Setting up TV@nywherer, streaming from host computer to a second computer on LAN

Followed everthing in the manual and it is not working.
1  set to "no proxy", I think I need to since I did not use "proxy" in Internet Exporer\tools\internet options\connections\LAN settings...
2  I got the "server busy" message box on the "stream in" (second)computer with the message "server has rejected your request".
Can anyone with a successful setup give me more information on set up TV streaming from the host computer to a second computer?

I guess it's how you interpret the manual. The manual lists what is needed. It explicitely mentions both the tuner and MSIPVS for the host server, but only lists MSIPVS for the remote station. It may have been an error that the tuner was not mentioned.
I have been trying to figure out why you would need the tuner for the remote station.
1. You probably can't install a second copy of MSIPVS in a second computer without a tuner without contravening the copyright law?
2. The software won't install correctly without the tuner? As part of the install, the program checks for a tuner card, doesn't find one, generates error message, continues install. Since I could never get the two programs to work, I could never tell if the install error was a warning that I needed the card. If it is why bother to continue the install?
3. The card is used to decode the stream in? I guess that would depend on what the stream in was. If it was an MPEG stream, would the on board decoder be required to decode the stream?
4. What use could be made of a home based setup if a tuner card was required in each home pc? I mean, if I had to put a tuner card in every PC, why bother streaming and incurring the overhead, all I have to do is make a cable connection to each PC. But it would be a definite benefit if I could put a card in a single PC and stream the TV signal to other PCs running MSIPVS with out requiring a tuner in each PC.
The manual isn't too clear. The example host sites in the manual and installed with MSIPVS don't work. I can't delete them. But they do suggest that maybe MSI was thinking that people would install the cards commercially and stream to customers. On second thought, that doesn't make sense, because there is one host, one host stream to one remote stations (that has controll of the tuner remotely), that would not be efficient in a commercial service offering.
I know I'm missing something here. A good start to understanding this would be if your test showed that you can still receive a stream in at the remote station, without the card.

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  • Syncing and streaming from different itunes libraries on same computer

    First, I came across a thread saying that it is possible to sync and stream from the same itunes library, but Apple technical support says this is not possible and the thread didn't explain how this is done. I know you can still stream music from a library that is synced with the ATV by using Airtunes, but you can't stream movies through Airtunes. If there's a way to sync and stream movies through the ATV from the same itunes library, can someone please let me know how to do it?
    If this is not possible, does anyone know if it's possible to sync to one library and stream from another on the same computer? I tried this last night and for a second I thought it worked because my itunes was listed on the ATV twice (once as syncing and the other as streaming) but then when I switched back to the library that the ATV was supposed to be synced with, that library disappeared from the ATV and I lost all of the media on the ATV. (As a side note, when I started syncing again, the ATV showed that it still had all of the media on there, but itunes showed that there was nothing and started copying everything again - very annoying).
    This is an issue for me because I only have one computer and all of my media on an external harddrive. I like having my music synced with the ATV but my movies will not fit on the ATV so I would prefer to just stream those rather than have to delete and add movies everytime I want to watch something different. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    missed a very important step necessary to achieve this, in the summary tab in iTunes there is a check box... "show only synced items".. if you uncheck that box then unsynced items will will appear on the appleTV menus and when you click on them they will be streamed... this gives you the sync and stream from the same library part of what the OP wants.
    the other part of the puzzle is to let items inside and outside of the iTunes Folder exist in the iTunes library... the library is file that contains all the files that you see in itunes... files don't need to be in the iTunes folder to be in the itunes library though..
    the trick here is that when you drag the files from your external (the ones you don't want on your computer) and into iTunes... press option as you drag and the files will be added to the iTunes library (a reference/path to them really) but the files will not be copied to the iTunes folder... when iTunes looks for that file (to play it directly or to stream or sync to appleTV) it looks at the reference and says.. hey i can get this file here (on your external) and goes and fetches it.
    on a PC you press SHIFT as you drag into iTunes so the item(s) don't get copied to the iTunes folder.. no OPTION key on PCs.
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  • WD TV stream from My Cloud without use of computer

    I have a WD MY Cloud. I also have an older WD TV Live (maybe 5 years old). Is there any firmware update that will allow me to stream images, music & videos directly from the My Cloud to the WD TV Live without the use of a computer? If that's not possible, will the newer model WD TV do it? On one of WD's hype pages they state that it will, but I want to make sure before I shell out more money.

    This seems to have changed lately. I just had 2.4GB free on my phone and noticed something strange. When I turned on "show all videos" and then "streamed" one of my films, I got a notice pop up telling me I was out of storage! I went into settings and looked in general > about and low and behold my 2.4 had gone down to 0. I then unchecked "show all videos" in video settings and bingo my storage popped back up to 2.4GB. I tried this on my iPad too with exactly the same results. It seems it doesn't truly stream the content, it background downloads a file that is hidden behind the GUI and plays from this file. We're tricked into thinking it's streaming because it starts playing right away but this is just because it's a file type that supports QuickStart, so the device doesn't have to wait for the file to complete before it can play.
    This to me is a real shame as the big benefit for many would have been to play content over wifi that they have purchased but don't have on the device at the time due to space issues. Whether it's always been like this and nobody else has noticed, or if it's changed in the way it works lately I don't know.
    True streaming from iTunes to iOS would be an awesome feature. Maybe apple don't want to give up the bandwidth on it's servers with a world of people streaming.

  • How to set MTA to accept mails from hosts on INTERNAL_IP only?

    I would like to config a messaging server with:
    - this mail server will accept incoming mails from hosts on INTERNAL_IP list only without authentication.
    - this mail server will accept to send mail for clients with SASL and TLS only, which means, any incoming SMTP connection will be restricted to use SASL and TLS except hosts on INTERNAL_IP list.
    /opt/SUNWmsgsr/@msg# imsimta version
    Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 6.2-7.05 (built Sep 5 2006) 6.2-7.05 (built 12:08:11, Sep 5 2006)
    I appreciate if you can help me on this, thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    Hello Shane,
    Thanks for your reply.
    From the log below, it seems incoming mails will go
    to the tcp_local channel first then switch to
    tcp_intranet later for sending hosts on INTERNAL_IP
    $( $Y
    $( $Y <-- sending host $Y
    * $N
    25-Jun-2007 11:29:18.25 46f1.39c.2830 tcp_local +
    O TCP||25||6442
    5-Jun-2007 11:29:18.27 46f1.39c.2831 tcp_intranet
    ims-ms E 3 [email protected]
    rfc822;[email protected] [email protected]
    <[email protected]> mailsrv ([])
    25-Jun-2007 11:29:18.27 4c9c.0e48.3788 ims-ms
    D 3 [email protected]
    rfc822;[email protected] [email protected]
    <[email protected]> mailsrv
    My question is, if I modify the tcp_local channel
    definition to "mustsaslserver" and "musttlsserver",
    will sending hosts listed on INTERNAL_IP also be
    Thanks for your response. ^^No. All emails to port 25 'hit' the tcp_local channel - there is a rewrite rule to switch messages from a certain IP range (INTERNAL_IP) across to the tcp_intranet channel, at which point the tcp_intranet restrictions apply.

  • Uploading songs from an iPod to a second computer library

    Hello again. You guys are the best, especially b noir!
    How can we upload a library of songs from an iPod to a new computer? Right now the library is on our old computer (and the iPod).
    Vic and Evan

    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer using iTunes7
    How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer using iTunes6
    Copying from iPod to Computer threads...
    Also these useful internet articles...
    iPod: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Time Capsule No Longer Backs Up First Computer After Adding Second Computer

    I'm new to this forum and I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere.
    I have a 1 TB TC. I used it to begin backups on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.5.6). I did the first backup on 1/4/09 and, up until today, it has been working very well, with hourly backups, as it is supposed to. Today, I added my wife's PowerBook (also 10.5.6). After the first backup (by ethernet link), it now performs hourly backups on hers. On my MacBook, however, it reports "preparing to backup" for hours, with nothing happening. Again, everything was fine on my computer, until I added the second one.
    Any idea what might be happening?
    Marty Hewlett

    Problem is solved. It turns out that I had three events that occurred, only one of which caused my problem. As you suggested, adding a second computer had nothing to do with it. A second, unrelated issue had to do with my Cannon scanner driver. An old driver version was producing the Console readout about vendor and device. The real issue was that I had experienced a screen freeze and had to to a forced restart. That likely produced the "deep transversal" discussed in the link to which you referred. In any case, waiting an appropriate length of time finally produced the back up. Everything seems normal at this point. Thanks for the help.

  • How do i download all my music from iTunes Match to a second computer?

    I can see how to download track by track, but how do i download the lot?

    Highlight multiple tracks, right-click, then choose "download."

  • Is it possible to sync AND stream from the same iTunes library?

    I am having trouble in setting up sync AND stream from the same iTunes library.
    Config :
    Mac OS - Latest update 5/6/09
    iTunes - Latest update 5/6/09
    Apple TV - Latest update 5/6/09
    I am able to either sync OR Stream from my iTunes library but not sync AND stream from the same iTunes library
    Let's say i want to sync :
    Go to Apple TV > Settings > computer
    Add Library (Not shared for Syncing)
    Enter passcode in iTunes and select the items to sync
    After sync is complete
    You can see photo, music & video in My Photos, My Music & My Videos.
    Let's say now my Apple TV is full
    So like to stream some other content
    Go to Apple TV > Settings > computer
    Add SHARED Library
    Passcode is shown in apple TV but not able to Enter it in iTunes (click to set link is not there next to Apple TV item under devices)
    To get that you have to right click the apple tv from the devices and select don't sync.
    You will get a message saying that all content in apple TV will get deleted.
    If you say yes then only the passcode screen for streaming is presented.
    So i am not able to sync AND stream from the same iTunes library.
    Any idea?

    macanandapple wrote:
    1. The checkbox for "show only synced content" should be unchecked
    2. No need to Add Shared Library
    3. After syncing is complete as per the steps said before, if i have to see a synced content i go to My Movies for streamed content i have to go to Shared Movies?
    no... both synced and streamed content show up all together. there is no way to tell what content is synced or streamed when looking at it on the appletv. it is seemless as in there is no difference in how it is presented.
    you also need to make sure you are using "custom sync" rather than "automatic sync", as you can't select the "show only synced content" box when using "automatic sync".

  • Possible to stream from phone to laptop?

    I'm guessing the answer to my question is "no" but thought I'd ask anyway in case I'm missing something.
    Without jailbreaking, is it possible to stream my songs from my iPhone 4 to my laptop using a bluetooth or wireless network?
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    Since all iTunes content on your iPhone should be in your iTunes library on your computer, why not play the music with iTunes on your computer? You can stream from your iTunes library on your computer via wi-fi, but not from your iPhone, and you can use your iPhone as a remote for your iTunes on your computer.

  • HT1848 I downloaded a book on itunes on one computer and it is not listed on a seconded computer.  Same account.  I have tried updating purchases and transferring recent purchases, transferring purchases from another devices.  Still does not appear.

    I purchased a book on one macbook in my itunes account.  I tried to open it on another account while logging into itunes account.  The book does not appear.
    I have tried updating purchases, the bottom at the bottom-update purchases from another device.  Still does not appear.

    If it's an audiobook then you will need to copy it over from the first computer to the second computer - audiobooks are currently one-time only downloads, so they won't appear under the Purchased link for re-downloading.  If you copied it onto a device from the first computer then you should be able to copy it off that device to the second computer's iTunes via File > Transfer Purchases. If it's not on a device and both computers are on the same wifi network then you should be able to copy it over via home sharing (there are instructions on this page), or you can copy it to, for example, a flash drive (you can find it's location on the first computer by control-clicking it in your iTunes library and selecting 'Show In Finder') and then add it to the second computer's iTunes (File > Add To Library).
    If it's an ibook then you should be able to re-download it from the store : re-downloading.

  • Transporting my music from my old computer to my new computer?

    Ok so I have a computer [ Windows] which has bot bought songs from iTunes and not bought songs [for example: CD's I bought, blank CD's my friends give me, etc.]. I am getting a lap top for Christmas [Windows]. How do I get my songs from my old computer to my new computer? I have a iPhone and I have access to a iPod 80 GB Classic. I heard you can transfer songs using iPods ... not sure about that so just wanted to ad that. Can anyone help me?!?

    Probably the most straightforward way to get iTunes onto your second computer is to network it with the first one and copy your iTunes folder across. Start by consolidating your library. When you consolidate, any songs in the iTunes Library that are not in the iTunes Music Folder are copied to the Music Folder and the Library is updated to point to those new files. Files already in the iTunes Music Folder have no changes made to them: Copying all your iTunes files to one location - Windows
    Copying the whole folder brings with it the iTunes Music folder and also the iTunes Library (iTunes Library.itl in Windows) database file which holds all the information about your songs (Playlists, Ratings, Play Counts, Last Played, Date Added, etc). You'll get more information including the Folder/File structure in this article: What are the iTunes library files?
    When you copy the iTunes folder make sure you put it into the default location on the new computer. On a PC this is \Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\ (or C:\Username\Music\ in Vista). You should also use the same version of iTunes on both computers.
    You can also use this method with an external hard drive, you drag the folder from the first computer to the external drive and then from the drive to the second computer.
    If you have and iPod, some iPods can be used as an external drive and you can use them to move your iTunes (this option isn't available with the iPod Touch): How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer
    Don't forget that you'll need to authorise your new computer to play your purchased songs. Also if you are disposing of the old one remember to deauthorise it so you don't use up one of your allowances: About iTunes Music Store Authorisation and Deauthorisation

  • PSE 8 Syncing between 2 computers: "pending" files on second computer

    I have PSE 8 on 2 work computers. I can sync the files from one computer up to When I try to get the files from to the second computer, it shows the files as "pending." How do I resolve the pending status?

    Thanks guys. The shared music works fine but as noted in the second response, playlists, etc. are not available on both computers at the same time. I like jase's suggestion, but since I will only need to copy one iTunes library file & paste over another to keep both libraries in sync, I think that will be the way to go. I will give the alias library file a whirl because that may work fine since both computers can make changes. I do not have the concern of both computers using the files at the same time. Only one computer will every use it. My mac mini core duo is in with my theater rack stuff. Everything is played from there. My iMac G5 is at my desk. I just need them in sync because it is infinately easier to make changes sitting at a desk than it is with a keyboard and mouse on my lap on a couch from 15 feet away from the screen.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    P.S. - Has anyone heard of the bluetooth trackball called "The Ball" from Chwang Yi? I want to buy it, and the website claims to sell it - I just can't seem to find a single link leading to a purchase page of any kind. Any thoughts?

  • Installation of PS CC on a second computer

    Is the installation of a Photoshop CC membership possible on a second computer? The second computer is a laptop that is used on the road so that the programme would not run on both computers simultaneously.
    Thanks -

    Hi Reitham,
    Logging out and logging back in to the Adobe Creative Cloud resets your account information.
        Do one of the following:
    Mac OS:  Go to Applications > Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud.
    Windows:  From the Start menu, click Search, and type Adobe Creative Cloud.
    2.     Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Preferences.    
    3. In the Preferences menu, under General, click the Account tab. 
          4. Click Sign Out from Creative Cloud.
       5.When prompted, sign in with your Adobe ID (usually your email address) and password.
    In case if you still have any issue please refer

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