Serious and Sudden Problem with Z10 NEED HELP PLEASE

I have a z10, one of the first that came out in Toronto (if it makes a
difference), a couple of hours ago I came across a serious and sudden
I was able to swipe left and right between pages of apps, even drop down
from the top, but I cannot open anything, not even make a call or settings
Any time I try to, for a split second it looks like its about to load
something then nothing. (image slides to the right quickly and goes back on
every attempt)
So I first did a reset, same problem, then I did a battery pull (about 15 minutes) and problem presisted.
I tried through USB to do a backup on blackberry manager and perhaps do a
re-install of everything, however when I was prompted for the password of
my device on my PC it kept telling me it was an incorrect password (I use
this blackberry on my computer 4-7 days a week, twice a day sometimes for a
year and I have never miss typed my password nor have i changed it)
After trying everything to make sure the first letter maybe was upper/lower
case, even my other possible phone password, nothing worked..
On the 5th failed attempt my phone prompted me to type 'blackberry', which
i did, then i typed my password on my phone which i type in about 15 times
a day becuase I set my phone to a 5 minute lock and still said it was incorrect.... I am no on 9/10 attempts and lost
for options.
Please if anyone can give me any suggestions, or even how to backup my phone
and whipe it now, or I have an earlier backup form 4 months ago that I
wouldnt mind going back to in worst case scenario.
Thank you for your help in advance,
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Sorry, no I haven't experienced that. It could be from an app you downloaded but that's just a guess. Wiping the device will tell us a lot. If the device still doesn't work you'll want to reload the OS using BB Link. if it still doesn't work after that then warranty support will be necessary through Rogers.
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    I need more information about your hardware configuration. Run the iTunes Help menu -> Run CD Diagnostics... command and post the results here.
    I'm assuming that you're not running 64-bit windows.
    It sounds like the driver didn't get installed. You could try doing a repair install on iTunes --
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    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France)  mercredi 23 janvier 2011 22:39:28
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    hello experts
    i am working with MS-ACCESS and connecting it with java programing
    now the problem with me are
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    is it possible to create a dynamic table in ms-access through java query like
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    here topic id some variable that contain table name
    i think problem is that MS-ACCESS has no varchar data type plz help me
    The complete code i written is as follow
    <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*,java.text.*"  %>
    <title> Processing the post request </title>
    <body background ="images/modbkgnd.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" >
       String param1="",param2="",topicId="";
       Connection con1=null;
       Statement  st1=null;
       ResultSet rs1=null;
       int a=2,reply=0;
       java.util.Date date = new java.util.Date();
       DateFormat df ;
       df = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.FULL ,java.util.Locale.UK);
       String dateformat = df.format(date);
       String username = (String)session.getAttribute("forumlogin");
       param2 =request.getParameter("message");
       con1 = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:lingua");
       String query1 = "insert into Forum (Subject,Author,Date,Reply) values('"+param1+"','"+username+"','"+dateformat+"',"+reply+")";
       st1 = con1.createStatement();
       out.print("hello i am here");
       boolean posubject = st1.execute(query1);
       out.print("hello i am here");
       String query2 = "select *from Forum";
       rs1 = st1.executeQuery(query2); //retriving table id for creating
        out.print("hello i am here");  //  message table
           topicId = rs1.getString(1);
       String query3 = "create table"+"topicId"+"( message varchar(1000) NOT NULL,author varchar(50) NOT NULL, date varchar(30) NOT NULL)";
       boolean createtable = st1.execute(query3);
       out.print("hello i am here");
          String query4 = "insert into"+"topicId"+"values('"+param2+"','"+username+"','"+dateformat+"')";
          boolean insertmess = st1.execute(query4);
    }catch(SQLException ex){
        out.print("sql exception");

    hello experts
    first i change my Date to date and thn try but it was not working.
    and thn i try as dinesh_tcs said
    i change my query as
    String query3 = "create table"+"topicId"+"( message string NOT NULL,author string NOT NULL, date string NOT NULL)";
    but nothing help me
    one more thing actually i don,t want to insert manually the field of autonumber what i want that my query work when i leave the autonumber field to insert values in the table ( or whatever way i want to insert values in that table by keeping autonuber given by MS_ACCESS)
    plz do the change in code i have maintained above or if not possible thn write the query that u have tested

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    project, so you can see what I'm talking about.

    Well, if you're talking about the single-celled table with
    the line:
    <p class=Preformatted>[assembly:
    ... you can eliminate the <P> tags. that will give you
    one line less. Otherwise, your remaining space is the result of the
    <PRE> tag. It, like the <XMP> tag, gives it one line of
    space beneath as well.
    Your alternative beyond that would be to, when needed, wrap
    up the script in Javascript. That line, for instance, wouldn't need

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    I faced a difficult problem with sysdba. The thing is, I don't have a user name " 1/[email protected] ". But the moment I connected as 1/[email protected] as sysdba, then it connected automatically and to utter surprise I could drop a user.
    If it is so, then how the database will remain secure.
    Definitely there is a solution and I need it urgently.

    c:\> sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    After logging into SQL, check the username using:
    SQL> Show user
    If the above command returns "sys", change the password of the user "sys" using:
    SQL> Alter user sys identified by "yourpassword";
    Thank You

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    I have an older model iMac G5 that my daughter has been using on week-ends when she comes home from the local college. She said that she was having a lot of problems with Safari quitting, getting weird messages with MS Office and kernel panics. I decided that the best thing to do would be to erase and install Leopard. During the installation process I got a message that Leopard could not install due to a problem with the base system. I then tried to install from the restore discs (which were backups that I had on hand since I couldn't find the originals) and from a Tiger install disc. I got errors each time. Now there was no longer an operating system on the iMac. I took it to the local genius bar. The genius seemed kind of frazzled since he was helping several people, but he seemed sure that it was the hard drive because of the kernel panics and the fact that he couldn't install anything onto the computer from an external firewire drive.
    I purchased a new hard drive from Amazon and a friend who is very knowledgeable about these things installed it for me. We still couldn't install an operating system. We then installed it using Target Mode by putting the Tiger DVD on a Powerbook. I then proceeded with Software Update. I had no problems with applications like iTunes and DVD player. However, whenever I tried to upgrade the operating system I got this message "The digital signature for this package is incorrect. The package may have been tampered with or corrupted since being signed by "Apple". I used Disc Utility with the Tiger DVD and it showed no problems.
    So, there is obviously something really wrong. I have no idea what it is. Any ideas out there? Should I take the iMac back to the genius bar? I don't want to spend a lot more money on it, since it is just used on week-ends when my daughter is home. Thanks.

    It could be any of those things, but likely is the motherboard. Take it in and have Apple look at it.
    Let us know what they say, please.

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    ipad is disabled and not connecting with itunes

    1: Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
    2: If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane.
    3: If the device doesn't appear in iTunes, try using the steps in this article to force the device into recovery mode.

  • Big and strange problem with my Zen Touch, please he

    I have had my Zen Touch since October and I have never had a problem with it, but suddenly yesterday I stopped for no obvious reason, it just froze.
    I have since tried to reset it a number of times, and everytime it goes into something called "recovery mode", where I can "clean up", "format all" "reload firmware" or "reboot". Only reboot works, when I try to choose the other options it just says "harddisk problem".
    I have then tried to upgrade the firmware through USB 2.0, but it freezes shortly into the process...
    So now I don?t know what to do, I really hope that some of you can help me... Thanks a lot

    Well that's a big problem, but it's certainly not a strange one. In fact, it seems to happen to pretty much every Zen Touch ever.Last time it happened to mine I fixed it by putting the player in its case and dropping it on the floor. I'm not even joking.Edit: By the way, this usually means the hard dri've is stuck, particularly if your player is new. Smackin' it around a little really does help.Message Edited by debaser on 04-06-2005 02:8 AM

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    Since a recent upgrade of Firefox links in several websites no longer work. They used to be fine and I loved Firefox. The problems do not exist with other browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. More specifically, on the links to news items do not work, nor do those to "My Account." On the link to print my statement doesn't work - similarly on
    There are several suggested solutions around the internet but all are complex, none so far have worked and I don't see why I should need to carry out the suggested tweaks. Firefox used to be great - now it isn't. The problem seems to be with the upgrade. Please help me to get my Firefox to where it should be.

    Thank you but please don't waste any more time on this. I have done as I said I would - removed and re- installed Firefox, cleared all cookies and caches (CCleaner) - still doesn't work. As I said at the start, the problem is not confined to Talktalk - it applies to several other sites and links. The problem does not occur with Internet Explorer nor with Google Chrome so I am now using those.

  • Pdf causes problem with opening files: help, please!

    The operating system on my computer is Windows xp and I use Adobe version 11.0.6.
    I am having a problem that arises when I get a warning message (particularly when opening pdf or xls files): "AcroRd32.exe - Application Error: The exception unknown software exception (Oxc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x00411e0b". I am then unable to open most files - pdf, xls, Word etc. - until I switch the machine off and then on. I have discussed this problem with Microsoft, who eventually said that it seems to be caused by something related to Acrobat software.
    I should be grateful for advice or help from any participant in this forum.
    Many thanks in advance.
    John Porter

    To test the automount hypothesis, you could create
    a new user with a home directory someplace completely different and NFS-free, like /opt
    useradd -m -d /opt/testuser -s /bin/bash testuser
    passwd testuser
    Then login to CDE as the user.
    It does sound like there's something broken with $HOME/.dt

  • Problem with Web Host - Help please.

    I moved our main site to 'Hostmonster'. Trying to set up
    Some of the forms our non-profit hosts send information from
    people with
    complaints - to Federal agencies that have a strict criteria
    for accepting
    email information (must originate from the complainer). We do
    this because
    some people need help filing complaints with the Fed Govt.
    Hostmonster apparently will not send ANY email that does not
    originate from
    their server. (Must originate from
    '[email protected]'.
    It is vital that the resulting email 'originate' from the
    email address that
    the user places in the field I label 'email'.
    Worked fine on our previous host but we transferred to
    hostmonster for less
    expensive cost and additional services [unlimited nr of
    domains and
    unlimited disk space].
    We tried hostmonster because I saw someone in this forum
    recommend them.
    Please let me know who you recommend and why.
    Maybe we can get these recommended hosts listed in one thread
    that can be
    reverenced in the future?

    You have your answer from hostmonster. They want you to
    change hosts. You
    can easily comply with this, and frankly I would do so.
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
    - DW FAQs, Tutorials & Resources - DW FAQs,
    Tutorials & Resources
    <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:C5B36785.23D8B%[email protected]
    > My form collects an email address from the user.
    > [ e.g. [email protected] ]
    > Subject is set by the script "My_subject"
    > User clicks 'Submit' and the information submitted is
    emailed to me per
    > the
    > formmail.php (aka dbmasters Formmail.php script.)
    > I expect the resulting email to show up in my email
    account as
    > Sender: [email protected] Subject: My_Subject.
    > What I get is:
    > Sender: [email protected]
    > Subject: My_subject
    > Note that the actual sender is
    '[email protected]'
    > The US FTC database that some of the forms will send the
    email to MUST say
    > that the information came from "
    [email protected]".
    > I called Hostmonster and was told on the phone that any
    email sent out by
    > their system must specify that it is sent from a domain
    hosted by
    > Hostmonster.
    > Then I got the cryptic email from Hostmonster:
    > sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f
    [email protected]
    > Thank you,
    > HostMonster.Com
    > It looks like someone at Hostmonster was offering
    something they thought
    > would help - but it was from:
    > "HostMonster.Com" <[email protected]>
    > So I can't send this question back to the sender and I
    don't know what to
    > do
    > with the information they sent me and I don't know why
    they didn't use a
    > regular email return address.
    > We just want to help people who need the help we try to
    provide. This is
    > usually older people who are being ripped off by crooks.
    > Thank you for your interest and for any help/insight you
    can offer.
    > Dan H.
    > On 2/6/09 6:08 PM, in article
    [email protected],
    > "bregent"
    > <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>> Hostmonster apparently will not send ANY email
    that does not originate
    >>> from
    >>> their server. (Must originate from
    >>> '[email protected]'.
    >> I'm confused. If you are sending email from a form
    hosted on
    >> Hostmonster,
    >> then
    >> the email is originating from their server. Do you
    mean that the outgoing
    >> email
    >> must be populated with an address (From, Replyto,
    etc) that is from a
    >> hostmonster domain? That doesn't make any sense to
    me. Could you explain?

  • Problem with my Macbook - HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Hello, and please help!
    This is my second 1.83ghz 1 gb ram 80 gb hard drive Macbook. The first one mooed and had a buzzy display. This one has been perfect for three weeks. Have loved it. But today, my girlfriend shut it down, apparently properly, we took it out of it's case to use it and the fan was on FULL blast. Even though the computer was off! It then wouldn't turn on for ages. The macbook was very, very hot at this point.
    Eventually it restarted when the fan went off ten minutes later. The battery level had gone from 80% to 28%. And then it said 'Mac OS X unexpetedly quit' and carried on as normal.... for the moment.
    My girlfriend said 'it's done it once before' too.
    Any heads up on this? Many thanks in advance.

    It definitly sounds like she instructed the computer to shut down, but did not wait for the Mac OS to actually shut off the computer befre closing the lid. Doing so suspends activity and puts the computer into sleep mode where it still uses power. If you put the computer in a bag, the heat will build up, and I would expect it do do as you described.
    Ask your girlfriend if she waited for the screen to turn black or not. If she did wait for the screen to turn black, then you definitly have a problem that should be taken up with AppleCare, or Apple.
    If this post was helpful, please mark it as such.

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