Several problems after upgrading to iO6

My iphone is with multiple problems after upgrading to iOS 6. Applications are closing alone, the screen goes black and then back to the home screen. does not connect to internet (3G and Wi-Fi) connections as cutting. Throw another quick update to fix this, or do I have to change to the Galaxy SIII; Iphone is Terrible!!

Try the Padma extension.

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  • Several problems after upgrading iOs

    HI. This is my first post here at apple support so I hope you guys can help me with this.
    after upgrading my mini iPad  ios I've been having some troubles with safari and the battery. First of all I read a few post about the battery lasting less than before, so Im not the only one.
    but the most anoying thing is about safari...first of all sometimes it doesnt shows the pages I try to visit the way those pages really are, for a mess, I cant understand anything, all the buttons and images, letters, they are all desorganized, with wrong colours.
    and second of all, when the webpage I visit, has several images like ebay or wich you have to use your finger to see the other images...well...maybe the first image can be seen but sudden,y you cant move the picture to see the others images behind. i hope there is a safari upgrade or ios upgrade to solve the troubles....ohh, and Im also habing troubles with wifi, it disconects by it self, and I have to select the wifi again in order to be connected again! Thanks in advance, hope Im clear enough my english isnt so good!

    Not sure if any of these will help but you should give them a try.
    For the wifi problem use the Settings app and the wifi section. Tap on your wifi network and then tap on Forget this network. Then let your iPad try to connect again. You will have to enter the password or key.
    For the Safari problem first try quitting Safari like I describe here. Then use the Settings app to clear Safaris History and Website Data. Then reset the iPad.
    Tto quit Safari: To quit an app double click the Home button to reveal the row of recently used apps. Flick up on the page preview and it will fly away and disappear. That quits the app.
    Settings > Safari > scroll down to Clear History and Website Data
    Then reset your iPad. Press and hold both the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button continuously until the Apple logo appears. Then release the button and let the device restart. You will not lose data doing this. It's like a computer reboot.
    Finally, the website you are trying to load may not be programmed propery causing it to fail with Safari. If the problem persists after doing what I descried above, you might try using a different browser. There are many other browsers in the App Store.

  • Several problems after upgrading from ios 5.1 to ios6?

    Hi all,
    I am using an iPhone 4 and upgraded to ios6 (mistake or not?)
    Here are some several things that I noticed after the upgrade:
    1) my battery drains out much faster than before
    2) problems connecting to wifi at the office and major problems at home; doesn't connect to the network even though I am next to the router
    3) my phone displays missed calls even though I checked the missed calls list before.
    That's it for now, I will update when I have more information.
    Please feel free to add if you have something that I might have missed.

    Most users haven't had problems with iOS 6, however, some have. I'm still using iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad 2. There is a beta version iOS 6.1 being tested. Don't know when it will be released. When it is released, I'll update.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Problems after upgrading to IO6

    Have the new ipad and tried to upgrade iphoto app and message was to check for software upgrade. Checked and i0S6 had to be downloaded. Did that and now have Siri on ipad. After one day Siri ceased to work as well as anything using the microphone. I had been using the microphone for notes, etc. Now nothing using voice works. What is the deal? Thank you.

    If you can't get the iPhone into recovery mode, you can try restoring it from DFU mode.
    If you still can't restore it, the iPhone will need service.

  • IPhone 4S after upgrading to IO6 has a problem with bluetooth in Peugeot 308 No battery status is shown. With 5.1.1 everything was ok.

    iPhone 4S after upgrading to IO6 has a problem with bluetooth in Peugeot 308 No battery status is shown. With 5.1.1 everything was ok.

  • Problems after upgrade: Leopard to Leopard no longer works

    My sister upgraded to Leopard on her iMac(c2d) to Leopard yesterday. Earlier in the day we were able to do video chats with a number of people(her machine Tiger to Fathers machine Leopard). However, since upgrading, we've experienced weird behavior for video chats. Basically in her window she won't see her image(the small one), and I don't see her at all. We've tested this out with a number of other iChat accounts and get the same results. Btw, all machines that are chatting with her are using Leopard. Also, all other forms/capabilities work: screen sharing, sharing of pictures, audio chats.
    Anyone out there have similar problems after upgrading from Tiger to Leopard? I have done the usual adjustments of bandwidth and QT settings, as well as restarts. What else should I try?

    I finally resolved this problem: I think the issues/steps would be helpful for anyone who experiences iSight off or not working problems after upgrading to Leopard(then to 10.5.1) on a intel 20" iMac :
    -If you have an internal iSight on an iMac and your camera works fine in Tiger
    -If you upgrade to Leopard
    -If Chat camera doesn't show your image (iSight off) even though the green light is on
    -You can see the other persons video on iChat
    -Your friends can here you and you can share screens, files, etc.....everything but have them see you
    These are the initial steps I took:
    - Deleted the pLists(or stored preferences for the Application) described at the top of this thread
    - Was told it might be slow internet connection so did various things: disconnected other computers, changed wireless to "G" only
    - Specifically Opened of ports spec'd for Leopard on router (even though I hadn't needed to do this under Tiger)
    - Tried chats with various people on various fast/slow networks
    - Restarted all aspects of the network: router, wireless access point, computer
    - Checked to see if the iSight was shown in 'System Profiler'. It was found in 'About This Mac->More Info->System Profiler->USB'
    - Clicked Video icon in iChat Buddies window(to the right of your name) and coudn't see my image
    - Opened 'PhotoBooth' and coudn't see my image(black screen)
    - Opened iMovie and couldn't capture video via the iSight(black screen)
    - Opened iChat->Preferences->Video and couldn't see my image
    - Validated that 'Camera is Enabled' in iChat->Video->Camera is Enabled
    If you are experiencing a similar problem with you built-in iSight, I would probably focus on the last 5 things that I did. What they showed me was that the iSight was just not capturing video even though it was capturing sound in 3 different applications.
    The solution to iSight Off or iSight Not Responding or No Video is......reset your computer! I had thought my sister performed this but it turns out she hadn't. Here's the link to this procedure:
    Very easy to do though: Power off computer and unplug all cables, including power cable for at least 15 seconds. Plug everything back in and power up the computer and retry clicking on the 'Video' icon next to your login name. If you see yourself then...problem is solved.
    While I eventually found posts in several other forums, it took me the better part of a week. To try this simple step. I wish I had done so straight away. Oy. I guess I learned a lot about ports, speed etc.
    I hope this helps.

  • Problems after upgrade bios to v4.3 - P67A-GD65

    Hi to everybody,
    I was having a problems after upgrade bios to v4.3 of my mainboard P67A-GD65.
    After upgraded bios version (FW) its interface was changed and seemed better. also some specifiactions upgraded that i am now able to follow information of bios in my windows. with Control Center.
    1) first of all after bios upgrade XMP memory section can only be enable şf ş choose OC geniue on. but with this my cpu warm till 98C degree. because i have only stock cpu cooler of intel.
    in normal mode xmp can not be activated so that my memory that corsair vengeance dd3 1600mhz works at 1333mhz only.
    Also there was information about what is new in this version of bios fw as:
    - Enhanced PCI-E display card performance.
    - Improved memory compatibility.
    2) second problem that i have i wanted to turn cpu leds which were located above cpu slot blue leds. once i turn them off and it is ok. but when shutdown computer and restart it turn on itself.
    so may be there have benn occured a problem that mb can not save edited settings correctly?
    3) For last i could not find Winki 3 OS/linuz anywhere is there a link to it to integrate to my mb?
    Thanks for your replies from now on.

    Quote from: momosala on 02-April-13, 17:54:22
    I think you had better to flash back to beta 4.39 bios, here :
    And use and install on USB key MSI Forum HQ USB flashing tool from here :
    Flash using method 1.
    And tell us if that works.
    thank you for reply that fast i will try asap and tell here.
    Btw, have you ever face a problem as i wrote above?

  • Problems after upgrading to iTunes version 6

    I've been going through the threads a lot since I have had problems after upgrading to iTunes v. 6. It looks like a lot of people have had the same issues, and I have tried some things that were recommended. After I upgraded, iTunes would not open. I tried:
    1. deleting sidb file
    2. doing the msconfig thing suggested in discussion boards
    3. going into safe mode and deleting 4 and 6 letter weird files in DOS - I found 3 that I deleted
    iTunes worked after this -- then I bought a song and it said my computer was not authorized, after I authorized computer (that never happened before), iTunes worked for about 15 more minutes and then closed down abruptly. I haven't been able to open it since.
    I also downloaded Spybot search & destroy and that did not find anything. I am using McAfee, and have scanned for viruses with McAfee and AdAware.
    Now, when I restart my computer, a bunch of windows pop up with Chinese/Japanese looking characters and say that device (I think) was not found. I seem to be able to use everything except iTunes and Quicktime. When I open the Task Manager, iPodService.exe and iTunesHelper.exe and qttask.exe are there, but when I click on Quicktime or iTunes the file flashes in Task Manager and then disappears.
    I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Any help would be apppreciated -- I'd like to be able to open iTunes!

    I used Nickroo's post:
    I was able to get iTunes launched (with the help of Tech Support) in a very unsafe environment. I owe it to those who may need this after me. It will get you going, but you will be extremely vulnerable to internet virus assaults. Please do not use this approach, until you have exhausted every other available solution for your issue in the KB.
    There are three Steps 1) Uninstall 2) Disble and 3) Reinstall.
    UNISTALL Uninstall iTunes using Windows utility Add Remove Program available in Control Panel.
    DISABLE Disable all third party System Services and Startup Items using using MSCONFIG utility as described in Service Document
    RE-INSTALL Re-install iTunes6 + QT7. Launch it under the Selective Startup Option.
    It worked ! You realize among other things at this point you have your Antivirus and Firewall disabled. When I started my computer in the Normal Startup Option, iTunes fails to work again. So I have ahead of me the long and ardous task of ruling out the service that is causing conflict with iTunes6. Then work with the software vendor to arrive at a solution.
    This seems to have worked so far- I haven't started to go through ruling out what made iTunes not work; I also haven't tried to connect my iPod or burn a CD, so we'll see.
    Windows XP

  • Permission problems after upgrade to 10.5 on early Power PC G5 Tower

    Permissions problems after upgrading to 10.5 on a client power PC (early) G5 tower.
    Problems include folders that are created on XServe via this client do not allow any one else including this client to access. All other clients running 10.5, which happen to be newer Intel machines do not have this problem. Repairing permissions, updating to 10.5.1, try to manually correct permissions have all failed to repair the situation. All clients log onto the XServe with the same user/password. This client has since been downgraded back to 10.4.9 and has no issues.
    The Xserve runs 10.3.9, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    We have read through the forums regarding permission problems after upgrading and even tried some tips found here.

    You really should check things out first before speaking.
    Here are the requirements for 10.5;
    Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard requires:
    A Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or Power PC G4 (867 MHz or faster) processor
    512 MB memory or more
    A DVD drive for installation
    9 GB of available disk space or more
    Some features require a compatible Internet service provider, fees may apply.
    Some features require Apple's MobileMe service; fees apply.

  • Layouts problem after upgrade

    Hello, I have a problem after upgrade from 2007 to 8.81 PL 05.
    Since we upgrade SAP, the layout changed.
    For example, in a credit note if it has 3 lines, in the layout will appear 2 lines in a page and 1 in other page.
    if the credit note has 4 lines, in the layout will appear 3 lines in a page and 1 in other page.
    What could it be?
    Thanks in advance.

    lines are not duplicated, they just printed on different pages:
    - if doc has just 2 lines  -  printed form is good
    - if doc has 3 items, two of them are printed on the first page, 3d - on the second page
    - if doc has 4 items, 3 of them are printed on the first page, 4th - on the second page
    When we are printing directly from the server everything is working fine. But printing from all Clients gives us this issue that is described above.
    SAP re-installation  for all users will take too much time. May be exist any other option that we can try?
    we really appreciate your help

  • Problem after upgrading to ICS 4.0.4

    i have different problem after upgrading my SE Live with Walkman to ICS 4.0. After upgrading, my sd card always full. I have try to remove some files but after that it full again. Finaly i found that there are tumbnail file with size precisely same with my empty space. I delete that file, but the empty space not recover, its only recover after unmounting sd card. But its not hold for long time, after one minutes its happen again, my sd card is back fully again, and the same file is back to exist. Please help me, is that a virus or bugs from ICS?? i very frustation with this case
    thanx for your help

    Do you have many pictures?
    Have your tried to reinstall the phone software using SUS to check if the problem remains?
     - Community Manager Sony Xperia Support Forum
    If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines.
    If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

  • Login problem after upgrade to mavericks

    Hi, i have login problem after upgrade from mountain lion to movericks in imac, I did enter the correct password But back to the login page again.

    Hi cpuman8,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you're not able to log in to your user account after upgrading, try resetting your password using the method in this article:
    Resetting the original administrator account password
    In OS X Lion or later, you can reset your user password with your Apple ID.
    OS X: Changing or resetting an account password
    Best Regards,

  • Apple TV problem after upgrading to iTunes 7.5

    PROBLEM: After upgrading to 7.5, Apple TV no longer recognized iTunes and vice versa.
    ATTEMPTED SOLUTIONS: Removed and reinstalled iTunes 7.5 from scratch. Reset @TV to Factory Defaults and reconfigured. Removed Apple TV from iTunes Preferences/Apple TV/Remove Apple TV.
    iTunes no longer finds @TV, either in the Preferences/Apple TV pane, or in the Device List. Everything worked perfectly before the 7.5 upgrade. All other features and devices working fine. Have reviewed all postings and eliminated the possibility of firewall or port problems.
    Suggestions welcome! Thanks.

    I have partially resolved the problem. Something with the 7.5 upgrade changed the network protocols being used by the Apple TV... switching to a wired network from end to end with a full shut down and reboot has the @TV back online... I am still working on trying to solve the wireless side of the equation.

  • Why am I facing so many problem after upgrading to ios7, my phone hangs/stuck many times, applications just stop working and close themselves, battery drainage,Facebook and all applications don't work properly. What should I do? They punished me for upgra

    I'm using iPhone 5
    Why am I facing so many problem after upgrading to ios7, my phone hangs/stuck many times, applications just stop working and close themselves, battery drainage,Facebook and all applications don't work properly. What should I do? They punished me for upgrading to ios7. I now hate apple and I'm thing of getting samsung.

    Basic troubleshooting
    Restore with backup
    Restore as new ( better )

  • Facetime will not work after upgrade to io6 can anybody advise?

    Facetime will not connect after upgrade to IO6 can anyone advise?

    Hey there,
    Maybe start here
    [Troubleshooting Automatic Software Update in Mac OS X|].
    Otherwise, try deleting this file. located at /Users/YourName/Library/Preferences. Drag that .plist file from the Preferences folder to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your Mac.
    Have you tried resetting your widgets by hitting Command-R? If that doesn't, work trying trashing the two dashboard preference files.
    The two dashboard preference files are in the following directory:
    yourusername -> Library -> Preferences ->
    The file names are:
    Hope this helps.

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