon. Highlight the ringtone you want to send then hit the menu key and select send using bluetooth.
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  • Receive ring tones via blue tooth from anothe cellphone!!!!

    how can i do it????
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    Greetings, and welcome to the Support Forums.
    On your BB, go to the Media Icon > Menu > Receive using Bluetooth. Let the other device send.
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  • Sending contacts from iphone via blue tooth

    Is it possible to do this? Please help?

    The iPhone's bluetooth is only available for headsets at the moment. Downside obviously, but try to sync with Microsoft Outlook on your computer if you have it. Another option is the ZYB web application.

  • I am trying to print via blue tooth to a canon printer.  so soon as I send a document it fails

    I am trying to print via blue tooth to a canon printer.  so soon as I send a document it fails

    It may be a problem with your printer. Try posting on a Canon forum. Often times it is not your Mac.
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  • TS3274 how would i send my pictures from my ipad to my laptopo or computor via blue tooth?

    Hi guys...
    How would i send my pictures from my Ipad to my laptop/computer via blue tooth?

    Good afternoon
    Apple devices do not support Bluetooth file transfer.
    You can use iTunes or Photostream (if you have iCloud up ad running on both devices).  You can also send your Photos directly to apps such as Dropbox.
    Hope this helps

  • Can't sync entourage w/ mac bookpro to blackberry 8130 via blue tooth

    if you can help me sync my blackberry 8130 with my macbook pro running 10.5.2 via bluetooth i will be your best friend...
    i have a brand new mac bookpro running 10.5.2...right now i can confirm the devices are paired. i can send and receive mp3s and pictures to the berry via blue tooth. i can also sync via calender and contacts with entourage via USB cable using missing sync (which i bought a copy of) and pocketmac (which is free and i have installed)
    i just can't sync the calender and contacts via bluetooth to entourage. please help!!!

    hi there,.,. I dont think you will have any luck with this... black berry doesn't support it... get used to the cable...
    BTW: cant even get my MBP to find the blackberry via bluetooth

  • Need to Disable file sharing via blue tooth?

    Hi Team,
    Please let me know the steps for disable the file transfer via blue tooth.
    Thanks and Regards

    We have already unchecked those optoins ,but MAC machine is able to pair with other mobile devices,we need MAC machine not to pair /share/detect any other Bluetooth devices(mobiles) except bluetooth mouse and keyboard

  • HT204387 My iphone4 and my iPad mini won't connect via blue tooth just continues to search

    My iphone4 and my iPad mini won't connect via blue tooth just continues to search

    What are you trying to do?
    The Bluetooth is meant for earplug, headset, keyboard, car hands-free set, and speakers.
    You need a 3rd party app to do BT file transfer or other functions between iDevices.

  • I am trying to connect 2 ipod touch via blue tooth. why is it not discovering another ipod via bluetooth?

    I am trying to connect 2 ipod touch via blue tooth. why is it not discovering another ipod via bluetooth?

    ashet8 wrote:
    I wanted to transfer songs.....
    See Here  >
    What you can sync
    Audio content—music, podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes U content

  • Does anyone Know how to send a ring tone as a gift through iTunes?

    Does anyone know how to send a ring tone or a single song as a gift through iTunes?

    You have to add each one, 1 at a time using the + button.

  • TA24778 iPad - dropouts when streaming music via blue tooth to sound devices (Boom Box etc.).

    I use my iPad as a central music store.
    But -when trying to stream music via Blue Tooth I get dropouts all the time.
    It doesn't matter how far away I am, or where I'm using it. It gets a bit better when deactivating the BT Keyboard (yes, shame on me, I'm using the old style way to hack text into the Pad...), but I still get dropouts.
    I checked everything, batteries are fully loaded, dis- and reconnect several times, reboot, etc.
    On my devices (Logitech adapter for my home-hi-fi, Soundbric) I get the same result.
    Any Ideas?
    (Sorry - I can only choose "Using iPhone" as category, although I chose iPad first... Do I need to understand this?)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "mixed with audio in Alsamixer". Can you clarify?
    With that said, my problem did mysteriously fix itself after some update (presumably to alsa). Unfortunately, I noticed it in passing one day while I was changing the volume of something in pavucontrol, so I don't remember the exact update that caused it to work. But yes, my current setup does work now: I can listen to audio through my DAC and use the Yeti for recording. However, I have found that use of the Yeti crashes Google Hangouts, although it works perfectly in every other program I've tried.
    As documentation, here is my current working setup (it is very similar to the above): in PulseAudio, the DAC is set to be a Digital Stereo (IEC958) output. The Yeti (called an 'Integrated Rate Matching Hub' in pavucontrol) is set to be an Analog Stereo Input. In the input devices section, I have the Yeti's volume set to around 58% (-14.31 dB), which is past the base volume a fair ways but produces decent levels for recording. The DAC's volume is set to 100% (0dB gain, the DAC takes care of the level). In alsamixer, I have the mic level for the Yeti set to 40.
    Edit: This is a long-time-later edit, but let me say that when you have multiple USB audio devices, what USB hub and in what order they are connected seems to matter a great deal. If you can't get your Blue Yeti to work, try moving it to a different set of USB ports (controlled by a different controller) on your motherboard. This magically fixes the issue for me.
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  • N95 8GB copying phone book via blue tooth

    I have just aquired a secondhand N95 8GB and I am having trouble transfering my phone book to my cars hands free via blue tooth.  Can anybody help me.  Also with regard to the camera is there anyother button apart from the one on the side that can be used to capture the picture. I already use the scroll buttons for volume and zoom.
    Is there a problem with the slide as mine seems very loose, can adjustments be made to the slide? Cheers
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    Hi aggie2347
    1) More details of vehicle/kit to which you are trying to transfer phonebook needed.
    2) Third party application such as VirtualKey needed to re-assign keys
    3) Loose slide was a feature of early N95 to varying degrees, there have been self help fixes posted but it is against this forum's rules to publish disassembly instructions unfortunately. 
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Can you connect a mac book pro with a samsung galaxy note via blue tooth

    can you connect a macbook pro with a samsung galaxy note via blue tooth
    it seems that they will pair but as soon as the mac has connected it automatically dissconnects
    i was informed in the apple store before i bought it that it would be ok
    any thoughts

    The USB port on the Time Capsule is used only to connect a hard drive.
    Connect your Mac using an Ethernet cable to one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule if you do not want to use wireless.

  • Configurin​g Treo755p (Sprint) to use as "phone as a modem" service for laptop pc via Blue Tooth

    Need help with configuring a Palm Treo755p (Sprint) to be used as "phone as a modem" with my laptop pc via Blue Tooth. The two are "paired" and I can push files (documents) from PC to phone. I can also HotSync wirelessly (via Blue Tooth). I am just wanting to "loose" the cable from the phone to the laptop pc when using "phone as a modem" for internet connectivity on my laptop pc. I see that there is a "virtual com port" established, but when I launch internet explorer, it wants to dial a number. The phone has "instant-on" internet connectivity.
    Post relates to: Treo 755p (Sprint)

    Click on the following link to the webpage for the article regarding Setting up Bluetooth Dial Up Networking (DUN) on a Treo 755p smartphone.
    For reference purposes, click on the following link for the support page for your device on the webpage.​n=treo&mn=755p&cn=sprint
    There are links on the page to the user guide, troubleshooting, how to's, downloads, etc.
    Post relates to: Palm i705

  • How do I play my iPhone 5 music via blue tooth on my car stereo

    I can play my iPhone 4 music via blue tooth on my car stereo. My iPhone 5 can connect to my car and I can make calls on my car's system. But I can't play music  what to do ?

    Consult the manual for the car kit. Put it into pairing (discoverable) mode, then go to Settings>General>Bluetooth, turn it on, and pair them.

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  • Ipod touch won't charge at all

    iPod touch won't charge at all - think it's the port on the ipod itself not the charging cord - any suggestions?

  • Turn off notice in upper right corner.

    Unable to turn off notification banner "Get Yosemite free".  I have everything in Notification center unchecked, but this banner will not go away.  Very annoying, help!

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    Hi all, Is there any tool available that can automatically insert log4j debug statements into java code? There is something available on the lines of 'elisp' but I was unable to either download it or see what it was capable of doing. Thanks in advanc

  • Create Value Set of Table Type

    Hi, Could you provide me a sample program for creating a value Set of Table type. Thanks Tim.

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    When I am attempting to create a new report in Desktop Intelligence, and choose my universe, my query panel does not open - it appears to be "hidden" somewhere in the background because I cannot click on anything else in DeskI until I hit .