Simultaneously read more than one input and generate output

Is it possible To simultaneously read more than one input and generate outputs depending on these inputs? If this isn't possible what is the best way to go about making some sort of timed loop that will read an input, read the next input, decide whether or not to output and so on. Hope someone can help. Thanks.Message Edited by Esmith13 on 05-25-2005 01:36 PM

You should look at the synchronized examples for analog input and output that can be found in the example finder under:
Help>>Find Examples>>Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Synchronization>>Multi-Function
These will get you started to being able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.
I hope this helps. Have a Great Day!

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    I want to know how to make an indicator ( like gauge for example) response to more than one case strrcuture result. In other words, how the indicator can take more than one input and move based on different input values ( the arrow of the gauge moves to different angles basesed on the logic structure and not only to one degree).
    Thanks in advance,

    YES, you got it right Coastal !
    This is what i want to do,
    I dont know how to establish this output in the software, i am still learning LabVIEW.
    I put a merge block to join the outputs but it didnt work.
    check it in the attached VI file.
    I am sure it is an easy thing but I dont know how to implement it.
    Any help you provide is appreciated,
    Best wishes 

  • How Calculate more than one value and store it into to different rows and column for each input?

    thx guys.....i have a progress now in LV
    But now i have new trouble here. Ok i attached my LV file (LV 7.0.1/7.1) and excel form. I just could'nt calculate more than one input value. I want a different result for each value that i enter ... and store it into different rows and column. But it just store at one row.
    My ‏31 KB
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  • More than one input to waveform graphic

    We have x-axis represent for time and y-axis for amplitude of the signal... How can we give in more than one input to y-axis so we can monitor all signals
    (about 4 signals I need) on the same graph?
    Thank you

    I'm just a begineer myself, but this is how I've accomplished this task in the past.
    First of all, I was receiving my data as a 1-D array of waveform data. I wired this data to a 'build array' function inside a 'for loop' where I then spliced it into a 'build waveform' to combine it with a time value from the waveform data. I essentially just rearranged the data to a form that could graph all data simultaneously. The attached vi might help my explanation.
    There is probably an easier way.
    Attachments: ‏21 KB

  • By subscribing to Creative Cloud(Photoshop and Lightroom), does it come with more than one license, and is it possible to install it on both Windows and Apple(if it comes with two licenses)? Thank you.

    By subscribing to Creative Cloud(Photoshop and Lightroom), does it come with more than one license, and if it does, is it possible to install on both Windows and Apple's OX? Thanks.

    A Cloud subscription provides for installing working installations on two machines.  You can have mixed operating systems (both Windows and Apple's OX).

  • How can I use more than one iphone and keep contacts separate?

    How can I set up more than one phone and keep our contacts and messaging separate?

    Use separate Apple IDs for iCloud on each phone.

  • Adding music to more than one slide and not the entire presentation

    I love the way Keynote looks and behaves, but it fails to compete with PPT on certain aspects, such as adding the same audio track to more than one slide and NOT have it play for the entire presentation. Using PPT (and I hate PCs!) you can have a track play for "n" number of slides. I'm frustrated that I cannot do this with Keynote! I don't want the track as a soundtrack for the entire presentation. I want to add another audio track to, say, the last two or three slides only and something else for all the other slides. I looked through the user manual, forums, etc. and found that I can only add a soundtrack to the entire thing or a different audio to only one slide.
    Question: What if I cut (that last two slides) and paste the the slides as a new Presentation with its own soundtrack, then reincorporate that back and paste it into the original presentation? Will that work or will the original soundtrack take over the entire presentation again?

    Anyone remember Claris Works for Mac back in the early 90s? Now, that was a gem! What were they thinking when they got rid of that one (and replaced it with AppleWorks!)?
    Good point, but one which Apple has heard a zillion times, and so sadly chosen to ignore. The really heartbroken among us remember AppleWorks from the mid-'80's, the world's first integrated suite, then ClarisWorks, then AppleWorks; and, of course, Beagle Bros. and BeagleWorks. But since we old f*s are dying off, those complaints will eventually stop. +Sic transit gloria mundi.+

  • Posting topic to more than one thread and in different categories...

    Is there anything in the TOU we can "refer" to when users post the same topic in more than one thread and to add to that, more then one category? Case in point: (This is just one example)
    Limnos had a valid point. If we had a section in the TOU we could copy/paste from, I think it would help if we could refer to authority, ie., TOU.

    I wouldn't get into too much of a flury about that with end users. Notify as needed and let the moderators decide if it needs to be deleted. A good rule of thumb is you want the discussions to have:
    Everyone should feel comfortable reading Submissions and participating in discussions.
    That's from Terms of Use.
    And then there is:
    You agree to not interfere with or disrupt the Site.
    I'm seeing that logically one can conclude directing users not to crosspost may be considering interference with the site. I may suggest someone post in another forum if a solution is not transparent in the forum they are using, but that's as far as I'm comfortable bending the rules.
    I'm trying hard to keep my thumbs away from the keyboard when I see duplicate posts.

  • Can I update more than one iPad and iPhone from the same MacBook pro?

    Can I update more than one iPad and iPhone to ios 5 from the same MacBook pro? Our family has one MacBook pro and several iphones and ipads.  No one wants to lose their iTunes music or contact list or calendars.

    Yes, but you will want to think it through before you do it.
    The computer will become the "master" device, holding the definitive collection of music, photos, contacts, etc., and each iPad or iPhone will get a copy of what's on the computer. So if  everyone has different collections of music or photos that you all want to keep separate from each other, you'll want to set up different accounts on the MacBook Pro. To do that, go into "System Preferences" and click "Users", then click the "+" to create a new account for each person who needs their own set of files.
    That way you can each log in to your own MacBook account before you sync your iPhone or iPad, and everyone has their own copy of iTunes and their own iPhoto. If you happen to plug in an iPhone while logged into someone else's account, you just click "don't sync" (the 1st time only, it will remember after that). Sharing the same files becomes tricky, so this is only the best method if you want to keep things 100% separate.
    On the other hand, if you all have your music and photos mishmashed together on the MacBook anyway or just don't care about keeping things separate, just go ahead and sync your iPhones and iPads without setting up new accounts. But in this case, you should create playlists and photo albums in iTunes and iPhoto. Then plug in an iPhone, click on it's icon in iTunes, and change the settings for Music, Photos, etc to only sync the playlists that you want on that device. Repeat for each one. They'll all remember their own settings, and continue to sync with their designated playlists or albums.
    What you cannot do is use more than one computer with a single iPhone. That will wipe out the music and photos that were on it already, replacing them with the ones on the second computer.

  • Using more than one input device at the same time

    Is it possible to use more than one input device at the saem time in logic express. For example I have a fire wire input device and a usb input device can I get Express to recognize both of these at once and so have a total of 4 ins which would be great since Im transfering tracks off my ADAT and it would be less track to have to line up.

    yes, it should be possible by creating an aggregate device. Google for it or search this forum. There are many tutorials how to set it up.
    Have fun!

  • I downloaded Adobe Acrobat X in 2010 and then a few years later I got a new computer and I would like to install the Adobe Acrobat X on my new computer but I cannot tell if I had more than one license and my Adobe account is not showing that I ever downlo

    I downloaded Adobe Acrobat X in 2010 and then a few years later I got a new computer and I would like to install the Adobe Acrobat X on my new computer but I cannot tell if I had more than one license and my Adobe account is not showing that I ever downloaded or ordered anything.  Can you assist?

    Download/install it from and activate it with your serial number.

  • How long does it take for the IOS 7.1 to finish updating? My phone has been plugged in to my computer for more than one hour and the status bar only shows about less than 1/4 completed. I have an iphone 5s btw.

    My phone has been plugged in to my computer for more than one hour and the status bar only shows about less than 1/4 completed. I have an iphone 5s btw.

    Depends on how strong your wifi connection is.
    you can try a reset hold down the home/sleep button together until you see the apple logo and then release.

  • How to add more than one input arguments to the tpcall

    Can any one know how to add more than one input arguments in the tpcall using WTC (Jatmi)?
    Par example, I have un service Tuxedo getConsoClient(char* cli_id, char* type)
    To call this service, I'm using tpcall("getConsoClient", dataIn, 0);
    here, I did't know how to add two parameters in the TypedBuffer object. I'm new to WTC.
    Any hints will be greatly appreaciated.
    Advanced thanks

    Thanks for you help. But in java Jatmi, I have lot of problem to convert array into TypedBuffer or TypedString. See below code, I'm tried using vector or tableau etc..
    But I have always same erreur. :(
    public void getClientInfo() {
         Context ctx;
         TuxedoConnection myTux;
         TypedString numinst = new TypedString("1");
         TypedString idClient = new TypedString("1003");
         TypedString[] dataIn = {numinst,idClient};
         //TypedString dataIn = new TypedString(numinst+"\0"+idClient+"\0");
         Vector input = new Vector();
         Reply rpy = null;
              System.out.println("getClientInfo called : " + dataIn);
              TuxedoConnectionFactory tcf;               
              ctx = new InitialContext();
              tcf = (TuxedoConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("");
              myTux = tcf.getTuxedoConnection();          
              System.out.println("About to call tpcall cnx = "+myTux);
              rpy = myTux.tpcall("LireInfoCli_SE",(TypedBuffer)dataIn, 0);          
              System.out.println("tpcall successfull!");
              TypedFML32 typ = (TypedFML32) rpy.getReplyBuffer();
              System.out.println("Reply Type = "+rpy.getReplyBuffer().getType());
              System.out.println("Reply toString = "+typ.toString());
                   System.out.println("Reply toString = "+typ.Fiterator().next().toString());               
              myTux.tpterm(); // Closing the association with Tuxedo
         }catch (TPReplyException tpx) {
              // Could not get the tuxedo object, throw TPENOENT
              System.out.println("TPReplyException perrno = " + tpx.gettperrno()+" DETAILS "+tpx.gettperrordetail()+" getLocalizedMessage "+tpx.getLocalizedMessage()+" "+tpx.getCause());
         }catch (TPException tpx1) {
              // Could not get the tuxedo object, throw TPENOENT
              System.out.println("TPReplyException perrno = " + tpx1.gettperrno()+" DETAILS "+tpx1.gettperrordetail()+" getLocalizedMessage "+tpx1.getLocalizedMessage()+" "+tpx1.getCause());
         }catch (NamingException ne) {
                   // Could not get the tuxedo object, throw TPENOENT
                   System.out.println("Could not get TuxedoConnectionFactory : " + ne.getMessage());
         }catch(Exception e){
                   System.out.println("Exception in getClientInfo ->"+e.getMessage());

  • Can't I get my old iTunes that I have purchased downloaded from Apple?  I don't have the old computer anymore.  Also, is there a number to call if I think I have more than one account and would like them to consolidate my accounts?

    I have two problems:
    1.  I no longer have my old computer and want to download the iTunes I have purchased in previous years.  Aren't they all in "the cloud?"
    2.  I think I have more than one account and would like to get them combined.  Is there a good number or email to Apple that I could get that done?

    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer.  Have you failed to do this?
    You can redownload some iTunes purchases in some countries:
    Download past purchases - Apple Support
    As provided, you cannot merge accounts

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    Hi Gurus,
            I have a requirement that, I need to have more than one input ready rows at the end of the query output in analyzer.
       Normally it will show only one row as input ready at end of the query result in any manual planning analyzer., But my requirement is to have multiple input ready rows in analyzer. Is it possible in workbook/analyzer?.

    Hi Senthil,
    Have a look at the below thread.
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