Setting environment variables oracle forms 10g(

We are migrating forms from 6i to 10g( We want to run reports in batch form Forms 10g and setting these environment variable(same as they are set in 6i).Please let me know correct path for these variables in Application Server.
## setting for Project Builder
Thanks in advance

... and beside of what Jan said, look at the following whitepaper:
Note that all directory names and file names that have a "90" in it are now without or have a frm prefix instead.

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  • The NLS_LANG environment variable for Form Builder 10g on Linux

    I have installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Linux Enterprise AS4 successfully,and set environment variable NLS_LANG="SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK",LANG="zh_CN.UTF-8".When i executed the following: /home/oracle/Orant/bin/frmbld
    I got the error as:
    X Error of failed request:BadFont(invalid Fond parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request:56(X_ChangeGC)
    Resource id in failed request:Ox2c000af
    Serial number of failed request:3376
    Current serial number in output stream 3517
    FRM-18122: ’Form Builder Debugger.
    If i delete the NLS_LANG environment variable,the Form Builder can be running,but i can't keyboard input[b] chinese characters in the PL/SQL Editor.
    I don't know how to solve the problem,anybody can help me?

    Hello Howard,
    Check out the following link here you can find your desired NLS parameters.
    And about the NLS_LANG for developer why you want to create for developer. Its is already there in REGISTRY. Just seaching in developer registry you can find there.
    how do I set more than 1 at a time.
    You can set only one NLS_LANG parameter at a time.
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  • Converting Unicode to UTF-8 character set through Oracle forms(10g)

    I am working on oracle forms (10g) where i need to load files containing unicode character set (multilingual characters) to database.
    but while loading the file , junk characters are getting inserted into the database tables.
    while reading the file through forms , i am using utl_file.fopen_nchar,utl_file.get_line_nchar functions to read the unicode characters ...
    the application server , and database server characterset are set to american utf8 characteset.
    In fact , when i change the text file characterset to utf8 through an editor(notepad ++,etc) , in that case , data is getting inserted into database properly,(at least working for english characters) , but not with unicode ...
    Any guidance in this regard are highly appreciated
    Thank you in advance

    please check out the following link.

  • Bad bind variable error in oracle forms 10g

    i have a created a table in oracle database 10g
    create table myimage(image_id number, image_name BLOB);
    i want insert an image and retrieve an image through programing(don't want block level) in oracle forms 10g
    without using java beans(and finely working in both windows XP2 and Solaries)
    how can i do this please can anybody give me the source code to do this because i am new in oracle forms.
    i need a immediate replay to this answer why because i have urgent requirement on this in my web erp project

    You can use WEBUTIL to do so, but
    without using java beans(and finely working in both windows XP2 and Solaries)WEBUTIL also contains javabean. I don't know why you have this restriction, i'd say you won't succeed without any java-bean.

  • Oracle forms 10g (win Xp middle tier IE 8             Win 7- IE 8 client)

    forms services
    Database 11gR2 also on Win Xp pro SP3
    I have a problem with java and Jinitiator and my understanding of what is / should be happening.
    In the file forms/server/formsweb.cfg see below. I can alter the parameter
    between the two alternatives. As it stands as shown the IE8 on the middle tier and on the database PC both work as near correctly as i can tell. On the Win 7 client IE 8 however crashes. switch it to the other way around and the
    win 7 works and the win xp on the database server stops with frm-92095 error version number too low. while on the middle tier Xp PC a blank doucument is displayed.
    How can i have both working at the same time please. I you need more information i will happily supply it.
    # $Id: formsweb.cfg 15-apr-2005.13:17:30 pkuhn Exp $
    # formsweb.cfg defines parameter values used by the FormsServlet (frmservlet)
    # This section defines the Default settings. Any of them may be overridden in the
    # following Named Configuration sections. If they are not overridden, then the
    # values here will be used.
    # The default settings comprise two types of parameters: System parameters,
    # which cannot be overridden in the URL, and User Parameters, which can.
    # Parameters which are not marked as System parameters are User parameters.
    # These have fixed names and give information required by the Forms
    # Servlet in order to function. They cannot be specified in the URL query
    # string. But they can be overridden in a named configuration (see below).
    # Some parameters specify file names: if the full path is not given,
    # they are assumed to be in the same directory as this file. If a path
    # is given, then it should be a physical path, not a URL.
    # These match variables (e.g. %form%) in the baseHTML file. Their values
    # may be overridden by specifying them in the URL query string
    # (e.g. "")
    # or by overriding them in a specific, named configuration (see below)
    # System parameter: default base HTML file
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with Sun's Java Plug-In
    # System parameter: delimiter for parameters in the base HTML files
    # System parameter: working directory for Forms runtime processes
    # WorkingDirectory defaults to <oracle_home>/forms if unset.
    # System parameter: file setting environment variables for the Forms runtime processes
    # Forms runtime argument: whether to escape certain special characters
    # in values extracted from the URL for other runtime arguments
    # Forms runtime argument: which form module to run
    # Forms runtime argument: database connection details
    userid=scott/[email protected]
    # Forms runtime argument: whether to run in debug mode
    # Forms runtime argument: host for debugging
    # Forms runtime argument: port for debugging
    # Other Forms runtime arguments: grouped together as one parameter.
    # These settings support running and debugging a form from the Builder:
    otherparams=buffer_records=%buffer% debug_messages=%debug_messages% array=%array% obr=%obr% query_only=%query_only% quiet=%quiet% render=%render% record=%record% tracegroup=%tracegroup% log=%log% term=%term%
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # Sub argument for otherparams
    # HTML page title
    pageTitle=Oracle Application Server Forms Services
    # HTML attributes for the BODY tag
    # HTML to add before the form
    # HTML to add after the form
    # Forms applet parameter: URL path to Forms ListenerServlet
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet parameter
    # Forms applet archive setting for JInitiator
    # Forms applet archive setting for other clients (Sun Java Plugin, Appletviewer, etc)
    # Number of times client should retry if a network failure occurs. You should
    # only change this after reading the documentation.
    # Page displayed to Netscape users to allow them to download Oracle JInitiator.
    # Oracle JInitiator is used with Windows clients.
    # If you create your own page, you should set this parameter to point to it.
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Parameter related to the version of JInitiator
    # Page displayed to users to allow them to download Sun's Java Plugin.
    # Sun's Java Plugin is typically used for non-Windows clients.
    # (NOTE: you should check this page and possibly change the settings)
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # Parameter related to the version of the Java Plugin
    # EM config parameter
    # Set this to "1" to enable Enterprise Manager to track Forms processes
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter
    # Single Sign-On OID configuration parameter: indicates whether we allow
    # dynamic resource creation if the resource is not yet created in the OID.
    # Single Sign-On parameter: URL to redirect to if ssoDynamicResourceCreate=false
    # Single Sign-On parameter: Cancel URL for the dynamic resource creation DAS page.
    # Single Sign-On parameter: indicates whether the url is protected in which
    # case mod_osso will be given control for authentication or continue in
    # the FormsServlet if not. It is false by default. Set it to true in an
    # application-specific section to enable Single Sign-On for that application.
    # The parameter allow_debug determines whether debugging is permitted.
    # Administrators should set allow_debug to "true" if servlet
    # debugging is required, or to provide access to the Forms Trace Xlate utility.
    # Otherwise these activities will not be allowed (for security reasons).
    # Parameter which determines whether new Forms sessions are allowed.
    # This is also read by the Forms EM Overview page to show the
    # current Forms status.
    # EndUserMonitoring
    # EndUserMonitoringEnabled parameter
    # Indicates whether EUM/Chronos integration is enabled
    # EndUserMonitoringURL
    # indicates where to record EUM/Chronos data
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 1: configuration to run forms in a separate browser window with
    # "generic" look and feel (include "config=sepwin" in the URL)
    # You may define your own specific, named configurations (sets of parameters)
    # by adding special sections as illustrated in the following examples.
    # Note that you need only specify the parameters you want to change. The
    # default values (defined above) will be used for all other parameters.
    # Use of a specific configuration can be requested by including the text
    # "config=<your_config_name>" in the query string of the URL used to run
    # a form. For example, to use the sepwin configuration, your could issue
    # a URL like "".
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 2: configuration forcing use of the Java Plugin in all cases (even if
    # the client browser is on Windows)
    # Example Named Configuration Section
    # Example 3: configuration running the Forms ListenerServlet in debug mode
    # (debug messages will be written to the servlet engine's log file).
    # Sample configuration for deploying WebUtil. Note that WebUtil is shipped with
    # DS but not AS and is also available for download from OTN.

    You have a mixture of problems here.
    1. Oracle Jinitiator is not supported for use on Windows 7
    2. JRE 1.7 is not supported for use with any version of Forms on any platform. Be sure you do not have this version installed.
    3. JRE 1.6 is not supported for use with Forms, however is supported with ( + patch ID 5983622) and only with IE 8
    4. In order to use Win 7 with Forms 10 in a certified and supported manner, you must use (meaning + patch ID 5983622).
    In short, my recommendation would be the following:
    o Patch to (assuming you have access to MyOracleSupport)
    o Don't bother trying to use Oracle Jinitiator as it is old and has been desupported for a long time.
    o Uninstall any instances of Jinitiator as it can cause conflicts with other JRE installations.
    o Uninstall all instances of JRE 1.7. Reconfig your formsweb.cfg to use the JRE (Java Plugin) 1.6.0
    jpi_codebase=,6,0Finally, refer to this:

  • Query execution taking longer time in Oracle form 10g !!

    I'm generating a report through Oracle form ( forms 10g) and its taking 3-4 hours to finish. But when I run the same report query in (Oracle 11g) database, it gets executed in less than 40 mins.
    The form takes only from and to date as input.
    I tried hardcoring the date in the Oracle Form and then the report takes only 40 mins to generate.
    I tried various approaches like changing the datatypes of form variable and correspondingly changing the query, but met with no success.
    When the report in run through the form , we can see the query getting run in backend for nearly 3 hrs !!! tats really confusing !!
    Please let me know, if anybody got any idea on this problem??

    Even I am facing the same problem above. I am trying to fetch results from a cursor which has subquery running over the db link and placing the results set in a csv file using client_io package. When I run the cursor directly from database (11G), it takes not more than 3-4 min to get the results back. But when I run the same cursor via oracle forms 10G, the query in local database keep on waiting for hours to get results from remote database with "SQL*Net message from dblink". Session on local database remains in active status with state as "Waiting" while the session on remote database goes inactive with state as waiting for event "SQL*Net message from client"
    This is confusing me since the same query when ran directly from backend fetches results soon.
    Please let me know if anyone can help here

  • Setup FORMS_PATH for Oracle Forms 10g in windows7

    Please kindly advise the regedit path to set the FORMS_PATH variable at windows for Oracle Forms 10g?
    If yes, is it the unique path? since I cannot create folder for 'ORACLE'.

    If you installed the product following the instructions found in MOS Note 559067.1 the registry key will have already been created for you.  It will be a sub to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Oracle\<???>
    Find this in your system and look at the contents of each key below "Oracle".  It should be obvious which one belongs to Forms as there will be numerous FORMS_xxxxx entries there.

  • How to do this in oracle forms 10g

    hi all,
    any idea about how to format a drive using oracle forms 10g and shutting down the remote pc and a personal pc using oracle forms 10g.
    i am using windows XP2 as os.
    please replay..

    Hi Inol and Weiden,
    thanks for your help,
    i have cretaed a form xyz.fmx with a button , i wrote in when-button-pressed and also attached the default webutil.pll(which is in forms path) library in attached-library section
    Client_host('cmd c/ shutdown -i');
    but my problem is that when i run the form i am getting error that
    FRM-40039: Cannot attach library while opening form xyz.fmx.
    Cause: The given library is attached to the form but
    cannot be located in the search path for PL/SQL libraries.
    Action: Make sure that the given library can be found
    and that it has read permissions set.
    Level: 99
    Type: Error
    i think i have to configure the webutill.pll but i don't how to configure
    can you tell me how to configure the webutil.pll file..
    please reply..

  • How to read a Value from Excel Cell into Oracle Forms 10g with Java

    Did any one Implamented a Java PJC to integrate Excel on Oracle Forms 10g?
    I Open Excel Applikation.
    Open a File like c:\import_test.xls
    read a number 05 from A:1 (i get it as return value).
    Save a number in a variable in Forms 10g
    Can any one help my please?

    why don't you use webutil.
    it has package client_ole2 which allows you to have programmatic interface with excel application.
    this is especially useful if the excel to be read is available in the client.

  • How to use LDAP with Oracle forms 10g on Oracle application server

    I need some help on this. I have developed oracle forms 10g on application server 9iAS. The client want to use the existing LDAP authentication to the software we wrote. I do not know how I could configure to use the existing LDAP authentication . If anyone know how would I use the existing LDAP on different server to use when they logon to our menu in 10g to validate the user. Do I need to add any varibales in formweb.cfg or any other method. Please help.

    I am not quite sure if this works out of the box. According to an Oracle FAQ:
    4.2 Can I use LDAP to authenticate Forms Services?
    Not directly. However, Oracle Login Server is able to authenticate against a LDAP directory and thus a Forms application can take advantage of this in a SSO environment. But you cannot use access control information stored in a LDAP directory with Forms.

  • Oracle forms 10G -Version will it support timestamp data type ?

    Hi all,
    We are having database server - oracle 10g enterprise edition R2,
    forms - Oracle forms 10G -Version on windows 2000 professional.
    We have created a table which has a column of type "timestamp",the following is the structure.
            (     "STOCK_AREA_CODE"     NCHAR(5)       NOT NULL    ENABLE,
                  "STOCK_AREA_DESC"     NVARCHAR2(40)  NOT NULL    ENABLE,
                  "RECORD_STATUS"       CHAR(1)        DEFAULT 'A',
                  "USER_ID"             NVARCHAR2(20)  DEFAULT USER,
    We  tried to invoke this table(stock_area_master) using database block wizard in forms 10g,we were expecting to see the columns in this table,but we got the following error
    FRM -10095 - Assertion failed
    on seeing the forms help for the error FRM-10095,We are getting the following message
    FRM-10095: Assertion failed in %s, at %s:%d. Cause:  An internal inconsistency was detected. Action:  Contact an Oracle support representative, and proceed with caution
    We have the following concerns.
    1.) is it possible to have datatype "timestamp" in forms 10g,our researches show that we can manipulate using datatime datatype in forms,our requirement is have to precision of 6 digits(millisecond - format - dd/mm/rr hh24:mi:ss:ssss),we are able query and view precision to the tune dd/mm/rr hh24:mi:ss:ssss,but we are unable to insert/update to this precision.
    We would appreciate if some one could throw some light on the above.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Mohan,
    Hm. Strange.
    I have reproduced the problem in my environment.
    I have also found, that building the block manually, seems to work, as long as you define the item with datatype Char in Form Builder. Inserts and updates using a value like "22-AUG-06 11:10:11,647354 AM" worked fine for the timestamp item.
    You may want to enforce some dateformat. I don't know whether that will work.
    Good Luck!

  • How to use Java Script in Oracle Forms 10g

    Appreciate if anyone could help me using Java Script in Oracle Forms 10g?

    Thank you for your reply. I was reading on the metalink that we could use the to call the java script from oracle Forms 10g (Doc ID 265863.1)
    WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ('javascript:void("","","location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=no,"));self.close()','_blank');
    I tried it but it did not open the any window as it claims. Am I missing anything? Is there any IE related setting which I need to modify for the above to work?

  • Using of google map in oracle forms 10g

    We are on Oracle Forms 10g. We have a requirement of calling a Custom Map application (Like Google Maps) from Oracle Forms 10g.
    We want to show the Employee's Hose location in the form when city,street and state is entered.
    We are using the following PJC
    But when i run it i do not get anything in GMAP.
    I appreciate if I can get some help for the above requirements.
    Thank you.

    hello sir,
    I am running my form from the form Builder.
    I have copied my jar file into E:\DevsuiteHome_1\forms\Java Folder.
    Updated formsweb.cfg file as
    archive_jini= frmall.jar,frmwebutil.jar,jacob.jar,StaticGMap.jar
    and updated default.env Class path
    I got the following error: on java console
    Oracle JInitiator: Version
    Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
    User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator
    Proxy Configuration: Manual Configuration
    Proxy Overrides:
    JAR cache enabled
    Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Oracle Jar Cache
    Maximum size: 50 MB
    Compression level: 0
    c: clear console window
    f: finalize objects on finalization queue
    g: garbage collect
    h: display this help message
    l: dump classloader list
    m: print memory usage
    q: hide console
    s: dump system properties
    t: dump thread list
    x: clear classloader cache
    0-5: set trace level to <n>
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/frmall_jinit.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/jacob.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/JCalendarJinit.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/jcalendar.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/AWTFileDialog.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/FileDropper.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/statusbar.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/lablediconbutton.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/dynamicmenu.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/ComboMenuBar.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/StaticGMap.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/personalize.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/progressbar.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/rolloverbutton.jar from JAR cache
    Loading http://polish_dap-2:8889/forms/java/getclientinfo.jar from JAR cache
    connectMode=HTTP, native.
    Forms Applet version is :
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: open HTTP connection failed.
         at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.getBytes(Unknown Source)
         at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.access$100(Unknown Source)
         at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader$ Source)
         at Method)
         at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
         at Source)
         at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
         at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
         at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
         at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(Unknown Source)
         at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
         at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.handler.UICommon.instantiate(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.handler.UICommon.onCreate(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.handler.JavaContainer.onCreate(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onCreateHandler(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.processMessage(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.processSet(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onMessageReal(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.onMessage(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.sendInitialMessage(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.startRunform(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Main.createRunform(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.forms.engine.Main.start(Unknown Source)
         at Source)
         at Source)

  • Forms 4.5 Migration to Oracle Forms 10g

    Hi All,
    I want to know abt migration steps i.e. i 'm doing migration of Oracle Forms 4.5 to Oracle Forms 10g. Then existing forms is on Windows NT based environment and the database is Oracle 8.
    What is the better way to approach this issue? Whether, directly open the existing Forms into Oracle Forms 10g or first open the form into Forms 6i and then after 10g?
    Tell me the System Specification.... Database version.... Which Application Server is suitable.... And whether the Oracle 9i database possible for Forms 10g or not.
    Pls Give me solution.

    What is the better way to approach this issue?
    Whether, directly open the existing Forms into Oracle
    Forms 10g or first open the form into Forms 6i and
    then after 10g?As Grant said:
    4.5 to 10g (strictly speaking is not supported) but should work ok - Generally speaking you just open your Forms in the 10g builder and compile. You should check out which gives you some good pointers including the Forms built-in procedures that have be desupported and removed from the product.
    4.5 -> 6i -> 10g was the supported route (but even 6i is desupported now).
    Tell me the System Specification.... Database
    version.... Which Application Server is suitable....
    And whether the Oracle 9i database possible for Forms
    10g or not.OAS 10gR2, DB 9i is good.

  • Cannot connect to database using Oracle Forms 10g

    I had installed Oracle 10g database and Oracle Forms 10g on Windows Vista Home Basic. However, I was unable to connect to
    the database in Oracle Form using scott/scott for database "orcl", with the following error message:
    ORA-00604: error occured at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-01009: missing mandatory parameter
    However, I could access to the database using this set of username and password. Am I missing something? Thanks.

         After a successful installation of forms 10g in vista, I'm about to run OPatch Universal Installer for the patch 7047034
    in order to fix the form bugs. However, I cannot run the command "opatch apply C:\oracle_form\Patch26_Rel_10105\7047034"
    with the error "The Oracle Home c:\devsuitehome_1 is not registered with the Central Inventory.". Then I try to create a
    oraInst.loc file, but not much change still. The situation is that oracle 10g is installed before oracle developer suite
    10g, and when I try to set oracle_home to oracle 10g's path ("C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1") and run "opatch lsinventory",
    it returns the correct result; when oracle developer suite 10g's path ("c:\devsuitehome_1") is set as the oracle_home,
    the same command would return a different result as "LsInventory: OPatch Exception while accessing O2O".
         I've verified through Oracle Universal Installer that the Central Inventory has included both as oracle_home (oracle 10g
    and oracle developer suite 10g). I'm very confused now, though it seems that the problem could be solved by registering the
    Central Inventory with oraacle developer suite 10g's path. Thanks.

Maybe you are looking for

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