Sharing User Defined Variables across projects

I'm wondering if it's possible to share User Defined Variables across projects. What I have in mind is that I would like to have my User Defined Variables configured in a central location and then insert them into my projects as linked variables so that they update automatically when I change their values. For example, I define a variable named Product_Version that has its value set to 9. Then I insert this variable into all my projects as a linked variable. After 2 months the product version changes to 10, so I change the value of the variable to 10 in the location where it is stored and it is automatically updated in all the projects. Can this be done somehow? I'm new to RoboHelp and I can't find any answer. I've been searching for the solution for some time in the product help, on the Internet to no avail. I even contacted Adobe Support and they redirected me to this forum I used Help and Manual before and their way of dealing with user variables was pretty simple.

Hi there
Unfortunately RoboHelp doesn't offer up a way to allow this, At least, not directly.
However, I do believe I found a way to make it happen, The variables are stored in a file named rhvariable.apj. So what you could do is to add this file as a Baggage File to each of your projects that will share the variables.
Now you would create a Shared Location as well as a new Category in your Resource Manager. This will create a common location to store the apj file.
Add the Baggage File to the location. Repeat the process for all projects that are sharing the variables.
Now, when the variable gets changed in any of the participating projects, the shared location should be updated and you can accomplish the goal.
However, note that even though you will have what you are wanting, it will still require opening each of the participating projects, synchronizing the APJ file and generating the output in order to update it all. No way I'm aware of to escape that.
Cheers,,, Rick

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  • Applying User Defined Variables across project

    I'm working with the User Defined Variables feature and can't
    seem to figure out how to apply a variable/value across all topics.
    I may have misunderstood the definition of what this is supposed to
    do, so it may be user error. It is my understanding that if you
    have information that use repeatedly, for instance if I refer to a
    product name in numerous topics and the product name changes, I can
    set up a user defined variable and set this to update all the
    occurrences. I can change it going in each topic and each sentence
    where the occurence is by right-clicking the word and selecting
    Insert User Defined Variable. Any ideas as to what I can do to make
    a global update. Also, I'm reading the help, but still seem to be
    missing something.

    Thank you, Peter! This article is very informative and much
    more clear (to me) than what I read in the RoboHelp help manual. I
    understand now that this feature is used when you are creating
    topics in a project and anticipating what may change--in which case
    you insert the variable as you need it, then if it changes in the
    future you can update it easily. I was looking at it as more of a
    global search and replace to update information that already
    exists. I think it will come in handy with our documentation
    Thanks again. :-)

  • Shared & user-defined variable behavior when they are passed an error?

    If a [TRUE] error condition is preset at its input terminal:
    What is the expected behavior for a shared variable which is being read?             My guess: To return the default value for the datatype being read.
    What is the expected behavior for a user-defined variable which is being read?     My guess: To return the default value for the datatype being read.
    What is the expected behavior for a shared variable which is being written?         My guess: To not update the value of the variable.
    What is the expected behavior for a user-defined variable which is being written? My guess: To not update the value of the variable.
    Are my guesses at the behavior correct?  If not, what is the real behavior?  This is for LabVIEW version 11 and newer.
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    Thank you Arham!   I'm sorry you had to go to the trouble of creating a test VI to get the answer. I thought that this might have been documented somewhere and I was just missing it. It still may be documented somewhere but sometimes creating a test VI is the quicker path to an answer than is a search for where the documentation is stored and the test VI is probably the more conclusive answer anyway.
    In any case, thanks to your answer, it is now documented in a manner that should not be too hard for others to find, should they have the same question.
    Thanks again.

  • Sequence Quiz Using User Defined Variables - Can See Underlying Variable Name On Move

    I have just tested using 1 slide to capture several user defined variables and the next slide to insert those variables as options in a sequence quiz slide.
    This works but as soon as I grab an object to begin sequencing them the underlying variable name shows up alongside the variable content.
    Am wondering if I am attempting something that shouldn't be possible in Captivate and / or if there is a fix?

    Sure, I'm using Captivate 8. On a test project I've created:
    a slide with 2 text entry boxes, their contents are stored in variables
    another slide with a sequence question (using the native captivate question slide)
    The labels on the 2 sliders on the question slide use the variables from the previous slide.
    This works, so if the variables are as follows:
    $$data_sequence1$$ - "blah blah blah"
    $$data_sequence2$$ - "blah"
    The labels on the sliders on the sequence question will be "blah blah blah" and "blah".  as intended.
    The issue is when I click one of the sliders to drag it to sequence the variable name will flash up on screen. So if I touch the slider with the label "blah blah blah" $$data_sequence1$$ will flash up on screen.
    I have other slides on there but these are the two related to this question. I haven't fully published the project I've previewed it.

  • User-defined variables in Search Results pane

    I am working with user-defined variables for WebHelp output.
    I have successfully added the variables to the topic, the displayed
    topic title, the TOC, and the Index entries. The problems lies in
    getting the search output to display the specified variable text.
    For example, the base topic title is "Introduction to XX". I
    use a variable to change the XX to YY throughout the project;
    however, when I generate the output and then Search for YY, the
    search results pane displays "Introduction to XX" even though the
    displayed topic is titled, correctly, "Introduction to YY". I am
    assuming, because the topic title is not adhering to the variables,
    that the search results displays the metadata <title>.
    What should I do so the search results title syncs with the
    other data?

    Welcome to the forum.
    There have been two posts about this recently so do a search
    for more information.
    Basically the search results show the Topic Title as defined
    in Topic Properties. Your variable is in the Topic Heading at the
    top of the page. Not the same thing.
    I suggest you request a feature change.

  • ERROR:  User defined variable

    Hello All,
    I am using Robohelp 10 to create both CHM and multi-screen HTML.  I have been using user defined variables successfully within my project for some time, and now when I compile the project I am getting an error that implies that these are not defined.
    This screencast shows the error and also shows where I've defined the variable set, what the values are, and how I've assigned the variable set within the Project.  I also tried deleting one of them and then re-creating the field, but it isn't working.
    I have been mucking about within my Master Page but not sure if that relates to this issue.  I've also recently removed the Conditional Build tags because I think they were unnecessary for the project to acheive what I needed.  It doesn't seem like the Conditional Build tags would correlate to the user defined variables, but perhaps I'm mistaken.
    Any ideas - what would cause a user defined variable to become un-defined?
    Thanks much,

    Never mind.  Solution involved picking another Variable Set (within project setup) then then going back to the original choice.  Mysterious and yet effective!

  • Where has the user defined variable pod gone?

    Last week I used the User Defined Variable pod to define some
    user defined variables in a project.
    Today I click View > Pods > User Defined Variables and
    nothing appears! Furthermore, on the Insert menu, the User Defined
    Variable option is greyed-out.
    Has anyone experienced this before? What is the solution?
    Ian Saunders

    I'm not the great and powerful Peter, but hopefully youl find this helpful.
    Right-click the menu and choose Customize... Then from the General tab, ensure the Menu Bar is selected and click the Reset... button.
    Dismiss the dialog and see if things are better.
    If it helps, I've spent time with Peter on a few occasions. Perhaps that helps my credibility?
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  • Color User-Defined Variables

    Yesterday I started using user-defined variables in one of my
    projects and whenever I inserted a variable, it was green, which
    was great because I could easily identify them as variables. Today
    I opened my project, and noticed that the variables are all normal
    colored text. Is there a way to get them to be colored

    Hi there
    Try clicking
    View > Show > Fields.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Variable Limit for User Defined Variables, Arrays

    Hi -
    Does anyone know the limit for the number of user-defined variables in a Captivate project?
    Also, does anyone know if Captivate 5.5 supports user-defined arrays that will hold more variables?
    I'm used to creating large questionnaires in  Authorware where I could have over 1,000+ variables stored in various arrays and I'm trying to create the same projects in Captivate.  (Or if anyone has a suggestion for a software that would be better suited, please let me know.)

    Hi there
    You might want to review the information at the link below:
    Click here to view
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Can I get multiple User-defined variables in one slide?

    I have used the user defined variables in the past to collect identifiying information on quiz results, as well as for quiz certificate.  I would like to re-use the variables in a couple of areas.  in my project, one slide will prompt the User Name (variable I created), second will prompt for User ID (variable I created).  I would like a third screen that reads "Confirm your previous entries", and I want it to show the two variables.  I am only seeing the first one.  Is there a way to get them both to display?
    I would also like to re-use both in the quiz certificate at the end.  If I edit the certificate widget in Flash, will both variable display?
    This quiz reports to me via email (we have no LMS).
    Any suggestions?
    Cyndi Nagel

    Hi again
    Did you shrink the screen shot before uploading? You're right. It's barely legible.
    If the variables are being inserted in more than one caption, have you double checked the timing? Perhaps something is pausing the slide before one of the captions has a chance to appear.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • 9144 with custom FPGA and SGL EtherCAT User-defined Variables?

    I currently have a small instrument driver (rs485) running on a 9144 chassis. The output values are communicated to the EtherCAT Master using FXP numbers. I would like to switch these FXP to SGL since I upgraded to LV 2012 SP1 with FPGA now supporting SGL numbers.
    Is this possible? I tried several times to create the SGL User-defined Variables in the project, but the date type is grayed out.
    Greetings from Munich,
    Go to Solution.

    Unfortunately, SGL is not a supported data type for communication to/from a 9144. The available data types for user-defined I/O variables are:
    * Fixed Point
    * Signed Integers(Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64)
    * Unsigned Integers (UInt8, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64)
    * U32 Bit Field
    * Boolean
    More information regarding user-defined I/O variables can be found at:
    Programming EtherCAT I/O With FPGA Intelligence: Differences in the LabVIEW FPGA Programming API

  • Using user defined variables in SAP BPC 7.0 NW

    I am using BPC 7.0 SP2 NW version. I want to do some calculatioins and/or comparision in the script logic by using user defined variables.
    For Ex: I want to assign the property TIMEID of TIME dimension to a variable and then use this variable in my IIF statement.
    I have tried a lot but not getting any solution.
    Can anyone guide me in how to use user defined variables in Script Logic.
    Your valuable reply is appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards
    Manoj Damle

    Thanks for the valuable reply.
    But i want to define variables in the Script Logic and not in the Data Manager.
    The scenario is like this:
    I want to check the value of the DUMMYACC1 member of GL_ACCOUNT dimension with a constant and depending on the condition i want to update a user defined variable. This variable will further be used in the *SELECTCASE statement for decision making.
    The Code is as follows:
        *FOR %CV_TIM% = 2009.MAY,2009.JUN
            #CUR_MTH = IIF(([GL_ACCOUNT].[%GL_ACC%],[TIME][%CV_TIM%]) = 1.,1,NULL)
    *CASE 1
    The errors which system gives is:
    1. Duplicate formula found
    2. Invalid MDX statement
    3. #CUR_MTH & #CURRENTMTH is not a valid member
    Please give your valuable suggestion.
    Thanks and Regards
    Manoj Damle

  • How To guide...for Flat File upload for User-Defined variables

    Has anyone got link to the guide that describes how to do a flat file upload for populating User-Defined Variables ?
    Any assistance will be appreciated.

    SAP BW Business Planning and Simulation "How To" Guides
    How to Upload User-Specific Variable Selections in BW-BPS to upload user-specific variable selections in bw-bps.pdf
    this is what you are looking for ?
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  • How to create User Defined Variables in Procurement Contract 12.1.3

    We are using Procurement Contract 12.1.3. As per our business requirement while creating contract template we need to use many variables which are not available in 'System Defined' variable list. Please guide us with some samples (step by step) how to create the 'User defined' variables.

    Hi Prabhu,
    Did you get the setps how to create user defined variables in Procurement contracts? if so please share me the setp by step flow.

  • User-defined variable in selection variant - doesn't work?

    Anyone had any experience of using user-defined variables (type B) in a selection variant? I can't get this to work in 4.7 or ECC 6.0. Seems like a bug - there's no way to specify the name of the variable. The theory behind their use is fine, but I wonder if anyone has successfully used them?

    In an ECC 5 system, I can get to these showing if I'm in a report selection screen and I use the "Goto > User variables" (or Ctrl-F6) option... but note that it will only show the menu option if there are report parameters that have a PID on them and where the PID is defined in table TUVID (see note 144459).  That said, personally I've only used the "T" option and maintained system wide values in table TVARVC.

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