Simple question: What's the Mac shortcut for size???

What's the Mac shortcut for increasing the size of the online image?
Thank you

Safari offers only two choices, zoom page and zoom text only.
To zoom images, you have to look for a safari extension.
I have not tested any, so I have no information about any of it.

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  • What is the keyboard shortcut for screenshot or print screen?

    what is the keyboard shortcut for screenshot or print screen?

    Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X
    Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot of the screen, and save it as a file on the desktop
    Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop
    Command-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: Take a screenshot of a window and save it as a file on the desktop
    Command-Control-Shift-3: Take a screenshot of the screen, and save it to the clipboard
    Command-Control-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it to the clipboard
    Command-Control-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: Take a screenshot of a window and save it to the clipboard
    In Leopard and later, the following keys can be held down while selecting an area (via Command-Shift-4 or Command-Control-Shift-4):
    Space, to lock the size of the selected region and instead move it when the mouse moves
    Shift, to resize only one edge of the selected region
    Option, to resize the selected region with its center as the anchor point

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for "delete row" in a table?

    What is the keyboard shortcut for "delete row" in a table within a pages document?

    Click on the row number to select the entire row. Right-click, and select Delete Row from the menu. There is no keyboard shortcut.

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for format painting in word please?

    what is the keyboard shortcut for format painting in word please?

    Goto the menu bar, choose tools and choose customize keyboard.  you can then scroll down to format options and set a keyboard shortcut for the format option you are looking for.

  • What's the keyboard shortcut for "Extrusion from Text Layer"? (Mac CS6)

    I keep triggering this by accident and can't figure out what combo I'm hitting, or how to disable it. I've looked in the Keyboard Shortcuts but can't find it.
    I'm on a laptop keyboard, so I use the fn key a lot to access enter when I'm finished editing text. Every once in a while (but often enough to be annoying), I attempt to enter out of text editing and suddenly everything stops, the gray rotating "processing" cursor appears, and for a few seconds I'm in a mild panic about how long it's been since I saved. Then a dialog box comes up asking if I want to switch to the 3D workspace or something. Clicking "no" doesn't stop the unwanted 3D thing from happening, and the last History item then says "Extrusion from Text Layer." I then Undo and go on with what I was doing.
    I've always got my left hand positioned over the lower left corner of the keyboard, and move quickly when using shortcuts and switching tools. I have no idea what combination I keep hitting by accident - something with fn, ctrl, opt, cmd, shift, I don't know, plus possibly return or enter. What is it, and how do I disable it?

    Trial-and-error prevails: It's fn + shift + return. (Or shift + enter on a full keyboard, I suppose? Unless that still does a soft line break like shift + return.)
    But only when I'm actively editing the text layer - not with the text layer selected and Move tool active, or even with the text layer selected and Type tool active, but only when in the process of using the Type tool to edit the text layer. I still have no idea to disable it, though.

  • What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Next/Previous Message in Lion Mail?

    Using the 'full screen' message viewer (rather than the preview pane) how do I progress to an older/newer message in a folder without closing the window?

    MOE O wrote:
    So Entourage can go to the previous message?  How do you do that?
    I can't stand that Mail always goes to the next newest message after deleting.
    Every other email program I've ever seen (including Entourage - see below) can do this.  Why can't Apple?  I don't want to touch the mouse most of the time because it really slows down work to move ones hands back and forth.   I did a quick web search and found these shortcuts for all the major programs.  If you know of any other program besides Apple Mail that doesn't have this, let me know.
    Until then, if Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage, Sparrow, Postbox, and Thunderbird have had this, what's Apple's problem adding it?
    Postbox Shortcuts
    For our power users, here's a list of Keyboard Shortcuts that you can use to navigate your way through Postbox.
    Message Navigation
    Mac OS X
    Go Home
    Command + Shift + H
    Go to Next Message
    Go to Previous Message
    Go to Next Unread Message
    Go to Previous Unread Message
    Go to Next Viewed Message
    Go to Previously Viewed Message
    Go to previous / next message  - cmd-[ / cmd-]
    Outlook Express
    Go to the next message in the list
    CTRL+> or CTRL+SHIFT+>
    Go to the previous message in the list
    CTRL+< or CTRL+SHIFT+<
    View properties of a selected message
    Refresh news messages and headers
    Go to the next unread e-mail message
    Display the previous message
    Display the next message
    Display the previous unread message
    Display the next unread message
    Moving around Thunderbird
      ⇐  |   ⇑  |   ⇒ 
    Moving between messages
    Go to Next Message
    Go to Previous Message
    Go to Next Unread Message
    Go to Previous Unread Message
    Go to Next Unread Thread (and mark current thread as read)
    Go to Next Viewed Message
    Go to Previous Viewed Message
    outlook 2010:
    Switch to next message (with message open).
    Switch to previous message (with message open).

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for emptying the trash? I've tried "command-click on the trash folder", but nothing happens.

    I've looked at the articles on keyboard/mouse click shortcuts; and the only reference I saw for emptying the trash said that right clicking on the trash folder would bring up a menu of options and that one of these would be to empty the trash.
    Not the case.
    I'm using Thunderbird 24.3.0 on an mac running OS 10.9.2 . When I use the mac version of right click (that is -- control click) I get the following menu options: Open in New tab * Open in New Window * Rename * Favorite Folder * Properties
    Empty the trash is not among the options. Since this is such a fundamental operation, I would think a keyboard or mouse-click shortcut would be obvious. What am I missing?
    I should add that we manage several email accounts and that they all use "Trash on Local Folders".

    Thank you for the reply. Sadly, it didn't work.
    On a mac, alt and option share the same key. I tried using option/alt in combination with command, control and shift (+f) -- but none worked. None of these combinations did anything at all. Is that a clue? Could a plugin be causing the problem? In search of a resolution, I deactivated most of my Plugins. Those left are:
    * Adobe Acrobat NPAPi Plug-in
    * AdobeExManDetect 1.1.0
    * Flip4Mac Windows Media Plugin
    * Jave Applet Plug-in Java 7 Update 51
    * QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.3
    * Sharepoint Browser Plug-in 14.3.1.
    * Shockwave Flash
    Don't know what they do exactly. I have no extensions.
    Does this help?

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for changing dictation language in Yosemite?

    I can't find the keyboard shortcuts to change the dictation language in Mac OS X?
    I would really appreciate if someone help me with this problem. I work with two languages and I really can't find any way to do that.
    Thanks for your help guys

    Until the developer can release dictationswitcher compatible with Yosemite, here is an AppleScript that will toggle between two languages. After it switches, it will speak which language has been set. Currently, the spoken text is in English (United States). This script will work on Yosemite and Mavericks. Tested.
    What you need to do to get this to work.
    Add your alternative language to the Dictation Language pop-up.Set your languages in the AppleScript property strings exactly as they appear in the Dictation Language Menu.
    Copy/Paste the following AppleScript into your Script Editor (/Applications/Utilities).
    Click the hammer (compile) button
    Save once as File format text (dictation.applescript) - don't hide the extension, or check any of the checkboxes.
    Option+Save As… File format Application to your Desktop. Hide the extension, and check no other checkboxes.
    The first time that you run this application, you will receive a dialog box just like the one below (I changed the name back to dictation):
    Click Open System Preferences. Click on the gold lock button in the lower left corner. The Accessibility category will be selected, but the dictation application in the list of apps will be unchecked. Check it, and then click the gold lock again. Quit out of the dictation application on your Desktop, and run it again. If you happen to get another dialog indicating that it still does not have permission, revisit the System Preferences > Security & Privacy panel, and under the Privacy tab > Accessibility, uncheck the dictation application, and then recheck it again. Quit System Preferences. This happened to me, and following this second action allowed it to work properly.
    Future releases of OS X may impact this application if Apple changes the order of the UI elements.
    I modified this AppleScript from an Apple StackExchange post by qegal in 2012.
    Copy/Paste the following AppleScript into your Yosemite Script Editor per the above instructions.
    property defaultLang : "English (United States)"
    property altLang : "German (Germany)"
    -- property altLang : "French (France)"
    tell application "System Events" to set p to (path to frontmost application) as string
         tell application "System Preferences"
              reveal anchor "Dictation" of pane ""
         end tell
         tell application "System Events"
              tell process "System Preferences"
                   tell pop up button 1 of tab group 1 of window "Dictation & Speech"
                             if (get value of attribute "AXValue") contains defaultLang then
                                 click menu item altLang of menu 1
                                 say "Dictation set to " & altLang
                             else if (get value of attribute "AXValue") contains altLang then
                                click menu item defaultLang of menu 1
                                say "Dictation set to " & defaultLang
                             end if
                       on error errmsg number errnbr
                             tell process "System Preferences" to if it is running then quit
                             display alert altLang & "not configured in Dictation Languages, please add." as critical giving up after 10
                       end try
                   end tell
           end tell
    end tell
    quit application "System Preferences"
    activate application p

  • What are the keyboard shortcut for aligning objects?

    Hello guys,
    I know this is a simple question.  However, I cannot find a quick answer.  I see people using Actions - is this the only way?

    It's not the only way. But it's the only way using keyboard shortcuts.
    Pretty mediocre, indeed.

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for the green "+" in top left corner?

    Can anybody advice me where can I find or where can I change shortcut for the green "+", which change the size of Safari window (sorry I even don't know the name of this button).
    Thanks a lot!
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    it's called Zoom - found under the Window menu, and if you create a new shortcut for Safari in System Preferences-Keyboard & Mouse-Keyboard Shortcuts... you can assign a key combo of your choice to it.

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for extract page?

    There used to be a series of keyboard shortcuts for page manipulation (and other) - using acrobat 9 till recently. Now new to Acrobat XI Pro (Windows 8.1). I can see the shortcuts for insert & delete page but not for extract page (and other). Am I missing something? The keyboard shortcuts are a must for speed and a healthy right wrist.
    Thank-you for your time.

    There isn't a direct way of doing it, but you can "hack" it using a script. Create a folder-level script with this code:
    app.addMenuItem({cName: "MyExtractPages", cUser: "E&xtract Pages", cParent: "Edit",
        cExec: "app.execMenuItem(\"ExtractPages\");", cEnable: "event.rc = (!=null)"});
    This will add a new menu item to the Edit menu which you could access using the following keyboard shortcut: Alt+E, X

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for changing buttons in dialog box?

    What is the shortcut to choose another button with the keyboard?
    In the example below, I just want to switch from "Don't Add" to "Add".

    Thanks! That worked perfectly. I wonder why that isn't the default?
    So now I can tab to the other button and press space to select, excellent.

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for scrolling page down? In Pages, Safari, etc... Just a single page/ screen view, not all the way to the bottom.  Thank you.

    Trying to navigate the screen without my mousepad.  I have carpal tunnel and early stage arthritis and cannot repeatedly make the appropriate motions to scroll with two fingers.  Is there a keyboard shortcut for scrolling up and down line by line or page by page? 
    Thank you.

    Yeah. sorry. those are not correct. ctrl N + P are for home and end line shortcuts. Ctrl V does go down one line.  But CTRL arrow up or down do not work in Safari.  But thank you very much for the attention and the time...
    Note from my first post above -- I did not say to use CTRL arrow in Safari:
    For Safari:
    Scroll down a line: down arrow
    Scroll down a screen: option down arrow
    Note from my second post above and from the first link I gave that  Control N, P, and V worked for me in Pages as described in the link and in my post:
    The link to shortcuts that I gave abaove includes Control N, P, and V for move down a line, up a line and down a page and those seem to work in Pages.

  • What's the keyboard shortcut for entering time and date?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut for entering time and date?
    Hopefully one which would work in any application.
    Thank you.

    None is built-in. You can use any number of third-party utilities for creating macros. For example:
    1. TypeIt4Me
    2. TextExpander
    3. Typinator
    4. AutoTyper (part of Automaton)
    Any of the above are excellent choices. Demo/Trial downloads are found at CNet Downloads or MacUpdate.

  • Simple question - what is the third thing on the back of the iPhone - camera, flash and ??? (the little circle between them)

    What is the little thing in between the flash and camera lens on the back of the iPhone?

    JTM5 wrote:
    What is the little thing in between the flash and camera lens on the back of the iPhone?
    Also, for your reference: iPhone User Guide - Support - Apple

Maybe you are looking for

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