Services purchase order cost should go to sales order

Dear All,
I have a scenario, i have an trading item i wanna sell it through sales order, but customer ask for some different color change of that item what i do i create a service order for change color after to a vendor after recieving that service i want the cost of that services should go to that specific sales order, kindly tell me what process i have to follow while creating the service order, we are using short description for services not the service master.

Does the customers ask change in colour after the material has shipped or before
Reason for asking is to justify either one or the following processes
1. Can be handled through Customer service module
2. Third party scenarip

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  • Sales order cost objective vs OKB9  Internal order cost object.

    Hi All,
    we facing an  issue with sales order cost objective vs OKB9 cost object.
    For IC PO service material, we assigned account assignment category 4.Reasonis Service material was not showing on G\R account.
    The G\L account 7898788, we assigned to Service Item (material type DIEN)  , for G\Cost 7898788 cost element is assigned in OKB9. Combination business + order 3478787.
    Now conflict with sales order cost objective vs OKB9  internal order cost object.
    While posting intercompany IR posting system thronging below error messageu2026
    Enter only one true account assignment
    Message no. KI249
    You made assignments to several objects in CO (cost center, order, project etc.). 2 of these have been created as true objects.
    System Response
    You are allowed only one account assignment for each cost-relevant account
    How to resolve this issue.. Do I make any config changes in the system to overcome this issue?
    Or any sub account to assin in VKOA config for internal orderu2026

    Hi Waman,
    Thanks for your inputs.
    Issue :  IR failed to post for wax  Sales Order -> ICPO  - Error:  Enter only one true account assignmentu2019.
    Original setup  in  Test system   & Productionu2013 account determination for servive (DIEN) account assignment category u20184u2019 was linked to G/L Account  34444444, As part of project orange u2019, account determination was linked to account u201889710100u2019.
    Account u20188970100u2019   34444444 was replaced with 8970100 ,is not linked to any cost center & always post with reference to IC Sales Order as per config in OKB9 based on company code (US99) + cost element (89701100) + business area (9yyy). This caused a conflict while posting IR, system could not determine exact order for posting financial value.
    Conflict:  Actual Sales Order 34789343 is  linked to PO via account assignment category & IC dummy sales order (8014331) is determine via config setting. Two cost objects cannot be linked to one IR G/L account booking.

  • Several cost centers in one sales order

    The situation is.
    Weu2019ve got the task to find solution how to create sales order document with several cost centers.
    Now we use order reason to assign cost center in sales order.
    We use only one order reason in one document and it means one cost center in one sales order document.
    But we need to have opportunity to choose several cost centers. We mean assign different cost center for each item.
    For example sales order items:
    Material 1: Electricity u2013 X1 (cost center u2013 Y1);
    Material 2: Gas u2013 X2 (cost center u2013 Y2 );
    Material 3: Petrol u2013 X3 (cost center u2013 Y3);
    Material n: Services u2013 Xn (cost center - Yn).
    The document sequence :Quotation (VA21) -> SALES order (VA01) -> Billing (VF01)
    Could you give me the recommendation or advice for this task?
    Many thanks.

    The Cost Center Determination settings is in OVF3, the standard works only at the header level though, so it would not work if cost center is needed on the line item.
    For this case I suggest to try from CO view:
    A material is linked to a profit center. From this profit center you can determine a cost center using txn OKB9
    In combination with the material's account assignment field and account determination customizing, an alternate revenue account can be determined for this material. ("Normal" revenue accounts are to be used in combination with CO-PA).
    If this account is a cost element with category type "1" you need the entries in OKB9.
    Hope this help!

  • *Internal Order* or *Cost Center* on SD Sales Order

    Hi Gurus,
    please can you tell me how we can set automatically Internal Order or Cost Center on SD Sales Order (without putting it manually).
    Thank you very much
    Kind Regards

    Hi Andrea,
    As Ambrusa told, one Z table should be created where you can maintain order reasons, sales org, sales order type and the internal order no. as combination and use the below mentioned user exit.
    When user create sales order, system will default the order reasons maintained in the z table and internal order no. will be picked as user select the order reason.
    Hope this will meet your requirement.

  • Cost centre field in sales order account assignment screen

    Hello all,
    I am unable to find the settings for cost center field in sales order account assignment tab screen along with profit center and internal order. kindly let me know the path to select cost center.
    Thanks in advance

    The Cost Center Determination settings is in OVF3 -  but there are some cases where the Cost Center must be exceptionally changed. 
    If the document category for order type in IMG VOV8 is defined to be "I" which belong to order type FD - Deliv.Free of Charge, then the field cost center is active for input during transaction VA01. 
    Alternatively, you can specify an order reason and assign a cost center to an order reason. 
    However the standard SAP works only at the header level though, so it would not work if cost center is needed on the line item. 
    The cost center are assign for such business transactions as :
    - Free deliveries
    - Returns
    - Deliveries of advertising materials
    You can also make cost center allocation dependent on the order reason, for example:
    Order reason: Damage in transit
    Order reason: Free sample
    Both the IMG settings are done in transaction OVF3, either with/without the order reason.

  • How can we get purchase req. no in third party sales order

    I am creating third party order scenario, where i can get purchase req. no in third party sales order.
    M B Raju

    Once you save the Sale order then go to VA02
    Double click on the Line item , click on the schedule line tab
    under Schedule line tab  you can see the Purchase Req. number

  • Employee cost should hit to Internal order

    Dear Friends,
    We started new plant and  hired employers ,cost center profit center not ready yet( we created one Internal order as over head order ).
    Employee Cost through Payroll  so HR People has already created a new Organizational Unit and we have tagged it to an Internal Order.  We have hired some test employees and have run payroll for this newly hired employees.
    So the system is throwing the following errors.
    Error 1)*Account assignment objects are incorrect. No substitution is possible.*
    *Message no. 3G209*
    *The account assignment object check showed that, from the point of view of CO, the specified account assignment is not valid, and cannot be replaced by the employee's master cost center or a substitute cost center. This item cannot be posted.*
    Error 2)Internal error: No valid return value for segment found
    Message no. 3G330
    No valid value was returned as a result of the segment check. The Customizing settings for the general ledger, however, request a value for the account assignment of the segment.
    Error 3)No segment found
    Message no. FAGL_ORG_UNITS007
    No segment could be derived for the current line.
    However, in the Customizing settings for General Ledger Accounting, you have selected the segment as a mandatory balancing field. This means that a segment must be assigned in each line item.
    System Response
    The posting is rejected.
    Edit your segment derivation or make changes to the Customizing settings for document splitting.
    Kindly suggest me onthis its very urgent.

    Dear Raviteja,
    Thanks for your Reply ,
    Allready i checked the link which you have provided but our case is different.
    Actually the Employee Cost should hit to Internal order not  to cost center.(that is our requirement)
    While creating internal order i didnt maintain  any profit center bcoz cost center and profit centers are not ready yet for time being we are planning to move Employee cost to internal order later we will settle to Cost centers once its ready.
    Thanks & regards,
    Edited by: swapnasudha chowdary on Jan 24, 2012 11:59 AM

  • Service purchase requition ,although we selected in maintainaec order,it is

    Dear Sap experts,
    Please advise me for service purchase requition ,although we selected in maintainaec order,it is not linked with service PR.

    please refer below links...
    External Services on PM Order
    PM order with external service

  • MTO --- How can one verify costs are tracked at sales order level

    PP members:
    In MTO -- costs are tracked at sales order level, how can one verify that costs are tracked at sales order level
    Are there any settings/fields in master data to look into for <b>identifying costs at sales order level</b>,
    Thanks for your time

    Hi suren,
    on the top you will see "sales document" "edit" "goto" and then you have "extras".
    On the dropdown you will see "costing".

  • System should Not copy sales order header text

    Hi all,
    My requirement is system should not copy sales order header text while copying sales order to sales order with same order type.
    for example i have order type OR - standard type with 500 line items with reference to that same sales order we are creating another order with same line 500 line items,but requirement is system should not copy source document header text in to target document header text,
    Do you have any standard functionality to avoid this or we need to go exit

    You can do it via standard SAP configuration.
    Transaction VOTXN.
    In the access sequence you have the corresponding Text ID added with "Text Object" VBBK. That's the reason why you are copying text.
    Change the entry.
    Check below link on how exactly to do that. This doc says about how to copy customer text to the sales order. But procedure is same for you as well. Just the object is different.
    [Text type config|]
    Hope it helps!
    Best regards,

  • Posting to a cost centre from a sales order

    Hi all.  We are currently in the process of replacing a third party system which deals with publicity mailing and taking the process onto our SAP system.
    At the moment a report is run on the third party system at month end which details the months costs (freight and handling) which is then uploaded into SAP by JV in order to make the postings to the correct cost centres.
    However, the current method of raising orders via email will be replaced with raising sales orders on SAP.  The sales order will obviously allow postings to a profit centre via the material, but how do I then get the costs into a cost centre for reporting and budgetary control?
    I originally thought of using OKB9, however the relationship is not a simple one profit centre to one cost centre, and the costs have to be split across multiple costs centres.
    Any ideas would be extremely welcome.
    If you need any further info just let me know.
    Many thanks

    There are a couple of options depending on how the data comes in and how you want to disburse it. You could use a substitution rule and you could also do CO allocations as well. This is because you have one profit center and many cost centers. One to one is a an easy flow match.

  • Sales order Total = Zero (0) No Sales order Lines

    Is there any possibility to accept Sales order Total = Zero (0) - No Sales order Lines for a specific customer?
    I assume it should be a parameter in SBO somewhere...
    Thank you,

    Hi Rune,
    i think there's no parameter for this.
    "You cannot have a Sales Order without items unless it is a Service Invoice"
    Edited by: David Nussböck on May 3, 2008 1:15 PM

  • Sales order with reference to another Sales order

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Good day.
    I would like to seek an advice from u regarding this scenario:
    First if all, is this scenario possible-create sales order w/ reference to another sales order?
    We have a scenario wherein the original sales order has a material w/ free goods. And then when we create another sales order w/ ref to that iriginal sales order, the free goods appeared twice.
    Original SO:
    Item.  Material.    Qty.  item cat
    10.      123.          5.       ZOR
    20.       123.         1.       ZORR
    SO w/ ref to above orig SO:
    Item.  Material.    Qty.  item cat
    10.      123.          5.       ZOR
    20.       123.         1.       ZORR
    30.        123.         1.      TANN
    Item 30 should not appear since our goal is to copy exactly what was on the original sales order.
    I have checked the item cat and copy control & seems it is correct.
    Please advice

    dear friend,
    your 'key' transaction is VTAA
    the copy control has two parts - header and item levels - check them both
    find out your record (source to target) , goto Deatails and check out two checkboxes - "Copy item number" and "Complete reference" . also check out the copying requirements - look at routine number and make sure it is correct
    2. at item level check out all relevant 'copying' fields
    good luck

  • Block the production order creation till approval of sales order

    We are using MTO process. Client is asking to avoid the creation of production order still the sales order is approved. In sales order one user status is defined as approved. By default when sales order is created the status will be in not approved and once the accounts clears, they manually change the status to approved. Is it possible to put system check  to avoid the production order creation till sales order status is changed to approved?? Any idea??.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Usmani,
    I'm facing the same problem as you. Do you already have the solution for this?
    As of now, the only solution to stop the transfer of requirement to MRP is to set the delivery block at the header level and also flag on the "Fixed Date & Qty" in each schedule line item. The problem is now to deflag the "Fixed Date & Qty" in each schedule line item when the Sales Order is confirmed.
    Please share should you have any other solutions.
    Thank you.

  • Calling a Sales Order Change BAPI in a Sales Order Exit

    Functional Requirement:
    While creating a Sales Order with Reference to another Sales Order, on saving the new sales order, change something in the referenced sales order.
    I am trying to achieve the same by doing the following:
    In the standard SAP user exit called during saving the new sales order USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT I am calling the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE on the referenced Sales Order.
    However the BAPI is unable to change the other sales order giving an error Enter the document number. I am specifying the Document Number while calling the BAPI, so I know that is not the error.
    I just wish to know whether it is technically possible to call a BAPI to update another Sales Order while we are currently saving one Sales Order.

    Hi Girish,
    If it works correctly when run seperately and you are sure the data passed into the BAPI is exactly the same then it may be something like table locks or similar causing your original problems...
    What about packaging up your working Z program into a custom function module and calling that from within USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT as a seperate task (IN NEW TASK) and building in a slight delay of say 5 seconds at the start of your code?
    I'll be honest, this isn't an ideal solution but might be sufficient to resolve your issues.  I'd be inclined to see if you could just run your Z program as a background process every 5 minutes or so to capture any changes and perform updates but if this is a no no from your functional people I'm not sure what else to suggest sorry.  I've never personally had to update a document from within the save routine of another document so can't give any advice based on my own experiences sorry.

Maybe you are looking for

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