Setting path of java after using self extracting binary.. pls help

i have installed java in linux. i used self extracting binary because i wanted to install java in a specific folder user -> local -> apps.
now my doubt is. how can i set the path.
i have installed java using rpm then i had edited the .bashrc file.
can i follow the same step in this case also?
i am not a root user but i can have all the privilages bu using the sudo command

You can set it using ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile. This will apply to you only, not the other users on the system

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    just to say that while waiting for a help
    I decided to go back from zero and moved to a second network (thanks i got some few computers available for my tests ) and this time i run in another trouble wich is the subject of a former post (with no reply...) <<HELP!! "Checksum failed" & "Integrity check on decrypted field failed ">>
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    Strange Sun Java Security Team just won't do anything to help us deploy quite easily on one of the most widely-spread platform ( despite we don't like them that much it's MS servers (2000 and 2003) )
    Anyway if one could help... on one of the two issues Thanks

  • I have brought ipad 2 from USA to INDIA(32 GB WIFI). I am unable to register with app store using my credit card using india details. Pls help.

    I have brought ipad 2 from USA to INDIA(32 GB WIFI). I am unable to register with app store using my credit card using india details. Pls help.

    You cannot. To open an account on a different iTunes country you must have a valid credit card issued from a bank in that country. You must have a billing address in that country, as well.
    There are reasons why some apps are not available in all iTunes stores.

  • HT204266 Hi pls support me how to switch my store to Saudi Arabian store? By mistake my store is switched to USA store so now I'm unable use my apple id, pls help me

    Hi pls support me how to switch one store to another store? Because my store is Saudi Arabian store but mistakenly now it is switched to USA store
    So now I'm unable to use my apple id, pls help me

    Settings / iTunes & App Stores, tap on your AppleID, then Account / Country-Region.

  • Set role with Java JPA using NativeSQL

    using 10g setting roles with Java JPA and NativeSQL works fine. After the upgrade to 11g the same commands will not work.
    Ars ther any significant changes to set roles in 11g?

    Hi Siegwin,
    if you want to get help on a specific issue it would be helpful if you provide specific information. Despite the fact that this doesn't seem to be an XE specific question, you could provide additional information on your environment (JDK version, possibly container used, etc.; actual command issued, other things you may have done before to open/modify the session, etc.).
    I have one general hint anyway:
    Did you update your database drivers to support 11.2 as well? You probably use JDBC for your data source, so you should try the 11.2 JDBC drivers that fit to the JDK your application uses. I'm not sure if this already solves your problem, but it's highly recommended anyway as the 10.2 drivers will definetly come back with some trouble sooner or later when used against 11.2.

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    I have one solution (pathfinder->dive objects and delete some dark elements on the bottom) but maybe someone know another solution for this problem?

    Thank you for reply
    Unfortunately, I don't have opportunity to print it, but as you wrote, it must be a screen artifact. I exported this file to tiff, then i opened it in photoshop. Everything is ok. All of the edges are clear.

  • Iphone not syncing after updating itunes 10.5. pls help

    Hi apologies but I am new to all this stuff.  I updated itunes to version 10.5 and I think my iphone 4 was synced in during this.  After itunes had updated I found that my iphone wasnt synced in any longer.  I pulled out connecter and re connected but still nothing.  Rang apple tech support (on hold for an hour in cue).  They tried couple of things and then advised to uninstall itunes then reinstall.  I have done that but still not recognising iphone.  I can sync to my other apple computer but if I try and upgrade to iOS5 on that it says I need to go to the normal computer it is synced with or I'll lose some apps etc.  I dont think my iphone has the latest iOS 5 on it yet.  Can anyone pls help?  Apple support now closed :-(  thanks

    I am also in the same boat.
    Windows 7 on Alienware laptop - no problems at all until upgrade of iTunes client to 10.5. 
    After the upgrade, attempts to sync my iPhone 4 hang at "Step 1 of 4: Backing up Rob's iPhone" (for over 12 hours)
    I have read hundreds of documents with various solutions.
    1) Delete backup file from C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
    2) Stop stuck MDCrashReport and AppleMobileBackup processes
    3) Reinstall iTunes
    It all FAILS.  I work in IT and can assure you that nothing changed but whatever was changed by the iTunes application as it was upgraded to 10.5.  This 2 day extravaganza is ridiculously frustrating and creating a rabid anti-apple sentiment in my house.  Why the F would you (Apple) release something that is mandatory for me to use with my iPhone and have it be this buggy P.O.S.?  (Rhetorical - no need to answer, please just fix this problem so I can sync and backup my phone).

  • Error while using Javamail...pls help me...

    when i am using javamail for sending mail , i am getting error like,
    C:\jdk1.3\bin\mail>java MailSend
    [email protected] [email protected]
    javax.mail.SendFailedException: Sending failed;
    nested exception is:
    at javax.mail.Transport.send0(
    at javax.mail.Transport.send(
    at MailSend.Send(
    at MailSend.main(
    and i define properties like,
    mailProp.put("java", "java");
    where , "java" is my system name, and there is also mail server on my system. and my system is connected with proxy server..
    when i am trying
    mailProp.put("", "java");
    then i am getting same type of error...
    so, what is that ? pls help me to solve my error...

    Surely there's more information associated with that MessaginException than
    you've included here.
    Turn on session debugging and run your program again.

  • Apple id lost. Cannot get access to it. Started with a mail from apple id saying that apple id and password were changed. Did not sent such a request. Cannot get a new apple id as the mail adress already has been used one time. Pls help

    Apple id lost. Cannot get Access to it. Started with a mail from apple id saying that apple id and password were changed. Did not sent such a request myself. Since then no acces to apple id, not even via forgot my id site. It says that my apple id and birth date details do not match. Something is obviosly totally wrong. Got a visa card recently, is that the reason? Cannot get a new apple id with my real address as the systems says its already used. Pls help, I am vey frustated that this can happen.
    Best regards
    Laus Lausen

    Call Apple account security via the telephone for your country

  • A question about using the history tool after using the extraction tool in photoshop cs3..

    For example:
    When I use the history tool, it erases the image instead. Whats up with that?

    G'day Chris
    I can't tell from the link exactly which tutorial you mean!
    If the original layer is a white background and the snapshot is set to this then the history tool will paint back white even if you then paste or drag an image onto the layer above this.
    You would have to take a seperate snapshot of your image layer and set this layer as the snapshot you want the history tool to use before you start working on it.
    One neat thing you can do is if you paint back some detail with the history brush you can immediately go to Edit > Fade and fine tune how much of the effect you want to apply.
    Hope this helps.

  • I need some help with my java game using applets, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP

    I am in the process of creating a RPG program using Java. I am not very experienced with java, however the problem i am currently facing is something i can't seem to figure out. I would like to draw a simple grid where a character (indicated by a filled circle) moves around this grid collecting items (indicated by a red rectangle). When the character moves on top of the grid with the item, i would like it to disappear. Right now i am not worrying about the fact that the item will reappear after the character moves away again, because sometimes, when the character moves over the item, nothing happens/another item disappears. i have been at this for 4 days and still cannot figure out what is goign on. can somebody please help me? it would be most appreciated.
    PS if i needed to send you my code, how do i do it?

    Thank you for replying.
    The thing is, I am taking java as a course, and it is necessary for me to start off this way (this is for my summative evaluation). i agree with you on the fact, however, that i should go in small steps. i have been doing that until this point, and my frustration caused me to jump around randomly for an answer. I also think that it may just be a bug, but i have no clue as to how to fix it, as i need to show my teacher at least a part of what i was doing by sometime next week. Here is my code for anybody willing to go through it:
    // The "Keys3" class.
    import java.applet.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.Event;
    import java.awt.Font;
    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.applet.AudioClip;
    public class Keys3 extends java.applet.Applet
        char currkey;
        int currx, curry, yint, xint;
        int itmval [] = new int [5],
            locval [] = new int [5],
            tempx [] = new int [5], tempy [] = new int [5],
            tot = 0, score = 0;
        boolean check = true;
        AudioClip bgSound, bgSound2;
        AudioClip hit;
        private Image offscreenImage;
        private Graphics offscreen;     //initializing variables for double buffering
        public void init ()  //DONE
            bgSound = getAudioClip (getCodeBase (), "");
            hit = getAudioClip (getCodeBase (), "");
            if (bgSound != null)
                bgSound.loop ();
            currx = 162;
            curry = 68;
            setBackground (Color.white);
            for (int count = 0 ; count < 5 ; count++)
                itmval [count] = (int) (Math.random () * 5) + 1;
                locval [count] = (int) (Math.random () * 25) + 1;
            requestFocus ();
        public void paint (Graphics g)  //DONE
            resize (350, 270);
            drawgrid (g);
            if (check = true)
                pickitems (g);
                drawitems (g);
            g.setColor (Color.darkGray);
            g.fillOval (currx, curry, 25, 25);
            if (currkey != 0)
                g.setColor (Color.darkGray);
                g.fillOval (currx, curry, 25, 25);
            if (collcheck () != true)
                collision (g);
                drawitems (g);
        } // paint method
        public void update (Graphics g)  //uses the double buffering method to overwrite the original
                                         //screen with another copy to reduce flickering
            if (offscreenImage == null)
                offscreenImage = createImage (this.getSize ().width, this.getSize ().height);
                offscreen = offscreenImage.getGraphics ();
            } //what to do if there is no offscreenImage copy of the original screen
            //draws the backgroudn colour of the offscreen
            offscreen.setColor (getBackground ());
            offscreen.fillRect (0, 0, this.getSize ().width, this.getSize ().height);
            //draws the foreground colour of the offscreen
            offscreen.setColor (getForeground ());
            paint (offscreen);
            //draws the offscreen image onto the main screen
            g.drawImage (offscreenImage, 0, 0, this);
        public boolean keyDown (Event evt, int key)  //DONE
            switch (key)
                case Event.DOWN:
                    curry += 46;
                    if (curry >= 252)
                        curry -= 46;
                        if (hit != null)
                case Event.UP:
                    curry -= 46;
                    if (curry <= 0)
                        curry += 46;
                        if (hit != null)
                case Event.LEFT:
                    currx -= 66;
                    if (currx <= 0)
                        currx += 66;
                        if (hit != null)
                case Event.RIGHT:
                    currx += 66;
                    if (currx >= 360)
                        currx -= 66;
                        if (hit != null)
                    currkey = (char) key;
            repaint ();
            return true;
        public boolean collcheck ()  //DONE
            if (((currx == tempx [0]) && (curry == tempy [0])) || ((currx == tempx [1]) && (curry == tempy [1])) || ((currx == tempx [2]) && (curry == tempy [2])) || ((currx == tempx [3]) && (curry == tempy [3])) || ((currx == tempx [4]) && (curry == tempy [4])))
                return false;
                return true;
        public void collision (Graphics g)
            drawgrid (g);
            for (int count = 0 ; count < 5 ; count++)
                if ((currx == tempx [count]) && (curry == tempy [count]))
                    g.setColor (Color.darkGray);
                    g.fillOval (currx, curry, 25, 25);
                else if ((currx != tempx [count]) && (curry != tempy [count]))
                    g.setColor (;
                    g.fillRect (tempx [count], tempy [count], 25, 25);
        public void drawitems (Graphics g)
            for (int count = 0 ; count < 5 ; count++)
                g.setColor (;
                g.fillRect (tempx [count], tempy [count], 25, 25);
        public void pickitems (Graphics g)
            check = false;
            for (int count = 0 ; count < 5 ; count++)
                if (locval [count] <= 5)
                    tempy [count] = 22;
                else if (locval [count] <= 10)
                    tempy [count] = 68;
                else if (locval [count] <= 15)
                    tempy [count] = 114;
                else if (locval [count] <= 20)
                    tempy [count] = 160;
                else if (locval [count] <= 25)
                    tempy [count] = 206; //this determines the y-position of the item to be placed
                if (locval [count] % 5 == 0)
                    tempx [count] = 294;
                else if ((locval [count] == 1) || (locval [count] == 6) || (locval [count] == 11) || (locval [count] == 16) || (locval [count] == 21))
                    tempx [count] = 30;
                else if ((locval [count] == 2) || (locval [count] == 7) || (locval [count] == 12) || (locval [count] == 17) || (locval [count] == 22))
                    tempx [count] = 96;
                else if ((locval [count] == 3) || (locval [count] == 8) || (locval [count] == 13) || (locval [count] == 18) || (locval [count] == 23))
                    tempx [count] = 162;
                else if ((locval [count] == 4) || (locval [count] == 9) || (locval [count] == 14) || (locval [count] == 19) || (locval [count] == 24))
                    tempx [count] = 228;
        public void drawgrid (Graphics g)  //DONE
            g.drawRect (10, 10, 330, 230); //draws the outer rectangular border
            int wi = 10; //width of one square on the board
            int hi = 10; //height of one square on the board
            for (int height = 1 ; height <= 5 ; height++)
                for (int row = 1 ; row <= 5 ; row++)
                    if (((height % 2 == 1) && (row % 2 == 1)) || ((height % 2 == 0) && (row % 2 == 0)))
                        g.setColor (Color.gray);
                        g.fillRect (wi, hi, 66, 46);
                    else /*if (((height % 2 == 0) && (row % 2 == 1)) || ((height % 2 == 0) && (row % 2 == 0)))*/
                        g.setColor (Color.lightGray);
                        g.drawRect (wi, hi, 66, 46);
                        g.setColor (Color.lightGray);
                        g.drawRect (wi, hi, 66, 46); //drawn twice to make a shadow effect
                    wi += 66;
                wi = 10;
                hi += 46;
            } //this draws the basic outline of the game screen
    } // Keys3 class

  • What for Function module is used in Extraction? Pls provide step by step.

    Hai Experts.
    I am kid infront of u all Experts who is well Experienced in SAP BW need u r help.
    Pls what is the need for Going Extraction by Function Module? Provide the real time scenario step by step with screen schots?
    Thanks a lot........

    Check this doc.

  • Plugged Ipod into Mac after using Windows--Now Corrupted Please Help

    Ipod 1.2.1
    My friend plugged it into his Mac, Ive been using it on my PC. It says its corrupted now when I plug it into the PC. I restore it and it says its restored but then the "do not disconnect" mac screen comes up (looks different than the do not disconnect pc screen), and when I try to restore it again, it wont recognize it. How can I fix this problem??

    Sorry, it is a bit confused
    Your iPod is a 3rd Generation (clickwheel) or (touch wheel),
    is it a dock connector?
    You need to do the Reset:-
    For clickwheel - Press select+menu keys
    For touch wheel - Press Play/Pause+Meny buttons
    until you see the apple logo
    If the above steps did not work, try connecting iPod to a power adapter and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet, or connect iPod to your computer

  • Headache with IE11 not opening some java(i think) popups/boxes. Pls Help!

    Hello, I work as an IT guy, and this is the first time I cant solve something, or Im rly stupid with this or its an IE11 problem.
    Im running windows 8.1 with IE11, I wish I could downgrade!
    The problem: While opening a website (insurance) when I click some elements to open a popup into the same ie tab it "loads" but it does not open/show anything.
    This is the element in this website that does not work. I tried a lot of things... sfc /scannow, reinstalling java, reseting IE11 settings, etc etc etc
    <INPUT onclick="ShowDialog(this, 'LienholderPPro', true); return false;" onmousedown=OnMouseButtonDown(this) onfocus="OnFocusShowDialog(this,'LienholderPPro','VEH.0.veh_lien_ind'); return false;" id=VEH.0.veh_lien_ind-button
    class="lpAiDbdButton dbdButton" style="BORDER-LEFT-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-TOP-WIDTH: 0px" src="Images/add_delete.gif" type=image name=VEH.0.veh_lien_ind-button TreatUnknownRelevanceAs="None"
    jQuery1910693633654042384="124" enabledimage="Images/add_delete.gif" disabledimage="Images/add_delete_disabled.gif">

    Hi Loy,
    Apologize for the late reply. What is your current situation?
    I think what Robert suggested here is to use F12 tools to change the User-Agent string:
    User-Agent string changes
    For the compatibility changes in IE 11, please see:
    Compatibility changes in IE 11
    Please take use of F12 tool, and then change the User-Agent string or the document mode, see if there are any differences.
    Using the F12 developer tools
    Best regards
    Michael Shao
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to use the User Dictionary---Pls help me......

    User dictionary how to use?
    1. I have typed all the words in the Oxford hyphenation dictionary and saved text file.
    2. I have created new dictionary in the preference file.
    3. i have imported all the typed words in the created dictionary file.
    4. I have faced the problem. User dictionary is not supporting properly. Can i disable the System dictionary.
    5. Most of the words are hyphenating by system dictionary only
    Can any one help me out. how to handle this.

    One thread is sufficient, please. If noone responds it means they don't have an answer for you.
    If you can help the OP, please see his original post at
    I am locking this thread.

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