Sharepoint Foundation - search working for some users (or computers), but not others

Hi all,
We have doozy of a search problem with SharePoint Foundation 2010 that I'm hoping someone can help with.
We have an application that is listening on port 14197 and search is working just fine, but only for one or two users.
If I do a search while logged in using the account we set the application up with then the search works fine and it returns records as expected.
If I use a different account - one that has full control over the app, then the exact same search fails with the following message:
We did not find any results for 06BSL.
Ensure words are spelled correctly.
Try using synonyms or related searches.
Try broadening your search by searching from a different site.
Additional resources:
Get additional search tips by visiting Search Help
If you cannot find a page that you know exists, contact your administrator.
We've done everything we can think of, including several procedures to create new search accounts, replace databases, etc.
Nothing has helped and all of the info we can find online is in relation to getting search working when it doesn't work at all.  In our case it is working, but only for some users.  We thought it might have been a permissions issue, but not matter
what permissions we seem to give to test accounts they still don't work.  We've set up a test account, for example, that is a member of the 'application owners' group, but cannot produce any search results with it.
The SharePoint Foundation server is running on Windows 2008 Server Foundation, with a separate SBS 2003 DC.  
Any help most appreciated.

Hi Alex, thanks for your response and apologies about the late reply - didn't realise someone had responded until now!
Agreed that this looks like a permissions issue, but we're stumped as to what it could be.  The 'test' account displays this problem - if we try and search on 06BSL
we get no results, but it does appear that this account has full control over this document (see below).
Note that the 'Manage Permissions' page presents a comment 'This list item inherits permissions from its parent. (Customer QA & Product Management)' which is what we're
The indexing schedule is set to 5 minutes. 
Appreciate your help with this, as we've spent a huge amount of time on this problem but don't seem to be any closer to a resolution.
Check permissions result (this result is the same for the list or for the document itself):
Permission levels given to test (DOMAIN\test)
Full Control
Given through the "QA Application Owners" group.
Design, Contribute, Read
Given through the "QA Application Members" group. 

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    There are certain email clients that are supported for ePrint.  I included a screenshot of supported clients.  Also, I am adding a link for helpful information about ePrint.

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    Tha MAM application is not working for some users.Different users have different workcenters other than that I dont see any other change. When I run MAM30_090_GETLIST in the backend I can see the no of customized users.But I cant see same no of users in the MEREP_207 table for the Syncbo MAM30_090 and strcture id TOP in the middleware. There is a data when I checked under worklist monitor for that user. But neither the MAM application nor MAM data is downloading to that device.
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    Thanks and Regards,

    from your description the source of your issue is quite obvious: some of the MAM users configured in spro are not configured properly.
    For T01 SyncBos the number of TOP records in merep_207 MUST be the same as number of headers returned by an appropriate getList FM in the backend.
    You need to solve this before you can go any further.
    Reason why a record is not recorded in MEREP_207 - getdetail failed for whatever reason. So execute MAM30_ML_getdetail for each of the users that is not replicated in the middleware and check if there are errors in RETURN table. If there is no error - one of the common reason for replication fail is when there are records in item tables that have duplicate primary keys.
    Larissa Limarova

  • Outlook Anywhere not working for some users

    Hi All,
    I am having a strange issue today with a customer -
    Outlook Anywhere has been enabled on their Exchange 2010 environment, but it doesn't work for some users.
    Using the ExRCA I have been able to identify the following error on the users who are unable to connect:
    "Testing the MAPI Mail Store endpoint on the Exchange server."
    "Attempting to log on to the mailbox"
    Mailbox logon returned ecLoginPerm 1010. You don't have the correct permissions to log in to the mailbox.
    EMSMDB Status: ecLoginPerm 1010
    Elapsed Time: 225 ms.
    On users that are able to connect it goes through the ExRCA without any issues.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Testing the MAPI Mail Store endpoint on the Exchange server.
    An error occurred while testing the Mail Store.
    Additional Details
    Elapsed Time: 333 ms.
    Test Steps
    Attempting to ping the MAPI Mail Store endpoint with identity:
    The endpoint was pinged successfully.
    Additional Details
    Attempting to log on to the Mailbox.
    An error occurred while logging on to the Mailbox.
    Additional Details
    Mailbox logon returned ecLoginPerm 1010. You don't have the correct permissions to log in to the mailbox.
    EMSMDB Status: ecLoginPerm 1010
    Elapsed Time: 225 ms.

    I notice that this issue only impact "some users".
    I suggest double confirm whether the Outlook Anywhere configuration set correctly on Outlook client. Pic as blow:
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Win7 - Adobe Reader X - highlighting works for me as an admin, but not for other users.

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    have 5.0, and some don't have it at all. Some have Matlab 5.2, some have 5.3 (R11) and some have 6.0 (R12). It's also not clear to me where the Matlab m files should be located. I'm not sure if it's a LabVIEW Runtime Engine problem, or if it's a Matlab problem. I've also wondered how LabVIEW and Matlab talk to each other. When LabVIEW calls Matlab, it seems that Matlab is running in the background. In other words, clicking on the Matlab Command Window and typing "whos" or any other command/variable doesn't work.

    Jay del Rosario wrote:
    > How do I troubleshoot installation/distribution of a LabVIEW .exe
    > which processes data using Matlab when it works on some computers but
    > not others?
    Poke around and$$Search/ .
    Good luck, Mark

  • After update 7.1.0. my sound only works for phone calls,emails etc, but not for music or games

    after update 7.1.0. my sound only works for phone calls,emails etc, but not for music or games

    Maybe I understood your problem. Get to Settings > Sounds > Ringers and Alerts >Turn Change With Buttons to Off. And if your Side Switch is assigned to 'Mute', turn it back on, else, use the control center to turn off mute.
        P/s: And your name is...

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    1. Open a Numbers 2 file with Numbers 3, edit it and Close it.
    2. Try to open that file with Version 2. You ill get the error.
    To always get it right, find the file you want to open in Finder, Right-Click it and choose Open With... and pick Version 3 from the drop down list.
    If you have a file that you prefer to use only in Version 2, always use Open with... Numbers 2.3.

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    We are doing exchnage 2013/2010 coexistence
    Most everything is ok BUT outlook autodiscover is not working for some exchange 2010 users now that 2013 is in the front!!!.  We end up creating the profiles manually.  It has affected some but not all the users.
    I followed the instructions here but it didn't help.
    Using outlook 2010, 2013, patches, .... didn't make a difference
    Would you please help?
    Thank you

    If it is affecting only few handful of users i could suspect a mailbox corruption and would recommend to move mailbox and see the results.
    Also you can try below
    You need to set the values MaxFieldLength, MaxRequestBytes & MaxTokenSize to below on Exchange 2010 CAS servers as well as Exchange 2013 CAS servers
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters
    Name: MaxFieldLength
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 65534
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters
    Name: MaxRequestBytes
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 16777216
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Kerberos\Parameters
    Name: MaxTokenSize
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Value: 48000 
    Just reboot the servers once its done and you will be good to go.
    Remember to mark as helpful if you find my contribution useful or as an answer if it does answer your question.That will encourage me - and others - to take time out to help you Check out my latest blog posts on Thanks Sathish

  • Mail rules work for some users, don't work for others

    Ready to pull my hair out over this one:
    Leopard to Snow Leopard upgrade went uneventfully, except for the fact that server-side mail rules (accessed via browser at FQDN -> Mail Rules) work for several users (two, to be exact) and don't for the rest (about 15 or so).
    The usual culprits have been reviewed: 'Enable Server-Side Mail Rules' is checked in Mail -> Settings -> Filters, 'Allow users to configure server-side mail rules' is checked in Web -> Sites -> Web Services, users can create vacation notices and email rules without issue via browser, permissions look fine on the contents of /Library/Email Rules and /var/spool/imap/dovecot/sieve-scripts, logs give no indication of any foul play (at least the Email Rules -> debug.log generates the same entries for both functional and non-functional users), etc.
    I have noticed that /var/spool/imap/dovecot/sieve-scripts contains only two items, which - you guessed it - line up with the GUIDs of the two functional users. Theoretically every user with a rule should be represented here.
    As suggested in this thread:
    I created both a vacation notice and an email rule for several users, thinking that may force the folder creation for those users, but no dice. I even manually created folders for a few users with their GUIDs as the folder names and assigned each user ownership and read/write access. Still nothing. Created a few new test user accounts just to rule out any legacy account weirdness (although it's worth noting that I completely redid the OD and recreated user accounts after the upgrade) and replicated the problem with these, as well. Lastly, used Inspector to compare OD attributes between functional and non-functional accounts, with no glaring differences.

    Did you find an answer? I encounter the same problem on my new MiniServer. Deleted and created all users several times, but just for some accounts mail is working.
    Do you have the answer?
    (new to this site, read a lot already, but not found)

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    I have the file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\pref\custom.js"
    It contains:
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);
    pref("general.config.filename", "TMcustom.cfg");
    I have the file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\TMcustom.cfg"
    It contains:
    var promptService = Components.classes[";1"]
    promptService.alert(null, "title", "testing");
    For most of my users the alert pops up fine when I start Thunderbird, but for a few it doesn't. All of the machines where setup with the same install script. If I log into one of the machines where it's not working as a different user, then it works fine, so I know the files are in the right spot. So why would it not work for specific users? Is there something in the user's Windows profile that could cause it to not work? Or are there any other suggestions?

    As it turns out this was a known bug that was corrected in the recent release of Java 7_65 and Java 8_11. Here is a link to the bug description in the database.
    Bug ID: JDK-8019274 RMI thread can no longer call out to AWT thread for webstart app

  • List search box does not work for some users Sharepoint 2013

    I have a list for which I've enabled a search box (from web part settings, miscellaneous).
    The problem is that for me and the others admins the search works perfectly, but for the other users who have only Read
    privilege the search doesn't work and shows the loading icon forever.
    Why does this happen?
    How can I enable search box
    for the list for all users?
    Please help

    For troubleshooting your issue, please go to Central Administration -> Application Management ->Manage Service applications->  select search service application -> click Permissions -> add "Everyone" with Full Control.
    Best Regards,
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]

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    I have recently upgraded my home computers to Windows 7 (64 bit). My kids all have standard user accounts. I have installed Adobe Flash Player as an administrator. It works for me (administrator) and some of my kids (standard accounts) but not for all of my kids. As far as I can tell, the kids' accounts are identical, so I can't figure out why some of them can use Flash Player and some cannot on the same computers.
    For the accounts where Flash Player does not work, we get a prompt to install the latest version (which, of course, is already installed). Even when I try to reinstall it (using my administrator password), the problem is not resolved. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flash Player, with no success.
    I use both Windows Parental Controls and Windows Family Safety for my kids' accounts. All four kids have the same settings. I tried turning these off temporarily to see if that would make a difference but it did not.
    I am baffled. Help!

    Hi, very confusing, I agree. Here is a link to a thread that the poster found success.         (BruceTR) 
    Microsoft's toll free # for IE8 issues, which this is.  Following is a great forum by Microsoft; covers Win7, Vista & XP and
    add'l topics.
    Also, the link for the live one safety scan by Microsoft:
    Hope this information helps you. IE7 and IE8 have more security and therefore use is restricted, i.e. Administrative and User classifications, etc.

Maybe you are looking for