Signature Scribble field not retaining image file after saving

I have 2 issues with my PDF dynamic file I sent out
     1) The add/remove controls is adding a random amount of extra blank rows upon saving the PDF
     2) The image files selected for the Signature Scribble field is not retaining the image file after saving. It also doesn't give an opportunity to actually draw in a signature.
I even tried to use the Subform Instance Controls Insert/Remove/Move in my table, but I keep receiving the error "You have reached the maximum number of items allowed"
I would appreciate any help you can give me! I have been farting around with this for too long.

Thanks Pat.  Tried each, restarted computer each time; tried the "Accept" routine several days ago - it worked briefly and then stopped.  Uninstalled Reader and Flash as well.  Strange thing with Flash, one of my online broker programs provides streaming of CNBC.  When I clicked on the CNBC option to initiate CNBC, I got a message saying that I needed to load Flash.  I did, and it loaded again with no mention of Flash having already been installed.
Using Internet Explorer works, as well as, clicking on the .pdf file within Windows Explorer (WE).  Expanding the window in WE makes it large enough to read.  I would still like to find a way to open the files as they are designed to open.
I have done all of the Adobe updates as they have been presented.  Microsoft updates load automatically, and restart my computer in the process.  I do not look to see what the updates have been.  I figure if there was not a need, Microsoft would not make the updates.
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    I Implemented the BADI- MRM_PAYMENT_TERMS to populate GR date as baseline date in invoice,
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    Edited by: Aditya rayalu on Jan 28, 2011 7:37 AM

    have a look at this OSS Note:
    Note 432332 - MIR4 - Field ZTERM is not filled
    Best regards.

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    Swing related questions should be posted in the Swing forum.
    My code snippet is :Snippets don't help.
    If you need further help then you need to create a "Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable, Example Program (SSCCE)",
    that demonstrates the incorrect behaviour, because I can't guess exactly what you are doing based on the information provided.
    Don't forget to use the "Code Formatting Tags",
    so the posted code retains its original formatting.

  • Thunar does not recognize image file formats

    Hi Archers,
    My problem is that I use XFCE4 with Thunar file manager and Thunar does not recognize image file formats. I mean for example JPG format is an executable application fromat according to my Thunar, but I'd like Thunar to recognize JPG format as image or bitmap format appearing with small preview of the image.
    Any help is appritiated!

    Yes, I did.
    Activating Show Thumbnails button in Preferences of Thunar does not work.

  • Output to PDF not supported image files

    In generating a pdf from Output to PDF in Bridge CS5, I get this dialog: "Contact Sheet Processed. Some of the selected files are not supported image files." Some of the files are included in the PDF and some are not. I'm making a PDF of INDD files, and can not find a difference between the files that generate and those that don't. I've never had this problem before. Any thoughts, anyone?
    Thank you,

    " Some of the files are included in the PDF and some are not. I'm making
    a PDF of INDD files, and can not find a difference between the files that
    generate and those that don't.
    That should not happen, double check if the filenames all contain the
    correct extension and there is only one dot in the filename, the one in
    front of the extension (.indd)
    Also use the purge cache for folder option (menu tools/cache/purge cache for
    folder) when having Bridge poited to the folder with the problem files.

  • Watching image files after being ripped or burned

    I am a 1 week new Mac user so please forgive my lack of knowledge.
    On my PC, I used to burn projects to image files, then mount the file, and watch it. I finished my first burn of a DVD, and now it says it is a Toast file. How do I mount it or watch it as though it is a real DVD?
    I would do this to test out the movie before an actual burn.

    When you burn to an image file in iDVD, you create a "disk image," which is just like an ISO image. In order to view the video, you must mount the disk image (it will show up on your Desktop just like a real disk). To do so, just double-clck the image file, which will have a ".img" suffix.
    You will then have to open DVD Player, and use it to open the VIDEO_TS file.
    When you have finished, eject the mounted image by dragging it to the trash (the mounted image, not the image file ;-)). If you like what you have burned, and would like to make a "hard copy" of it, drag the image file into Disk Utility's "source list," select the image, then click "Burn." Do this as many times as you like for multiple copies.

  • Lost audio files after saving.

    I lost my audio files after saving in Logic X and now my project file has the extension .logicx on it and my audio files are nowhere to be seen. I made some changes to the project, moved the file to another folder, then they asked if I wanted to replace the other file with the new and I said yes not thinking that it would matter. Is there any way that my audio files are still out there somewhere? And no I don't have time machine hooked up.

    if you replaced that file.. then you have lost it's contents as they have all been replaced with the one you copied over... and as you have no backups you cannot, as they say.. un-scramble the egg...
    Finally start making backups as soon as possible...
    As the old saying goes...
    "There are three things in life you can always count on.. Death.. Taxes...and you will need a backup of your computer data at some point"

  • Aperture 3.4.5 will not show NEF files after importing in OSx 3.8.5

    Hi this is driving me crazy.  I have quite a few NEF files from a Nikon E5000 that I would love to be able to process using Aperture but have run into a rather difficut situation.  When I import my images into Aperture I can see the preview of the files in the browser but can not get them to display after they have been imported.  I have tried importing localy through the internal hard drive on my IMac late 2007 as well as through an external NTFS formated USB backup of my files.  It also chokes on direct imprting from the CF card using a card reader.  In all cases they will sometimes display for a brief second both in the picture browser after importing or on the film strip view but will then disapear and display "unsupported image format" in its place.  I have reinstalled aperture and run both repair persissions through disk utility and the aperture repair utility that ships with aperture.  I have no problems with canon raw files or other file formats - jpg, tiff, png, photoshop, bmp.  Also NEF files will open in lightroom 5 and photoshop cs6 with out issue as well.
    Any help in restoring functionility would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for the time and effort in advance.
    Que Too

    Nikon E5000
    Do you mean a NIkon CP 5000 (Coolpix 5000)? Aperture supports many raw formats, but not all, because the raw support  has to be camera specific. Not all NEF files are in the same format - all Nikon cameras will call their raw files NEF.
    For some cameras Aperture never included raw support. The currently supported cameras are listed here:
    It looks like your camera is not on this list, so if you want to shoot raw with that camera, develope the raw files using a different raw converter (Adobe's dng converter or the suftware that came with your camera) and import tiff or dng files to Aperture.

  • How do I not show image file name, only url link - Acrobat Pro 9

    Both file name and url ink show when placing cursor over image. I want to only have url link appear.
    And if that's not possible, I want to then change the image file name. Any ideas?

    Use a button field for the link. You will have to add the action or JS code to open the link.

  • Problem syncing image files after OS5 upgrade.

    Lost all my image files with upgrade. Do not use Touch for Music, movies, podcasts - just images and a few apps. Tried restore to factory settings so now also lost my apps! I am trying to sync using Itunes>Photos>All folders but after about 15 mins just have the folders in the Touch but no images content. Sometimes the sync just stops and message says session ended - other times it just does nothing else. If I try to sync a specific folder then that seems to work but all images are duplicated into a Photo Library which I do not want.
    Looked to downgrade but seems I cannot do that.
    Any ideas?

    Alas, it didn't work. Instead of trying a shortcut, I followed the steps as closely as possible. The end result was that iTunes did not recognize any songs.
    I think the problem is that the Mac immediately registers the pc .xml file as an "OmniOutliner" file instead of an HTML file. I ported the file three different ways: pc-to-mac, attached to e-mail, and burned to a CD. OS X immediately identified each as an OmniOutliner file. My guess is that the iPod treats the .xml file slightly differently, allowing the pc .xml file to cross properly with the iPod as an intermediary. (Although the article you pointed me to did not specifically say this would work cross-platform.) Unfortunately, I have a iPod Mini, which can't carry 28 gigs of music.
    At this point, it seems to me, I can either buy a new iPod to try to port the .xml file, or load both xml files up in an HTML editor and manually update the OS X version, or forget it. I leaning toward the latter.
    Thanks for pointers. It's always challenging to try something new.

  • QT10.1 will not open .wmv file after upgrade to 10.7.4

    Hi Qt 10.1 will no longer open .wmv files after upgrading to 10.7.4.  I have the latest version of flip for mac.  They will opwn in QT7 pro but does anybody have a fix for this problem at all?  Thanks in advance. 

    I'm having the same issue, but do not find a 3ivx codec in the mentioned QT folder.  I do, however, have these codecs listed in that folder:
    Could ANY of these be causing my wmv files (or my Flip4Mac) to be corrupt and unable to work?  I appreciate any insight you may have.

  • Importxml does not retain image

    I have one indesing document in that I have place one rectangle frame control and place one image on it and then export xml of that document.
    and save document.
    now I  am chnaging image in exported xml file.
    and wirte bellow script to inport and save document with some other name.
    But when I open that new document in indesign desktop  it is not displaying image
    image  displays properly in exported jpeg file.
    I have chacked tag property in that it displays new image path. but image is displayed in page.
    var myDoc ="c:/test.indd"));
    myDoc.exportFile(ExportFormat.jpg, "c:/test.jpg");
    can you please tell me what can be the problem ?

    Yes, it is indeed VERY frustrating that the App Stores don't return you to where you left off browsing if you stop to click on an app to read more about it. Once you're done reading about an app that interests you, you're dumped right back at the beginning. So, just to get back where you were, you may have to plow through ten pages of apps. I get so fed up with being whisked back to page 1 all the time that I just give up and leave the App Store in disgust. I hate wasting my time paging backnthrough all the apps I've alread covered. ALSO, when looking over GENIUS recommendations on the App Store, why is it that even when I click on NOT INTERESTED for a given app, the app just stays there? It's like my clicking NOT INTERESTED has no effect whatsover. What's the problem with the App Store?

  • Itunes on W8 will not play any files after upgrade to

    After following the prompt and updating Itunes on Windows 8 to version on 6 June, Itunes no longer plays any audio or video files from my library. Pick a file and Itunes shows that it is playing (Pause button only) however nothing happens. The file simply does not play.  Windows Media Player will not open any files. VLC will play flash video files but with no sound.  Video played in IE10 seems to play ok including sound.   Anyone have any suggestions.  I can uninstall but figure I'll get teh same version when I re-install.   Everything worked fine prior to installing this upgrade.

    Resolved by running W8 System Restore to a point prior to the last Itunes update. Now back on the previous version of Itunes. Windows Media Player working correctly with all file types. Itunes working correctly also.  I'm quite happy not to re-apply any updates from Apple for a while.

  • Adobe Acrobat X - Saved Background Settings does not retain Source File

    I am using Adobe Acrobat X on windows 7.
    I have a pdf file that I use as a background source file.  When I select the Settings profile from the Saved Settings drop down it does not load in the Source File.  It still has "From Color" selected and <No Source File Selected> is in the path location. 
    No matter how many times I add the file and click the save settings button it will not retain it
    I've already tried both a 'repair' and 'reinstall' of the software.
    Any ideas as to why this might be happening? 

    Hi Adam Baranek,
    I am looking into this issue and will get back to you soon.
    Rahul Tyagi

  • Error "file is not a resource file" after updating to LV2010

    Hello everybody,
    my problem is that I can't call a c++ dll after updating to LV2010 and Visual Studio 2010. The DLL is written in Visual Studio 2008 and worked perfectly. Now I compiled the dll again because add some new functionality. In the development pc I fixed that problem. I manually replace the call library function nodes and configured it again. I made a installer package from my lv project. This installation don't work with the dll on the target with same error "file is not a resource file". The rest of the application works fine.
    Development PC: Win 7 Enterprise 32Bit
    Target PC: Win XP Service Pack 3 32Bit

    Verify that all your files have correct extensions and rebuild the.exe file.
    I hope this will help
    Kind regards,

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