Single Click a Book to display html assigned

I have a book which has an HTML file attached to it. How do I
set this so that when a user just clicks the book the topic linked
to it opens? It appears right now my users are having to
double-click it. But topics underneath are all single click.

Hi Mary
Normally if you have a topic assigned, it will display by
simply clicking the book. Are you asking about also having the book
open on a single click?
If so, that's done in an option when you compile. If you
click File > Generate and get to the intermediate dialog, look
near the bottom for a button labeled Edit... and click it. You
should then see another dialog appear with a couple of tabs. Click
the tab labeled TOC Styles. On this tab are a bunch of check boxes.
The one you want is labeled "Single click to open books".
Cheers... Rick

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  • Single click in ALV Grid display

    Hi All,
    I need to trigger an event at the instant when a whole row is selected in ALV.
    Not any HOTSPOT.
    Is there any SY-UCOMM when a single row will be selected in ALV?
    Thanks in advance,

    In the below function module:
       I_INTERFACE_CHECK                 = ' '
       I_BYPASSING_BUFFER                = ' '
       I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                   = ' '
          i_callback_program                = sy-repid
          i_callback_pf_status_set          = 'PF_STATUS'
          i_callback_user_command           = 'COMM'      -->this statement is used to catch the user command actions , i.e a subroutine will be created of this name  
       i_callback_top_of_page            = 'TOP'
       I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE       = ' '
       I_CALLBACK_HTML_END_OF_LIST       = ' '
       I_STRUCTURE_NAME                  =
       I_BACKGROUND_ID                   = ' '
          i_grid_title                      = it_grid_title
       I_GRID_SETTINGS                   =
          is_layout                         = it_layout
          it_fieldcat                       = it_field
       it_excluding                      = itab_exclude
       IT_SPECIAL_GROUPS                 =
          it_sort                           = itab_sort
       IT_FILTER                         =
       IS_SEL_HIDE                       =
       I_DEFAULT                         = ''
        I_SAVE                            = 'A'
        IS_VARIANT                        = SVARIANT
          it_events                         = itab_events
    -->The subroutine created is like:
    FORM comm USING ucomm LIKE sy-ucomm selfield TYPE slis_selfield.
      DATA: okcode TYPE sy-ucomm.
      okcode = ucomm.
      CASE okcode.
        WHEN 'REF'.
            titel         = 'MANSI'
            txt1          = 'CREATED BY'
            txt2          = SY-UNAME
          TXT3          = ' '
          TXT4          = ' '
    Hope it helps you

  • I want to display html textbox information in worddoc when i click submit

    hi ,
    my problem is i want to display html textbox information in worddoc when i click on submit button. i want do open word doc when i perform submit
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    Send the request to a servlet, make it create the doc file, set the response MIME type and stream the file through the response's output stream to show it in the Office IE plug-in.

  • OHJ - Displaying topics on a single click

    I am using OHJ 4.2.7 version. In my application under the Contents tab, I would like to display the topic when a user clicks(Single click) on a particular TOC item.
    Currently the topic is getting displayed only if the user double clicks on an item. any ideas?

    Hey, did you ever get any insight on this issue?

  • Detecting click ( single and double) on row (displayed using iterator)

    Hello All,
    I am using jdev
    I am displaying a list as below.
                                        <af:iterator value="#{pageFlowScope.Bean.List}" var="temp">
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value1}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value2}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value3}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value4}"/>
    My requirement is, when user clicks on a row, that row should be detected in backend and those value will be used.
    My requirement is, On single click row should be detected(in backend/bean)
    On double click, the values is saved(in backend/bean).
    How can i detect single and double click on a particular row ?

    I have updated the code as below, single click and double click are getting detected on a row
        <af:resource type="javascript">
                function singleClick(){
                    alert("Single Click");
                function doubleClick(){
                    alert("Double Click");
                                        <af:iterator value="#{pageFlowScope.Bean.List}" var="temp" onclick="singleClick()" ondblclick="doubleClick()">
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value1}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value2}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value3}"/>
                                           <af:outputText value="#{temp.value4}"/>
    suppose i have following values for some/any row,
    value1=20, value2="abc", value3=009, value4="Language" 
    How can i retrieve these values in java script (if in backing bean then very good)

  • IMAGES to be displayed on a single click........!!!!

    My project is under security tools.
    i want to perform scanning process in PC just like antivirus..........!!!
    Image scan is perormed by me in background whether they are corrrupted or not??is CHECKED DONE!
    But now i have to bring my background process in to GUI base of Java n NetBEANS!!!
    I used one Button..........n after clicking on it ,image must be displayed................
    This is also working in FINE manner..............!!!
    but no problem is ---
    I have to dispaly images one after another in sequence after a single click..........!!!!
    can u help me plz????
    ::[email protected]

    You should scan folder using File class object and name of all the images in the array and display them after onclick increment.

  • I have to "single-click" twice (not double click) to open an item in the Dock.

    Can someone confirm if this is Expected Behavior??   (OS = Mavericks)
    If you have Assigned an application in your Dock to a Desktop & Display in the application's Dock >> Options  (ex: Assigned To:  Desktop on Display 2):
    Click once on the application icon in the Dock, the application's Menu will populate on the top of your screen, but not the application itself (yet), click the application icon a second time, the application will now show too. 
    Docked Applications that do not have an Assigned To: Desktop & Display in the Dock options, you only need to single click.
    For odd Dock behaviors otherwise try this:
    You may have a corrupted Dock preferences file.
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type or copy paste the following:
    ~/Library/Preferences/    (plist = preference list file)
    Click Go then move the file to the Trash, or move it to your Desktop.
    Restart your Mac and see if the behavior is resolved.  You will have re-configure your Dock settings.

    From where are you launching Mail? The only place, unless I've missed or forgotten something, you can launch an application with a single click is from the Dock. Is this what you're doing, or are you attempting to launch Mail from the Applications folder?

  • Single click on tree control navigation

    Hello I have a tree control where I have include the navigation, I know that there is a method
    but is there an method for only one click, I want to change my alv grid data when I click on several nodes in my tree control

    Hello Muhammet
    I have re-written my sample report ZUS_SDN_TWO_ALV_GRIDS into ZUS_SDN_TREE_AND_GRID_CONTROL which is now display a tree control together with the ALV grid.
    When you analyze this new report you will see that every step of the program logic is as I described in my previous e-mails.
    *& Report  ZUS_SDN_TWO_ALV_GRIDS
    *& Screen '0100' contains no elements.
    *& ok_code -> assigned to GD_OKCODE
    *& Flow logic:
    *    MODULE STATUS_0100.
    *    MODULE USER_COMMAND_0100.
    *& Thread: single click on tree control navigation
    *& <a class="jive_macro jive_macro_thread" href="" __jive_macro_name="thread" modifiedtitle="true" __default_attr="1143770"></a>
    REPORT  zus_sdn_tree_and_grid_control.
    TYPE-POOLS: abap, cntl.
    TYPES: node_table_type LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF mtreesnode
             WITH DEFAULT KEY.
    * CAUTION: MTREESNODE is the name of the node structure which must
    * be defined by the programmer. DO NOT USE MTREESNODE!
      BEGIN OF c_nodekey,
        root   TYPE tv_nodekey VALUE 'Root',                    "#EC NOTEXT
        child1 TYPE tv_nodekey VALUE 'Child1',                  "#EC NOTEXT
    *    child2 type tv_nodekey value 'Child2',                  "#EC NOTEXT
        new1   TYPE tv_nodekey VALUE 'New1',                    "#EC NOTEXT
        new2   TYPE tv_nodekey VALUE 'New2',                    "#EC NOTEXT
    *    new3   type tv_nodekey value 'New3',                    "#EC NOTEXT
    *    new4   type tv_nodekey value 'New4',                    "#EC NOTEXT
      END OF c_nodekey.
      gd_okcode        TYPE ui_func,
      gd_repid         TYPE syst-repid,
      go_docking       TYPE REF TO cl_gui_docking_container,
      go_splitter      TYPE REF TO cl_gui_splitter_container,
      go_cell_left     TYPE REF TO cl_gui_container,
      go_cell_right    TYPE REF TO cl_gui_container,
      go_tree          TYPE REF TO cl_gui_simple_tree,
      go_grid1         TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,
    **  go_grid2         TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid,
      gs_layout        TYPE lvc_s_layo.
      gt_knb1          TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF knb1,
      gt_knvv          TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF knvv.
    *       CLASS lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION
    CLASS lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION.
          handle_double_click FOR EVENT double_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION
    *       CLASS lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION
    CLASS lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION.
      METHOD handle_double_click.
    *   define local data
          ls_knb1      TYPE knb1.
        CHECK ( sender = go_grid1 ).
        READ TABLE gt_knb1 INTO ls_knb1 INDEX e_row-index.
        CHECK ( ls_knb1-kunnr IS NOT INITIAL ).
    **    CALL METHOD go_grid1->set_current_cell_via_id
    **      EXPORTING
    ***        IS_ROW_ID    =
    ***        IS_COLUMN_ID =
    **        is_row_no    = es_row_no.
    *   Triggers PAI of the dynpro with the specified ok-code
        CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code( 'DETAIL' ).
      ENDMETHOD.                    "handle_double_click
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION
    CLASS lcl_application DEFINITION.
          md_event       TYPE string     READ-ONLY,
          md_node_key    TYPE tv_nodekey READ-ONLY.
            FOR EVENT node_double_click
            OF cl_gui_simple_tree
            IMPORTING node_key,
            FOR EVENT expand_no_children
            OF cl_gui_simple_tree
            IMPORTING node_key.
    CLASS lcl_application IMPLEMENTATION.
      METHOD  handle_node_double_click.
        " this method handles the node double click event of the tree
        " control instance
        " show the key of the double clicked node in a dynpro field
        md_event = 'NODE_DOUBLE_CLICK'.
        md_node_key = node_key.
        " Trigger PAI and set ok-code = 'DETAIL'
        CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code
            new_code = 'DETAIL'
    *      IMPORTING
    *        rc       =
        MESSAGE md_node_key TYPE 'I'.
      ENDMETHOD.                    "HANDLE_NODE_DOUBLE_CLICK
      METHOD handle_expand_no_children.
        " this method handles the expand no children event of the tree
        " control instance
        DATA: node_table TYPE node_table_type,
              node TYPE mtreesnode.
        " show the key of the double clicked node in a dynpro field
        md_event = 'EXPAND_NO_CHILDREN'.
        md_node_key = node_key.
        IF node_key = 'Child1'.
    * add two nodes to the tree control (the children of 'Child1')
    * Node with key 'New1'
          CLEAR node.
          node-node_key = c_nodekey-new1.
          node-relatkey = c_nodekey-child1.
          node-relatship = cl_gui_simple_tree=>relat_last_child.
          node-isfolder = ' '.
          node-text = 'New1'(ne1).
          APPEND node TO node_table.
    * Node with key 'New2'
          CLEAR node.
          node-node_key = c_nodekey-new2.
          node-relatkey = c_nodekey-child1.
          node-relatship = cl_gui_simple_tree=>relat_last_child.
          node-n_image = '@[email protected]'.
          node-expander = ' '.
          node-text = 'New2'(ne2).
          APPEND node TO node_table.
          CALL METHOD go_tree->add_nodes
              table_structure_name           = 'MTREESNODE'
              node_table                     = node_table
              failed                         = 1
              error_in_node_table            = 2
              dp_error                       = 3
              table_structure_name_not_found = 4
              OTHERS                         = 5.
          IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    **        MESSAGE A000.
      ENDMETHOD.                    "HANDLE_EXPAND_NO_CHILDREN
      SELECT        * FROM  knb1 INTO TABLE gt_knb1 UP TO 100 ROWS
             WHERE  bukrs  = '1000'.
      PERFORM init_controls.
    * Display data
      gs_layout-grid_title = 'Customers: Sales Areas'.
      CALL METHOD go_grid1->set_table_for_first_display
          i_structure_name = 'KNVV'
          is_layout        = gs_layout
          it_outtab        = gt_knvv
          OTHERS           = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    * Link the docking container to the target dynpro
      gd_repid = syst-repid.
      CALL METHOD go_docking->link
          repid                       = gd_repid
          dynnr                       = '0100'
    *      CONTAINER                   =
          OTHERS                      = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    * NOTE: dynpro does not contain any elements
      CALL SCREEN '0100'.
    * Flow logic of dynpro (does not contain any dynpro elements):
    *  MODULE STATUS_0100.
    *&      Module  STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
    *       text
    MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.
      SET PF-STATUS 'STATUS_0100'.  " contains push button "DETAIL"
    *  SET TITLEBAR 'xxx'.
    * Refresh display of detail ALV list
      CALL METHOD go_grid1->refresh_table_display
    *    EXPORTING
    *      IS_STABLE      =
    *      I_SOFT_REFRESH =
          OTHERS         = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
    *       text
    MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.
      TRANSLATE gd_okcode TO UPPER CASE.
      CASE gd_okcode.
        WHEN 'BACK' OR
             'END'  OR
    *   User has pushed button "Display Details"
        WHEN 'DETAIL'.
          MESSAGE gd_okcode TYPE 'I'.
          PERFORM entry_show_details.
        WHEN OTHERS.
      CLEAR: gd_okcode.
    ENDMODULE.                 " USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
    *&      Form  ENTRY_SHOW_DETAILS
    *       text
    *  -->  p1        text
    *  <--  p2        text
    FORM entry_show_details .
    * define local data
        ld_row      TYPE i,
        ls_knb1     TYPE knb1.
      IF ( gt_knvv IS INITIAL ).
        SELECT        * FROM  knvv INTO TABLE gt_knvv
        FOR ALL ENTRIES IN gt_knb1
           WHERE  kunnr  = gt_knb1-kunnr.
        REFRESH: gt_knvv.
    ENDFORM.                    " ENTRY_SHOW_DETAILS
    *&      Form  INIT_CONTROLS
    *       text
    *  -->  p1        text
    *  <--  p2        text
    FORM init_controls .
    * Create docking container
      CREATE OBJECT go_docking
          parent = cl_gui_container=>screen0
          ratio  = 90
          OTHERS = 6.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    * Create splitter container
      CREATE OBJECT go_splitter
          parent            = go_docking
          rows              = 1
          columns           = 2
    *      NAME              =
          cntl_error        = 1
          cntl_system_error = 2
          OTHERS            = 3.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    * Get cell container
      CALL METHOD go_splitter->get_container
          row       = 1
          column    = 1
          container = go_cell_left.
      CALL METHOD go_splitter->get_container
          row       = 1
          column    = 2
          container = go_cell_right.
    * Create ALV grids
      CREATE OBJECT go_grid1
          i_parent = go_cell_right
          OTHERS   = 5.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    * Set event handler
        lcl_eventhandler=>handle_double_click FOR go_grid1.
      PERFORM create_and_init_tree.
    ENDFORM.                    " INIT_CONTROLS
    *&      Form  CREATE_AND_INIT_TREE
    *       text
    *  -->  p1        text
    *  <--  p2        text
    FORM create_and_init_tree .
      DATA: lt_node_table TYPE node_table_type,
            lt_events TYPE cntl_simple_events,
            ls_event TYPE cntl_simple_event.
    * create a tree control
      CREATE OBJECT go_tree
          parent                      = go_cell_left
          node_selection_mode         = cl_gui_simple_tree=>node_sel_mode_single      " single node selection is used
          lifetime_error              = 1
          cntl_system_error           = 2
          create_error                = 3
          failed                      = 4
          illegal_node_selection_mode = 5.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    **    MESSAGE a000.
    * define the events which will be passed to the backend
      " node double click
      ls_event-eventid = cl_gui_simple_tree=>eventid_node_double_click.
    **  ls_event-appl_event = 'X'. " process PAI if event occurs
      " NOTE: Do NOT register as application event !!!!!
      APPEND ls_event TO lt_events.
      CALL METHOD go_tree->set_registered_events
          events                    = lt_events
          cntl_error                = 1
          cntl_system_error         = 2
          illegal_event_combination = 3.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    **    MESSAGE a000.
        lcl_application=>handle_node_double_click   FOR go_tree,
        lcl_application=>handle_expand_no_children  FOR go_tree.
    * add some nodes to the tree control
    * NOTE: the tree control does not store data at the backend. If an
    * application wants to access tree data later, it must store the
    * tree data itself.
      PERFORM build_node_table USING lt_node_table.
    * node_table_structure_name     = 'MTREESNODE'
    *   A programmer using the tree control must create a structure in the
    *   dictionary. This structure must include the structure TREEV_NODE
    *   and must contain a character field with the name 'TEXT'.
      CALL METHOD go_tree->add_nodes
          table_structure_name           = 'MTREESNODE'
          node_table                     = lt_node_table
          failed                         = 1
          error_in_node_table            = 2
          dp_error                       = 3
          table_structure_name_not_found = 4
          OTHERS                         = 5.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    **    MESSAGE a000.
    ENDFORM.                    " CREATE_AND_INIT_TREE
    *&      Form  build_node_table
    *       text
    *  -->  p1        text
    *  <--  p2        text
    FORM build_node_table
        node_table TYPE node_table_type.
      DATA: node LIKE mtreesnode.
    * Build the node table.
    * Caution: The nodes are inserted into the tree according to the order
    * in which they occur in the table. In consequence, a node must not
    * occur in the node table before its parent node.
    * Node with key 'Root'
      node-node_key = c_nodekey-root.
      " Key of the node
      CLEAR node-relatkey.      " Special case: A root node has no parent
      CLEAR node-relatship.     " node.
      node-hidden = ' '.        " The node is visible,
      node-disabled = ' '.      " selectable,
      node-isfolder = 'X'.      " a folder.
      CLEAR node-n_image.       " Folder-/ Leaf-Symbol in state "closed":
      " use default.
      CLEAR node-exp_image.     " Folder-/ Leaf-Symbol in state "open":
      " use default
      CLEAR node-expander.      " see below.
      node-text = 'Root'(roo).
      APPEND node TO node_table.
    * Node with key 'Child1'
      node-node_key = c_nodekey-child1.
      " Key of the node
      " Node is inserted as child of the node with key 'Root'.
      node-relatkey = c_nodekey-root.
      node-relatship = cl_gui_simple_tree=>relat_last_child.
      node-hidden = ' '.
      node-disabled = ' '.
      node-isfolder = 'X'.
      CLEAR node-n_image.
      CLEAR node-exp_image.
      node-expander = 'X'. " The node is marked with a '+', although
      " it has no children. When the user clicks on the
      " + to open the node, the event
      " expand_no_children is fired. The programmer can
      " add the children of the
      " node within the event handler of the
      " expand_no_children event
      " (see method handle_expand_no_children
      " of class lcl_application)
      node-text = 'Child1'(ch1).
      node-style = cl_gui_simple_tree=>style_emphasized_positive.
      APPEND node TO node_table.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_node_table

  • Single click in abap objects

        can any1 pls explain me the single click event LINK_CLICK in abap object.
    does this single click event mean that if i click anywhere on my alv report it will trigger the event.
       pls explain me about this LINK_CLICK event in details pls

    answered the similar question last week. You can see here Event
    Link_click or ALV_Object Model HYPERLINK.
    This example demonstrates how to use a Hiperlink field in ALV. These example was based on 'SALV_DEMO_TABLE_COLUMNS' that contains Hiperlink, icon, Hotspot...
    The Code is:
          CLASS lcl_handle_events DEFINITION
    CLASS lcl_handle_events DEFINITION.
          on_link_click FOR EVENT link_click OF cl_salv_events_table
            IMPORTING row column.
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_handle_events DEFINITION
          CLASS lcl_handle_events IMPLEMENTATION
    CLASS lcl_handle_events IMPLEMENTATION.
      METHOD on_link_click.
        DATA: l_row_string TYPE string,
              l_col_string TYPE string,
              l_row        TYPE char128.
        WRITE row TO l_row LEFT-JUSTIFIED.
        CONCATENATE text-i02 l_row INTO l_row_string SEPARATED BY space.
        CONCATENATE text-i03 column INTO l_col_string SEPARATED BY space.
        MESSAGE i000(0k) WITH 'Single Click' l_row_string l_col_string.
      ENDMETHOD.                    "on_single_click
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_handle_events IMPLEMENTATION
    DATA: gr_events TYPE REF TO lcl_handle_events.
    TYPES: BEGIN OF g_type_s_outtab.
    INCLUDE TYPE alv_tab.
    TYPES:   t_hyperlink TYPE salv_t_int4_column,
           END   OF g_type_s_outtab.
    DATA: gt_outtab TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF g_type_s_outtab.
    DATA: gr_table   TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table.
    TYPES: BEGIN OF g_type_s_hyperlink,
             handle    TYPE salv_de_hyperlink_handle,
             hyperlink TYPE service_rl,
             carrid    TYPE s_carrid,
           END   OF g_type_s_hyperlink.
    DATA: gt_hyperlink TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF g_type_s_hyperlink.
    PARAMETERS: p_amount TYPE i DEFAULT 30.
      PERFORM select_data.
      PERFORM display.
    *&      Form  select_data
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    FORM select_data .
      DATA: line_outtab  TYPE g_type_s_outtab,
            ls_hype      TYPE g_type_s_hyperlink,
            lt_hyperlink TYPE salv_t_int4_column,
            ls_hyperlink TYPE salv_s_int4_column,
            v_tabix      TYPE sytabix.
      SELECT *
        FROM alv_tab
            UP TO p_amount ROWS.
      LOOP AT gt_outtab INTO line_outtab.
        v_tabix = sy-tabix.
        ls_hype-handle    = sy-tabix.
        ls_hype-hyperlink = line_outtab-url.
        ls_hype-carrid    = line_outtab-carrid.
        INSERT ls_hype INTO TABLE gt_hyperlink.
        ls_hyperlink-columnname = 'URL'.
        ls_hyperlink-value      = sy-tabix.
        APPEND ls_hyperlink TO lt_hyperlink.
        line_outtab-t_hyperlink = lt_hyperlink.
        MODIFY gt_outtab FROM line_outtab INDEX v_tabix.
        CLEAR line_outtab.
        CLEAR lt_hyperlink.
        CLEAR ls_hyperlink.
    ENDFORM.                    " select_data
    *&      Form  display
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    FORM display .
              r_salv_table = gr_table
              t_table      = gt_outtab ).
        CATCH cx_salv_msg.                                  "#EC NO_HANDLER
      DATA: lr_functions TYPE REF TO cl_salv_functions_list.
      lr_functions = gr_table->get_functions( ).
      lr_functions->set_default( abap_true ).
    *... set the columns technical
      DATA: lr_columns TYPE REF TO cl_salv_columns_table,
            lr_column  TYPE REF TO cl_salv_column_table.
      lr_columns = gr_table->get_columns( ).
      lr_columns->set_optimize( abap_true ).
    *... §4.7 set hyperlink column
      DATA: lr_hyperlinks TYPE REF TO cl_salv_hyperlinks,
            ls_hyperlink  TYPE g_type_s_hyperlink.
      DATA: lr_functional_settings TYPE REF TO cl_salv_functional_settings.
          lr_columns->set_hyperlink_entry_column( 'T_HYPERLINK' ).
        CATCH cx_salv_data_error.                           "#EC NO_HANDLER
          lr_column ?= lr_columns->get_column( 'URL' ).
          lr_column->set_cell_type( if_salv_c_cell_type=>link ).
          lr_column->set_long_text( 'URL' ).
        CATCH cx_salv_not_found.                            "#EC NO_HANDLER
      lr_functional_settings = gr_table->get_functional_settings( ).
      lr_hyperlinks = lr_functional_settings->get_hyperlinks( ).
      LOOP AT gt_hyperlink INTO ls_hyperlink.
              handle    = ls_hyperlink-handle
              hyperlink = ls_hyperlink-hyperlink ).
          CATCH cx_salv_existing.                           "#EC NO_HANDLER
      DATA: lr_events TYPE REF TO cl_salv_events_table.
      lr_events = gr_table->get_event( ).
      CREATE OBJECT gr_events.
      SET HANDLER gr_events->on_link_click FOR lr_events.
      gr_table->display( ).
    ENDFORM.                    " display

  • After aborted rebuild in Mail: I can see and select the message in the center pane and when I click on it to display, I get "Loading" text, but nothing comes up

    I have searched quite a bit to find a resolution to this problem, with no success. Any help would be appreciated.
    I decided to rebuild my inboxes by following this advice: The rebuild took several hours and at 96% (4 minutes remaining apparently), the indexing froze (that is, after 8 hours, the message was still telling me "4 minutes left"). I forced quit mail, restored the previous Envelope files from the trash, and everything seemed fine.
    However, since this failed attempt, I can see and select the message in the center pane and when I click on it to display, I get "Loading" text, but nothing comes up. All messages in my various inboxes have the reloading problem, EXCEPT messages that I downloaded since the aborted rebuild (in other words, there are about 40 messages that I downloaded since I tried the rebuild and I have no problem with these). The other 70,000 messages however wont load, even though I can see them in the centre pane and spotlight has no problem finding them and showing me their contents (when I hover the mouse over the message). When I click on the message in spotlight, mail opens and the loading problem re-occurs.
    Since then, based on various suggestions I found for similar issues, I have used Disk Utility to verify and repair permissions and the drive. I used Onix to rebuild the Mail index (that only took about a minute - I am not sure how to interpret this when compared to the hours the rebuild took with Mail). No joy, I still have the same problem. I even restored one of my inboxes via Time Machine and the same issue with loading continues.
    I am using ML 10.8.2. I have a combination of IMAP accounts (work) and POP accounts (personal). The issue of loading occurs irrespective of the account.
    I am baffled and am now considering migrating to either Thunderbird or Postbox 3 to try and solve my problem. I prefer to stay with Mail. I should note also that I am using MailTags with Mail (, although I have not used any of the features. I upgraded to ML from SL about 2 weeks ago. It was very smooth and there appear to be no issues (not sure how helpful this is and probably not at all related to this issue).
    Any suggestions much appreciated!

    Maybe these will help:

  • Closing the browser with a single click from form

    Hi All,
    Will u please help me anyone how to close the browser with a single click pressing exit button or closing the cross buton.

    Always start with a search on this forum
    1. Using an html or text editor, create an html file with the following code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    // Create a ref to the original method
    var windowClose = window.close;
    // Re-implement
    window.close = function ()"","_self");
    <body onload="window.close()">
    <!-- The following text added in case users have disabled Java Scripting -->
    <!-- or if browser fails to close for some other reason. -->
    Your browser or system settings have prevented this window from closing.
    In order to ensure the highest level of security,
    please close/exit this browser session immediately.
    </html> 2. Save the html file with the following name: close.htm
    3. Store this file on the middle tier, in a directory which has an associated virtual path configured in the HTTP Server. You can use a pre-existing path or create a new one. For example, in version 10.1.2 you could copy the html file to this directory:
    The above virtually maps to the following by default:
    For information on creating a virtual path for the HTTP Server, please refer to the HTTP Server Administrator's Guide.
    4. In the Forms application, choose the desired trigger where you would like to execute the closing of the browser. Remember that by executing this code, the application will be ungracefully terminated, therefore it is recommended that the following code only be entered in the Forms POST-FORM trigger.
    web.show_document ('/forms/html/close.htm','_self');
    5. Compile and run the form.
    Upon exiting the form, the web browser will call close.htm resulting in the browser closing.
    This has been successfully tested using IE7 on XP-SP3. Although this code will work with other browsers, for example FireFox 3, a configuration change in FF must be made in order for it to work correctly.
    Manual Steps Required for FireFox:
    1. Open one instance of the FireFox browser.
    2. In the address bar, enter the following and press Enter on the keyboard:
    3. In the list presented, locate the following parameter:
    4. Double-click on this parameter to set its value to TRUE
    5. Exit the browser
    Edited by: BaiG on Mar 30, 2010 12:23 PM

  • HT2486 My address book only displays e-mails. How can I sync it with my i-phone to display the address book the same way as my contacts in my i-phone?

    Currently my address book only displays e-mail addresses. It uses the portion of the address in front of the @ as the name. How can I sync it with my i-phone 4S that has name/numbers and addresses of my contacts?

    Hello there, Seta.
    You are correct that this can be done with iCloud. The following Knowledge Base article provides some great instruction for syncing contacts:
    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer
    Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Notes
    You can sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes with other applications on your computer. This allows you to keep all your information in sync across multiple computers and iOS devices. The settings for these items are all in the Info tab for your iOS device in iTunes. With your iOS device connected to the computer, select your iOS device. Then click the Info tab.
    For details on syncing content on your iOS device with your computer, click the sections below.
    To sync contacts with your computer, choose "Sync Contacts with" within iTunes for Windows, or "Sync Contacts" in OS X v10.8, or "Sync Address Book Contacts" in OS X v10.7 and earlier.
    You can sync your contacts with:
    Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8)
    Windows Address Book (Windows XP)
    Windows Contacts (Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8)
    Address Book (Mac OS X v10.7 and earlier)
    Contacts (Mac OS X v10.8)
    Microsoft Entourage 2004, Microsoft Entourage 2008, or Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac
    When syncing contacts, you can choose to sync all of your contacts or only selected groups. The option to sync selected items may not show up until after the first sync.
    You can select a group of contacts to which all new contacts created on your iOS device will be added.
    Additional options for syncing include syncing your contacts with Yahoo or Gmail/Google Mail. You will need to configure it with the user name and password for your Yahoo or Google account.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • How Do I Display HTML Formatted Text From A Data Table In Crystal Reports?

    I'm creating reports in Crystal XI.  The information being displayed in the reports comes from data tables where the text is formatted in HTML.
    I've worked with Crystal Reports enough to know that HTML text pulled from a data table doesn't appear in Crystal the same way it does in a web browser.  Crystal Reports ignores all the tags (...unless I'm missing something...) and just displays the text.
    Someone far more Crystal savy than I (...who I don't have access to...) came up with a Formula Field workaround that tricks Crystal Reports into displaying some basic HTML tags.  Here's that workaround:
    stringVar TableName := ;
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "<ul>","<br> <br>");
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "<li>", "<br>   &bull; ");
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "</li>", "");
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "</ul>","<br> <br>");
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "<a", "<u><font color='blue'");
    TableName := Replace (TableName, "</a>", "</font></u>");
    QUESTION - Does any similar workaround exist so I can display an HTML Table in Crystal Reports?  If not, is there any way to display HTML formatted text from a data table in Crystal Reports as it would appear in a web browser?

    Hi Steven,
    To display html text in Crystal Reports follows these steps.
    1. Right click on the field and select Paragraph tab.
    2. Under 'Text Interpretation' select 'HTML Text' and click OK.
    I have tried using the way,but it never works.So reply me if there is any way to solve the issue

  • Version 4 Bug - Multiple Object Editors of Same Object on Single Click

    Hi Jeff,
    thanks for your reply. You have missed that rule because you don't use SQL Developer for development. But never mind, lets go through it...
    1) Of course I have both options activated (all preferences were imported from previous version). The difference between previous version is that when you click on the SAME table multiple times - in the old version, it opened the table just once and in case you had another tab active, it swithed to the tab where the table was opened. So to have it clear, in the old version when you have table A and table B, both opened in separate tab and the focus was on table B, when you clicked on table A (in the tree) it activated tab with table A. It didn't create new tab with table A. Of course - why would I want to have multiple tabs opened with the same table??? In current version clicking on the same table multiple times, opens multiple tabs with the same table.
    This is also the reason why it sometimes openes a table multiple times even when you click it just once. This you cannot simulate because you are probably connecting to some local DB when you have perfect connection. Activate the autopin function and connect to different DBs all over the world and you will see what I mean. Right now, I have opened a connection and got 3 tabs opened, just after a single click on a table.
    2) Fetch size is again taken from previous version of SQL Developer and is set to 50. PgUp and PgDown are not working at all. I am talking about scrolling with a mouse wheel. In the old version it is working normally as expected. In this version if you scroll using a mouse wheel, the scroll speed is about 1 or even 0.5 lines per wheel round - so you can even not use a mouse wheel for scrolling! On all other places in this new release (connection tree, packages, ...) the scrolling is working normally, in the table it is unusable.
    3) I don't say it is on every table and every click. I cannot tell you how often is it because I am not using the new version. I am quite sure this is dependent on the connection speed maybe connectin quality. The difference between previous version is that in the previous version, refresh always worked. This particular issue cannot be solved by testing and searching for some rule when it happens. You must check the code and see when you display it!
    4) My screen resolution is 1920x1200, but that is only because I have an external monitor connected to my laptop. My laptop resolution is only 1366x768. Switch to this resolution and open the View menu.
    New worksheet - yes, this is exactly what I mean. I have planty of connections, for sure over 100 - but this is irelevant. Whenever you do a menu which can grow, you need to do it scrollable!!!
    I am not sure what you mean by Flyout menus, but I am scared only to hear about it

    Screen resolution, no scrolling on menus - that's a bug. Severity 2, a bad one, as you have noticed, and we'll try to make sure it's addressed for version 4.0.
    The other issue isn't as straightforward as you insinuate. I know you don't care about the particulars or why you might see this issue, so I won't bore you. But, we are aware that this is still coming up more frequently that it should, and we're on a big bug hunt to eradicate the behavior completely. It's not a simple thing, so it will more likely be incremental improvements. That being said, we are seeing it MUCH less than in previous versions of the tool.

  • Single click on flash is not working for IE

    Any one know why single clicking on flash movies is not
    working in IE but works in other browsers?
    IE will only work with a double click. Any work around for
    this IE problem

    The single click issue is (I believe) related to an Active X
    change Microsoft made in an IE "patch."
    This might be what you're looking for:
    There are many variations on this fix, but I believe you have
    to get the object and embed statements out of your HTML file and
    put them in a Javascrript file that is called by your HTML file.
    I have successfully made the change to a few pages, but not
    CF pages.
    Hope that helps.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Download Error (8003)

    I keep getting af download error (8003), when i try to rent and download a movie. The movie is stuck on 79%. It just says "Download Error (8003)". There is nothing wrong with my connection. Yesterday i rented two movies with no problem at all. What i

  • Missing menubar items...

    Since installing SL, the menubar items in the upper right corner of the screen have disappeared. No shortcuts to volume, power, airport, bluetooth, spotlight, date & time...nothing. occasionally they reappear, but mousing over them just gives me the

  • Windows 7 SP1 installation failing. Error code 800F0816

    I've had same problem as Rossigno :  Windows 7 SP1 installation keeps failing. Error code 800F0816. Package KB976932 is downloaded successfully but on reboot, windows doesn't start but only in Safe-mode and after System Restore. I run Windows 7 Profe

  • How to manage my kids apps on different devices when they dont have an Apple ID

    I have been using my apple id to download apps, games etc... for my sons ipod touch. Hes not old enough to have his own id and now it looks like a credit card is required anyways? Whats the deal with that?  I want to be able to keep my sons games and

  • Need help changing Wifi name and password.

    I want to change my home wi-fi and password, so I need to go to the servers IP address.  But Safari says it can't connect to the server.  I've deleted cookies, etc to no avail.  Is it a problem on the side of the server?  Do they just have a firewall