Shift icon in the top right corner of screen? Help please

Hey everybody, I have a question here. I've been getting a random problem on my curve 9310, and was wondering if anyone else had the problem or knows how to fix it. In the top right corner of my screen there's an icon, and it looks like its the shift/caps key icon, just aA^ (up arrow). The touchpad works, and I can scroll around, but the touchpad button or the enter button to open an application does not work, nor do any of the other keys. If I pull the battery and restart the phone, its still been doing that, and if I don't touch it and the screen fades to black, when I touch the buttons, its like the phone is off. I had this problem earlier in the week and it fixed itself, but its been doing it again. Any ideas on whats causing this, or how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi chris644 and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums!
This icon in the top right corner you are seeing indicates that the caps lock has been enabled. If you press the shift button again, this should remove the icon from the top of the screen.
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    Hi Matze_Moto,
    It should not be an issue. What you are seeing is the ability to Mirror your display to an Apple TV. If you feel that there is an issue, click on the menu to see if it is actually connected to another display. Check out the article below for more information. 
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    Take it easy,
    -Norm G. 

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    hello MilaRowantree, can you try launching firefox in safe mode by pressing the shift key while it is starting and see if the issue is occurring there too? maybe a theme or hardware acceleration is interfering here...
    if safemode is working, you can try disabling hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > general and or disable addons that might cause the problem. it also would be interesting which graphics hardware (adapter description, driver date & driver version) you are using - you can access this information in firefox > help > troubleshooting information towards the bottom of that page... thank you
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    On 31 Jul 2008 in macromedia.dreamweaver, Sw Jiten wrote:
    > Dear Murray :
    > 1) I can not enter the link you sent me.. I do not know
    why... I
    > even tried :
    > and nothing...
    Works fine here.
    > 2) You said you neither approve parts of my code... I
    > appreciate to know
    > what parts...? This ia s great opportunity for me to
    learn from a
    > big one like you, so please do not dissapoint me and
    show me how to
    > optimize some parts that you might consider... thanks
    .style15 {font-size: 10px}
    <!--Fireworks 8 Dreamweaver 8 target. Created Sat Apr 12
    00:55:50 GMT-0500 2008-->
    <body bgcolor="#74acc7">
    <table width="779" border="0" align="center"
    cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <!-- fwtable fwsrc="websitetemplate.png"
    fwbase="websitetemplate.gif" fwstyle="Dreamweaver" fwdocid =
    "1112975483" fwnested="0" -->
    <td><img src="img/spacer.gif" width="20" height="1"
    border="0" alt="" /></td>
    <td><img src="img/spacer.gif" width="9" height="1"
    border="0" alt="" /></td>
    <div id="flashheader">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var so = new SWFObject("header.swf", "movie", "557", "87",
    "8", "#74ACC7");
    <td rowspan="5" colspan="7">
    Murray's being way too nice. Where to begin?
    See the style above? Note that it says 'style15' - it means
    you're using DW's properties bar to create a whole bunch of
    little CSS styles. They're tough to keep track of, and you
    wind up
    with a bunch of them scattered through your code. Think
    through your
    CSS, create your classes in your (external) stylesheet, and
    apply them
    as necessary.
    You used Fireworks to export HTML code. Fireworks creates
    fragile HTML. That's the reason for the line of spacer .gifs.
    They're totally unnecessary and bloat your code with no need.
    also the reason for having a rowspan and a colspan on the td.
    wouldn't even attempt to try to sort something like that out.
    You used Flash for navigation. That doesn't work for people
    assistive devices to visit your site, it doesn't work for
    people who
    don't have Flash, and probably more important, it doesn't
    work for
    search engines.
    You use an iframe on the page. That creates an internal
    This one is arguable, but many of us consider internal
    scrollbars to
    be a detriment to usability.
    In my opinion - your best bet? Start over. Take your
    fireworks comp,
    slice it up, and use the slices as parts to a page you create
    one of DW's built-in sample pages.
    Joe Makowiec

  • I have a small icon at the top right of my screen on an iphone 4G looks like a lock with a circle 3/4 of the way around it...what is this and how dod I get rid of it?

    I have a small icon at the top right of my iphone 4G right to the left of the battery percent. What is this and how do I get rid of it? It looks like a lock with a circle 3/4 of the way around it

    That icon indicates your iPhone is rotation locked.
    To remove it, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.  Tap the similar looking icon there to turn it off.

  • What is this icon in the top-right corner?

    I'm running iOS 5.0.1 on an iPhone 4S and when I run iHandySoft's Quick Scan Pro application, I get an icon that I don't recognize which replaces the battery icon in the status bar. This icon looks like a box with an arrow pointing down and to the right. It also pulses.
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    Now THIS is interesting Look what happens when I tap this icon in the upper right:
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    First launch disk utility, then see if both drives are showing up in the left column area of the screen if you see your second hard drive try clicking on it then click repair.  Take a look at this link,

  • HT1311 when I try to enter the security code for my credit card then I click the "done" icon in the top right corner of the phone my security code does not save

    title says it all...

    If all your creditcard details are correct, you should be able to login and make purchases.
    Please note however, that the security code (CVC code) can be asked by apple on several occassions (f.e. when you're using a device for the first time) to confirm you're the credit card owner.
    Hopefully my post helps you out. Please click the "This solved my question" or "This helped me" button if appropriate.

  • Hello, how do I unlock my gyro screen on my iPhone 5? I see there is a little lock icon in the top right corner and I can no longer rotate anything.

    My iPhone 5 has locked the gyro screen on its on and I can't unlock it to rotate any photos or web pages. Any clue?

  • I have a red x through an empty battery icon near the top right of my screen.

    When ever I search for a solution all the results that come up are for blackberry and I'm not sure if it means teh same thing on iOS. The icon looks like an upright battery that has been drained and there is a small red x in the lower left of the icon. I've reset my phone, respringed the springboard, and plugged and unplugged it multiple times. The phone says its charging and nothing seems wrong so far, but the icon wont go away.

    I've never seen an icon like that, and there's nothing like it in the manual. Can you post a screen shot? (Press and release both buttons at the same time).
    If your phone is jailbroken it might be from some other "feature".

  • Why do i have a lock icon on the top right of my screen??

    how do i get rid of it?

    Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tap on the highlighted Lock screen icon.

  • Why is the Triangle icon with the exclamation mark appear over the icon on the top right of my screen?

    The title is pretty much my question >_>

    Hi KingKoward,
    Please refer to the following thread where the issue stands resolved:
    Creative Cloud "Download Error" message

  • What does this symbol (in the top right corner of the screen) mean: a lock icon with an arrow encircling it?

    so there's this little icon at the top right corner of my iTouch 32GB (next to the battery icon) that's driving me crazy.
    can anyone tell me what it means, and how to get rid of it?
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    It is the Orientation lock.  To disable it or turn it off, double click your Home button and swipe your finger to the right on the Multitasking Bar.  Here you'll see the Orientation lock.  Tap it once to turn it off.

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