Setting up wireless printer with Time Capsule

I've just replaced my original Time Capsule after it had a terminal power failure.
The replacement Time Capsule is working okay as a backup and I have set up my wireless network again, but now I can't print using my Canon MX860 printer, which had been working well with my original Time Capsule and wireless network.
Any advice how I can fix this issue would be much appreciated - thanks.

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Your post did not tell us what you may have already tried, whether you are trying to connect the printer using wireless only, or whether it will be connected to the USB port on the Time Capsule.
If you are trying to connect using wireless, you'll need to "re-install" the printer again using Canon's setup utility just like you did the first time.
Likewise, if you are using USB to connect, you'll need to open System Preferences on your Mac and click Print & Fax to install the printer.

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  • Wireless printing with time capsule 1tb and new wireless all in one printer

    I am having problems with printing wirelessly from my time capsule 1tb. I currently have a hp 5510v office all in one printer and drivers can not be found to support printing wirelessly however it can print via usb. What I need is help in picking out a new all in one printer that can print wirelessly from time capsule 1tb. Please help

    my hp photosmart C6180 all in one works flawlessly with it plugged in to my time capsule all functions.
    I used to have it set up using it wirelessly from the printer however for some reason after a update (i think) it stopped working & would not print so had to plug in to time capsule.

  • Use airport express wireless printing with time capsule

    I want to add airport express to my time capsule network to take advantage of wireless printing. I have set my AE to join my existing wireless network and connected my printer to the USB port. I logged into AE through Airport Utility and clicked on the printer pane. It shows my usb printer is connected to the AE. Then I went to system preferences to set my print and fax settings to share over network.
    I thought this is correct, but when I click print it tells me the printer is offline. Am I missing a step? I would connect the printer to my time capsule but I need my printer in a different part of the house. Thanks for you help!!

    You have your printer installed at two different locations. To confirm, open System Preferences and then click Print & Fax.
    You should see your printer listed twice in the printer list on the left.
    One is your printing installed at your computer and the other is your printer installed at the AirPort Express.
    When you open a document to print, you have to choose the printer that you want to use. You may still be choosing the printer at your computer. Look for the printer at the Express. If you intend to use the printer at the Express most of the time, you might want to make that your default printer so you don't have to select a device each time you print.
    For more info on printing issues, see the Apple Printer Troubleshooting Guide.
    Keep in mind that not all printers are compatible, even though they may appear connected to your device. If you work your way through the guide and still cannot print, then that's likely the explanation.

  • WIreless Printing with Time Capsule.

    Peripheral info:
    MacBookPro 17" early 09; 10.5.8
    Printer: Canon Pixma MP480
    Time Capsule Dual-Band 7.4.2 firmware, uptodate AirPort Utility
    For some reason when adding the printer using my 17" uMBP it sees the printer but no drivers specifically attached to the printer...i tried searching the built in drivers for the printer but no luck.
    I dont ever plan on using the copying or scanning functionality of this printer on this comptuer and i dont really feel the need to isntall the included software, so im wondering if the drivers for printing via Wifi/Time Capsule are included or do i have to actually install the drives for this printer for it to work over the network?
    With a printer sepcifically provided by apple that illustrates and advertises just a plug and play wihtout install excess drivers...

    Hi Frank,
    It looks like you can get the driver from Canon's website without all of the bloatware that usually comes with the "suite." odelid=17160#DownloadDetailAct
    Bonjour will typically see the printer when it's connected via the TC but you'll see need the drivers to be present on the machine before you're able to print to the device. I recommend setting up the printer to where it works via USB when wired to the machine and then move it over to the TC.


    Cant seem to get it to link up, any suggestions.?

    I have the same printer but have always used it on a wired network - I have a couple of problems that recur with it - sometimes I have to turn it off, unplug it and reinitialize it for no obvious reason - have you tried that?
    And if I'm gone for a while sometimes it gets a new IP address and I have to find it again for my computers
    Have you gotten the manual out and seen if there is any help there?
    Maybe as a test you should move it near the Time Capsule and hook it up via wired ethernet and see how things go that way
    I have not been able to scan with it since upgrading to Leopard - have not spend much time on that - it may be something really simple (or maybe not)

  • I connected my Canon printer to time capsule, and can print OK. However, I can't get the printer scanner to work. How do you set up the scanner with Time Capsule?

    I connected my Canon printer to time capsule, and can print OK. However, I can't get the printer scanner to work. How do you set up the scanner with Time Capsule?

    You cannot use USB. It has to be a network capable printer.. is it?? You did not indicate how it is connected.. but by wireless or ethernet then scanning is possible otherwise not.

  • How can i extend a wireless network with time capsule

    How can i extend an existing wifi verizon wireless network with time capsule? the router is connected on the bottom floor. want to boost the signal to a home office on the top floor, four flights up. connect time capsule via ethernet cable to iMac on 4th floor? Do I have to start a second wifi network or can I set it to just boost the one I have? thank you

    How can i extend an existing wifi verizon wireless network with time capsule?
    It all depends on what you mean by "extend".
    If you plan to "extend" by connecting the Time Capsule to the Verizon router using a wired Ethernet cable, this can be accomplished.
    If you were hoping to connect the Time Capsule to the Verizon router using wireless only, unfortunately the Time Capsule and Verizon products are not compatible for that purpose.
    Check with Verizon to see if they offer an "extender" or "repeater" that could be located very close to the Time Capsule.
    This would provide both more wireless coverage and also allow you to connect the Time Capsule using an Ethernet cable from the "extender" or "repeater".

  • Trying to Connect Wireless Epson Printer with Time Capsule

    Greetings. I am a regular Mac user and using Mac for several years now. However, I am a new to network administration. I have a Linksys wireless router that syncs our 5 Macs (one iPad-1 iMac and three MacBook Pros), plus 4 Windows PC's we have in our network. I recently decided to purchase a Time Machine, and further our use of Apple technology in wireless devices. I want to back up all my computer's files to Time Machine and use the Airport Extreme functions of Time Machine while discontinuing the use of my LinkSys router. However, I can't get my Epson WorkForce 600 to wirelessly connect to Time Capsule in order to use the scanner & fax functions. Connecting the printer by USB enables the printer function, but disables all other functions of the printer (fax-scan, etc.).
    I tried downloading new Epson drivers and couldn't get some of them to install. This time My iMac wouldn't install the .dmg files. I tried opening the .dmg file and installing. The pop up box requiring my administrator password, kept flashing when I tried to enter my password. Since I couldn't get the .dmg files to install, my plan to update Epson driver's didn't work. Question #1: I am looking for advice how to install these weird disk image files ?
    I turned off my Time Capsule, re-connected the LinkSys to the cable modem and all my wireless functions work again, especially my printer. Sadly, no Time Capsule.
    I read another discussion suggestion connecting both wireless devices together. I assume since I want to use Time Capsule that I set it up with the modem and connect the other router to it via one of the four ethernet connections. I didn't want to try this until I received further advice. I am hoping I can connect my LinkSys router to Time Capsule and use the printer through the LinkSys connection with all other computers on my network.
    Question #2: How can I get my Time Capsule to find the Epson so I can use it again, or should I just use the LinkSys router connected to the printer?
    Thank you in advance for help.

    This sounds as if you are trying to use instructions that are more than 2 years old at this point, but you are using a new version of AirPort Utility Utility in Lion or Mountain Lion....which would not track or apply to the older instructions.
    Can you confirm what operating system that you are using on the Mac that is being used to configure devices?
    The new AirPort Express will connect directly to the Time Capsule using an Ethernet connection, correct?

  • Printing on shared printer with Time Capsule

    I've got a question on how to print on a shared USB printer with the Time Capsule. I think the answer is that I'm doing it wrong and expecting the impossible.
    The typical set up, I think, is Time Capsule plugged into computer, printer plugged into Time Capsule, and then all parties in the wireless network can print. Right?
    I've got my Time Capsule in the basement (that's where the cable modem is) and it shoots off a nice strong signal to the 2nd floor and does our backups nicely. The printer is plugged into my husband's iMac. My iMac can see the printer and acts like it has access to it. But nothing happens when I try to print.
    Is this simply because the printer must be plugged into the Capsule and there is no other way about it?

    Please excuse me for jumping in on the party but I'm kind of in a fix. I just installed a time capsule. I can print from my PC (which is hard wired via Ethernet to the TC) to the USB printer connected directly to TC (HP F380). However when I print from my ACER PC through wireless it prints only 75% of the page then the printer freezes. If it's a 2 page document, it'll print 1 page then only 75% of the 2nd page. I tried reinstalling a new HP driver and Bonjour but without joy. Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated. After solving this problem my next step would be to actually invest in an IMAC! Being an ex IBM'er I finally feel the need for change!

  • Painfully slow wireless connection with Time Capsule

    I have recently bought and changed over my home wireless to a Time Capsule 2TB, which I wanted for both the backup and the ease in home networking. I have set up the wireless network and since day one it has been painfully slow! I have created two wireless networks, one for 2.4GHz and the other for 5GHz. I have been reading all over the web and boards but to no avail.  Any suggestions? I am about to give up on the time capsule completely! I couldn't even download my podcast tonight.

    Firstly plug in directly by ethernet to be sure there isn't a network issue on wan side.
    Are you testing on multiple computers .. Mac and/or PC?? Which ones. and what network cards are being used?
    Try and remove anything that uses G wireless and throw away any B wireless. It will not work together with N even if it is an option.
    Turn off the guest network if you have it on.
    Have you used a wireless analyser like kismac or inssider for pc? Find the free channels and set the wireless to that. Use no security at first to test.. briefly.. and then select wpa2 personal. Is there any difference?
    Do you have another wireless router running?? Were you using a different wireless router for comparison?

  • Network printing with time capsule doesn't work with OS X Lion

    I have a canon printer which will print when it is set up and connected to my imac.  However when it is set up and connected to time capsule it will not print.  It thinks it has completed the job but it hasn't.
    I think that this may have something to do with OS X Lion.
    The printer is just new, I bought it as the old one was playing up - I had been unable to get the old one which was connected via the time capsule to print since installing OS X Lion but never put two and two together - I just assumed the the printer had eventually died!  So I bought a new one!  It seems to set up OK as it is recognised as being attached to the timecapsule but there is no out put.
    Does anyone have any ideas as how to sort this out?

    Solved (apparently): After reinstalling, iTunes 10.5 beta 3 appears to work.

  • Wireless Printing using Time Capsule

    I tried to print wirelessly but I keep getting the message: There is a problem communicating with the printer. What am I not doing?

    I have had similar difficulties trying to get my HP 460wbt to connect wirelessly to the Time Capsule. It works fine if you take off any wi-fi security (a useful thing to check compatability but probably not wise to leve the network open!).
    I previously used an Airport base station and though I had some initial difficulties I did manage to use WEP security on that and it worked faultlessly with any computer attached to my network including Windows XP via Parallels. HOWEVER, I couldn't get WEP to work with the Time Capsule and printer (it worked with the computers) and WPA/WPA2 is I suspect not compatible with WPA_psk (or at least I can't figure this one out!).
    The conclusion then is that the wireless card/software security for the printer isn't going to work with the Time Capsule - a pity and rather odd since there is a work round with the Airport base which is at least 5 years old! Why do Apple not make such issues backwards compatible I wonder?
    I have solved the problem temporarily by having BOTH the Time capsule and Airport base connected wirelessly - which means a one click change of wireless network to print - but hey-ho it works until I find another solution. Any ideas?

  • Use Network ready printer with Time Capsule?

    Recently bought a laser all in one Canon printer that was network ready. Canon tech support told me it would not be compatible with Time Capsule (500 GB) as the wireless source. Is this true?
    If true, what printer brands will network easily with the Time Capsule?
    Thank you!
    In search of new printer

    Welcome to the discussions!
    If the all-in-one is "network ready", it will have an ethernet port to connect to the network. It will need to connect by ethernet if you want to be able to use the scan, fax, copy, etc functions.
    If you are planning to connect the all-in-one to the Time Capsule USB port, the printing function will work if the device is compatible. The other functions will not be supported.

  • Problem w/ wireless range with Time Capsule

    Recently set up Time Capsule to swap out my Airport next to my Imac. Also have an Airport Express set up in another room to help extend wireless range. Found now that the range with Time Capsule is not as good as the Airport setup and I can't use my Ipad in the bedrooms furthest away from the Time Capsule. I'm not very tech saavy but would appreciate any suggestions? Thx.

    When you set up TimeCapsule did you create a closed network? With a closed network, airport doesn't broadcast the network name, you have to manually enter it to join. This might be your problem. To fix it (or to see if that's what you've done) run Airport Utility and select manual setup. Select the Wireless tab and then click on the Wireless Options button at the bottom of the window.

  • Creating wireless network with Time Capsule

    hi, I just have couple of questions before installing the time capsule;
    so far I have been using cable DSL modem, so my question is - is it possible to set time capsule as a wireless router, or does time capsule still have to be connected with DSL modem and then act wiresly with iMac?
    I was thinking if i could replace cable DSL modem with time capsule
    thank you

    The Time Capsule has to be connected to your DSL modem. Otherwise you won't be able to connect to internet.

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