Simple question: Declaration of the vaiable

I declared the following variables to parse character string,
Data:v_posfrom TYPE I,
       v_posto TYPE I,
       v_length TYPE I.
However, when I activate it, I got error:
Field type "I" does not permit subfield access.
What does it mean, and how could I correct it ?

Thanks Jay.
I used following clause to populate the value for those two variables:
        SELECT ZZPOSFR ZZPOSTO INTO (v_posfrom, v_posto)
        WHERE ZZRECID = wstr_bkpf-awkey(2).
        v_posfrom = v_posfrom - 1.   " 8
        v_length = v_posto - v_posfrom.  "3
        v_seg = wstr_bkpf-awkey + v_posfrom(v_length).
This is the place I used it.
What is wrong with it, I can not debug at the moment.

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    It is in the Preferences>Appearance. Near the bottom is a checkbox to Show number of versions for projects and albums.
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    Safari offers only two choices, zoom page and zoom text only.
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    I thought it was clear as I gave you a link  the FAQ.
    Ibooks is for ipad/iphone/ipod.  You do not read them on your computer.

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    Honestly, I'm at the end of my rope here. I'm almost ready to drop Flash entirely and do this in Illustrator, then animate in Flash when I have everything drawn properly. Why is everything so different, and why can't I find any of these simple questions online?

    The long and short of it is no you can't do most of the things you're looking to do as far as the brush is concerned. Flash has ALWAYS increased the brush size as you zoom in and decreased it when it's zoomed out. Why? No clue but it's always been so.  You CAN increase the brush size by number though using the Properties box. The eraser is weird in Flash. so much so that I use the Lasso tool and select what I don't want and delete it. Since you're used to Illustrator you might not realize that selecting areas of a brush stroke will NOT select the entire stroke like in Illustrator. you can select only parts. You can also sort of allow for what you're calling timeline wrapping by installing a Command and mapping it to a custom key command. Just make sure there's a key frame at the end of the cycle.
    Dropbox -
    Also this might do sort of what you want too:
    Finally, Flash is no different than it has ever been and you have to take into consideration that while Illustrator was developed by Adobe, Flash was developed by Macromedia and was then acquired by Adobe years later so you' can't really expect it to work the same. Personally I HATE Illustrator's interface and hate the way it works so I'd hate it if Flash worked like Illustrator!
    Anyway, I hope this helps.

  • Simple Question-Deleting Finder Prefs

    I have not been able to shut my macbook down properly. I keep getting the message that "Logout has timed out because Application 'Finder' failed to quit." Someone on the discussion boards suggested deleting the finder prefs and listed:
    "Your Account/library/preferences/"
    "Your Account/library/preferences/com.sidebarlists.plist"
    Following these changes, it was suggested to relaunch the Finder through Force Quit window ...
    an to then try logging out ...
    My question is how to delete the Finder preferences listed above. I have tried and can not figure it out. Sorry for the simple question. Appreciate the help. Thanks.

    Open a Finder window. Under PLACES in the sidebar, there should be a "home" icon with your user name. Click in that. That's "Your Account" from your post.
    Now find the folder called "Library." Double-click on it.
    Now find "Preferences." Double-click on it.
    Now find the file called "" and drag it to the Trash. Do the same with the other file. Empty the Trash.
    Then go to the Apple menu and select Force Quit... Select Finder and click on Relaunch button.

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    HI all,
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    public class HelloRunnable implements Runnable {
    public void run() {
    System.out.println("Hello from a thread!");
    public static void main(String args[]) {
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    rahulb1 wrote:
    My question is, when we invoke the start() method hos does the JVM knows to invoke run method?The library for Thread calls the run() method of Thread, this calls the run() of the Runnable. (See the code and javadocs for Thread)
    why not other method / s?Because thats what was chosen as the logical method to call.

  • This might be a simple question.   On those sites that do not differentiate between models when on the internet I.e. Facebook when after your comment and you cannot hit "enter" on an iPad for examp. And speed is slow to connect.  What is = to post?

    This might be a simple question. On those sites that do not differentiate between CRT, laptop, tablet etc. such as an iPad Mini and using the Facebook site fir example when going to post a comment and you do not have a enter button on the IPad and the speed is slow how do you get your comments to post if we do not have a enter button? 
    <Email Edited By Host>

    I don't have facebook so I cannot answer but for your personal security, I have asked the hosts to remove your e-mail address.   It is very unwise to publish this.

  • Simple question:  I want to use iCloud as a back up disk for my documents folder.  How can I do this?  If I cannot do this, why am I paying for access to "the cloud?"

    Simple question:  I want to use iCloud as a back up disk for my documents folder.  How can I do this?  If I cannot do this, why am I paying for access to "the cloud?"

    iCloud does not provide general file storage or backup, so you cannot back up your Documents folder using it. You will need to find a third-party alternative - this page examines some options (some are free):
    iCloud at basic level, with 5GB is storage, is free: you only pay anything if you want to increase the storage space.

  • Re: add-ons. Just a simple question I couldn't find an answer to. Is the term "uninstall" equivalent to "remove the software from the computer"?

    I downloaded a You Tube downloader, and expected an icon to come up when You Tube was playing, according to a friend's advice.
    Since this didn't happen I assumed the download didn't work, or was an old version that doesn't work anymore. I wanted to just get rid of it and try another downloader.
    I went to Tools--> Add-ons--> and clicked on the downloaded software and saw the 2 options [Disable] and [Uninstall]. The terminology is unclear, as I've always thought once software resides on your computer you can install it or uninstall it without erasing it from the computer.
    A simple question that seems obvious except to someone who wants to be very precise and sure. Basically "does [Uninstall] mean erase from the computer"?

    With Firefox extensions (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) you have two possibilities. You can disable an extension if you do not want to use it now, but want to keep it. Or you can uninstall an extension and remove it from the computer. Note that uninstalling an extension still leaves prefs in about:config (prefs.js) and possibly files in the profile folder that will be reused in case you decide to reinstall an extension at a later time.
    See also

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    Simple question - How do I add photos to the body of my emails . But instead of the answer - Found 1000 results for How do I add photos to my emails for Thunderbird. There are answers that don't apply at all to the question in anyway. Why does it have to be so hard to get a simple answer to a simple question?
    Thunderbird is acting much like Microsoft, the every reason I dumping MS Live Mail.

    First of all, much help for Thunderbird refers to menus which may not be visible. It would help you and us if you have your menus and toolbars visible.
    So, open a write window. Enable its menu and toolbar(s).
    Now do you see an "Insert" option?
    If not, you may be set to compose in plain text, which does not support embedded images.
    '''[,_Linux,_and_Mac Tools|Account Settings]|{select account}|Composition & Addressing''' and ensure "Compose messages in HTML format" is ticked. If it wasn't already ticked, go back to composing a message. Any better now?
    Once you have HTML composition mode going, you can use '''Insert|Image''' or various permutations of copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop into your message body.
    A manual, of sorts:

  • Very simple question, how do you configure windows 8.1 to use a SF card as the default install location for software applications?

    Very simple question, how do you configure windows 8.1 to use a SD card / external drive as the default install location for software applications? Primarily interested in apps installed from the windows store. This should be available in the settings
    charm within the windows store. This must have been overlooked in the development of windows 8.1 or is a bug.
    Regards, Bill
    * update
    I've tried modifying this key and the path:
    Also tried using symlinks as detailed here:

    Here's some links I've used to try to figure this out:
    Regards, Bill
    The registry method does not work with 8.1.  I found this out the hard way.  Doing it on 8.1 will leave you reinstalling the OS if you didn't do a SRP beforehand.

  • HT4753 I have a very simple question: how do I view where Lion has autosaved my current version to (without the convoluted route of using finder)? In days gone by i'd simply use the save as function to see where it was being saved.

    I have a very simple question: how do I view where Lion has autosaved my current version to (without the convoluted route of using finder)? In days gone by i'd simply use the save as function to see where it was being saved.

    It's actually even easier than using Save As to see the full path to the currently open document. Just do a "Secondary click" on the document title in its window's title bar.
    Like you, I relied upon Save As my whole life to check a file's location and considered it a must-have capability. Turns out it's even faster to use the single-click method to reveal the full path to the open document. It displays the entire path to the current document starting from the level of your Mac, and works for files stored on drives as well as iCloud.
    If you're not sure how to do a secondary click, go into System Preferences, select Trackpad, Point & Click to find the current preference for secondary click on your Mac. If you happen to have a mouse with more than one button, it's probably the right button. As a trackpad user, I check the box to "Click or tap with two fingers," so a simple two finger tap on the title of an open document reveals its full path. This feature actually has been around for a very long time.
    Note that this is not the same thing as the Autosave and Versions menu, which is exposed using a little drop down triangle to the right of the title. There is no visual clue for the presence of this feature - you just have to know it's there, probably because this feature goes all the way back to pre-OS X days.

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