Sending query to third party portal from TREX Search Engine

HI Experts,
we need to implement normal search option in SAP portal.
when we search any thing from portal ,
It has to search in EP & KM and also it has to search
windows sharepoint portal and bring the data back to SAP Portal.
For this purpose one solution is
1) implementing  enterpise search,
   but my client dont want to go for enterprise search(federated search).
2) The other way
Sending query to third party portal from TREX Search Engine
In this way what i want is ,
how TREX can send query to third party portal SEARCH ENGINE
(in my case share point portal search ENGINE).
There is no problem to search in EP & KM becuse it is default.
To search in Micro soft Share point portal,
TREX should pass the query to share point portal search ENGINE.
Is there any API TO send a query to third party portal like sharepoint?
I searched in SDN and Other sites also but i am not getting exactly what I require.
If any one has ideas or implemented already please guide me.
My client require searching option like this,
we need to provide drop down box in SAP Portal with 3 options like
1) search in Share point portal
2) search in SAP EP & KM
3) Search in both the portals
please provide any code samples in case if you have.
please help me , its urgent
Thanks in advance.

Hi Bala,
please check the information on the KM IMS (Index Management Service) in KMC's developer guide. A connection to a 3rd party search is done from KM, then calling TREX and XY in parallel, not serially from TREX.
Here's a paper describing this for an older KM release:
Regards, Karsten

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    Edited by: seethu2 on Feb 29, 2012 10:28 AM

    If you are posting the GR from the external tool, then try to use External break point instead of normal break point.
    Another thing, is try to post the GR manually from SAP login itself and check if the error is coming or not.
    amit m.

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    Hi Shrikant
    1. If delivery of goods is the only issue then you can ask customer to make invoice with Invoice to your company address and Delivery address as the vendor address. Practically it is possible.
    2. Then you can make corresponding entries in SAP and regularise it.

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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions. 
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    For this purpose we interoperability between windows sharepoint and SAP Portal.
    Please provide necessary documents or suggestions for interoperability for above requirement.
    mail id : <b>[email protected]</b>
    Thanks in advance
    Swarna B

    See this this links:
    Senthil K.

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    Previously i downloaded third party softwares for mac like Browsers, Anti- Virus softwares from Apple site but now i can download only Apple products (softwares) not third party softwares from download links so any one please let me know the status.
    Thanks in advance,
    Suresh Balakrishnan.

    Apple no longer hosts a website for 3rd party software.  Instead it runs the Mac App Store, which offers a good range of software.
    If you are very keen for the apps and other things that are not in the Mac App Store, a good app to download is "Bodega" - which provides another app store experience.

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    How to transfer contents of third party apps from old iPad to new iPad?

    Backup from old iPad, new iPad restore from that backup.

  • Example of Weblogic Appserver using XA Controlled Transaction to send messages to third party JMS

              I am looking for Example of Weblogic Appserver using XA Controlled Transaction
              to send messages to third party JMS Server.
              I want to send messages to JMS and use Weblogic MDB to consume that message and
              send it to some third party JMS in a XA Controlled transaction.

    Sure. Right now, it involves a bit of JTA programming -- in our next
              release, it should be easier, however.
              Before sending a message, you have to:
              -- Use the TxHelper class to get the current Transaction object.
              -- Use the "getXAResource" method on the JMS provider's Session object to
              get the XAResource object for the JMS Session you're using to send.
              -- Call "enlistResource" on the Transaction object.
              You MUST do this in every transaction where you use the JMS provider to send
              a message.
              You can find the documentation for the TxHelper class and other
              WebLogic-specific classes here:
              Look for the "weblogic.transaction" package.
              You can find documentation for the Transaction class (which defines
              enlistResource) and other classes here:
              You should also use the weblogic.transaction.TransactionManager class and
              call "registerDynamicResource" once (and only once) in your application to
              register the JMS providers XAResource with JTA. This makes JTA more
              efficient, and it makes transaction recovery work properly.
              If the JMS provider is MQ, then look at the whitepaper "Using JTA
              transactions to envelope WLS JMS and IBM MQSeries" here:
              And finally, if you have more questions, the transaction people will be able
              to help more. Post to "weblogic.developer.interest.transaction".
              "Neeru Munjal" <[email protected]> wrote in message
              news:[email protected]
              > I am looking for Example of Weblogic Appserver using XA Controlled
              > to send messages to third party JMS Server.
              > I want to send messages to JMS and use Weblogic MDB to consume that
              message and
              > send it to some third party JMS in a XA Controlled transaction.

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    Hi Interface Gurus,
    I have to communicate with a software program lying on AS400(i series) system from R/3. Please let me know the process i need to follow to talk to this software.
    It would be of help if you can suggest how and what are the settings and steps i need to take to make a RFC call to this program from R/3.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Rupendra,
        In order to communicate with a third party software, you need to establish a connection first and then it can send and receive the messages.
    For all these settings to be done you need to contact your Basis person, who will setup the RFC destination and sender details and other basic needs.
    Hope it helps!!!!
    Do not forget to assign points, if helpful.

  • Invoice status to third party system from sap

    Hi All,
    Could you please suggest me either to use functional module or bapi or badi so that i can send the invoice status from SAP to third party sytem.
    Thanks in advance for the response

    Invoice status can be sent to an external system based on IDOC or through an interface with proper program.
    For IDOC related stauts message do refer the below it may help you ..
    Electronic Data Interchange - EDI - ERP SCM - SCN Wiki
    Do refer the below OSS Notes to know the exist and badi in LIV.
    1156325 - BAdIs in the Logistics Invoice Verification environment

  • Enhancemnet in the include RV03VFZZ to send request to third party system

    Hi Experts,
    I am using Enhancemnet in the include RV03VFZZ to send the request to third party system(ADEXA) and get the response using proxy and place that in the sales order.
      If there is no response from ADEXA system means 'reason for rejection' field has to be filled with some reason. Now I want to know which is the structure that updates the 'reason for rejection field'. the screen field is VBAP-ABGRU and program name is SAPMV45A.
    help me in updating the 'reason for rejection field'.
    Hari Krishna

    You can use the below to populate the order reason at the respective levels.
    1.FORM userexit_save_document_prepare in MV45AFZZ for VA01/VA02
    If you are in ECC then first preferrence should be for Enhancement Framework rather than using Classical User exits.You can check Enhancement Spots ES_SAPMV45A and ES_SAPLV60A for the above requirements or you can even implement using Implicit Enhancement within the subroutines of MV45AFZZ and RV60AFZZ.
    TVAUT is the table for Order reasons with descriptions.

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