Sent mail from iPad not showing on imac

Hi Everyone..I am going to try to explain my situation.
I send email from my ipad , but I can't find it in my sent email on my imac.
The email definately sends and receives.
But I can't find it!!!!!!
Is there some setting that needs to make everything show up on the imac mai.

Thanks Alfred I have also been calling appler care and need to call them back.
Here are some specifica but I hope I can explain it all.
I have an imap email with network solutions a host service.
I have
If I sent emails from my imac - the emails are in my sent file just fine
If I send emails from my ipad - they are in my sent file on my ipad, but do not show anywhere on my imac,
I know for sure they are going out as I send them from my ipad to myself to my gmail acct.  I receive it, and I see it on my ipad.  BUT it does not show in my macmail anywhere on my imac.
If I do the same test from gmail, it works fine.  Meaning if I send from my ipad to my other email then I can see the mail sent from gmail on my ipad.
BUT the imap from my other service is not showing on my mac.

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  • Issue with Sent mails from BB not showing in outlook

    Dear All,
    I  configured my BB 8800 to work on my office email. We do not have a BES.
    Concerns that i noticed are that the mails sent from my BB do not show up in the sent items of outlook. 
    The service is thru Airtel in India and the Tech support team of airtel mentioned that sent items would not show in outlook.
    I really cant believe that such a thing can happen and Blackberry would release an incomplete mailing solution for non BES users.
    Pls let me know if i can configure so that i can see my sent items in outlook :-)

    This is true that sent items wont show in Outlook, unless you are using OWA to integrate your work account. If its POP, they wont show in sent items.
    -Log into BIS account and click on Edit beside your email address and in 'Auto BCC:' field enter your email address and save.
    -Click on filters for your email address and add new filter, Filetr naem: Sent items; Apply filter when: "From" field and Contains: enter your email address and choose 'Do not forward messages to device' option and click on 'Add Filter'
    On Outlook set up a filter for messages that come  from your email address to move to 'Sent items'
    Summary: Auto bcc to bcc your address to get your sent mail, filter not to receive copies of those sent messages on BB and filter in Outlook to put  those messages in 'Sent Folder' Enjoy
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  • Attachments in Mails from iPad not conform to RFC2046

    Hello Community,
    Mails which were sent from iPad / iPhone and have attachments have the following technical structure:
    Headerfield Content-Type is multipart/alternative;
    --Apple-Mail-6--139698084 / Content-Type: text/plain;
    --Apple-Mail-6--139698084 / Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
          --Apple-Mail-7--139698081 / Content-Type: text/html;
          --Apple-Mail-7--139698081 / Content-Type: application/pdf;
          --Apple-Mail-7--139698081 / Content-Type: text/html;
    In some receiving Mailapplications the attachment is only displayed in HTML View, not in
    the Text-Only View of the Mail. Therefore the recipient does not see the attached Document
    when he displays the Mail in Text-Only View.
    Therefor I think that AppleMailer is not conform to the RFC2046:
    5.1.4.  Alternative Subtype
    The "multipart/alternative" type is syntactically identical to
    "multipart/mixed", but the semantics are different.  In particular,
    each of the body parts is an "alternative" version of the same
    What do You think about that ? Is this the right place to discuss this ? If not: Where can I report
    such a Problem ?
    Kind regards,

    If the columns are not sortable, and you can't delete tracks, that would suggest your iPad is automatically syncing with your library. You can manage the content of the iPad in this mode by creating one or more playlists for music that you do want on the device and changing the options on the music tab to include only selected playlists. You can repeat this for other kinds of media. Alternatively on the Summary tab enable the option to Manually manage music and videos.

  • Sent mail using icloud not showing up on other machines

    I sent a message using the mail application on my Macbook Pro with an icloud account. That sent message (at least I thought) would be showing up in my icloud sent messages folders on other computers. It is not. Should it, or will it only show up on the computer it was sent from? There are no error messages saying it did not send btw.
    Gary in Oregon

    Are you using IMAP or POP?  Are you storing sent mail on the server?
    Only if you're using IMAP and selecting to store sent mail on the server will you see the email on other devices.
    My recommendation is to actually scrap using "sent mail" entirely and instead bcc: yourself on every message and file it where you want it.  There are many advantages to doing this.

  • Sent email from Entourage not showing up on iCloud Web client

    When I send email from Entourage (using, the sent email shows up in my Entourage sent email folder, but not on iCloud on the Web. This means I have no access to sent messages using my iPhone. Can anyone help?

  • Photos from iPhone not showing on iMac

    I have taken several pictures today with my iPhone and after several hours, they are not showing in Photos on my iMac.  Pictures that I have imported to the iMac are showing on the iPhone.  I have set up both devices to use iCloud and both devices appear to be set correctly.
    How long should it take for pictures from iPhone to appear on the iMac?

    A couple of thoughts here - have you updated both devices to latest OS operating system? Then make sure that you have signed out of iCloud on both devices at the same time.  You might check to see if you have any photos on the iCloud website as well.  If you do, decide if you want to deleter them or not?  I used my iMac as the base file since it had all of my picture history.  When this is done, turn on iCloud Photo on your Mac either using System Preferences or opening Photos and turning in iCloud Photo.  If you have a large number of photos and videos, the sync process the first time is going to take time. I have over 9500 pics and videos in my collection, and it took almost 4 days to get through this.  Also - check to make sure you do not have energy saving settings that disconnect the Mac during this process.  Let it run - it should complete.  You can check progress in Photos and see when this is done.  Then when all photos and videos are sync'd,, then turn on the iPhone and let it run until done.  This will also take time depending on the size of your file.
    If you are not getting connected - make sure both devices are signed into the same iCloud account.
    Here's hoping this might work!

  • Sent messages from desktop not showing up on BB Curve

    I have a small business account through - when I send e-mail from my desktop there is no proof/copy of that on my device.
    Is there a way to have both my computer (MAC) and BB (curve) completely in sync with each other?
    Sometime I like to review sent e-mail and currently I can't do that unless the mail itself was sent from my BB.
     Any help and/or pointers would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Unless you are a BES server based phone, I don't know of any sync programs (Google, Yahoo etc.) that will reconcile
    sent messages to the device and vice versa. You could BCC yourself, and filter it at the PC so the copy there goes to the sent or trash folder, and would only appear at the device.
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  • Sent Mail from IPAD using Mobile Iron and Exchange 2010

    Hi all,
    Not sure you can help me with this one but i thought i would give it a shot.
    I am running Exchange 2010. Users can access email using iPad and other approved devices using Mobile Iron (onboarding app).
    I had a user who received a HTML message wiht an embedded image, when he forwarded that image on (adding some comments) the recipients of that email where not able to the image as intended. the image was no longer embedded it was added as an attachment.
    where the embedded image used to be it said;
    "THe linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. Verifiy that the link points to the correct file location"
    When the message was resent from a Windows 7 Outlook client it was received as intended.
    I have not been able to reproduce the issue since. the email was received and forwarded in HTML format.
    under Settings > Mail, I think there’s a setting called “Load remote images”, This is turned on.
    Im pretty sure this is not a mobile iron issue but an message format issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my interrupting.
    Based on your description, I understand that forward an email with an embedded image from mobile devices, then
    the image will display a “red x” (with error message as you find) when we receive this email in Outlook. Would you please let us know edition information of the Outlook which you use to receive the email? Meanwhile, please refer to following KB and
    check if it’s suitable for current situation.
    Images in email message disply a "red x" instead
    of the image if the Cache value in the registry is incorrectly configured
    If anything I misunderstand or any update, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Justin Gu
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  • ICloud not showing sent mail from my iMac

    Hi all, if I go to iCloud mail and send an email the recipient receives it. However it doesn't show up in my iCloud sent mail. There is sent mail present but that looks to be just emails sent from my BB or iPad. While researching this issue I found this : So I went to Mail and yes that "store sent mail on server" was not checked. I then checked it as implied in the above link, but the sent emails still do not show up. Could anyone advise please? TIA, Terry.

    I am currently running on ML.
    My and iCloud webmail settings were already congruent with those recommended regarding saving a copy of the Sent emails [Store sent mail upon the iCloud server].
    Despite this being the case, I have found that Sent messages were not been getting saved reliably in or upon the iCloud webmail interface.
    Some did get saved though - rather odd.
    I don't want to call my reported email problem as fixed but it seems hardly coincidental to me that once I had chosen to unflag Store deleted messages [Trash section] upon the iCloud mail server that such messages as were sent form my two iCloud addresses messages began to be saved reliably.
    Surely this is indicative of some underlying misconfiguration with the iCloud server itself as Trash messages clearly aren't Sent messages and yet messages only began to be reliably saved once I had chosen to unflag Store deleted messages. As previously stated, I already had my mailbox behaviours set to Store Sent messages upon the iCloud server, but this proved to be of no avail until I chose to unflag Store deleted messages.
    See attached picture for Mailbox Behaviours.

  • Sent mails from CRM are not reaching to destination..

    Hi experts, good afternoon.
    I have configured an action to trigger an email when the document is saved.  But the problem is action is shown as executed in transaction level, even in SCOT it is showing as completed but in SOST sent mails it is not shown and it is not reaching to my mail inbox also.
    Please help me out in this regard.  Please let me know what could be the problem.

    Hi Maddy,
    I am facing the same issue. I was not able to see any of my entries in SOST. I went to the tab 'send status' in SOST and and clicked on the button 'Further' and selected 'Still Not Entered in Queue'. Now I can see it in SOST with status 'Still no entry in queue'.
    Are you also facing the same problem? When you find the solution, please let me know.

  • HT1692 not able to sync exchange calendar events on iPad made from my computer or iPhone. It works fine when I make an event from iPad, it shows on computer and iPhone but not vice-versa.

    I have an iPhone, Ipad and a Laptop. They all are configured to company's exch.I am not able to sync calendar events on iPad made from my computer or iPhone. It works fine when I make an event from iPad, it shows on computer and iPhone but not vice-versa.

    -Me again - it also won't upload the few new pictures I have on the computer onto the iPad without deleting all the photos that are already there....

  • Ipad not showing some jpeg files

    My i pad is not showing some of jpeg files received on mail as attachment,  these are being displayed completely blacked out , i have also tried saving them on ipad and then tried opening them with other apps also but same result !!!!??? However the same files are properly displayed when i see them on pc or on my blackberry .... Can somebody help me find out what is the issue and how can it be resolved??

    salma15 wrote:
    why is my ipad not showing some music icons?
    You are speaking about album art I assume? Is the album art in iTunes on your computer?
    Like some of them do have them and some of them dont also my computer ad ipad doesnt have the same music
    Probably because all of the Music wasn't selected to sync from iTunes. When the iPad is connect to iTunes on your computer, you can select Sync Entire Library in the Music Tab of iTunes if you want all of your music on the iPad.
    Take a look at this.
    this one might help as well.

  • How to sync sent mail from iPhone to MacBook Air mail?

    I have sent mail from my iPhone and I want this sent mail to show on my laptop (MacBook Air).  Is there a setting that will allow for this?  I use Apple's Mail on my laptop.

    To do this, you must be using an IMAP email account type.
    If you are using a POP mail account it is not possible.

  • How can we send multiple attachments in a mail from iPad 2

    I am using a ipad2. I want to know how we can send multiple attachments through mail from iPad. I did not find any option of doing this. Is there a way to do this.

    You can't do it natively on the iPad (unless you just want to send up to 5 photos from the Photos app). I use the GoodReader app which supports quite a few document/file types (e.g. PDF, Excel, Word, pictures), and from that I can select multiple files (including different types) and attach them to the same email.

  • 2nd hand ipad not showing as associated device on itunes

    Hi All,
    I bought a 2nd hand Ipad a couple of weeks ago from a shop (all legit). As I'm pretty useless with all things tech they synced most of my pics/vids and music from my Iphone using their computer in-store.  As my Iphone has more space than the I pad, I bought extra ICloud storage (not realising that this wouldn't create more space in the Ipad - told you I'm stupid when it comes to tech stuff!).
    Anyway, after spending saving my pics,vids and music to an external hard drive via Itunes, I then synced my favourites to my Ipad to give me more space. I first noticed that there was a problem when trying to play some of my songs, it would say "this device is already associated an an apple I.d.. if you download past purchases with your id you cannot automatically download past purchases with a different id for 90 days".
    Two issues with this.. The first being that the songs it is saying this for were NEVER purchased from Itunes - they were ripped from c.d's onto my Itunes library (and have always played ok on my Iphone and Ipod shuffle).  Secondly, I have only ever had/used one apple i.d for my computer, Iphone, Ipod shuffle and now this Ipad.  The Ipad has been fine using my apple i.d for everything else.. ie, apps, Itunes store and also buying extra storage, so I'm not sure why it is viewing it as a different i.d?
    After looking on my Itunes account I noticed that under "manage devices" it is only showing my Iphone and computer as an associated device (I'm not too bothered that it doesn't show my Ipod shuffle because I only sync my music occasionally on that). Is this because it's second hand, and if so what can I do about it? Although I bought this primarily so I can view my pics and home vids on a larger screen than my phone, I don't want to worry about losing music from Itunes if it's viewing my Ipad as belonging to someone else, or an authorised device etc. By the way, the shop I bought the Ipad from is legit, they ask for proof of ownership before buying anything - this Ipad was one someone received free as part of a phone upgrade before selling it so it can't be an issue with being blocked etc.
    Thanks - any help and/or advice on how I can sort this out would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for replying Ralph,,
    I just tried that - still no difference. Ipad not showing up as an associated device on itunes, and on my Ipad when I try to turn automatic downloads on it comes up with the same message.. already associated with an apple ID.. 90 days etc etc.
    It makes no sense as the extra icloud storage (and the money they've taken from me to pay for it) has been done using this ipad, my usual apple id and payment details and has been synced to my itunes account (which is associated with my id and authorised). If you have any other ideas (or alternatively know which dept I should contact in Apple) I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks :-)

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