Set initial value based on query

Is it possible to set the initial value of a field based on a query. Kindly advice.

Yes. You can create a VO for your query and map that to the field on your page. Then execute the VO in PR method.
Or if the field is not based on VO, you can execute your query in PR method using PreparedStatement. Then get the handle of the field and set its value to the value returned in resultSet of the query.

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  • Query to set initial values

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to use queries to set initial values or change existing values?  For example, we are adding in a new sales employee that will be our sales rep for customers in a certain area.  Would it be possible to run a query that would set the Sales Employee field in the BP Master Data as this new sales rep if the customer is in that area?  If yes, what is the general process for using queries to set values in this manner (we have other things we would like to use this for as well, if its possible)?
    Thanks for the help

    Hi Todd,
    The best way to tackle this is probably to use a query to extract the business partners you wish to update and then use the Data Transfer Workbench to update the Business Partners in question.
    You could also add a Formatted Search to the Business Partner screen so all new Business Partners default to the correct Sales Person based upon territory/address or whatever criteria you like.

  • Combobox values based on query

    I created combobox but how can I set its record source to be based on a query ?

    Well it was no working, however I did it myself like this:
    num number;
    my_spid varchar2(9);
    my_desc varchar2(25);
    myvar varchar2(9);
    i number;
    select count(*) into num from specialty_master;
    i:= 1;
    SELECT description, sp_id INTO my_desc, my_spid FROM specialty_master where sp_id=myvar;
    Add_List_Element('SP_ID', i, my_desc, my_spid);
    i := i + 1;
    exit when i > num;
    end loop;
    My Sp_id in database was like: SP001,SP002,SP003
    I had to use myvar:='SP00'||i because of some rownum problem.
    But now my error is: No initial value selected for listbox.
    How to set initial value.

  • Set default value based on sql query?

    is it possible to set default value of an BC entity attribute by using sql expression?
    Eg. "select max(x)+1 from y where userid=?"

    Yes, you can do this. Edit your entity object attribute, and in the Edit Attribute dialog select "Derived from SQL Expression". Then you can enter your expression in the Expression text box.

  • Initial Value in Enter Query Mode

    Hi Everyone,
    If you ever need to set a "visual" default (or initial) value for an item in Enter-Query mode, here is one solution to accomplish this:
    Create a WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE trigger at the block level where the item is located. Make sure it can fire in Enter-Query mode.
    If :system.mode = 'ENTER-QUERY' AND :system.cursor_item = <YourItemName> AND <YourItemName> IS NULL Then
        <YourItemName> := <TheInitialValue>;
    End If;You may wish to play with the "Keep Cursor Position" property of the item should you want the cursor to go back to the item position it was when the item was left.

    It seems that your solution described solves my problem expressed 2 months ago....
    I'll try it out....

  • Pass variable and set default value based on user's group

    I'm using SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2012. I need to send a variable to the page and based on its value, set default value for a drop down list and send it to other web part to filter the data. Is it possible for certain users to send that value as a default
    and limit user to see only this value in the text field or drop down list; for others - to allow to see the drop down list, but also set the default value for that list?
    The main page was designed in SharePoint designer, using web parts (aspx page). I had setup a connection to Active Directory and already have the code to get user's groups and based on their group, I have that variable pulled into the web page for further
    use. But I don't know how to pass that value as a default value to the web part (currently using SharePoint Filter web part). When I tried to set a default value for the web part - it automatically puts the quotation marks around the name of the variable
    and shows it as a text instead of showing the value of the field.
    Thank you!
    P.s. I have limited knowledge of SharePoint and need guidance (links, examples, recommendations)!
    Alla Sanders

    Thank you for your response. I'll try to give you more details. On PageA I check user's groups and based on the group, assign the value and pass it to the next page (no input from the user, all done behind the scene and user is redirected to PageB).
    On the next page I read that value and would like to send it to the SharePoint List Filter Web as a default value, as well as send it to another web part that displays the list from SQL, filtered using that default value. Ideally, if the user is from Group
    A, I'd like for them to have only one value in that drop down list; if user is from Group B - give him drop down list with 40 items to choose from. Below there is a part of the code and variable fnum has the value from PageA (if I print the value on the screen
    - I do see that it has correct value, so the code that gets groups from Active directory works correctly). If I assign fnum as a default value of the list, it shows "fnum" instead of the value of variable fnum. I connect to SQL database, using external
    content - so the other list that I'm filtering based on the value in that drop down list - is XSLT Data View Web part. I also have 2 more filters on that page, that user will have full access to and based on their input, it is also sent to the XSLT web part
    to filter out more data. Since one of the filters is the date and I am filtering data starting from the date that user chooses - XSLT is the only web part that I was able to make it work with.
    I looked at the link you provided (thank you). It is using Content Query Web part. Will it work with external content, as well as accepting multiple filtering, including custom starting date? I appreciate your help!
    string fnum = Request.QueryString["field1"];
    %><table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="height: 1000px">
    <td id="_invisibleIfEmpty" name="_invisibleIfEmpty" colspan="2" valign="top" style="height: 101px">
    <WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat="server" Title="loc:Header" ID="Header" FrameType="TitleBarOnly"><ZoneTemplate>
    <WpNs0:SpListFilterWebPart runat="server" FilterMainControlWidthPixels="0" RequireSelection="False" ExportMode="All" PartImageLarge="/_layouts/images/wp_Filter.gif" AllowHide="False" ShowEmptyValue="True" MissingAssembly="Cannot import this Web Part." AllowClose="False" ID="g_1ccc4bca_3ba1_480b_b726_adfdb1e9e02d" IsIncludedFilter="" DetailLink="" AllowRemove="False" HelpMode="Modeless" AllowEdit="True" ValueFieldGuid="fa564e0f-0c70-4ab9-b863-0177e6ddd247" IsIncluded="True" Description="Filter the contents of web parts by using a list of values from a Office SharePoint Server list." FrameState="Normal" Dir="Default" AllowZoneChange="True" AllowMinimize="False" DefaultValue="fnum" Title="Facilities List Filter" PartOrder="2" ViewGuid="2da5d8db-6b55-4403-80a8-111e42049f8b" FrameType="None" CatalogIconImageUrl="/_layouts/images/wp_Filter.gif" FilterName="Facilities List Filter" HelpLink="" PartImageSmall="/_layouts/images/wp_Filter.gif" AllowConnect="True" DescriptionFieldGuid="2d97730a-cd0d-4cb9-8b55-424951201081" ConnectionID="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" ExportControlledProperties="True" TitleIconImageUrl="/_layouts/images/wp_Filter.gif" ChromeType="None" SuppressWebPartChrome="False" IsVisible="True" ListUrl="/Lists/FacilitiesList" AllowMultipleSelections="False" ZoneID="Header" __MarkupType="vsattributemarkup" __WebPartId="{768E2035-0461-4A09-8DDD-CA7020C2B23D}" WebPart="true" Height="" Width="615px"></WpNs0:SpListFilterWebPart>
    Alla Sanders

  • Problem setting initial value for LOV

    Hello, everyone. This seems like it should be simple, but it's giving me lots of problems. I am trying to create my first LOV. I have a messageLovInput item called PFedFilingStatus. From the Property Inspector, I can set an Initial Value of "02", which displays when I run the page, and lets me change it and validate it using the associated LOV.
    What I would rather do is set the initial value programmatically, but here are my problems:
    If I set the value like this:
    OAMessageLovInputBean lovText = (OAMessageLovInputBean)pageLayout.findIndexedChildRecursive("PFedFilingStatus");
    then the field displays properly at run time, but can't be changed. The LOV runs, but any value I select flips back to "02"
    If I set the value like this:
    then nothing seems to happen at run time. The value is not displayed at all.
    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

    Yes, that helps a bunch. Now can you tell me where that is set?
    Thanks so much.

  • Setting initial values on structures

    I have written a middle-ware wrapper which allows me to call a SAP RFC from SQL Server stored procedures.  I am upgrading it from the DCOM to the .Net connector so I can run it on Windows 2003 Server.
    When I set a string value (SAP C type) to initial I get the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." raised in the proxy object.  This error does not happen for non-initial values, and also does not happen on my development workstation.  It happens if I set the string to "" or to " ". It occurs on two servers - Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.
    I can't figure out how to debug this, and can't find anything in this forum or on SAP Notes.  Has anyone else found this error?

    A clear head in the morning makes all the difference. There was no problem with the .Net Connector.
    The problem lay with SQL Server's sp_OAMethod procedure, or possibly in the .Net component's CCW.  If you pass an empty string in as an argument, your component gets a Nothing.  I therefore fixed it in the component with:
       If Value Is Nothing Then Value = ""

  • Set Default Value based on Field from another table for a custom object

    I'm trying to set the default value on a custom object field to the value of an account field. I have tried the syntax 50 different ways, and just am getting no where. The account field label displays as DBA, the integration tag is ltDBA_ACCT, and it shows up in reporting fx area as Account.Text_22.
    The custom object field I'm triying to update is also called DBA, which was originally the "NAME" required field. Does the table name, Account, have to be included? Do I need a function in front of the field?
    I have been updating the external ID using the row ID with syntex <ID> (Less than ID greater than) so I know it is possible to set the Default Value, but <DBA>, <ltDBA_ACCT>, "Account"."DBA", and so on just don't not work.
    If anyone knows how to enter this I'd really appreciate the help.

    Ok, so if you want to default a field to the value from another object, you have to use the JoinFieldValue function. I think you understand that, based on your original post, but I want to be sure that you do.
    Next, this will only work as a default if the record is created from the object that you wish to join on because a default works at record creation and the ID needs to be available for it to work properly. It will not work if you choose the related object record after the custom object record is created. You could set the value as a post-default, but that does not seem to meet your requirements.
    The syntax for the Default Value would be as follows: JoinFieldValue(ref_record_type, foreign_key, field_name).
    In your case, ref_record_type is '<Account>', foreign_key is &#91;<AccountId>&#93;, and field_name is '<YourFieldName>'. The best way to determine what the field name is would be to create a new workflow for Account and use the Workflow Rule Condition expression builder to pick your field ("DBA") from the list. The value that is returned by the expression builder should be placed in the field_name variable in the JoinFieldValue function (minus the brackets and in single quotes).
    Give this a shot and let me know how you do.

  • Set default value based on current day value and setItems in Design studio

    I have 2 filters on my dashboard - year and month. The default display of the dashboard should populate current year data. Is it possible to create formula to populate dynamic default value based on the current date using setSelectedValue() ?
    Also, for the calendar month, the items are set as below
    MemberPresentation.INTERNAL_KEY, MemberDisplay.TEXT, 12, "ALL");
    This displays month values as 01/2014, 02/2014 ... How can I change these value to display as January if mm = 01 and February if mm = 02 etc..

    Hi Victor,
    I have tried using below statment to populate current year as the default selection value for the dropdown. Used it on Startup, but for some reason it loads all the data when the dashboard is opened the first time. Any ideas?
    DS_1.setFilter("0CALYEAR",[Convert.subString(APPLICATION.getInfo().dateNowInternalFormat, 4,6)]);

  • Setting Initial Values in Sharpening Panel

    I have found that one of the reasons that LR3 Process 2010 sharpening seems to be a problem is that the initial values in the Sharpening panel in Develop has a setting of 50 for Detail. Aside from the fact that the Detail adjustment isn't even available in LR2, I have found that a setting of 50 almost always gives a "crinkle" effect (for want of a better term) clearly visible at 100%.  This can usually be correct by lowering the Detail value, often to 0.
    Is there a way to preset the Sharpening values (currently Level 0, Radius 1.0, Detail 50, and Mask 0 -- at least as I'm seeing it) to my own preferred settings?  Seems to me it may be related to camera-specific presets, but I can't find anything (yet).  For example, I'd like mine set to 25,1.0,0,0.  Or, am I completely missing something here?

    Default settings are set by camera model, so you can have as many different default settings as you want.  Additionally, the dialog box that appears when you set camera raw defaults has a button to enable you to restore the Adobe Camera Raw defaults.
    Visual360photography wrote:
    Hey, I have three cameras and when I click set default, it shows what camera the picture was taken. So my question is what happen to the other two cameras that I have. Especially when it say that this action is not undoable.

  • Vl31n set initial values

    I donu2019t have very much experience in abap, so I will ask you to help me. I need to fill the the purchase order and the vendor field from vl31n transaction - initial screen with some values. Can you suggest me an user-exit, a badi or something else to solve my problem? I mention that I never worked with badi or user-exits, so I will appreciate any details about this and how is used..

    I assume you want to call the transaction from within another abap program and populate the entry fields on the selection screen ?
    Generally for any transaciton, if you place the cursor in the input field and press F1 you will get the help. From here if you select the technical help you will see information about the field.
    On here there is a parameter id field, showing BES for Purchase order number and LIF for Vendor.
    You can then use SET PARAMETER ID to set the values for these two IDs and they will appear when the transaction is then called.

  • IDOC CLFMAS set initial values

    I am using IDOC CLFMAS02 to update values in material classification. I do not have problems with modify a normal value. But I want to set a date classification value to initial. If I inform with ' ' the value is showed as '00.00.0000', but I need that this value become initial.
    I am trying to use field MSGFN = 003 (delete) on segment E1AUSPM but it does not running.
    The FM that we use to input idoc is IDOC_INPUT_CLFMAS.
    Any suggestion. Thanks¡¡¡¡

    Yes I try to remove date characteristic from E1AUSPM.
    Also I try to set blank value.
    Also I try with MSGFN value = 003.
    I think that your code is only to delete values from multiple-values characteristics.
    TEST 1 ( set blank)
    Current Material characteristic value: 01.01.2011
    Objective Material characteristic value: Blank
    E1OCLFM                     004MARA      00000XXXXXXXXXXXXX                           001OMARA
        E1KSSKM                     004ZCLAS                                 1
        E1AUSPM                     004Z_CHARACTERISTIC
        E1DATEM                     004
    Result Material characteristic value: 00.00.0000
    TEST 2 (MSGFN 003)
    E1OCLFM                     004MARA      00000XXXXXXXXXXXXX                           001OMARA
        E1KSSKM                     004ZCLAS                                 1
        E1AUSPM                     003Z_CHARACTERISTIC                        01.01.2011
        E1DATEM                     004
    E1OCLFM                     004MARA      00000XXXXXXXXXXXXX                           001OMARA
        E1KSSKM                     004ZCLAS                                 1
        E1AUSPM                     003Z_CHARACTERISTIC                         
        E1DATEM                     004
    E1OCLFM                     003MARA      00000XXXXXXXXXXXXX                           001OMARA
        E1KSSKM                     003ZCLAS                                 1
        E1AUSPM                     003Z_CHARACTERISTIC                         01.01.2011
        E1DATEM                     003
    OR others...
    The problem is that characteristic must be defined to DATE format and when I set blank value, inside code is converting to 00.00.0000

  • Set initial value using SQL

    How do I set the 'initial value' property of a default value using an SQL statement?
    Any help appreciated,

    Hi Kevin,
    you are right. It is sometimes confusing for the users, but it is - as you said - like setting the initial value, of course you can do some more complexity there.
    One big problem is. If you want to set the initial values in a detail record of a master-detail relatioship depending on the master-record, you CAN'T use it. If you change the master record to a record which doesn't have a detail, the WHEN-CREATE-RECORD trigger fires before the master-record really changes. That means, the detail will be initialized with data from the old master-record (the one you were in, before changing the master record). Stupid thing.
    I never tried the WHEN-DATABASE-RECORD trigger, I even don't know how it works. I think I have to check what it is doing.

  • Looping and setting cfset values (from a query)

    Stuck on how to get this to work.
    How would I go about looping and setting these values instead
    of doing them individually?
    The query this <cfset> references works fine and will
    work but repeats...
    <cfset ans1 = (qryGetPcts1.q1Ct / qryGetCounts.qID2) *
    <cfset ans2 = (qryGetPcts2.q2Ct / qryGetCounts.qID2) *
    <cfset ans3 = (qryGetPcts3.q3Ct / qryGetCounts.qID2) *
    <cfset ans4 = (qryGetPcts4.q4Ct / qryGetCounts.qID2) *
    <cfset ans5 = (qryGetPcts5.q5Ct / qryGetCounts.qID2) *
    So I'd like to loop and set them all instead...
    <cfloop index="i" from="1" to="27">
    <cfset ans#i# = (qryGetPcts#i#.q#i#Ct /
    qryGetCounts.qID2) * 100>
    But it's responding with this...
    Invalid CFML construct found on line 196 at column 19.
    ColdFusion was looking at the following text:
    I'm sure I'm missing something simple b/c this must be
    possible? Can I use a cfset in a loop?
    Help is appreciated

    In the main everything is in CF is in a struct. Armed with
    this information you use array notation to help you.
    <cfloop index="iCount" from="1" to="27">
    <cfset variables["ans" & iCount] =
    (variables["qryGetPcts" & iCount]["q" & iCount & "Ct"]
    / qryGetCounts.qID2) * 100>

Maybe you are looking for

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