Share printer connected to apple to windows xp

I'd like to share my HP printer that is connected to my apple computer(10.4.2) to my pc that is running windows xp. I have enabled printer sharing and windows sharing in my apple.
The instruction that I get from apple web:
To print to your printer using SMB/CIFS, Windows users must configure an SMB/CIFS network printer and use the Postscript printer driver, even if the printer isn't a Postscript printer. Your Mac will translate the Postscript code into code the printer can understand. Have the Windows users see their Windows documentation for information on adding a network printer.
Can someone translate that to plain english for me?
thanks a bunch!
You need to use a postscript driver on Windows so that you send postscript to the Mac printer queue - this is what mac printer queues expect, because all print commands on the Mac produce postscript.

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  • Print from printer connected to pc with windows 7 from a imac

    I have a pc with windows 7 and a HP Deskjet f300 series printer connected to it.
    I would like to print from my iMac. Help please.

    There are a number of requirements with the Windows 7 and Mac OS X setup. If one of these requirements is not met, then the printing will not be successful.
    *Windows 7 Setup*
    Windows 7 introduced a new sharing feature called HomeGroup that is supposed to replace the workgroup for home networking. However, the feature only works for Windows 7 connected to other Windows 7. Therefore, if the Windows 7 computer has been configured to use HomeGroup, the first thing you need to do is detach Windows 7 from the HomeGroup.
    The next setting is the network profile for Windows 7 computer. Windows 7 provides four network profiles; Home, Work, Public and Domain. Based on the network location you choose, Windows assigns a network discovery state to the network and opens the appropriate Windows firewall ports for that state. Ideally the computer should be set to the Home or Work profile.
    With the network profile selected, another setting within the profile that can hinder the discovery of the shared printer is the network discovery setting. With this setting turned off, the Windows 7 computer will not appear under the respective workgroup (or if the setting has been changed after the computer was seen by the Mac, then it can appear in the workgroup computer list but will not show any shared printer - this is most likely due to the LAN manager timing). This setting can be accessed via Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings.
    Also, within the Advanced sharing settings for the Work or Home profile, another setting called Password protected sharing can stop the shared printer from appearing. With this setting turned on, the Win7 computer will still be seen when adding the Windows shared printer, but after selecting the Win7 computer, the shared printer is not displayed as no prompt is given to enter user account details. So this setting needs to be turned off. Then when the Win7 computer name is selected, a prompt will appear requesting user account information. The Guest account can be selected here to see the shared printer name.
    *Adding the Printer*
    Now that you can see the printer share, the next step is to add a printer driver that will support the printing via a Windows computer. The instruction shown above by musicwind for adding a shared Windows printer is correct, however you need to be aware that some vendor drivers do not support this type of connection. In this case you need to use a CUPS based driver, such as those provided by the Gutenprint driver set included with Snow Leopard. You may need to reload your SL disc and run the Optional Installs package to get all the Gutenprint driver for your model.
    One last note. If the Gutenprint driver for your model does not exist or does not work, then you will need to install the HPIJS for Mac OS X driver suite. Ensure you read all the documentation on this page as there are three packages that need to be installed.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Using apple base station now, but the other 3 windows based computers couldn't find the printer connected to apple base station

    When I am trying to add a new printer on my iMac, the search result will show:
    HP Photosmart C6200 series
    and there is no problem to add this printer to the iMac.
    But when I am trying to add a new printer on my other windows based computers, the search result will show nothing. So I shared the printer on my iMac, and the search result will show:
    HP Photosmart C6200 series @ XXXXX's iMac
    and there is no problem to add this shared iMac printer to the windows based computers.
    I just don't understand. Can anyone explain this to me?
    Thanks a lot.

    You and at least one other that I know of locally. All this happened after the latest Airport update.
    Interestingly, last week, three of us who use Mac laptops were unceremoniously dumped from our small office network's wireless router (non-Apple). When we tried to reconnect it kept asking for a password - none of the PC users are having this problem - and I HATE that!! Before this we all connected immediately with no problems.
    I'm still running my home-based Airport Extreme Base Station and Airport Express on a non-passworded network - the only way we can get online, still.
    Hope Apple wakes up and realizes there are a few problems with this release.

  • Inability to connect laptop to printer connected to new desktop windows 7-64bit

    We cannot connect our officejet 5500 to our laptop since buying a new desktop computer now running Windows 7-64 bit. Although the laptop runs on Windows 7, it previously was able to access the printer. Since upgrading the computer we seem not to be able to connect.  Our systems are wireless though the printer plugs directly into the computer. I did do the search for drivers and seems the 5500 office jet has the correct driver.  Now what??

    The most important part at this point, since they both use Windows 7, is to ensure they are in the same homegroup.
    Go to the start menu and search for Network and Sharing Center.  Do this on both computers.  Open the sharing center and then go to Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options.  Do the computers indicate they are part of the same homegroup?
    Let me know what happens when you go to the Homegroup options on each screen.  It really seems as this is where the core of the issue is as the steps provided have worked with similar scenarios.
    The homegroup requirement of Windows 7 can be disabled, but then sharing the computers with each other gets a little more complex as you would be prompted for a username and password each time you tried to access the computer on the network.
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  • Can anybody share printer connected to mac running 10.3.9?

    I used to print wireless using printer hsaring all the time from my ibook running 10.3.9 to my emac running 10.3.9 with a canon ink jet printer plugged into it. I just realized I can't print from my new macbook to my emac. The printer doesn't show up. Has anybody got this to work? I found a few threads with people have problems printer sharing with computers not running leopard.

    This article may help:

  • Printing to a network printer connected to osx from windows 98

    When I try to print to any of my printers connected to my imac I get the following error.
    There was an error writing to \\imac\PrinterName for the printer (PrinterName):
    The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.
    Any ideas?

    When I try to print to any of my printers connected to my imac I get the following error.
    There was an error writing to \\imac\PrinterName for the printer (PrinterName):
    The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.
    Any ideas?

  • TS3147 connect OS X 10.9.2 macbook air to windows 7 network and share printer (Brother HL-2230) connected via USB to the same network

    Would like to share printer Brother HL-2230 on windows 7 network.  Using Windows 7  "Homegroup" is not an option.
    The printer (HL-2230) is connected via USB to win 7 computer.  Before I updated OS to 10.9.2  it (Macbook air) had  HL-2230 as one of its' priinters and was able to print.  Now a print request hangs on "Hold for authentication".
    I have already reset printer system and re-installed printer x2 - no luck. 
    I have already connected WiFi Epson XP-200 to the Macbook air - runs fine, no problem.
    thx for any help that can lead to the resolution of this problem.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _/)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Thanks greg,
    I am on the road right now at a Mickey D's. Still another 150 miles to go to get home and back to the scene of the crime LOL
    I appreciate your feed back very sincerely.
    I will respond in AM when I can see - I need to get some java and get back on the road to get home by 1AM.  Take care

  • Printing to a photo printer connected to Windows?

    Hi everyone,
    Just got a new digital camera for Christmas and here's the problem. We have a Kodak digital camera and the Kodak EasyShare printer dock 6000 to go with it. It's connected to a Windows XP computer. My new camera is a Casio Exilim S500, so obviously, it doesn't go on the Kodak dock... but on the Windows computer you can print anything to the dock directly from the computer, but when I try to print to it from my Mac it won't go through. I've played around with some settings.. tried to tell it that it's printing on 4x6 paper and what not. (I'm using iPhoto by the way). It comes up in the printer que, but then never prints. It also says the file is like 30-something MBs when really its 1.5MBs. Can anyone tell me a correct way to make this work?? I print from my Mac to an HP Photosmart 1115 printer (connected to that same Windows computer) all the time- no problems.
    Any of that make sence?
    lol, thanks everyone.

    Short and simple: get a different printer. Unfortunately, Dell does not make a driver compatible with OS X for ANY of their printers. AFAIK, there are no generic drivers as well that would be able to do this for a Dell printer either. Sorry for the luck here, but a possible solution would be to copy the files you want printed from the mac to the windoze computer then print it from there. You could even use [MS Remote Desktop for Mac| DF3-490F-92C6-0E0F92787DB8#viewer] for a GUI interface between the two.

  • Connection to a windows network to share printer

    I have a windows PC in my home office. How can I connect my Mac Pro to this network so I can share the printer the PC uses.

    I am wishing to do the same thing, wirelessly printer from my Mac Book Pro to my Canon printer connected to my PC which runs XP.
    I really don't want to spend anymore money but will if neccessary. I have been unsuccessfull in connecting my MBP to the network in order to see my PC. I can connect to the internet though.
    Can anyone help? I am new to the Mac world. I have been reading a lot and it seems a lot of people are connecting an Airport Base thing on their printer to get this to work, do I need this?

  • Printer connected to Windows 7 computer remains offline despite being shared over network to imac

    My new imac is connected directly to my HP printer. I am trying to connect from another room my old PC running Windows 7 also to this printer over my home network. I have the same workgroup on both computers, and have activated sharing. As far as I can see, I have followed all the standard instruction for sharing. The PC  has identified the printer and the printer has been selected, but print documents have been placed in a queue to print since it states it is offline. How do I get it back on line?

    Hello ProfA,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    You are not able to share a printer from OS X with Windows computers.  The article below explains more about sharing printers:
    OS X Mavericks: Share your printer
    Take care,
    Alex H.

  • Mavericks + Windows share printer

    Hi all!
    After upgrading from OS X 10.8 to OS X 10.9 there is a problem with the network printer it stopped working.
    On OS X 10.8 my printer Laser Shot LBP1120 has worked perfectly, it is connected to a PC running Windows XP in order to be able to print from a OS X, I used the printer driver for Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS.
    After updating to OS X 10.9 missing base of drivers and I can no longer use this ligament for printer.
    Could you please tell me where to download driver for the printer Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS for Mac OS 10.9.
    Thanks in advance!

    Was just going to edit, but I guess I waited too long.
    I'm connecting via gigabit ethernet, and while my Mac has troubles with using the shares, other Windows computers are not.
    Not anything I've particularly noticed too much before (dont spend much time in Activity Monitor unless Im having an issue), and not even sure its related, but smbd just started using 99% of CPU, and (maybe this is normal) noticed in Console theres entries for smbd (and corresponding to when I was using cifs I guess, smbd.smb1) in /var/log/Performance.
    Other things in Console I saw for smb is:
    smbd[10940]: XPC: peer event: , ipc error: Connection invalid
    smbd[10940]: BUG in libdispatch: 13A603 - 2076 - 0x0
    Finder[11656]: nsc_smb XPC: handle_event error : < Connection invalid >
    KernelEventAgent[46]: tid 54485244 type 'smbfs', mounted on '/Volumes/Share', from '//[email protected]/Share', not responding
    kernel[0]: smbfs_lookup: Server failed Query Info 57

  • Windows 7 and windows 8 desktop wired and 7510e printer connected to win 7 wireless

    I have a windows 7 64 bit HPavilion Elite 150f desktop set up wired with a 7510e photosmart printer connected to it wireless, now I  have purchased a windows 8 desktop HP envy 700-019 desktop.
    When I set up my new windows 8 desktop I  just plugged it into my wireless router/modem combo and it found my printer and I could just print from it, I did not download any software or drivers for my printer or set up a home group as I was not sure how to set it up but last night I tried to set up a homegroup,
    I used my wireless network key and entered it and pressed connect, then I entered the Homegroup password that was downloaded for me from Microsoft, but my windows 7 says homegroup and my windows 8 shows private network so I am not sure what I have done wrong, I chose to only share music and printers, can anyone tell me how to do this correctly as I am not sure that I have done it properly.
    On my windows 8 I can go to my printers web site by entering the static IP address that cloud support set up for me and it shows as connected but I do not want to enter any printer code as that is already set up on my windows 7, I can also scan to email on my windows 8 but I am not sure what if any security I have on my windows 8. The last time I had a homegroup set up I payed someone to do it for me so I did it by guess work more than anything, if someone can lead me through it step by step I would appreciate it.

    Hi @emma22 
    I would like to do my best to help, but please bear in mind the issue you are expressing is an inquiry for Microsoft not HP. I did find something I think will be most helpful, and I hope it resolves the issue, but if the issue persists, or you have additional questions, it might be best to reach out to the Microsoft community.
    Here is what I found; HomeGroup from start to finish.
    In the top right hand corner of the article, you can change it from WIndows 7 to Windows 8. I hope this helps.
    Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for responding.
    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Sunshyn2005 - I work on behalf of HP

  • Printing to a printer connected to a Windows computer on a wireless network

    In my home I have a DSL internet connection, a Linksys router, one wired Windows computer to the router, and one wireless Mac and one wireless PC. In this configuration, the printer is connected to the wired Windows PC. How can I print directly from my iMac to the printer connected there?
    -- Before purchasing the iMac I had a Windows based Laptop that was able to print this way (I would have the wired computer and printer turned on, and then press print on the laptop, and it would come out of that printer). How can I duplicate this for the iMac? Thanks!

    No, the problem wasn't ever solved. So I compromised and finally hooked up the free printer that came with my Mac. Although I wasn't able to share a printer, I was able to access files and print them kind of the hard way by enabling windows sharing under Sys Prefs > Sharing > Windows Sharing. And then you need to click on accounts and enter your password. Then use the key that the Mac gives you (Should be something like \\\shortname) and then on your PC, go to "My Network Places" and click on "Set up a network place." When prompted choose to enter the location yourself and enter the number address given on the Mac. After that a box should pop up asking you for your name and password (which is that of the Mac) and then you should be able to access all of the files that are on your Mac from your PC and print directly that way. Hope that helped someone. And if anyone can still help me print wirelessly, please do!
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Is it possible to print from Windows 8.1 to a printer connected to the USB port on an Airport Express?

    Is it possible to print from Windows 8.1 to a printer connected to the USB port on an Airport Express?
    a) HP printer with USB port only (no ethernet port) connected to Airport Express
    b) No issue printing from Macs
    1) Installed Bonjour 2 - does not find printer (now uninstalled)
    2) Bonjour 3 is listed in programs but no way to access
    3) Using TCPIP address (and no Bonjour) gives 'Unsupported Personality' error when printing test page
    p.s. why are all Windows 8.1 questios n the forum 'Locked' with no reply?

    This is possible, but not with Bonjour or any other fixes.  It is just a printer set up based on the Port name of the Airport,
    I found the answer on YouTube, Title: Windows Printing For Apple AirPort Extreme without Bonjour Wireless wifi.

  • I have a Lexmark Prevail Pro 705 printer connected to my network wirelessly. I can no longer scan from it using Image Capture. I can print to it. I can scan from it using a Windows machine. Most updated firmware. Driver v 11.0 Any ideas?

    I have a Lexmark Prevail Pro 705. Latest (as of july 30, 2012) firmware. Mac driver v 11.0
    I can no longer communicate wirelessly with the scan feature of the printer. I can print no problem using a wireless connection. Using a window's machine I can scan wirelessly from the printer. It seems that my iMac (OSX 10.8, 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 24inch early 2009) is not connecting to it. I can put a USB cord into the computer and scan.
    Any ideas? This came up starting 2 weeks ago. I had hoped the operating system upgrade would solve it. It has not. I see nothing on the Lexmark boards about this. Since the printer works fine in both print an scan mode using a windows machine and can print fine from a Mac but not scan I don't have any ideas but I suspect it is the Mac.  

    Repair your disk permission:
    Run Cleanup tool
    Download updated driver from Lexmark website
    Run firmware update
    Reset printing system

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