Sender email address for Customer Account Statement

Dear Experts,
Here's an issue that my colleague and I are currently facing:-
The Customer Account Statements that are sent via email in the transaction F.27 show that the sender email address is not equals the Accounting Clerk (KNB1-BUSAB) maintained in customer master data (FD03). Instead, the sender email address here is the email address of the person executing the transaction F.27.
I've looked through some programs (RFKORK00 and RFKORD10), and the variant used (SAPMA). Unfortunately, we still could not determine the root cause for this issue. What should we be looking into, and how can we resolve this issue too?
Any inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Ajay,
Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it. Would you please enlighten me further?
"The accounting clerk’s name is then printed in any correspondence with the customers or vendors."
The statement above leads me to think that consequently, the accounting clerk's email address should be the sender email address for the mail that is sent to the customer.
Also, when I hit the 'F1' key on the Accounting Clerk (in transactions F.27 or FD03), the following texts are shown:-
"Accounting clerk
Identification code for the accounting clerk.
The name of the accounting clerk defined by this identification code can be used in the payment program for correspondence and reporting (for example, open item lists)."
Again, this leads me to think that the sender email address should be the accounting clerk's email.
The customer is saying that this should not happen, so my colleague and I are just investigating this issue further.

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    The problem is that since Apple charges a premium, the buyer deserves a trouble free product for the price. If the P.O.S. needs repairs in the first six months of service then obviously something went wrong during the manufacturing process. Apple ought to just replace the computer with a new one and say "we are very sorry for your trouble".
    The people that dont mind getting a product that has been taken apart, fiddled with, and crammed back together buy the refurb products at a discount. By paying the full price for a brand new product it is expected that the product wont need to be taken apart for repairs until near the end of its life expectancy. After it is taken apart the buyer ends up with essentially a refurb that they not only payed full price for, but had to cart back to the apple store.
    I want the e-mail address too. I have a macbook that I payed full price for that has been repaired once already, and is still not working correctly. It is less than six month's old. $1100 is too much money for a defective product.
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    macbook 1.83   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   blinky screen model

    Call AppleCare back again and tell them what you told us.
    This is a user to user forum, and Apple does not have an e-mail address for you to contact. You can always write:
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    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    Kindly clarify my doubts about customer account steatement and Collections. basically whats the difference in the two and what are the standard T_codes for these two.

    T-code:  F.27
    An account statement and open item list are two types of correspondence. They differ with respect to the information they contain and the way it is displayed. Unlike an open item list, an account statement displays all items in a specified period along with the balance carried forward. The open item list merely displays the open items for a certain key date.
    Type of correspondence that your company sends to its customers.
    The system includes a SAPscript form that you can use for customer account statements for the Philippines, form F140_CUS_STAT_P1. You can modify this template to meet your company's requirements. To do so, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Tools ® Form printout ® SAPscript ® Form.
    The following information is displayed in the template for the customer account statement:
    Account balance at the start of the selected period
    Open item list as of the key date, including the total
    It is sorted by transactions with or without special G/L indicators, currency, posting date, and document number.
    Account balance at the end of the selected period
    Cleared item list between selected key dates
    It is sorted by currency, posting date, and cleared item document number.
    Withholding tax list between selected key dates
    It is sorted by withholding tax type, posting date, and document number.
    Aging in 0, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days
    You can print the customer account statement.
    Note the following restrictions regarding customer statements:
    You cannot create statements for one-time customers.
    In the case of customer head offices with local branches, customer statements contain the address of the head office and not that of the branch.
    The account statement can be created for your customers or vendors is an extract from the customer account which enables him to check the items there or is merely for information purposes. The account statement displays the balance carried forward, all items in the chosen period and the closing balance of the account.
    The open items list is a special form of account statement. It is also sent to the customer for verification or information purposes. Occasionally, the list is also used as a reminder letter. The open items up to the chosen key date are displayed in this list.
    Both letters contain the document number or reference document number, the document date, the document type, the currency and the amount for every item as well as the balance of the open items at the key date. The account statement may also contain the clearing document number. If branches were included in the letter of a head office, their addresses are listed at the end of the letter.
    The layout of the letter is determined via a form. Depending on the form used, the letter may also contain, for example, the days in arrears per item at the key date or other information. The form must be defined and stored in the system.
    Printing Customer Account Statements
    Printing of customer account statements is based on correspondence type SAPP3. Correspondence type SAPP3 is preconfigured to run the RFKORDP3 print program, which is delivered with report variant SAP&SAPP3. You can modify SAP&SAPP3 to meet your company's needs. For example, you can change the aging period and the number of the aging column.
    To modify or define a new report variant for the RFKORDP3 print program, in Customizing for Financial Accounting, choose Financial Accounting Global Settings -- Correspondence -- Assign Programs for Correspondence Types. Select correspondence type SAPP3 and choose Environment -- Maintain variants.
    Printing Individual Account Statements:
    Request correspondence type SAPP3 . To do so, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting -- Financial Accounting --Accounts Receivable --Account -- Correspondence --Request.
    Issue the correspondence request by choosing Accounting -- Financial Accounting -- Accounts Receivable -- Periodic processing -- Print correspondence -- As per request.
    Print the customer account statement from the spool file by choosing System -- Own spool requests. Select your spool request and choose print.
    Collection is the settlement of receivables due, in particular, bills of exchange.
    Collection Account
    A G/L account that the system uses to record checks receivable that you have presented to banks for collection. It denotes that a check has been sent to a bank and is awaiting clearing
    Reward if useful to u
    narendran vajravelu

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