Sending print data

HP D1660 is not printing.

I seem to have the exact same problem on a Canon MX700. It was working fine before the Lion update and now just hangs on "sending print data". The strange thing is that it does print the test page?
I have deleted and re-mapped the printer a couple of times and even tried installing a new driver!
Anyone with a solution would be great!

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  • 'unable to send print data' on HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP

    Hi there,
    I'm running an iMac with OSX 10.6.8. Via an USB cable I have attached a HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP to the iMac.
    I also use this printer to print via wifi (i.e. through the iMac) with my MacBook Pro (with OSX 10.7.3).
    Suddenly today the printer stopped working via my MacBook Pro. I get an error message: 'unable to send print data'.
    I have checked my antivirus etc., but that does not appear to be the problem. I have also updated the firmware of the printer, without success.
    Can somebody help me out? Is the OS difference the problem? But until today that hasn't been a problem.
    Thank you very much! Regards, Luc.

    Hi jemenake
    I understand you lost connection with the network for the Laserjet 1536 through ethernet connection.
    Disconnect the routers power cable, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the power cable. Wait till it's ready. The router might not be finding the printer on the network.
    If this doesn't resolve the issue continue to the next steps.
    Print a  configuration report from the  LaserJet 1536dnf.
    Press the Setup button, (the one with the wrench on it)
    reports, press OK, Config Report, press OK.
    Check to see if the ip address is valid.
    If you have a valid ip address then delete and add the printer on the mac, the driver might have become corrupted.
    Delete printer on mac.
    Click on the Apple, click System & Preferences,then click the Print & Scan icon (on some systems this may be displayed as Print & Fax),highlight your printer name and click the  button on the bottom left corner of the screen.
    Add printer on the mac.
    Click on the Apple, click System & Preferences, and then click the Print & Scan icon (on some systems this may be displayed as Print & Fax),click add a printer, then select the printer from the list, make sure the printer listed beside use or print: shows proper printer name and not airprint, (airprint is a preinstalled apple driver with basic funtionality if on 10.8) add it in.
    If the ip address is not valid please let me know.
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  • Sending print data..... Epson printing woes

    Connected to my Macbook Pro 17" (10.6.2) is my relatively (Important bit) Epson R285 printer. The other day it started to refusing printing full stop. I would send a print job, and get the external 'Sending print data....' and that would be it. I thought I was going mad, I reinstalled the drivers, deleted loads of preferences, ran Onyx a few times and nothing.
    At the same time, the 'low ink' light was flashing but like everyone else i just ignored this. I was ready to reinstall the OS and all my apps I was so desperate! I have VMWare Fusion running XP so I thought, worst case I can always print from there. Time to put the new ink in. Since it was a new printer it had those 'test, half-empty/half full cartridges' installed so €45 later, 3 new inks were installed.
    On a whim, I tried printing again from 10.6 and low and behold..... it printed! Now this raises a couple of questions:
    1. Why doesn't the print dialogue be more explicit in this situation: Hey 'I am not going to print unless you top me up' Granted there is a 'low ink' light and icon but not a 'bugger off, I'm not gonna print icon'
    2. Is this Epson forcing the user to buy new ink? I always use to print regardless what ink was missing, invariably I just needed to print and could handle an odd colour. Now, low ink means, 'go buy more ink and I shall print!'
    Anyway, anybody who has similar 'Sending print data...' print issues with an Epson printer, check you ink as it may just solve your printing problems!
    regards, chris

    Chris§ wrote:
    1. Why doesn't the print dialogue be more explicit in this situation: Hey 'I am not going to print unless you top me up' Granted there is a 'low ink' light and icon but not a 'bugger off, I'm not gonna print icon'
    By any chance are you using the "Gutenprint" driver for your printer? A poster in another thread noted that switching from a Gutenprint driver to a driver from Epson enabled the ink status capability.

  • Using RDI Interface to send print data to SAP PI

    I have never used the SAPScript Raw Data Interface, but I now have the task to send printing information to SAP PI and
    from there to a print service.
    I see, that I could send the printing documents as IDoc, but is it also possible to call for example a function/program, where I could process the print data and then send it to PI?
    Each different print document needs to have it's own sapscript form to derive the necessary fields of content, right?
    Has anyone an idea, what I could do? Can anyone give me an overview about the possibilities of the RDI interface?
    Thank you very much!

    Please check the element "Dealer_code" in your SAP system . Is it a data element or a field? i dont think that is defined in your system.

  • Printer (Photosmart c4680) works but is very SLOW and gives message ":Sending print data".

    Tttle says it all. This is a fairly new printer. Using genuine HP ink.

    If printer is in warranty, contact HP tech support for possible replacement.
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  • Sending raw data to printer

    I have used an eText-Outbound template to generate text output having ZPL commands. This output from eBS is sent to CUPS printing utility to which Zebra is configured.
    Problem is that the Zebra is not translating the commands into printable format but printing everything as text instead i.e. it is not able to recognize text as commands.
    If someone has faced similar issue, please provide your valuable inputs.
    FYI only: ZPL commands with emedded data is only understood by Zebra thermal printer. It translated the ZPL command into printable format.

    I've managed to figure it out. I had two separate issues that appeared to have been causing my problem: 1. It appears that just about any filetype is working for me, but the image needs to be an absolute 1-bit image. Anything else would have sent to the printer the expected way but nothing happened with it. 2. Updating the printer firmware. We had the 1.00.5 version where 1.00.8 (or something like those!) was the latest out. That also appeared to have resolved my issue where bad prints would freeze the printer. I didn't have to change anything about how I was sending the data to the printer - using the Direct Protocol/Fingerprint driver and doing a RAW print works just fine!

  • Send sales order as mail - pdf attachement - print data

    hi folk,
    When receiving a Sales Order as PDF document, the name of the document is called "Print data.PDF".
    Is it possible to change this name to e.g. sales order number or something else.
    Best regards

    when I'am receiving the sales order as PDF file the "Subject" of the mail is shown the e.g. sales order number retrieved from the output communication method --> Cover page text --> "Sales order &XNAST-KSCHL&.
    But my question is, how I can change the name of the PDF file which is now called "Print data.PDF" .
    Best regards.

  • How to print Data Model in Report??

    Do anyone know how to print Data Model??
    Thanks your help.
    - Frank

    Hi Venkat,
    Thanks alot.... i am checking the appendix k.
    I want to know that if i want to customize the report as per the client requirement,
    can you please let me know which template i will use if i required remittence advice as well as check print data on the layout.
    The following is the list of field i required:
    Vendor ID
    Check Date
    Check number
    invoice date
    invoice/ CR memo number
    invoice description
    invoice gross amount
    invoice discount amount
    invoice net amount
    total gross amount
    total discount amount
    total net amount
    company name and info
    bank name and info
    check number
    check amount spelled out
    check date
    check amount numeric
    payee name
    CEO signature
    MICR check number
    MICR routing number
    MICR bank account number
    mailing return address
    mailing address
    Venkat it would be great help if you please let me know the exact process to be follow for check printing report.
    I worked on bi publisher report in 11i, but in 12i the process is bit different.
    also if you have any template ready can you please send me on my mail id ... i forwarded you the test mail from my official id or on [email protected]
    Looking forward to your kind response.

  • Printing data sent to printer one page at a time

    Before, when I printed on my Brother MFC-7840W printer, the data was sent to the printer instantaeously. But now, on my new MBA with Mavericks, when I print something, the printer queue says 'Printing - Sending data to printer" and sends the data one page at a time as it's getting printed. In other words, I can't close my laptop or disconnect from the printer until all the pages have been printed. Anyone knows how I can fix this?

    I have THE SAME issue
    I bought a HP Laserjet Pro 400 in August 2013, and it worked great till I upgraded to Mavericks
    Now, it prints 1 page, waits 20 seconds, then prints another
    my 18 ppm printer is now like 1.8ppm
    I hooked up a windows laptop to print the same document, and it screams through in top speed
    After updating the hp printer firmware, apple drivers, and replacing the cartridges, the problem points to Mavericks

  • Go to Offline status after sending print in HP

    Hi everybody.I have two HP Laserjet 4100. Both of them after sending print from windows go to offline status and an error message appear (Yellow Error BOX in notification area).Printer screen show Ready message. The light on the printer is green and fixed. I connect printer with LPT cable to PC.I can get test print from printer menus without any error. I test printer on windows XP 32bit and windows 7 64bit. I get driver from HP Support And Driver Download Center. I install any type of driver (XP 32bit/7 64 bit/ Universal PCL5)I try to use Doctor Hp to find problem but this application is not support LPT connections. I do Cold reset and reset maintenanc counter (With holding left arrow of Items and Value keys).I used 3 diffrent and new LPT cable. I confused and tired!Please help me to solve this problem.Thanks

    Right now it appears you are having communication issues from the computer to the printer since the printer will print test pages.  The first thing you will want to do is use one of the 32bit computers attached with parallel cable to test communication from the port to the printer.  With the printer connected to the port and I assume the lpt port is lpt1, go to start and run and type command and hit enter.  At the prompt that appears in the black box type cd\windows and hit enter. Now at the C:\windows prompt, type dir >> lpt1 and hit the enter key.  Does the printer data light start to flash and does the printer start to print pages.  If it does, then communication is fine and you need to remove and reload the printer using the correct driver.  If it does not print then you have an issue with the port on the computer, the cable or the port on the printer.  Since it happens with two printers I would think that would eliminate the port on the printer.  You may want to check the port setting in the BIOS of the computer.  Most ports are Standard, ECP and EPP.  Best to set the port for Standard when using an old legacy printer.  Good Luck.

  • Generate and print data matrix code from a vi

    does anyone know how to code a string into a data matrix code? How can the code be printed most straightforward? Probably it's the best way to generate the code in an image or picture format and send it to the printer that way? The printer we are using is a barcode printer, not an usual laser printer. According to the specifications this printer is able to print data matrix codes. Unfortunately, the vendor of the printer wants the user to use the proprietary software and does not provide a LabVIEW driver.
    Thanks for any hint,

    I think the Dymo Labelwriter is a general purpose printer. So you may send data as you do to any printer. Her is a link to free barcode kit for labview
    Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
    (Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)

  • My I pad stopped sending print material to printer b210 or b210 stopped receiving from I pad

    My I pad stopped sending print material to my b210 printer OR my b210 primer stopped receiving material from my I pad. Help if you can . Thanks Tom

    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.) No data/files will be erased.
    AirPrint Setup and Troubleshooting
    How to print from your new iPad using AirPrint
    AirPrint Basics
     Cheers, Tom

  • Unable to send the data entered in sap portal

    i am trying to configure and test  Leave Request  from portal. When, we create the leave request and submit for the first time, it is giving the error/message Unable to send the data entered However, if do a submit for the second time, the same leave request, it sends the leave request.
    Please share your valuable thoughts or solutions.Thanks in advance.
    Rafi Shaik

    Hi Rafi,
    We are also facing similar kind of issue.
    When i select type of leave as annual it is giving an error message as
    " Parameter  missing in call of method BUILD_ACTOR_SELECT_CLAUSE in class CA_PT_REQ_ACTOR "
    But when i select some other leave type and click review it is working fine, again if i click on previous step and change the leave type to annual it is working fine without giving any error message.
    Please let us know how you have solved your issue?

  • Print Layout Desigener print date

    Dear all,
    In our Balance Report we want to fill in the Print Layout the Print Date.
    is there a possibility for filling this?
    The path of  balance report is :
    Financials__ Financial Reports__ Financial__ Trial Balance
    Thank you and best regards to all!!

    Hi Nat,
    thank you for your fast and helpfull support.
    it works

  • Print Date issue in Dunning Correspondence

    I have an issue with Print Date in Dunning correspondence. The dunning proposal and activity run has happened. The correspondence printing will fetch the accounts from the database as per the print date.
    1. I would like to know where and how the dunning activity data stored?
    2. Where and How the Print date assigned for accounts which helps FPCOPARA to retrieve accounts on that particular date?
    Please HELP

    Hello Joe,
    I still have the issue with this print date.
    I have given only cores type and as u said the real print.
    when i checked the corrhist for a particular CA, different times different future date has come.
    For eg: date is issue: 12/01/2009 (mmddyyyy) printdate is 12/20/2009.
                                       10/01/2009                                         10/15/2009
    like this, many cust have this issue.
    why this prind date for some CAs are different or future dates?
    where the settings for this print date will be?
    Because of this, on a particular day all the dunned CAs are not picking up for Correspondence printing. these excepted CAs will come on another future day printing.
    please share some ideas to solve this issue

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