Shopping cart ststus update

Hi Guru's
I have a issue with shoping cart status update.I am in classic scenario,created shopping cart a Purchase req generated in the backend system.The status of the shopping cart also updated as Purchase req created.When i convert the PR to PO in the backend,this status is not getting updated in the shopping cart still showing as  purchase req created.
How to update the PO created status.
Wih Regards
Sri Ram.

Muthu,Thanks for your reply,
Both the jobs are running fine.
I have tried running the jobs for the particular shopping cart, but no use.
With Regards
Sri Ram.

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  • Should the vendor in the Shopping Cart be updated from the Sourcing Cockpit

    Hi All,
    hopefully an easy question for someone to answer.
    When a vendor is assigned in the Sourcing Cockpit and the Purchase Order is created should the vendor be updated in the linked shopping cart?

    Hi Chris,
    All questions are welcome irrespective of the criticality so you are free to ask anything related to SRM.
    The vendor will not get updated in the shopping cart if you assign a vendor at the time of sourcing while creating a P.O. The same can be checked out by selecting the Source of supply / service agents link in the check status for a particular shopping cart.
    The source of supply field will only be populated when you assign the vendor at the shopping cart level and not during the P.O creation.
    Hope this will make you clear.

  • Shopping Cart not updated in bbp_pd.

    Hi Folks,
    We have recently upgraded to SRM 7.0 from SRM 4.0. We are using customized portal application for the creation of the shopping cart. Whenever we create a shopping cart using the portal interface, the shopping cart number is generated and we get the the successfull message but same is not updated in any of the SRM tables. The transaction bbp_pd is blank.
    We didn't get much information from ST22, SLG1 transaction code and also from previous SDN postings.
    Your expert comments will be appreciated...

    Have you also checked SM13 - update errors? Maybe the SC was created but while saving to DB it there were some issues in update.
    Are you using standard SRM portal or a custom application? If it is a custom application then you have to check your logic? Have you called BBP_PD_SC_SAVE after BBP_PD_SC_CREATE?

  • Updating Custom Field on Shopping Cart after PO is Ordered in SRM

    After a PO is approved or rejected in SRM's UWL, the customer requires that a custom field on the related Shopping Cart gets updated with 'approved' or 'rejected'.
    I know that the save badi, BBP_DOC_SAVE_BADI, gets hit after approval/rejection of POs. We currently are using the function module BBP_PD_SC_UPDATE in the doc save badi to update this custom field.
    Is there anywhere else we could update the SHC? We don't think this solution is the best. Does SRM have any standard SHC update process after a follow on document is updated that we could put an enhancement in?

    The BADI BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW gets executed after approval as well. It is part of the PO creation process and allows you to modify the PO document before it is finalized.
    Hope this helps.

  • Wrong Price in Shopping Cart after PR Changed in ECC

    Hi All,
    I'm using SRM extended classic scenario, and i have the following scenario:
    1. Create PR in ECC using material assigned to contract (contract exist both in SRM and ECC) with quantity 8 PC. This PR document type didn't use release strategy.
    2. Transfer PR ECC to SRM using BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER
    3. SC created in SRM with quantity 8 PC and already assigned to the same contract
    4. Run report BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED to create PO with contract (test mode)
    5. No error message when simulate create PO
    6. Change PR quantity to 4 PC in ECC
    8. Shopping cart quantity updated to 4 PC in SRM, but ITEM PRICE BECAME ZERO
    9. Run report BBP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED to create PO with contract (test mode)
    10. Got error message 'Enter the price or deselect the 'Invoice Expected' indicator
    When I change PR in ECC, I only change the quantity, not the valuation price. Why the price is changed to zero in shopping cart?
    Does anyone here ever face the same problem?

    problem solved. I've raised oss message and got note 1451988

  • CCM 2.0 Item Deletion and Old Shopping Carts

    Hi everyone!
    We delete an item of the catalogue and then we publish it again. If then we go to SRM Shopping Tool and buy using and OLD SHOPPING CART that contain the item. We can buy the item without problems (alhough it's not existing anymore).
    We have the same kind of problem when we change the price of the item, and we buy it using and old Shopping Card. We buy it with the old price.
    Any suggestion about how can we solve this problem?

    Hi Patricia,
    when you define the catalogue in the Web-Services in config there is an option Validate Product Data from SAP Enterprise Buyer. This option will check the catalogue data when copying from an old shopping cart and update where necessary.
    The config path is
    Supplier Relationship Management > SRM Server > Master Data > Define External Web Services
    Double click on your catalogue name and you fill see the various options.
    Hope this helps

  • Shopping Cart Delete

    Hi Experts,
    We have created a Shopping Cart.But the WF doesn't activated for the SC.The status shows waiting for approval.
    Now we tried to delete the SC and create a new one.But it is not allowing to delete.It gives below error
    "Document is still being processed in the background,please try later"
    Could any one advise a solution to delete this SC ?

    You have some options:
    1. go to transaction SWO1                                                  
    2. enter "BUS2121" for shopping cart in Object/interface type and click "Test" button.                                                             
    3. on the next page, click on the "Instance" button and enter the S.C .    
    4. on the next page, scroll down to the method with name "SETRELEASED" and click on right hand side icon indicating execution.                    
    Doing this, document will be released and afterwards you can try to delete it.
    However, doing this procedure, follow-on document would be generated if you have such configuration.
    Trigger a new workflow using transaction SWUE.
    Delete the shopping cart manually updating the database tables.
    - At document header set "DOC_CLOSED" = X;
    - At document item level, set "DEL_IND" = X;
    - At shopping cart table status set I1040 - Deleted.
    Kind regards,

  • Commitment and budget value updation in R/3 from Shopping cart

    I implemented extended classic scenario of SRM, so I create shopping in my SRM system and not anymore purchase requisition in SAP R/3. As a consequence in SAP R/3 all the controlling standard reports don't display any data about commitment from shopping basket.
    SAP SRM only does budget check for shopping carts, but it doesn't post to funds management after the shopping cart's creation and approval. Our client requirement is to update commitment in funds management just after the approval of the shopping cart, just like purchase requisitions of MM does. Does anybody have passed through this problem? How can I solve it?
    How can I get commitment from SRM in a standard or custom way?
    Thanks in advance,
    Santosh V. Fhalke

    Dear Santhosh,
    note 828231 contains some useful information about commitment in SRM

  • Follow on document details not updating in shopping cart

    Hi Experts,
    I created a shopping cart  and created PO as a follow on document  from sourcing cockpit after assigning vendor.
    but Shopping cart is not updating with follow on document (PO)details even after running BBP_GET_STATUS_2 report also.
    Is there any other settings required to do for updating shopping cart with follow on document details.

    Hi ,
    Please check the repots ( jobs )  CLEAN_REQREQ_UP And BBP_GET_STATUS _2 are running..
    Check in RZ20 is there any error message for the follow on document.

  • Account assignment not updated in SRM's shopping cart when changes are made in ERP's PO - Classic Scenario

    A customer has classic scenario and creates shopping carts using only cost center as account assignments in SRM.
    When the PO is created in ERP's backend, sometimes a purchaser changes the account assignment to Asset("A").
    The account assignment changed in ERP is not reflecting in the shopping cart and the result is that the requester can not make a goods receipt in SRM because the account assignment does not match the PO.
    Does anybody knows what shall be done so the account assignment in SRM is updated according to ERP?
    Shall I use BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI?
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,

    Hi Karin,
    As Mithun rightly said, the changes made to the PO will not be reflected in the SC not just in Classic but in Extended Classic Scenario as well.
    We create a Confirmation against a PO and not against SC, so it is not necessary that the SC needs to be updated.
    Is the system allowing the creation of the Confirmation or is the error coming up when the confirmation is being posted on the backend system?
    Can you check the SLG1 in SRM for the error that it is triggering when the PO is changed?

  • Shopping Cart change by approver is not updating in approval preview screen

    We are using SRM 4.0 in ECS and have been noticing a problem with the approval preview on the shopping cart when the shopping cart is changed or rejected by one of the added approvers.
    The shopping cart was created with multiple line items for materials and when the shopping cart was ordered it workflowed to the 1st approver that was added.  He noticed that a price was wrong on one of the line items of the shopping and proceeded to change it and then approved the SC.  The approval preview screen in the SC shows that it was approved but the preview does not show that it was forwarded to the next approver listed on the preview screen.  However checking in the backend I'm showing the SC sitting in the inbox of the next approver stating: Your shopping cart 'MD D&C LL1 dvf Vetco-Subsea Wellhead Eq' was changed/rejected in part. Please check.
    Why isn't the approval preview updating when the SC is rejected or changed?

    This  behaviour of the system is as follows , when the first approvers makes the changes and then approves the cart , it will go to the requestor of the shopping cart , and wether the workflow should restart --->
    depends on the security level of the approver who is changing the cart -->
    you can find the security level of the approver --> in the transaction SU01 ---> persononalization tab ---> key bbp_wfl_security
    and the text you have mentioned --->
    Your shopping cart 'MD D&C LL1 dvf Vetco-Subsea Wellhead Eq' was changed/rejected in part
    this is for the requestor of the cart ---> this is mail which specifies that the first approver has partially approved the cart.

  • How to update partner data in shopping cart ?

    Hi expert,
    My requirement is to update the requester field in the Shopping Cart with another requester as well as some other CUF field. Through BBP_PD_SC_UPDATE i am able to update the CUF item fields but i am unable to update the business partner.
    please help, its urgently...

    use the BAPI
    it works

  • Classic scenario: Update shopping cart with changes in backend PO?

    The Shopper would like to have visibility in their shopping cart (SRM 5.0, classic scenario) of changes made to the follow-on PO created in ECC6. Is it possible for the cart to be updated with changes made to the backend document, or would the customisation for this type of request be too complex?
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

    Yes this report is reading the PO quantity and value and the history tab for follow-on documents such as GR or invoice.
    Thus the SC history is updated.
    Kind regards,
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            Yann Bouillut

  • Update Requestor and Goods Recipient in Purchase Order/Shopping Cart

    Hello guys,
    we have created a Z program that transfers objects Purchase Order/Shopping Cart from one user to another.
    In our Z program we transfer the CRMD_PARTNER-PARTNER_NO, ADDR_NR and ADDR_NP from the old user to the new user.
    Also in CRMD_ORDERADM_H and CRMD_ORDERADM_I we change the field CREATED_BY from the old user to the new user.
    The problem we have seen is that in header position in SRM portal we see the old user in Requestor and Goods Recipient, and in table CRMD_PARTNER the PARTNER_NO is the new user, Another strange thing is that if we see detailed position of the Purchase Order we see the new user in Requestor and in Good Recipient.
    In resume, we see different things in position that in header. Could it be possible? We are doing wrong the update?
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hello Xavier,
    If partner "Requester" and/or "Goods Recipient" is different between PO items and there was previously a "Requester" and/or a "Goods Recipient" at PO header, after your update, partner at header level should have field CRMD_PARTNER-DISABLED set: "Requester" and /or "Goods Recipient" is active at header level only if the same partner is populated for all PO items.
    Concerning SC, there is no "Requester" and/or "Goods Recipient" at header level.
    Be that as it may, if you use function modules BBP_PD_PO_UPDATE,  BBP_PD_PO_SAVE and BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT, modifications will be OK (do not forget to not populate table I_PARTNER for partner at header level if partners are different at item level).

  • Whether Shopping cart will be updated when the PO quantity is changed

    Hello SRM Guru,
    I have one question.
    When the PO quantity is changed after the shopping cart was approved Whether this changed quantity will update the  Shopping cart ?
    Technical Scenario : extended classic
    system: SRM 7.0 SP6

    If PO is created from shopping cart, this means that shopping cart is fully approved.
    After shopping cart is fully approved, no changes are allowed. Therefore, if PO quantity is changed, this value will not be updated in shopping cart quantity.

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