Several HSGETVALUE in one Excel Spreadsheet from various application

For the HSGETVALUE, I have to type HsGetValue (“Connection”,”POV”). However I don't know How to type the "Connection". I have tried [Server].[Server.Application].[ServerCube].
My goal is to have by example in cell A1 : a value from my monthly report in one application and in Cell A2 a value from my daily report fromn another application
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Check the examples will need to include info for all dimensions as well as the dimension labels. If you are having trouble, you can also use the "Function Builder" menu option from the SmartView menu.
The HsGetValue function retrieves data from a data source for the dimension members that you
specify. You can specify all dimension members. Any member not specified is considered a
default POV member and uses the default in the POV Manager.
When users select Refresh or Refresh All, only HsGetValue is called. When users select Submit,
HsSetValue is called first, HsGetValue is then called only if HsSetValue returns sucessfully.
The syntax is as follows:
HsGetValue (“Connection”,”POV”)
Here are two examples:
The function in the following example returns the value from the HFM01 application for the
default Point of View.
Example 1:
The function in the following example returns the value from the HE application for the default
Point of View.
Example 2:

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    Hi Becky
    Here is a procedure using OLE automation.
    DATA gs_excel TYPE ole2_object .
    DATA gs_wbooks TYPE ole2_object .
    DATA gs_wbook TYPE ole2_object .
    DATA gs_application TYPE ole2_object .
    SET PROPERTY OF gs_excel 'Visible' = 1 .
    GET PROPERTY OF gs_excel 'Workbooks' = gs_wbooks .
    GET PROPERTY OF gs_wbooks 'Application' = gs_application .
    *--Opening the existing document
    CALL METHOD OF gs_wbooks 'Open' = gs_wbook
         EXPORTING #1 = <file_path_var> .
    "*--After this point you can go on processing the sheet
    using OLE Automation techniques"
    If it is just the template to be stored you can save the template .xls file at the application server each time downloading it to a temporary place to open. Or you can store it at SAP Office templates folder. For SAP Office operations you can inspect "BC_SO_*" masked FMs.
    And as a last thing, let me introduce you the SDN forums pointing system: You can assign points to posts you find helpful while solving your question. You can reward points by clicking the yellow star icon at header of each reply post. You can reward;
    - one 10 points (solved)
    - two 6 points (very helpful answer)
    - many 2 points (helpful answer)
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    Sorry my poor English, thanks for the comprehension

    909356 wrote:
    I need URGENT generate an Excel spreadsheet with rows and columns populated from a forms that is running on Oracle Application R11.5 and open this worksheet for the User save.
    I want to include a PL*SQL code on a button and this button to run the spreadsheet open save for the User. This functionality is already available in the application (File > Export) and you do not need to write a code to do that.
    How To Export Form Data To a CSV Format File [ID 779079.1]
    How To Setup Action Export Functionality in Release 11i [ID 136074.1]

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    Post this in Business Explorer forum for quicker resposne.
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    Hi Laura,
    This note, from a cell in the Excel spreadsheet, likely explains the difficulty:
    If you are using on older version of Excel, you may need to install an “Add-In.” On the Tools menu at the top of your screen, click Add-Ins. Select the Analysis ToolPak box, and then click OK. If necessary, follow the instructions in the setup program.
    The add-ons in Excel's Analysis Toolpak are, to the best of my knowledge, not supported in Numbers.

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    Best things to have in this situation is a receipt of the shipment of the returned device.
    Do you have it? If so go to a Fedex office and file an insurance claim.
    If you don't have this..
    IF your device tracks anywhere at all on USPS or FedEx's website call customer service and have them submit an ITTS ticket for a lost shipment. If your rep does not do this get another rep on the line. If they have already submitted a CLNR NON RETURN form then you either need the receipt of the shipment or need it to track on the carriers website.

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    Not feasible.
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    As an alternative the very basic Microsoft XML office format can be used. But note that this is not a a ISO standard (it has been shot down in flames) - and effort and resources for that would be better spend on the Open Document XML standard (which very likely will be ratified as the ISO standard instead).
    Of course, you could have meant a CSV file - in which case, you need to play close attention to details. CSV is not an Excel format. A software designers and developers, our success is determined by attention to technical detail. In which case you are not paying any attention to technical detail by confusing CSV with Excel.

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            } catch (IOException e) {
              System.out.println("Could not create file. Using the console handler");
  "Our first logging message");
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            ...When i launch the menuapplication, it writes info to "myLogging.xml.0"
    but when i launch an application, the app writes info to "myLogging.xml.0.1"
    I already tried to leave out the creation of a new Filehandler (try/catch block in code above) but it doesn't help.
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    You should open/close it somehow at every write from different processes.
    But I personally prefer different file names to your forced merging, though.

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