Several problems after IOS 6 upgrade.

Screen brightness keeps changingto a dark screen - then won't light up when the button is pushed. Phone is not ringing when calls come in. Apps are not starting or will not update. And several other issues!!!

I am having similar issues of parts of old texts combining with parts of new texts. This must be a system issue, as I use a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx.  This has been happening randomly for approximately the last two months and happens more often on long texts.  It looks fine on my end, but the recipient is left confused and laughing.  I did not notice this to be caused by any new apps or updates, though for sure it has been happening since 4.0.4, but I believe it started a good month or so after that.  My husband has a Maxx as well and is not having this issue.  I have cleared the cache from my Text Messaging app and restarted several times.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can try.  This is getting very frustrating and causing headaches.  Thank you.

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  • BOSD, Battery issues and Heating problem after iOS 8 upgrade

    i have upgraded my iPad mini to iOS 8. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 8 am facing blue screen issues and heating problem as well. This is really frustrating even the patch iOS 8.0.2 dint solve the problem. Are you guys listening our complaints. When will you fixing it.

    The same thing happened to me on my 2012 Subaru Outback.  I'm not sure this will help you since you have a Honda, but I'm posting this just in case.
    I paired the audio on my car with my iPhone 6.  However, when I turned the car off and back on again, the iPhone would not pair automatically.  I had to manually connect the iPhone with the car.  Turns out there are two separate bluetooth pairings on my car: one for phone which allows up to 5 devices and one for audio which allows only one device.  So I did the second bluetooth pairing for the phone (had already done the audio), and that fixed it.  YMMV

  • IPhone 4S app problems after IOS 7 upgrade

    Following upgrading to IOS 7, some apps aren't working properly on my iPhone 4S:
    The twitter app appear only as a small version in the middle of the screen and I can't do anything with it (I've tried deleting it and reinstalling it)
    The facebook app does the same.
    I can't seem to find a way to sort these out. Any suggestions?

    Basic troubleshooting (which has not changed since iOS1) is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Try each of these in order until the issue is resolved.

  • After iOS 5 upgrade my "artists" are all screwed up on my iPhone but are fine on my iTunes. ANY SOLUTIONS?? HELP!!

    After iOS 5 upgrade my "artists" are all screwed up on my iPhone but are fine on my iTunes. ANY SOLUTIONS?? HELP!!

    I had a similar problem to you that I have since solved.
    At first only some albums/songs were missing artwork but they all showed up fine in itunes. I went into itunes and did the view where the album art is displayed next to the album in a list, middle option for viewing. I found that on several 1-2 songs did not have the artwork attached and so that was the cause of it not showing up on my iphone. However after I got all that solved I found that the artworks were all messed up. Much like you described many songs had the complete wrong artwork and some songs on the same album had different artworks or the same artwork showed up on multiple albums.
    I could only come up with resyncing my iphone to solve it. I only use one playlist for my iphone so that I can sort of do manual management and only have to deal with one playlist. So I unchecked the playlist and did a sync to clear off all the audio. Then I rechecked the playlist and did a sync to reload everything and after that was done everything appeared correctly.
    I didn't notice if this was affecting any of my purchased albums, I don't have that many so I didn't think about it but affected a lot of them. I hope this helps in some way and that you can get it working again.

  • Cannot send emails from Hotmail on my iPad appears only after iOS 7 upgrade.

    Cannot send emails from Hotmail acc on my iPad, problem occurred after iOS 7 upgrade. Message appears that user name or password is incorrect in settings but they are correct when checked.

    Try deleting and reinstalling your Hotmail email account.

  • IPAD2 very slow after IOS 8 upgrade

    After IOS 8 upgrade many aplications ( Safari, Facebook, etc) load  very, very slow (comparing with 7 version) , with a significant delay of more than 10 seconds...
    Who can I solve this problem? Any workaround?
    Apple should better test the software before delivering.

    Here's the list of the most annoying issues that affect me since updating my iPad 2 64GB w/Cellular iPad to IOS 8:
    EXTREMELY SLOW - When opening apps, or switching between them - We are talking just the built-in apps. Mail, Safari, Settings....
    Extremely slow Wi-Fi AND broadband. The Wi-Fi is the worst though. Horrible. Page load times are 2 to 4x slower than my wife's iPad.
    Battery life reduced by at least 25%. Used to make it all day long, now I am having to plug it in.
    Heat - It is working so hard that the processor is heating up. That can't be healthy for it, and surely the majority of the power issues stem from this.
    Copy/Paste not functioning correctly between browser windows. Oh this is frustrating. I just want to paste the URL of one website I am on to Facebook, for instance. Even though I COPY, it's pasting in info I clipped a earlier in the day to one browser tab, but if I open another one, it will paste the correct information. You never know what you are going to get.
    Cannot post a photo to facebook by hitting the camera icon when leaving a reply or making a post (using web browser version)... It starts the upload, then just stops. I *CAN* go to photos, then SHARE it to facebook, but that doesn't allow me to post a photo along with a reply.
    Multiple app crashes per day. This I can deal with. It's nothing new, it's just more frequent. Safari and Mail seem to be the major culprits. It wouldn't be so bad except it takes 2-4 seconds to reopen the crashed app. Sometimes as much as 10 seconds.
    And that's just the annoying ones....

  • After IOS 8 upgrade IPad 2 don't start

    After IOS 8 upgrade my IPad 2 don't start and just show this screen and nothing works.

    My ipad2 is having the same problem.  I can get it to start up by plugging the charger in.  I can then unplug it and it is working - but very slow and prone to randomly shutting things down.

  • Can't sync audiobooks after IOS 5 upgrade.

    After IOS 5 upgrade I am unable to Sync my iphone 4 either by WiFi or connected via USB.
    Itunes becomes un responsive after "Determining tracks to sync".  Have been able to sync only after disabling Audiobooks sync.
    SO far have done the following.
    - Changed the USB cable
    - Re "Keep Library Origanized"
    - Created new playlist with 1 audiobook.
    Itunes crashes everytime.
    Have been able to sync my ipad 2 & nano with no issues.
    Anyone have any ideas before I toast my iphone & start from scratch?

    Nothing syncs if I have sync audiobooks turned on.
    First I didn't know what the problem was and I even wiped my iPhone and started from scrach (what a pain it was).
    Nothing. No music, no Apps, no ringtones, no audiobooks.
    I installed some apps via the app store, and some audiobooks with audible app.
    But the rest still didn't work.
    Then I clicked "Tranfer purchases from ...'s iPhone" on iTunes and some of my music and ringtones started to transfer to the iPhone!! Partially. I had to click it again to get the rest of the music and ringtones. But the audiobooks didn't transfer. Not even from a playlist.
    After I unchecked Sync Audiobooks, I managed to get some apps transfered to the iPhone but they're still "Waiting" not "Loading." Every time I click on sync a little bit of the apps transfer, but then their status goes back to "loading."
    My biggest problem is that I have non Audible audiobooks. These I don't know how to put in the iphone.

  • No push notifications, iMessage not working after iOS 7 upgrade

    I'm not receiving push notifications for Apps such as Facebook after iOS 7 upgrade and iMessage & Facetime won't work. I repeatedly get a pop-up message to connect to iTunes for push notifications but connecting to iTunes does nothing. I have searched endlessly for a resolution but can only find answers directed at iPhone users. I am so regretting upgrading, I was very happy with how everything worked before. I should also say that I have nil experience on matters "Apple" and technical jargon is lost on me :(

    There are hundreds or people wih this exact same problem and apple has no interest in fixing it or publicly giving and answer to the issues. 
    They Botched this release big time.  I look forward to having tp wipe my 64gb iPad and start from scratch.  Oh boy do I!!

  • The last backup could not be completed - iPhone 5 after iOS 7 upgrade

    I'm using iPhone 5 & iPad with Retina Display.
    iCloud backup was used for both devices.
    Now everytime I try to backup manually, it says 'The last backup could not be completed.' after iOS 7 upgrade.
    Auto backup isn't working, either.
    I tried several things like backing up using iTunes then deleting previous backups then turnning iCloud backup again, or turning off Camera Roll in backup option , or holding the power button and home button to reset the device.
    None of them worked yet.
    What should I do?
    I just have noticed that I cannot find iPhone 5 among the products registered with my apple ID below before I was posting.
    Is it concerned with my apple ID or something? Not the devices?

    since i upgraded to iphone 6 have the same issus. that includ in my Ipad - probably something happened wiht the Apple ID.
    nothun is working/ and when i plug the divces to Itunes - it says that "Itunes coulnd not back up iphone/ipad an error accourd.
    can someone help me?!
    I deleted last backups and still nothing.
    i tried to backup with another authrized computer and other network and still nothing!
    thanks ahead!

  • Cannot load iTunes on ipad after iOS 7 upgrade

    Why does itunes not lauch on ipad 2 after iOS 7 upgrade?

    I had the same problem as kurt185. But now I found the solution. It is a bug in the iTunes app:
    You have to go to Settings>Safari>BlockCookies and must change from "Always" to "From third parties and advertisers".
    After that iTunes works perfectly.

  • Exchange mail after iOS 8 upgrade not working

    exchange mail after iOS 8 upgrade not working.
    I can not get email from my exchange account.
    Any suggestion?

    Just had this issue.  I turned WIFI off and it connected fine.  Then turned WIFI back on and working as always.
    It had something to do with the WIFI conflicting with the exchange server.

  • Ipad locks up after iOS 8 upgrade

    WWhy does ipad lock up in safari after iOS 8 upgrade

    (A) Try reset iPad
    Hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button down together until you see the Apple Logo.
    Note: Data will not be affected.
    (B) Close all apps in the multi-task window
    1.Double-click the Home button.
    2. Swipe the app's preview up to close it.
    3. Preview will fly off the screen.

  • IPad 3 sound issues after iOS 8 upgrade

    iOS sounds and some apps have very little or no volume after iOS 8 upgrade.

    Hello mhael, 
    Thank you for participating in the Apple Support Communities. 
    If you experience popping sounds and distortion from your iPad Air speakers after updating iOS, start with the troubleshooting steps in this link:
    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support
    All the best,

  • JBL Radial dock no longer works on iPhone 4 after iOS 5 upgrade.

    JBL Radial dock no longer charges my  iPhone 4 after iOS 5 upgrade however I still Can play music.
    Any help on that ?

    OK a bit of success over the weekend. Not sure if it will help you guys. So i have an IPHONE 3gs and it would not play any music through the JBL but it would ring (through the JBL speaker) and charge while connected.
    I sync'ed through itunes and made sure i had the latest version of both itunes and the IOS on the phone. Then pushed some podcasts and albums down from my computer to the iphone through the computer.
    This must have sone something as now everythign works fine. all radio and music apps now play through the JBL.
    Hope this helps.

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