Shutterfly to iphoto?

hi, i have TONS of photo albums saved on shutterfly, that i want to transfer to my mac. I was using shutterfly back on my pc, but now i really want all pics to be stored in one place - iphoto. how can i get shutterfly pics to my iphoto library?

Once you have them o nyour mac hard drive (doing that would be a Shutterfly question) you simply drag them to the iPhoto icon in the Dock (or to the iPhoto window if iPhoto is running - or in iPhoto the file menu ==> import) to import them into iPhoto

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  • What is the best way to transfer photos currently in Shutterfly into iPhoto?

    What is the best way (as far as highest quality and most efficient) to transfer photos currently in Shutterfly into iPhoto?  Do I need Shutterfly to make CDs of all of my current photos?
    Thanks for any help!!

    How to make the best quality Sutterfly copies is a good question for ShutterFly support - eithere download the pohotos or get the CD depending on what ShutterFly support suggests and then import to iPhoto
    iPhoto simply takes the quality you provide and makes an exact copy of it

  • How do i import pictures from shutterfly to iphoto

    I am trying to upload photos from shutterfly to my iphoto - can you tell me how.

    Read the user manual that came with Shutterfly, call their tech support department and/or visit their support website if they have one. 

  • Adding Pics from Shutterfly to IPhoto

    I am trying to save some pictures that a friend emailed to me from Shutterfly (or any other online photo album) and I can not seem to get them into any of my Iphoto events or even a new one. When I was using a PC all I had to do was click on the photo and say copy then go over to my folder with the photos and paste it. This is not the case with IPhoto. Any help would be appreciated!!

    I'm happy that worked for you!
    And Thank You, for extending the courtesy, of awarding in Discussions, as this is not a requirement, nor mandatory, but is much appreciated!
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  • TS2551 I can't get my shutterfly photos to go to iphoto

    i installed the shutterfly plugin and still can't get my shutterfly p hotos to iphoto,

    I believe the Shutterfly plug-in is designed to go the other way - get photos from iPhoto to Shutterfly. To get material from Shutterfly to iPhoto you will need to download it with a web browser and then import it.

  • My iPhoto tab for Shutterfly is no longer available

    After my upgrade to Mavericks, the tab for Shutterfly in iPhoto/Export is no longer available.

    Shutterfy needs to update their plug-in for Mavericks/iPhoto 9.5
    Hey All,
    I am so sorry you guys!
    We ended up receiving more contact Friday about this, and it is now become a known bug. At the time I inquired about it, we had not heard of the issue yet.
    Apple recently updated their iPhoto program to iPhoto 11 version 9.5.  This version is optimized for Mavericks, the new Mac OS.  The 9.5 update will effectively remove the Shutterfly upload tab from the export preview window. (as you already know)
    Our engineers are aware of the bug and are working on a patch for it, and in the meantime, consider trying to upload your images using one of the other upload methods available through the web site. This would mean uploading without iPhoto, and placing your images in a folder on your desktop, then using our Express Uploader to upload.
    Thanks for all of your patience.

  • I can't upload any pics to the web from iphoto anymore, I click "upload pictures" and it freezes my computer

    Whenever I click "upload pictures" from websites like picmonkey, shutterfly, jibjab, iphoto doesn't pop up like it us to..suddenly when it does, I'm unable to click on any pics and then it freezes my computer and I have to "force quit" everything open to use safari.. THis has been happening for approx 2 wks now

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  • Shutterfly

    I have previously been able to upload photos to Shutterfly from iPhoto and am having trouble doing so now with iPhoto 08. Any pointers? Maybe I just forget how to do it?? I am looking to store some of my 2000 photos somewhere besides my laptop!

    While Terrence's description is informative, the solution:
    "...To upload to a site that does not have an iPhoto Export Plug-in the recommended way is to Select the Pic in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export and export the pic to the desktop, then upload from there. After the upload you can trash the pic on the desktop..."
    is a big step backward in convenience for Shutterfly users, as there is no iPhoto Export Plug-in for that service.
    can I 'downgrade' to a version of iPhoto that works the way I do?

  • Adding shutterfly upload software changed the defaul mail program in iPhoto

    I recently added the shutterfly upload software for iPhoto and in the process, it changed my default email program in iPhoto from Mail to some new microsoft program. I went into preferences to change back, but now Mail is greyed out and not an option. What is up with that? And how can I get my default back to Mail?

    The program is MS Entourage and the fix you described above solved the problem.
    However, I just upgraded to iLife 06, and upgraded my iPhoto from 4 to 6. In the process, this issue of the MS Entourage hijack has returned. I've deleted Entourage from my computer and the iPhoto preference file, yet no luck -- I still can't return the setting for email in preferences to Mac Mail (that option is greyed out). Any ideas?

  • I have a desktop iMac,within a yr old, I had iPhoto 9,downloaded to iPhoto 11, now lost my export to Shutterfly link, & looks like all my photos went to thumbnails, with poor!!

    I have a desktop iMac OSX 10.6.8, had iPhoto 9 & downloading software update to iPhoto 11, (9.1.5??) I can't find the way to reset up the "Export to Shutterfly mode" and it looks like all my previous photos went to a thumbnail size...with now poor resolution. If I would have know my pictures were going to turn into poor quality pictures, I never would have done the software update.  Need a real person to talk to. This complicated method is not user friendly.
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    I strongly recommend that you remove your contact information, especially your phone number, from this public forum.

  • IPhoto 08 and the missing Shutterfly button for exporting

    Does any know what happened to the shutterfly button that was in iPhoto 06 for exporting, it seems to be gone in the 08 version???
    Help my wife is giving me grief about upgrading to Leopard and iPhoto 08!!

    If shutterfly has an export plugin for iPhoto '08 it typically would need to be installed from Shutterfly (it is not an Apple product) and then would appear as a tab in the file menu ==> export pager
    Check out the Shutterfly page for iPhoto '08 (version 7.x.x) assistance

  • IPhoto Export to Shutterfly broken

    Is anyone able to use the shutterfly plug-in with iPhoto '08? If I go to File Export and click on Shutterfly nothing happens, and after doing so Export dialog won't appear again until I delete the plist file. On doing so Export works until I click the Shutterfly tab again. I tried reinstalling the plug-in, but no go. It looks like the new iPhoto '08 and Shutterfly are not compatible

    have a problem (or 2) and questions: i have had no success in using the shutterfly plug-in with iphoto7.0 (or7.1) and read the discussions noting other people's initial problem was also that when i tried to export, nothing happened (no dialog box)...i reinstalled the shutterfly plug-in, restarted the computer and then the export dialog box DID come up..but without the export to shutterfly option...then i looked at the plug-ins and noticed i had fileexporter2 (only one), removed that and renamed it w/o the 2 and added it back in, still no luck, so renamed it again with the 2 (wanting to restore what i originally had) and put it backin the contents folder. my problem NOW is that (although i'm thinking shutterfly must update their plug in to solve the prob), my export dialog box does not have the "file export" option that i originally had when it comes up (although the fileexporter2 option is checked in the plug-ins area) - did i not install it back correctly? how do i get that file export option back in my dialog box? can anyone help or advise (shall i just reinstall the app?) --- thanks!

  • Iphoto quits when uploading to Shutterfly

    Unable to upload from iPhoto to Shutterfly for approx 2 weeks.  Went to store & saw an apple genius.  He said it is a problem between Shutterfly and Apple.  I have to wait until it is corrected.  Is anyone else having this problem?

    Wild guess: the Shutterfly plug-in hasn't been updated for iPhoto 11. Check back with them and see if they have an up-to-date version.

  • How do I change my iphoto export location from Kodak Gallery to Shutterfly

    How do I change my iphoto export location from Kodak Gallery to Shutterfly?

    You also may want to re-post in the iPhotoforum, it is located at:
    Good luck!
    BTW have you checked iPhoto Preferences?????

  • When will recent upgrade from IPHOTO to PHOTO allow me to export pics to Shutterfly?

    How can I export Photo pictures to Shutterfly? Recent Yosemite upgrade replaced IPhoto with Photo hat will not permit export to Shutterfly.

    So there I am between a rock and a hard place, until Apple reinstate Batch Rename.
    We posted  a few Apple Scripts in the User Tip section of this forum to help with batch changing. It is only a workaround, but can speed up things a little.  see this page:  User Tips (7)
    Have a look at Photos for Mac: Batch Changing the Titles to the Filename
    Also at this discussion for more elaborate versions of the script:   Re: Re: Where are photo file names?

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