Shift from SAP-Basis to SAP-BI

Hello Friends,
I am a SAP-Basis consultant and my company wants me to shift to SAP-BI. Can you please tell me if this is a good move and if anyone has actually moved from Basis to BI please do share your experience. Let me know approximate time it would take for a SAP-Basis consultant to shift to SAP-BI.
Are there any techniques which will help me in smooth transition to this module.

Hi Zaheer,
Welcome to SAP BI forums.
First of all there many people who have changed from one module to another module in SAP. You can see many ABAPers who shift to BI. To get into BI first you need to have knowledge of SAP BW, once you learn BW then you can go to BI. There are few differences between them. I think you can easily get accoustomed with. In BW/BI also we have some authorizations. In BW/BI there are three main areas. 1.Modeling 2. Reporting and 3. Extraction. In future the reporting that is the Bex part will get changed to SAP BO according to the road map. Once you learn BI then you can shift to SAP BPC which is a part of EPM (enterprise performance management) which have BPC in the front end and BI at the back end. Its always good to learn new modules to keep ourselves tuned in.
Hope it helps.

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  • Shifting from system administration to sap basis

    hi friends,
    i am 3yr polyetchnic diploma holder in electronics & communication engg.
    i have 6 yr exp in system administration on windows platform. now i want to learn sap
    basis. for diploma holders how much the chances currently in india , malaysiya and singapure. pls help me.if possible pls give me ur mobile numbers.
    thank u
    suresh 9848070847

    Dear Suresh,
    System Administration Knowledge,Networking Knowledge, Database Administration Knowledge is Important for Basis.
    Have you done any certification courses. Qualification ( Basic Degree) is also important in SAP.

  • SAP BASIS - Mini SAP software

    Is <b>Mini SAP</b> <u>software</u> helpful to learn <b>SAP BASIS</b> at home.
    How to get this software, Is Installation a big Problem.
    If anyone has knowledge about <u><b>Mini SAP</b></u> pls let me know.

    i think that Minisap Is helpful to learn at home.standard transaction does not execute in minisap, but it is good to learn. u can get it from
    installation is not a big problem. Installation guide is there u can install with the help of guide.

  • How to shift from ERP tester to SAP Functional Consultant?

    Hi friends,
    I'm currently working as a Software tester and have worked with ERP applications(Not SAP) for more that 2.5 years now. I do have a decent domain knowledge of ERP at present.
    I want to learn SAP and make a career as a functional consultant.
    My question is:  If i do a course in one of the functional modules of SAP will i be able to get a job in SAP with my prior experience of ERP?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Dear Mr.Arjun Nair,
    Welcome to the world of SAP. Congrats for choosing sap as your career platform.
    I appreciate your interest on SAP ERP.
    Based on your interest you can choose any module ( technical / functional ).Each module has its own importance in real time.
    If you want learn more about any / preffered module, you can always access which will give you a list of results and among them you can choose whichever link you want to start studying on that subject.
    Based on your research choose a right module which suits you better.
    It might depends on your Interest also, Like if you are interested more on Programming side then think about Technical module ABAP.
    Or if your interest is more on Functional side ( Requires business process knowledge on various / any industries & configuration skills in ERP ).
    Based on your experience I  believe that the  below functional modules will be more suitable for people who has some Business / Domain / experience . Just think & try to follow the SAP Help to take a right decision.
    MM – MATERIAL MANAGEMENT  ( More about Purchasing related activities  / Goods receipts / Inventory Management / vendor management )
    SD – SALES & DISTIBUTION ( All sales related activities)
    PP – Production Planning
    Wish you all the best.

  • CAreer in SAP BASIS comaprision with SAP GRC/Security

    Hi Everyone,
    I am an SAP BASIS consultant with 2 years of experience working in a MNC company,
    I want to change my career to SAP GRC/SAP Security, i have some basic knowledge on SAP Security,
    COuld you please advice me, which one to choose,?
    Does  SAP GRC/Security has demand , and can we get oportunities to work abroad compared to SAP BASIS ?
    which one has more scope SAP BASIS or SAP Security/GRC ?
    Because in BASIS, i am not getting enough scope to work on some good things like Installation, upgrades, Migration,
    i am doing a very basic kind of work like tranports, job scheduling, monitoring, and other small activities ?
    So request you people to advice me ?
    Read the "Rules of Engagement"
    Rakesh  Rao
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    Hi Rakesh
    I saw your post in GRC and was waiting of it to appear here
    First up - 2 years is still junior. You may find batch jobs, transports, monitoring, etc all mundane but it is a foundation and learning ground work and foundations to being a good Basis Administration. And one things for sure, an awesome basic (I name my best-techy-friend) makes a huge difference on project timelines and deliverables for the rest of us.
    Installation and Upgrades come with time. Whilst still performing junior tasks you could focus on reading up on approaches in case an opportunity in your job comes us and be prepared to prove to your management that you are ready for a bigger responsibility.
    Switching to GRC/Security would be pointless unless you have a desire to learn GRC or Security. These are my background and they are undervalued until things go wrong (insurance policy in a way).
    If you do switch you will reset your 2 years of domain experience back to 0 and you will start off with password resets and basic user administration
    It takes time to work through the ranks. It was 3 years before I got to build my first role. I spent my first few years in security on email chasing approvals, password resets, user account creation, running reports for audit - sounds familiar to what you are doing now?
    You have to master the basics before you are trusted and ready for the more complex activities. By knowing what you are doing now you will be more successful when the time comes to step up and do migrations, upgrades and installations. Support production by mastering you technical analysis skills is how you can break through being a fresher/junior
    Ps - if your motivation is more than "good things" happy to answer questions specific to security and GRC.
    Also, boring doesn't mean it can't get interesting nor does it mean it's a worthless activity: SPAU transport imported before patching!!
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    Added link for when transports go bad

  • Masterthesis or Internship Topic for SAP BASIS /SAP HANA/Solman

    Dear Members,
    I am student and i need some  topics for my Internship and thesis  in  SAP BASIS or SAP HANA or Solution Manager.
    Could you please suggest some Topics for SAP BASIS ,SAP HANA and Solman?
    Thanks & Regards

    Hello Peter,
    I agree with you  completely.
    Company has consultants and they  have already some topics but  they asked me  to find myself also .Also consult my university.
    For Internship ,there is no  specific requirement .I would like to do Internship (6 months) and then later thesis.I was just thinking ,if both topic would be same that would be great otherwise its okay.I have  some know-how of SAP BASIS.
    What about i do Internship in some topic in SAP BASIS and later Master thesis in SAP HANA?Would this option would be good for my future?

  • Activate CCMS for SAP SRM with SAP DB

    I would like to monitor SAP SRM 5.0 (OS: Windows, DB: SAP DB, Version from SAP Solution Manager.
    I have the following problems:
    a) it is not posible to execute the tocde DB50 on SAP SRM.
    b) it is not possible to see the DB monitor of SAP SRM in SAP Solution
    (SAP CCMS Monitor Templates --> Database --> empty)
    c)The database is integrated in tcode DB59.
    Unfortunately when I execute the connection test I get:
    General Connection Data
    Connection Name....: SRM
    Database Name......: SRM
    Database Server....: olda8002
    tp Profiles........: no_longer_used
    DBM User...........: CONTROL
    Test Scope
    1. Execute an external operating system command (DBMCLI)
    2. Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM (DBMRFC
    command mode)
    3. Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM_DAEMON (DBMRFC
    session mode)
    4. Test the SQL connection (Native SQL at CON_NAME)
    Application Server:  olda8002_SRM_00  (Windows  NT)
    1. Connect. test with "dbmcli db_state"                       
    2. Connect. test with command mode "dbmrfc db_state"
    Unsuccessful      system_failure
    Name and Server     : SRM - olda8002
    DBMRFC Function     : DBM_EXECUTE
    Command             : db_state
    Error               : System Error
    Error Message       : timeout during allocate / CPIC-CALL:
    'ThSAPCMRCV' : cmRc=20 thRc=456#Timeout during connection setup
      3. Connect. test with session mode "dbmrfc db_state"
      Name and Server     : SRM - olda8002
       DBMRFC Function     : DBM_CONNECT
       Error               : Communication Error
       Error Message       : Error when opening an RFC connection
       4. Connect. test with "native SQL"  ( SRM )                   
    What I have done:
    I have upgraded the server as well the client software to the version
    Can someone help me with suggestion?
    Could it be the issue with independent path on windows or do I miss some programs?
    In tcode DB59 in Connection test the following values could not be determined:
    DBMRFC Release (empty)
    DBMCLI Release (empty)
    Thank you

    Hello Thom,
    "a) it is not possible to execute the tocde DB50 on SAP SRM."
    -> Run /ndb50n with the database connection SRM created in /ndb59.
         Please give more details about errors.
    "b) it is not possible to see the DB monitor of SAP SRM in SAP Solution
    (SAP CCMS Monitor Templates --> Database --> empty)"
    -> First fix the database connection in /ndb59.
        Please let me know the version/SP of the SAP Basis on SAP Solution Manager system.
    "c)The database is integrated in tcode DB59."??
    You posted that you created the database connection for the database.
    On the application server < Application Server: olda8002_SRM_00 > run ::
    /nsm49 ->dbmrfc -> execute -> post results
    /nsm59 -> SRM connection -> test connection ->
    1) What are DBSL Release/DBSL Patch on the appl. Server?
    2) Update with output from the /nsm49 -> dbmcli tool ::
           dbmcli -s dbm_getpath IndepProgPath
    3) Check that Path env. Variable of the srmadm on olda8002 adjusted with
        <IndepProgPath>/bin & <IndepProgPath>/pgm
    4) Test  TCP/IP connections in /nsm59::
         SAPDB_DBM                        SAP DB dbmrfc server       
        SAPDB_DBM_DAEMON                 SAP DB dbmrfc server daemon   
    < According your information the test connection in /ndb59 failed for :
        Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM (DBMRFC
    command mode)
       & Determine status using TCP/IP connection SAPDB_DBM_DAEMON (DBMRFC
    session mode) >
       Run /ndb59 -> Connection test -> select the appl. Server -> Connection test
    => /nst11 && check errors in dev_rd at the end.
        /nsm21 -> check the system errors.
        /nst11 -> check the errors in the corresponding dev log of WP.
       Do you have blank space in the IndepProgPath  path name?
    Thank you and best regards, Natalia Khlopina

  • Most useful SAP courses within SAP NetWeaver area

    I am certified SAP Basis consultant (SAP NetWeaver´04 - SAP Web AS for ORACLE)
    and would like to extend my knowledge.
    What are the most useful SAP courses (from practical point of view) that you could recommend?
    Thank you very much!

    You are the only one able to answer : it just depends on wich projects/ softwares you will be working on !

  • Most useful SAP courses in SAP NetWeaver area

    I am certified SAP Basis consultant (SAP NetWeaver´04 - SAP Web AS for ORACLE).
    Now I have the possibility to extend my knowledge and to visit one or two SAP courses.
    What are the other most useful SAP courses (from practical point of view) in SAP NetWeaver area that you could recommend?
    Thank you very much!
    Thomas G.

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  • Most useful SAP courses in SAP NetWeaerv Administrator area

    I am certified SAP Basis consultant (SAP NetWeaver´04 - SAP Web AS for ORACLE).
    Now I have the possibility to extend my knowledge and to visit one or two SAP courses.
    What are the other most useful SAP courses (from practical point of view) in SAP NetWeaver area that you could recommend?
    Thank you very much!
    Thomas G.

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  • What do I need to know in SAP Portal from a SAP Basis Perspective?

    Hi Team,
    I am supporting SAP Portal, so wanted to know what I need to know from a Basis perspective?

    Hi asad,
    Hope you are doing good.
    Things that come to my mind:
    1) deploying EP usage types
    2) system connection configurations
    3) portal roles, user administration, permissions.
    4) iview amendments
    5) customizations etc.
    Thank you!
    Kind Regards,

  • Release Transfer from SAP Basis 7.00

    Hi, I am trying to release Integration Process from SAP Basis 7.00 (name space to one of the SWCV I have been working on. The Release Transfer is not working complaining about name space does not exist in my SWCV, whereas I have created the
    Is there way to do this...?

    You can not use in your custom namespace.This is reserved for SAP Standard namespaces.
    Please change that to and then do a release transfer.
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  • SAP basis support available from USA

    My friend is an SAP basis admin with 15 years experience in SAP basis and multiple database types.
    He is a US citizen and currently at Florida.
    He wants to find a remote job that is to support SAP at China or wherever, as long as he can work from his Florida home.
    Please help provide information about this need.
    Thanks a lot!

    Please ask your friends to check SAP Career Center,,  I just ran a search and found out 894 Basis-related jobs on that site. They are mainly located in US.

  • MDM Administration from the SAP Basis perspective.

    Hi MDM Experts,
    I am sap basis administrator and now i need to administer SAP MDM. I need to know what are the things that SAP Basis administrator needs to know to administer SAP MDM from the SAP Basis perspective?
    It would be great if somebody can give a list of things that BASIS guy must know if he has to administer SAP MDM systems.

    Hi Deepak,
    I need to know what are the things that SAP Basis administrator needs to know to administer SAP MDM from the SAP Basis perspective?It would be great if somebody can give a list of things that BASIS guy must know if he has to administer SAP MDM systems.
    Please go through Console guide which covers most of basis activities.
    I am listing down links to guides which can help you administer :
    After skimming through the functionality part of Console guide,you can go through this guide for Administration Cockpit,this also contains activity level details:
    You can go though this very useful document on MDM administration:
    For monitoring of inbound files:
    For further details refer to the MDM documentation as prescribed in above post.

  • Expecting Suggestions !!! Career Shift from SAP Business Development to SAP R/3 Pre Sales

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been working as SAP Business Development Executive, with 5 years of Sales Background.Engaging with selling different SAP products. I feel, I should shift my profile as SAP R/3 Pre Sales Consultant, as i always passionate about to give high level consulting to companies rather than doing ground level sales job. What would be the right steps needed for this shift.Am open to work hard and learn new stuffs.Expecting your kind suggestions.Thanks in advance.

    Better get trained in area of domain experience and get SAP certified.
    Check also this links
    Career Advice: SAP Business One to R3 transition in Ottawa Canada
    SAP B1 or R/3...which one to select
    Contact nearest SAP education partner for getting trained.

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